no i knew this

also these are such good suits for reaching a mass audience, like i loveeeee his really out there suits, but for some occasions, it really isn’t that bad to play it on the fun-but-still-safer side. he looked amazing and bold at the X Factor, but a lot of the nasty articles after sorta ultimately distracted from his performance itself press-wise, which is always a bit of a bummer! these suits are still fun (it’s not just a standard black suit), but they’re also going to keep all of the focus on the performances and models you know 


The people who are following me for a while might remember the Baseball AU I started a couple years ago and that one drawinG OF 2013 (I JUST CHECKED AND GOSH DAMN THAT’S A LONG TIME AGO) THAT I DID with Soul and Maka going to a baseball NY Yankees vs Boston Red Sox game that both were very excited about. And well, they end up in front of the stadium with fanshirts for the opposite teams LOL. This is me continuing their date in some way? 

I was so inspired when I watched snippets of a LIVE (!!!) baseball game in a restaurant when I was in Vermont with @fabulousanima, @makapedia, @sojustifiable and Caleb. Thank you guys for having me! And thank you for @chaoticlivi for having Fab and me with some great cinnamon rolls (I miss them!) and big thanks to @skadventuretime and @bbbutterfingers for having us stay in Boston and giving me a great tour! This sappy romance is for you all! =D ♥

Oh! I got far enough to have Prompto show up in Lestallum for Comrades! Cool.

*gets into battle, sits still a moment, gets turned to stone* 

You little—

*checks photos* 

Prompto. I’ve about had it with your cheeky little self….C’MERE YOU CHOCO-BUTT!

jeller AU series: what i never knew i always wanted (master post)

Many of you have followed me over here from my old blog, @still-with-hearts-beating (which I am very grateful for!) but some of you are new (hello!) and may have wondered “what the heck is What I Never Knew I Always Wanted and who is Eden?”

Well, this is an extremely fluffy Jeller family AU series that I created earlier this year and it is basically my happy place (though canon Jeller has quickly also become my happy place because they are ridiculously beautiful) .

Anyways, thought I would do up a master post over here on the new blog and get them all into one place.

I tried to “categorize” them but it is pretty much all fluff, all the time. They jump all over the place, no need to read in any particular order (but my personal favorite is “Tiny Dancer” so be sure to read that one!).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s left such lovely comments on this universe, it means so much to me that you enjoy these little stories! There are definitely more to come (and I am always taking prompts!).

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h holy sh it


Late last weekend, I was doing the usual Arena stuff and look what kind of team did I run into.. My team was literally eaten to death by this gluttonous Stahl team that was so ridiculously built! Whoever you are.. I totally respect you and feel bad that you got so much Stahls to merge off from (unless you like the potato boy ofc).


“I love this part!”

“You are so dead!”

“Get ready!" - Stahl’s Critical Quote


Will  you  try to  LOVE  him,  the  angel  that  fell  from  HEAVEN  &  then  rose  from  HELL?