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Okay, I'm not a anti, more like neutral? I don't know, but Mon-El is slowly growing on me... Some people said he looked surprised with the slapping and that implied that meant he wasn't abused. But first of all thats bad to say and second, he wasn't surprise. So what are your thoughts about it? And his jokes... They kind of piss me off so I was wondering you could shed some light about it. I really want to understand... And what you think about Rhea and Lena?

Oh hi babe, how are you?

So, this response might be long but maybe it will help you understand him a little bit. I’m not trying to change your mind about the character because you’re entitled to your opinion, but since you asked I’m going to answer truthfully.

1) He didn’t looked surprise

I saw what you are talking about it and I know someone who was triggered by that ridiculous assumption. For someone who’s under that situation, there are a lot of factors that change the response about it. He was talking about setting his people free, about the changes he wanted to make and she greets him with a slap in the face. He wasn’t expecting that. There’s not a manual book in which we categorize what the reaction to abuse is. There’s something called individuality that plays a huge game in it. If you say someone should be surprise to be abuse… Well… You are lessening the issue. 

But the truth is. He didn’t even flinched. He didn’t fought back, reacted, he didn’t looked surprise at all. In psychology we call that conditioning. Is like a little mouse… He does what you want him to and get’s rewarded with water, he doesn’t, he get’s punished with the lack of water. This is how behavior works and why is to easy to apply. Behavior can be molded, altered depending on the environment needs. This comes from how much you were put under certain reinforcements/punishments. The more you reinforce someone’s behavior, the better are the chances of the person doing as you wish.

This is what Rhea probably did with him, which explains why he didn’t flinch. He was conditioned already. Do the math and it adds up. This is one of the main reasons both women and men stay in abusive relationships, because their self steam is lessened and because they are conditioned to believe that is normal/understandable.

People say there’s no actual evidence of abuse. But the scene of the dangling magnet. I don’t know if you paid attention, but if you haven’t, that wasn’t the story of a loving mother, it was the story of a mother that would neglect her son left and right. He had no one, his father was too self-centered, his mother is the embodiment of one of the Melanie’s Klein’s categorizations of parenting (and not a good one). He didn’t had a brother, sister, family, no one to look up too. And in all honesty, Mon-El could have reached a psychosis state considering Lacan, Melanie Klein and Bills thoughts about this in particular. 

2) Jokes

This is in particular something interesting. As you may be aware we all have mechanisms of defense that our ego uses to stay stable. There are the phobic ones - such as regression, projection, and others that I can’t translate to English without losing the essence and meaning -. And there are the formatives - such as sublimation, integration and other ones. 

Consider a barrier between ego and id (primal force, life drive). The id wants intense and complete pleasure (nirvana), the ego can’t allow that so that’s why said barrier is that, to prevent the life drive to go out all at once since that one can be very… Destructive. But, sometimes this barrier isn’t strong enough and things go out in form of dreams, chistes and Freudian’s slip (ato falho). Mon-El fits in the second category. He’s the kind of person that needs to build up his defenses so he uses jokes to do so.

Haven’t you met someone that always seem to be so effusive and happy? That one person who’s always joking around and playing? This is that person’s persona acting. This what he does, he deflects from what causes him harm in a attempt to light up the mood but ends up ruining everything. People with social anxiety tend to do that or just block themselves out. And he doesn’t have the first notion of filters, he’s honesty on what he says. (More like a child who’s persona is still building itself), but he also hides with one. The jokes are a way to devoid people outside from seeing hurt and pain, I know because I do it all the time.

3) Rhea and Lena

I think the authors are pushing Lena way to much. Is like they want to force her until she breaks. And she will if things carry on this way. I’m not saying that in a cryptic way I’m saying because there’s only much one can take.

She lost the man she used to love, her friend isn’t who she think she is, Rhea is manipulating her, Lex is locked away. How much can they put on her shoulders without her giving in? Hell, even Barry did!

Is like Bruce would say, either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming a villain. 

She will feel betrayed once again. First by her mother, second by Rhea and by Kara, who is indeed keeping a huge secret from her. Lena has been in a breaking point, if they keep pushing she will break. Everyone does eventually, doesn’t matter how good you convice yourself from being, you will give in sooner or later.

So this might end up as a disaster, really. It has ever chance to be that way and I’ll honestly not be anyway please with it. 

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I've been following your blog for a while now and I wanna know your opinion on something. It might be insensitive so don't answer if you don't like it! *sweatdrops* What do you think about Oda being called Dazai's closest friend? Since I ship both Oda/Dazai and Soukoku I'm conflicted. Does this mean Chuuya was never Dazai's friend? And does this mean Oda is more important? From what I read Chuuya wasn't even around in the Dark Era novel. Maybe Oda/Dazai is more canon if Oda lived.

Hello friend! First of all, thanks for liking and following my blog! I’m getting inactive nowadays, but it pleases me to know that there are people who still read what I occasionally write.

Next, these are all loaded questions that, frankly, I wanted to address at some point but really couldn’t find the time or the motivation to. Add that to me just being a general Incoherent Mess™ half the time and you get all these weird pseudo-meta(hah!) posts that go around in circles. But anyway! I’ve been asked for my opinion so I’d do my best to lay out my thoughts without being too confusing.

Since there will be spoilers, I urge everyone to first read the ongoing translations being done by @nkhrchy​. If you only want the summary, head on over to @riecat​‘s page. And if you’re a real masochist, read the ending translated by @snowyesque​.

So with that out of the way, here we go~~~~

>The Non-Importance of Nakahara Chuuya

Yikes. Writing that makes me feel like I’m bullying everyone’s lovable hat store. But what I meant to say was that Chuuya didn’t fit in with the Dark Era novel. He didn’t have anything to do with the story and in the unofficial rules of good writing (and in life in general, I suppose), you must throw out that which is unnecessary.

But why is Chuuya not mentioned at all?

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the GazettE Personal long interview ACT 1: RUKI (part 1)

On August 26 (wednesday) they’re releasing their latest album 『DOGMA』. Starting on September 5 「the GazettE LIVE TOUR 15 DOGMATIC-UN-」and in December 「the GazettE LIVE TOUR 15-16 DOGMATIC-DUE-」the GazettE will be touring nation-wide on a large scale. Starting today,「club Zy.」will be featuring special personal long interviews of Ruki, Aoi, Uruha Reita and Kai in a complete 4 part series (each)!

・Act 1:Ruki <8/13~8/18>
・Act 2:Uruha <8/20~8/25>
・Act 3:Aoi <8/27~9/1>
・Act 4:Reita <9/3~9/8>
・Act 5:Kai <9/10~9/15>

Interview by Tomonori Nagasawa

In order to make an album with a theme like DOGMA we needed a lot of time.

――During the creation of DOGMA you carefully devoted your time to the production without rushing. When was it that you decided to draw and imagine the theme DOGMA??
RUKI It was more than a year before the release day that I first introduced the title DOGMA to the other members. We all started working on songs (songwriting and composing) in order to focus on that theme. 

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Aqours Big Reveal: Member Introductions (Q&A)   

Caption: Everyone, come play with us at UraGirls~!!

What is the charm of being a school idol?
Just singing and dancing alone is the greatest fun for Chika~~!!! Ehehe♡ Maybe this is Aqours’ charm? It’s not like I had interest in becoming an idol from the start— No matter how you look at it, I’m not very girlish, and the type which can never sit still. But I’ll turn all that energy entirely into my smile♡ I would be happy if it could reach everyone!

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
The school is on the peak of a cape protruding out into the sea, so the good scenery is something to boast about~♪ On days with good weather, the sparkling sea, bright blue sky, elegant Mt Fuji and the greenery of this Mt Mikan— can lay claim to be the greatest scenery! I’m looking forward to the pool in the summer ahead too☆ I want everyone to come see this too♡

Caption: Someone as plain as me— Is it really okay for me to become an idol?

What is the charm of being a school idol?
At first, I really thought it was absolutely impossible for me— Even though I’m a school idol, I’m only somehow doing my best because of all the other members’ kind support♡ That’s why, that friendship and— making even someone as plain as me gain the courage to step out in front of others, perhaps those are the charms of being a school idol. I’ll do my best to become more positive from here onwards too!

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
More than anything else, I think Ura Girls’ charm point has to be the gentle atmosphere that makes you feel at home! Though its population is low, everyone smiles so kindly it’s surprising to me— Though I was worried about whether I could make friends as a transfer student, Chika-chan and everyone pulled me in so fast I didn’t have the time to worry about things. They’re my precious treasures♡

Caption: Let’s all become school idols together~!!

What is the charm of being a school idol?
Even with such a rough personality, an athletic person like me could do it, so I think being a school idol is really something anyone has a shot at becoming so long as they work hard~!! That’s why that’s probably the most amazing thing about it♪ Though I had thought that idols were an extremely distant existence, it’s just as Chika-chan said: We can do it if we try, and it’s fun— it’s bound to be enjoyable! ♡

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
The number one thing I can think of is— the pool where one can see the sea!! It’s amazingly great that one can really feel the sea even though it’s the pool♪ It’s outdoors so it can only be used during the summer, but it would be great if we could someday hold a swimsuits-only Summer Live at the Ura Girls’ pool. And once it gets heated up people could just dive in with a splash! Yousoro~♪

Caption: I’ll show you that one can become an idol no matter where they are in this world♡

What is the charm of being a school idol?
Well, the charm of being a school idol is most probably being able to wear lots of cute costumes? Everyone would go crazy over the devil Yohane wearing those— they’ll fall into hell♡♡ Being able to wear all sorts of costumes proudly without having it called something like cosplay is my favorite part! Right now, we’re in the midst of collecting requests. Recommend costumes that’ll suit Yohane okay♪

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
Even this devil Yohane— often finds this school surprisingly cozy♪ I first thought that with Ura Girls having a low student population, it might be lonely, but that’s not the case— Rather, it’s surprisingly noisy— Hehe☆ I also like the low student population which makes Yohane more eye-catching♡ From here onwards I’ll turn Ura Girls into Yohane’s Lovely Hell~♪

Caption: It’s a blissful idol live surrounded by wonderful big sisters zura♡

What is the charm of being a school idol?
Maru is just a tiny kid that doesn’t fit the idol image at all— but Aqours has extremely cute and beautiful seniors, as well as the really adorable Ruby-chan and cool Yohane-chan, being able to be together with such members is like a dream come true to me♡ Everyone is so kind even to such a Maru zura♡♡

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
The bright and quiet library where one can see the sea is my favorite place in Ura Girls! Reading novels that are based in Izu within the vacant library— almost makes me feel as though I slipped through time and became the protagonist of the story— it’s a mysterious feeling zura♡ I think it’s a wonderful school where one can really get closer to books♪

Caption: I want everyone to look at Ruby’s prized idol smile!♪

What is the charm of being a school idol?
You know, being a school idol is really like being an idol♡ Really like an actual, true idol!!! Ruby has always loved idols since childhood, so just being able to become an idol like this, this moment is the greatest♪ And also— Ah, lately I’ve gotten a bit better at dancing♡ I want everyone to see it♡♡

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
For Ruby, my favorite part is Ura Girls’ sailor uniform♡♡ Big Sis entered the school earlier so ever since I saw her wear it, I’ve always thought it was great and cool— Does it suit Ruby? It would be great if it suits me♡ It would be great if someday, someone entered the school like me after seeing this uniform♪

Caption: There’re all sort of girls here but I’ll treat them all nicely—♡

What is the charm of being a school idol?
Up until now, I’ve always helped out at my family’s diving shop business after school— so all of a sudden my life has changed towards dancing and singing. It’s somehow still a bit embarrassing— But the fun times I spend with everyone suddenly make me feel like I’ve become a normal high schooler. Though I don’t know where we can make it to— Since it has come to this, we’ll just have to follow Chika’s words, aim for First Place and run straight ahead!

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
Maybe because a lot of us are locals who have lived here for a long time, everyone knows each other well— so regardless of differences in hobbies or personalities, I think it’s a good school with an easygoing atmosphere. Maybe it’s because we’re surrounded by the vast ocean— It feels like the details don’t really matter? Hehe♡ Being able to dive into the sea anytime is great too, but maybe such things are more fitting for Chika and You?

Caption: With these members, we’ll conquer the entire nation someday! We need to have a strong will♪

What is the charm of being a school idol?
I thought I didn’t have any interest in idols but— The tournament system of Love Live! is almost like the national baseball Koushien tournaments! What is tested here is, the planning skills for songs, dances and looks, the presentation of communication ability, the publicity production— And also the feminine ability to synthesize it all together, right? As a girl, I want to win such a match♡ Someone like me— I would definitely dominate the world in such a battle.

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
Though it’s just a nondescript, small high school in the countryside— The advantage I can think of is the unique homely feeling and traditions of that countryside♡ This is a school with over a hundred years of tradition since its founding, and it’s a rare mission school in the countryside. Easter and Christmas are popular with the children in town, and the choir that has continued on for generations also participates in these events.

Caption: Notice our voices, from this town where one can see the sea—

What is the charm of being a school idol?
I’m grateful for everyone’s energy in trying to liven the school up, even though it’s already been decided to be abolished soon— even though it’s coming from me who’s also a part of Aqours. Now every day is just a simplistic happiness, almost enough to forget that slightly serious objective♪ Whether it’s for lives or events, I like going on expeditions by train to all sorts of places with the other members♡

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls’ High School?
Perhaps the part where everyone gets along well? Also the hillside road that stretches on and on to the school, surrounded by orange trees♡ And— the kind teachers who would help deliver food even if I forget my lunch box, being in the sunlight during afternoon classes is the greatest, the classroom I always take afternoon naps in is wonderful too— That’s right, everything! Ura Girls is full of great things♪ Everyone come play with us!

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine June 2016 issue

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Wow! I just found out In the original translation Touka didn't say "why did you have to change", she said "why did it have to end up like this." At first ,The false translation almost lead me to believe that touka didn't like that he changed but it wasn't like that. It actually turned out that she didn't like what the change did to him. It made him suffer(physically and mentally). The girl was agonizing, because Kaneki was harming himself badly and he almost hit rock bottom (Cont).

From what I know (correct me if I’m wrong) the original translation from the manga was “why did you have to change”, but in the anime they changed it for “why did you have to end up like this” but I’m not totally sure (if someone read this, lemme know).

From my own view, the bridge scene plays a huge role in touken’s relationship and Touka’s personal perspective of Kaneki’s true personality. After everything she told him (you pretend to worry about others but in fact you’re only worrying about yourself, etc) it’s very clear that she exposed him completely, she understood his suicidal personality, how he’d always put himself in danger first, just to save the people he loved. Hinami also perceived those vibes when Kaneki saved her back at Cochlea, that’s why she punched him. But the fact that Touka knew what he was trying to do back then, it truly amazes me how she can easily understand his personality, that’s why I’ve always said that Touka can be his salvation. That’s why she told him “I’ll see you later”, because she knew what he was trying to do, she knew he’d rather die by Arima’s hands in order to save them, and she knew that the promise of a future reunion would hunt him down, making it possible for him to change his suicidal thoughts. And it did. He found it cruel because he knew the true intention behind those words, and he thought of it whilst fighting Arima. They both understand each other so well, and Touka has changed a lot. She’s more patient, more understanding. She’s not going crazy trying to save him, she wants for him to realize the mistake he has been living during all this time: “no one needs me, the world is better without me, I should die, I’m homeless” because that’s not true. The fact that she told him that she wanted to see him later, it makes him realize that there’s someone out there waiting for his return, that there’s people out there that love him and miss him. The bad thing about Kaneki is that everybody uses him. The CCG uses him, Eto uses him, Uta, the clowns, even Arima at some point. But I feel that inside Anteiku/Re, they’ve always loved him for what he is, not for the potential he has to do/be something like the leader of a big revolution or Arima’s perfect disciple; just Kaneki, the guy who loved to read a lot and drink coffee all the time and just be a normal person. Kaneki is definitely his worst enemy, more than V or the Washuus or Aogiri or whatever organization that stands in his way. Kaneki needs stability to regain strength in order to keep fighting, Touka (and Hide, supposing that he’s still alive somewhere) were the ones who always helped him to come to his senses. 

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@finland, a fun fact abt ur genderless everything: a dutch translator was translating a finnish book and at one point there was this character who was a doctor, but whose gender wasn't specified in the book/through the language. so she emailed the author and asked "what gender is this doctor" because you HAVE to make a choice between man/woman in dutch and the author just said "oh i never really thought about that, i don't know" and i guess that's how gender works in finnish? is this normal?

I’ve heard of similar cases!
Some Finnish phrases indeed are hard ti translate to languages that have grammatical gender as in finnish there is nothing gendered except for the gender-related nouns, of course. (Or am I right? If someone knows better please correct.)

PSP 1800 vol. 30: Kra's Yasuno x Alice Nine's Nao, part 1: Back in the day.
  • Writer: Well, this is the last installment of this column. Let's give it our all! If we make this ending the best we can, it'll all be worth it. On the other hand, if the ending isn't great, it'll ruin EVERYTHING.
  • Yasuno: Hey, hey! You're the writer, right? (Laughs) What's the big idea, putting those thoughts in my head?! (Laughs) Anyway, aren't I the host for today?
  • Writer: Yes. All of this rests on the host's shoulders--
  • Yasuno: HEY HEY HEY, come on! (Laughs)
  • Nao: It's already fall, but it's reaching 30C outside. We have the AC on in the room, and my feels....cold. (Said with conviction in monologue-style)
  • Writer: ..............
  • Nao: (Gathers his joke fell on deaf ears) Hm? Is something wrong?
  • Yasuno: Somethin' wrong?! You're the one with somethin' wrong, ha! At this point, who's to say if we're gonna have a normal conversation, or be maniacs and just babble about drumming the entire time, we two.
  • Nao: True that!
  • Yasuno: At any rate, Nao, to whom I'm inseparably bound to, has come in today. Nao, we met, what, like over 15 years ago?
  • Nao: Is that how it's starting? I don't think it was more than 15 years, but at least 10 years ago.
  • Yasuno: Yeah, yeah, when I was in the band before Kra, in Niigata. We were just finishing up rehearsals at Nagoya's Heartland, I think that's when we first spoke.
  • Nao: Oh yeah! We played together that night, I was in my band prior to Alice Nine then.
  • Yasuno: Yeah, yeah! We talked about how our getting into playing the drums as a hobby was similar, it got me all excited! That was the first thing we talked about.
  • Nao: Notti (Yasuno's nickname) helped carry my China dress in for me. I thought, awe, he's a really nice guy. Back then, we still didn't know much about visual kei, so there was still a lot of learning to do.
  • Yasuno: Is that so?! Ahh, it was that time, wasn't it. There were a lot of bands around at that time, we played with about 10 of 'em. Oh, but y'know, what I remember most is when we had just gotten signed and did the PSC tour with everyone in 2005.
  • Nao: Yay! We all traveled in one big bus. Oh, yeah! While we were on the bus we'd watch footage of the day's concert. All the bands would review each other ...Aaah, that was awwwful!
  • Yasuno: Hahaha! It was kinda like an open execution, wasn't it!
  • Nao: Yeah, but because of that, our vocalist, Shou, he said to me, "Yasuno gave me some great advice!" And he was so grateful. Such a sweet 'senpai,' I thought.
  • Yasuno: Oh wow, you remember that talk, huh? Yeah, I feel like because of that, we all grew a bit closer together.
  • Nao: That was over 8 years ago.
  • Yasuno: Yeah, it was a fun time.
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  • More to come!