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Put “I think that Comic Sans always screams FUN” on my tombstone. And make sure that shit’s written in Comic Sans.

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Use my ashes to somehow fuel tony stark’s next rocket.
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Was tagged by this sweetheart seoltang23 <3 Thankyou for being my mutual friends like seriously you are so nice! ladies hate you? no! well ILY

Lol okay. So this is mine :

craziest? maybe lol. extremely hot? yeah I am well no.  Look up your name on Urban Dictionary to see what it means, tag 5 people: gonna tag awesome people :) and let’s be friends! because I don’t really have mutual friends

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Everyone's on here talking about how they're starting school where I'm on week three or four I'm so far in I already don't care and lost track lol

LOL OH MAN i definitely know that feel, my high school used to start august 16 and by senior year we were all just d o n e

i salute you nonny, stay strong

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hi srpelo. i do know a little about you (your shullnut videos are very funny) and i am frends with pericote la rata. i belive you are friends, correct? well i just wanted to let you know your art is very nice (can you draw yourself with a fedora and weed)


And thank you so so much <3 <3 

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Sockathan 13. >:3c

one of the first times I’ve written romance, but here ya go, frend!

It was around 5:30 P.M, and Sock was bent on tormenting Jonathan while the blonde struggled over a fifth homework assignment.

“You knooow,” the brunette commented, “you wouldn’t have to do this work if you were–”

“Dead.” Covering his face with his hands, Jon envisioned the demon taking a blow to the head. This essay was an “essential part” of his grade, according to his English teacher.

“What do you have to write again?” inquired Sock, resting on Jonathan’s shoulder and feigning concern.

“Something about love.” After being told to “write about love,” confusion had flickered over everyone’s faces, including Jon’s. He had been sure Sock would make some witty comment over the prompt, and glanced at the brunette, anticipating it.

Sock’s response, however, was the opposite of snarky. “That’s easy! Just describe what love feels like!” Lifting an eyebrow, Jonathan stared at the grinning teen in front of him. “How the heck would you know much about love? You’re a demon, remember?”

He regretted saying it as soon as the words tumbled out of his mouth.

The smile on the brunette’s face dropped, and he teetered off of the blonde’s shoulder in shock. Catching Sock by his fingertips, a regretful Jon held up his green-eyed “guardian” and tried to apologize. “Look, I’m sorry…it’s not your fault.”

“Well, is.”

“You were sleeping.”

“I still did it, and I wasn’t sleeping when I chose to be a demon.”

Neither wanted to mention in detail the day Sock’s heart stopped beating.

“…Sock… just continue talking about my homework for me, okay?”

Trying to give what looked like an encouraging smile, Sock continued his description of what Jonathan’s essay should be about. “Just describe the moments when you knew you loved something or someone!”

“If you’re the love expert, what does love feel like?”

“What?” Looking at the blushing teen holding him up, Sock stuttered out a response. “Well, haven’t you ever loved something or someone before?”

“Well, y–” Turning a little pinker and looking away, Jon replied. “Nope, not in a while. You’ve seen my parents, and I’m not high up on the social ladder thanks to you–”

“Well,” the demon pondered, acting pretty confident for someone being hoisted up in the air, “I guess I’ll have to teach you about what it’s like to be in–I mean, what it’s like to love.”

“First off,” Sock explained, “let’s say that you love a person. You’ll think about them a lot, want to spend as much time with them as possible, and you want the best for them no matter what. Whenever you’re around them…” The brunette’s voice trailed off, and his face turned more than a little red. Shakily, he continued.

“Whenever you’re around them, you feel warm inside, like there’s a lot of little fireflies buzzing around in you. You start to forget that there’s a hole in your chest. You start to forget that you..”

“You almost forget that you’re not allowed to love them.”

Eyes damp and face red, Sock started shivering in Jonathan’s arms, still lifted up toward the ceiling. Pale eyes wide, Jon’s arms acted of their own accord and pulled Sock’s face about three inches apart from his. Green eyes met the blue, and Jonathan Combs broke the silence.

“Kiss me.”

“What? Jonathan, I was kidding–”

“You seriously expect me to believe that was some kind of twisted joke? Do you seriously think that I’m not going to guess what’s going on in your head? Do you–”

“I’m sorry, okay?! I thought out loud; it doesn’t matter! You don’t have to–”

“It does matter! You matter, I–Oh my god, Sock, don’t cry–”

Silent tears were welling up in the corners of the brunette’s eyes, and Jon started to feel some surface on his face as well. Both pairs of watery eyes stared at each other, almost daring the other to say something. This time, it was Sock’s turn to speak up.

“It’s…it’s not fair. It’s not fair, Jon, it’s not–”

“You’re right. It’s not.”

“How would you–how would you know? You don’t love anything, remember?”

“Maybe–maybe I was lying, okay?! Maybe I don’t know what to do either! Maybe I forget that I’m not allowed to love you!”

The pair of green eyes widened, still streaked with tears.

“What goes on in your head, Jon?”

“Nothing that would ever make sense.”

“Wow, I’m that confusing?”

“It’s…it’s more the fact that neither of us is supposed to fall for the other.”


Before Sock could blink, a pair of lips crashed into his own, defying every rule of his job and bringing back those godforsaken fireflies. A hand pulled at the brunette’s scarf, tugging Sock closer with a sense of determination,

Green eyes fluttered shut, and an estacticly freaked out Sock returned the favor.

Silent tears streaked down both faces, and Jonathons’s grip on the brunette’s scarf tightened, as if the blonde was afraid to let him go.

Then again, they both were.

Fireflies buzzed inside both hearts, but there were a million reasons why all of them should flicker out.

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I feel like I somehow don't fit in with booklr.. I know the whole "if you like books, and you have a tumblr, you're a booklr" thing, but I feel like I'm the odd one out. Almost everyone else is super introverted, hates going out clubbing, and just likes to stay at home curled up with a book. And while I do enjoy reading, and having chill days in my pj's with a book, I love going out with frends and meeting new people. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with either thing, I just feel.. weird.

Hey hey bro

I’m an extrovert with social anxiety. I love parties, hanging out, love getting new friends etc etc. 

I know so many more of these blogs. We’re here too. 

If you’re social loving booklr, then please shout your URL so we can hear you.

Just ask loquaciouslyliterate. If there is someone who loves his hanging with friends and consuming alcohol, it’s him.

Ham’s first few days Gotcha Day Throwback countdown. Gotcha Day is September 1.
Ham: Dis da first time I meet mine frend Toby. I sayz, “Hi! I Ham! I new.” An him bite mine face! I bite him face bac! We been best frendz eber sence.

i feel like taurus is the sign most swept nder the rug why dont people focus more on taurus tbh i feel like its bcos taurus ppl are always so lowkey they almost go unnoticed but u brought that on urself we all wanted to get to know yall better but u shut everyone off !!! i love taurus i wna be frends w all u