no i haven't played the game yet :p

Finished designing a new OC!! i wanted to do something with Taisho flair ^p^ haven’t named him yet and might change his hair color later lol

He’s a nice guy but can be sneaky at times, and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty for what he thinks is a good cause. He’s also super loyal!!

for everyone who plays my otome games, you’ll get to date him sooner or later–

@theseblues❤︎’d !

        – ❝ excuse me. ❞ the words come out calm as he approaches the other, quiet enough not to DISTURB the others that were in the library, but loud enough to be heard. using their footsteps & breathing as a telltale giveaway of their position, he could only hope they turned to face him when he spoke– for with closed eyes he turns to gesture one of the various bookshelves before them before speaking once more, ❝ i’m SURE a book titled ‘ truth & method ‘ by gadamer should be somewhere in this shelf. would it be too much to ask for you to find it for me ?

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Congrats on 1000+ followers, you deserve it!! You art is so lovely and beautiful~!! :'3 I don't know if you've played it yet, or not but I've noticed the amazing Voltage Inc. pieces in your works. Could I request a drawing of Ash Winter's -- from Gangster's in Love -- in his 'Pug Life' shirt? Xoxo 💜

Thank you so much!! I have yet to play any of the Gangsters in Love, because I’m still jobless and broke haha. But I really hope to play it soon, and you can bet Ash will be the first route I play ;P He’s such a cutie!

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What are the different colour teams in Pokemon go for? I'm new and I haven't got the game yet :P

I have no idea, I’ve only been playing for a day!

But my friend is encouraging me to join team red…