no i haven't played the game yet :p

titlemesenpaii  asked:

Congrats on 1000+ followers, you deserve it!! You art is so lovely and beautiful~!! :'3 I don't know if you've played it yet, or not but I've noticed the amazing Voltage Inc. pieces in your works. Could I request a drawing of Ash Winter's -- from Gangster's in Love -- in his 'Pug Life' shirt? Xoxo 💜

Thank you so much!! I have yet to play any of the Gangsters in Love, because I’m still jobless and broke haha. But I really hope to play it soon, and you can bet Ash will be the first route I play ;P He’s such a cutie!

anonymous asked:

What are the different colour teams in Pokemon go for? I'm new and I haven't got the game yet :P

I have no idea, I’ve only been playing for a day!

But my friend is encouraging me to join team red…