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Viktor and Yuuri wanted to drag Yurio to their Scrunch Your Face challenge, but there’s only one guy who can make him do it.

Please click the image to see it in high res! :)

( Finally got this out of my WIPs haha! This was supposed to be for Yurio’s birthday but I was too busy ; o ; Belated happy birthday to my angry son, Yuri Plisetsky! )

9:45am getting rdy for work, more than late lol
This lil shit loves to mess up my blanket unlike the other one.

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I think what we're seeing is a communication breakdown between Keith and Shiro, caused by their personal baggage and fears, so it's not anyone's fault but it's still sad because they're so close. Hopefully next season we see them confront this breakdown and make their relationship stronger...I love healthy communication in my shows ;o;

1000% agree!! these guys are funny because they’ve been called the closest relationship on the team but they’re also super terrible at actually soothing each others REAL troubles cuz they’re never really honest about them. Maybe they feel like if they speak the truth they’ll scare the other person off. But the important thing is they’re still trying to comfort each other despite their bad communication issues, and that’s why I like them so much. I feel like we’re gonna hit a big hurdle soon, but when they get over it they’ll be closer to real equals where Keith can have some more faith in himself and stop relying on Shiro, and Shiro can open up to Keith as a man and a leader who can support him as a partner. 

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While UT/UF Sans + US/SF Papi are sleeping, SO come and kiss them to the mouth, when (if) they wake up, SO say “Oh, my dear sleeping beauty is awake.” Thinking that they have gave to them the true love’s kiss. Maybe the skellies are little confused.



When you kiss Sans, he stirs a bit in his sleep, a little magic pulse fluttering where you last kissed him. He mummers a few incoherent words as a goofy smile grows on his face before ultimately waking up.

And when you call him a ‘sleeping beauty’, he chuckles a bit and strokes your cheek. “me? beautiful? nah, babe. you’re the real belle of the ball here.” Yeah… the boy isn’t all that educated in his Disney Princesses, but cut him some slack: he’s just a sleepy science nerd.

He then invites you to take a well-deserved nap with him. Sleep with him or I will.



Red gets super shooketh when you first kiss him. He’s a light sleeper that grew up in a rough neighborhood, sue him. Once he realizes that its you, however, he relaxes. “hey sweetheart? need somethin’?”

When you call him ‘sleeping beauty’ he snort laughs. “ha! more like the walkin’ dead. and 'sides, i ain’t no pretty princess.” A part of him is low-key offended, but he’s mostly flustered. Its cute to see the smol and edgy skeleboy blush, especially when he looks all sleepy like this. Just don’t imagine him with a cute little pink dress. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

And congratulations! You just earned yourself a one-way ticket to Snoozeville with Red.



Stretch relishes quietly in the kiss as he’s kicked back on the couch. He loves this domestic crap and he loves you. What better way to start off his day? He eyes you with an amused smile, lazily bumping his teeth back on your lips. “if 'ya wanted a little sugar, you should’ve just asked, sugar.” He cooes with a smooth morning voice.

When you call him 'sleeping beauty’, he just rolls with it. “oh really? looks like my savior has finally come for me. how will i ever pay you back?” He pauses to think for a moment before snapping his fingers. “oh! i’ve got it.” In a swift motion, you find yourself pinned between him and the couch.

“how’s this for a fairytale?” Is the last thing he says before dozing off on top of you. Yeah… that could’ve been sexier in hindsight, but what were you expecting from him?



Rus was already awake when you kissed him, so he wasn’t super startled about the gesture. He has a tendency of fake sleeping as to keep an eye out for invaders (or at least, that’s what he tells himself), just for the record. He pretends to wake up, fluttery eye sockets and all, and smiles lazily at you. “am i dead? 'cause i think i see an angel right now.”

When you call him 'sleeping beauty’ he chuckles in a low and rumbling tone. Its a nice laugh, actually. He then shuts his eye sockets once more. “i dun think that first kiss worked. you might wanna try again, master.”

Whether you choose to play along with his game or not, both options will end up with the two of you sleeping in for the rest of the day. Blackberry is not pleased.

i dun wanna go to work tomorrow i wanna stay in bed forever at the moment but!!! exactly one month until my last day!!! i’ve got so much to sort out for vietnam i can’t believe i’ve got to go to pakistan in between all that too it’s mad. i had a really strange but nice weekend - i wasn’t very well but i went to bristol and it was strange, it didn’t feel like i’d ever left and it was bizarre when i couldn’t stay in my own room and had to get a three hour train home from places instead of a 15 minute bus to the comfort of my bed. it was v chilled and nice tho, felt like old routine super comfortable just minus the looming deadlines but also glad i’m not at uni anymore cos i don’t think i could hack that for another year rn so i’m glad i’m finished and not living there in a way - it felt nicer being there fleetingly instead of permenantly


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Like I should be working instead of being here -but I dun wanna work wahh-… Sorry -so not sorry- for flooding your dashes. :C
And… I really wonder if anyone can guess who is the real reference for Hades’ style in the second panel ;) !

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sorry- no art today again, but I am starting to feel better from being ill! the awful news is my mum is ill now, so I’m trying to look after her, but the good news is I had a chance to work on my own stuff today! and I will try my darndest to get a TPatJ update to you this weekend as well as the comic :Tb