no i dont want to spank you

Why Littles need discipline

1. We want to feel like you are invested in us enough to take time out of your day to correct us when we are being bad.

2. Structure makes us feel safe and loved.

3. IF YOU DONT TELL US TO STOP EATING COOKIES/SWEETS we will eat it all and have tummy aches.

4. The spanks aren’t allll that bad. ☺️

5. I don’t want to feel big. And when you let us get away with everything it makes me feel like I’m in charge.


-the two of you are sitting, eating a  meal of ramyeon and tteokbokki with the others when you’d suddenly become upset for no reason- 

*watches you poke at the rice cakes, red in the cheeks and pouty*
“Princess, what’s wrong?” 
*you just shake your head, staying silent* 
“Come on, Jagi- I can’t help you feel better if you don’t use your words like a big girl.” 

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-while he helped the others practice DNA’s choreo, he’d keep an eye in you through the large mirror; immediately going over to you as your lips curled into a frown- 

*crouches down in front of you, tears already begin forming in your eyes*
“Ah- Jagi, babygirl, don’t cry. What’s wrong? Are you hungry? Sleepy?” 

You; “I’m hungry..” *tears trickle down as you continue to pout*

*nods, turning to the others*
“Guys, y/n and I will be back we’re gonna go pick up some food.” 

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-the two of you and his friends would all be enjoying a movie when he notices you being to pout; not wanting you to throw a full-on tantrum in front of everyone, he pulls you into the hallway- 

“Yah, baby, what’s wrong?” 
*shakes his head as you just shrug before pulling you into a tight hug*
“You have no reason to be upset, my love, but I’m here okay? Everything’s okay.” 

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-while watching him play Overwatch, you couldn’t help the pout that painted across your face as your bratty little side seemed to take over- 

*when the game ends, he turns to you immediately knowing what’s going on*
“Baby, come here.” 
*motions you over to him, patting his lap*

You; “Hmph..”

“Okay then if that won’t work then maybe this will-” 
*proceeds to turn into a meme in an attempt to make you laugh*

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-he absolutely hated seeing you upset; especially in little space, he wanted nothing more than to give you anything you wanted just to make you smile- 

*sees you being to turn grouchy*
“No, princess, no, no (x1000)” 
*runs around getting all the things that could make you feel better, bringing them to your aid*
“Please no, no tears- I don’t want my babygirl to cry.” 

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-he hated seeing you so upset, but he couldn’t allow you to think it was acceptable to throw tantrums for no reason; especially since everyone was around- 

*doesn’t say much at all as he pulls you into the bedroom* 
“Babygirl, you can’t be acting like that in front of everyone, baby. It’d be fine if you had a reason, but you don’t.” 

You; *chews your inner cheek for a bit* “I’m sorry Daddy..”

“Good you better be, princess. Next time I won’t be so nice about it.” 

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-doesn’t put up with your behavior at all, especially since there was absolutely no reason for you to be so upset- 

*gives you THAT look*
“I suggest you stop pouting, little girl.” 

You; *silently shakes your head*

*puts you over his knee, not caring that the other members were around*
“I’m going to spank you ten times, and if you don’t apologize once I’m through I’ll add on ten more.” 
“And once you do apologize, I want you to go the room and write -I will be a good girl for Daddy from now on.- a hundred and ten times.” 

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(daddy suga dont play)

a simple guide for straighties
  • if you call a gay couple sin: its homophobic. why? because gay people were killed for years for being sinners, its not fucking rocket science
  • if you call a gay couple “disgusting” or “trash” or “disgusting trash” or call yourself “trash” or “disgusting” or “disgusting trash” for liking it: its homophobic. why?? because youre implying that by liking a gay couple youre bad! that its something which no one wants to see since its trash! youre implying that gay couples are dirty and nothing more!

“but i do the same for straight couples!”

and i dont fucking care, different words have different effects depending on the subject. dont act like this is some brand-spanking-new concept because we both know its not

“im not homophobic! i love gays!”

if you love gays you wouldnt call them sinful, disgusting or trash?????????? because i dont know if you realised this but all of those are negative terms

“im a gay person and i call it sin, so what!”

just because youre ok with it, strangely enough, it doesnt mean others are! just like youre not ok with me saying calling it sin is wrong, im not ok with you calling it sin! keep that shit in a private chat with your fellow gays, because not every single gay person is ok with it. i know im sure as hell not

“stop policing fandom!/just let people have fun!/if you dont like it, dont look at it!”

1) if this is policing fandom get me a fucking sheriffs badgeand cowboy boots boy because im gonna go fucking hard on this if you call gays sin, disgusting and/or trash im fucking hate you

2) if people dont like hearing it, its not fun! if you and your straightie friends sit in a circle talking about how disgusting your fave gays are youre being homophobic. and if you find homophobia fun: die

3) heres the thing buddy, pal, my sweet dude. i walk outside of my house every day, and i hear constant casual and intentional homophobia! straights calling things they dont like “gay”, straights calling each other f*gs, i gotta see it all! so why the fuck should i have to see that shit online which i use to get AWAY from all of the homophobia i experience irl??? why the fuck should i let some straighties spew homophobic lines about their favourite gays???????? why???????? because if i speak up about it it inconveniences you?? it annoys you?? it makes you have to think about your own homophobia?? (sarcasm) ohh gosh, how terrible of me!!! all of those things above are as bad as hearing constant homophobic statements, how could i have been so mean to those poor old straighties!!!! (/sarcasm)

long story short: cut that shit out and i hate you

Collaring (petplay)


So collaring lets talk about that shall we. This post is manly for doms specifically masters in petplay but regular doms, littles, and kittens feel free to stick around. Collaring can be an amazing experience putting a collar on your pet for the first time can make you feel so powerful and in control. You might feel the urge to tug it a little or grab a leash and walk your pet around or if you two are into it maybe have them eat out of bowls. BUT wait! Stop! Before you do all that theres things you should consider. This is a very emotional time for your sub. They are giving you complete control just as if a real animal were to allow you to collar them; they are giving you ownership you didnt once have. Before you go tugging on collars,giving them commands or walking around you should first pet them in they’re favorite spot, Give them prase for putting their collar on so nicely, and maybe have treats ready (if thats your thing). Make them feel loved like they’re the best pet in the world. Then after about 10 or 20 minutes you might want to play with them (non sexual) so you may tug their collar but after they come over you play with them and tickle them. Rub their bellies and so on. Afterwards it maybe time for lunch (make sure you and your partner have discussed doing this before petplay has engaged) so you can (if you have been giving consent!) Put their food on the floor and eat lunch with them while you sit above them holding their leash. After you’re done eating lunch you can watch tv/a movie and have your pet lay on your lap and pet them wherever they like it the most. Most pets like the ears(if they are to big then have them lay only their head on your lap so they still feel close to you). During all this they still have the collar on but maybe you took the leash off to watch the movie thats ok because this is only about the collar not really the leashing. After the movie is over you might notice your pet is getting sleepy so you ask them if they want to go to sleep and they nods yes. You can choose to pick them up or you can choose to lead them on a leash another option is you could let them choose. When you get them to bedroom you might remember they haven'tcompleted their nightly routine so you help them brush their teeth, take a bath and put on pajamas all with the collar on (no leash obviously there is no point for that). Once they’re done you walk them to bed and tuck them. This is where you take the collar off you stroke their ear; tell them you love them and how good they are then cuddle them to sleep.

Things not to do:
Do not pressure your pet into sex and try not to ask its already an emotional time for them and unless they ask the FIRST time collaring is probably not the best time to act on sexual needs. Although some pets do enjoy the thrill of feeling ownership by their masters having sex with them the first time. Talk it out when they’re not in pet play and see if they would rather have you wait or when they’re first collared.

Do not just do something because you think you should. Like spank theyre butt out of the blue. Yes they might have enjoyed it before but not right now. After the first collaring then you can do it again. Remember they’re feeling very voluble.

Do not do anything until you’ve talked about it with your sub out of pet space. ANYTHING TO DO WITH COLLARING CAN NOT BE DONE UNTIL YOU HAVE CONSENT. I DONT CARE IF YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE NICE. I DONT CARE IF THEY HAVE BEEN DROPPING HINTS AND I DONT CARE IF YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO SO BAD YOU MIGHT DIE! you have to talk to your sub before doing anything because maybe they’re not ready!

Do not collar if you are not ready for the responsibility it entails. Ive said this before and i will say it again collaring is giving up freedom to your master it is allowing them to be your master which means to protect, love, and cherish you. The responsibility that you will have is to protect your pet, love them unconditionally, and cherish them ever when they are misbehaving.

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Im always in a dilemma when it comes to namjin smut. Jonnie is kinky afff (😍) but jinnie is so soft and pure are cute (and my princess who needs body worship) and im never sure what kind of sex theyd have. Once i think jonnie would just spank him, choke him, pound him in the mattress as he wants but then i also think, what if jinnie dont want that? Then im in tears and cant sleep... What do you think?

Where do I even start?

I’m not gonna say anything about princess jinnie 😂

About Namjin sex… it’s mom and dad ain’t it?

Let’s just.. not..
Let’s just respect them cause they already go through a lot with the kids

Plus don’t forget joonie’s side hoe jackson… 

I bet that’s a way more interesting scenario 😂

Super Junior (Heechul, Yesung, Donghae) kinks + what turns them on

A/N: I’m only doing the current 9 members not enlisted in the military, so Shindong and Sungmin are excluded for now :( But if you really want one, just request it.


this boy is one of my strong biases, and I can totally see his ass being into some sort of role playing. He wouldn’t be all vanilla about it in the beginning either, from day one he’d tell you in what outfits he’d want, the positions he’d want you in waiting for him, etc. heechul would go crazy when you waltzed around him on purpose, in your pretend maid attire, dusting in front of him on the glass table, bending over so your ass was clearly visible from the back, your garters riding up and squeezing you, trying to get his attention if he was reading, on his phone, etc. but he would make you regret it, slamming you down on the glass table you had been cleaning moments ago to position his clothed growing member behind your suddenly soaked slit from behind.

“No underwear?” He’d purr, coming up to grab at your chin and yank you to look at him.
Nodding your head no, you’d watch in awe as he pushed up your legs and squatted down, burying his face inside of your heat as you writhed under his strong arms, your face flushing from the pleasure his tongue was giving you.
“Heechul..” You’d gasp out, his tongue dipping in your slit.
“Shut up, you already know this is what happens when you tease me.” And he wouldn’t stop his assault on your core until your were sweating onto the table and begging him to stop because holy shit you were so overstimulated, but even then you wouldn’t be safe. He’d grab you by your ass again and throw you over his shoulder, walking you to the bedroom and tossing you on the bed his dark eyes making regret ever teasing him.


over all I would say yesung would be typical in bed, but he would have his moments. I feel like even if he’s pretty usual, he would love above all to hear you moan, it would give him a feeling on “hell yeah I’m the one making her moan, I’m doing that.” And it would just fuel his desire for you. Like say you’d be kissing him and what not, just kissing, neither of you planning on taking it any further than that but then all of a sudden, a small moan would slip out of your throat, causing you to pull back suddenly and place your hand over your mouth as you both would sit there, dumbfounded. But then all of a sudden, yesung’s eyes would darken a little bit more and he would be at your mouth again, but this time the kiss would be a lot different from the first time around. You would feel a hunger coming from his mouth, it almost would feel like he was trying to suck more moans out of your mouth as he would place his hands on your hips and pull you into his lap, the game completely changing once you would feel his growing member beneath you, you’re mouth opening lightly as you began to catch on to his drift. But as soon as you had gotten a grasp on it, yesungs mouth would lick its way down your neck, his tongue feeling along your veins as he begun to buck up into you, your thinly clothed core suddenly on fire as you’re body would bounce again his movement, harsh breaths coming out of you. This would continue until Yesung finally ground against the spot that was most sensitive for you, a moan erupting from your throat as your eyes almost rolled back into your head from the pleasure. He would take note of the sweet sound and begin to buck in the same manner, hot moans coming from your mouth like a stream, yesungs head beginning to bead with sweat as he worked even harder to make you moan, flipping you over to get an even better vantage point, incredibly u comfortable in his jeans but not caring.
“You like it here? You like it when I do this-” he would tease, wanting to hear you as loud as you could be.


DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS BOY, to me, his ‘cool’ demeanor wouldn’t extend into the bedroom, yeah for the first few moments, while you’d be making out, taking each other’s clothes off, his real kinks would come out to play. Donghae feels like someone who would be into slight spanking and slight dominance, not wanting to completely over power you, but let you know who was in charge during sex. He would kiss you sweetly at first, warming you up before he got a little bit rougher with you, as he would retreat while you waited completely naked for his return anxiously. Once he would get back, you’d see that he’d brought one of your favorite whips out to play. You’d try to control your excitement though, because the second Donghae knew you liked that whip, he’d throw it away and pull another one out, so you simply would stare at him, with wide wet eyes.
“On all fours.” He would command in a gruff voice which sent shocks down your stomach to your core as you complied. You would turn around and arch your back, the edge of Donghae’s whip coming to trace your ass as you resisted the urge to lean back into it in excitement and want for contact.
“So pretty..” He would purr, always peppering you with compliments even if he was like this. Then with one more caress from the small whip, he’d suddenly lightly crack it against the crook of your ass, a hiss coming from you in a mixture of pleasure and pain, the pain being kissed away as Donghae did what he always did after every whip, place a soft kiss on the skin as his free hand ran up and down your stomach, his mouth ghosting over your core.
“1 down baby.” He would announce, adjusting his belt as he grew harder in his jeans from the image of your ass with a single whip mark pushing him over the edge.

Imagine: Jealous
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader x Thomas Sangster
Requested: yepp
Word Count: 2218
Warnings: smut, some spanking and swearing A/N: im glad you like my blog!!! btw thomas sangster will be in this one. sorry if you dont like that but I really wanted to fit him into one of my imagines. btw im actually very proud of this one so make sure to like and reblog😇

You catch sight of Pan leaving the bonfire with Wendy with his hand on the mid of her back. You couldn’t miss them leaving because od her obnoxious giggling.

Since Darling has arrived, she and Pan were inseperable, only indicating that he hasn’t spent time with you in eight days.

When you appeared on the island, you and Pan had an immense connection. Though, to this day, you and Pan had only a ‘thing’. You weren’t his and he wasn’t yours. You were merely ‘friends with benefits’. It’s been that way for the four years you’ve been on the island.

But you noticed how Pan observed Wendy during the her first campfire on the island. He surveyed her, obviously intrigued. That night and until now, he wouldn’t even glance at you.

Earlier that night, she and Pan sat on the opposite side of the fire. They didn’t bother with the other lost boys dancing around. The two sat directly in front of you. You were practically in the front row to watch ‘the lovely Miss Darling’ blushing and twirling her golden locks. They were obviously flirting with each other, and she made sure you were to hear it.

But now they were deep in the forest. He was probably doing what he calls ‘showing the girl the secrets of the island’. It’s more often known as ‘showing the girl the secrets under his pants’ according to the other lost boys.

Your thoughts of murdering Wendy Darling subsided when Thomas sat next to your log.

“Pan still hasn’t come around?“he asked noticing your glum look.

“I’m quite sure he’s doing the dirty deed with the new girl,” you rolled your eyes kicking a pebble around.

“I’ve got an idea,“Thomas smirked.

“And what would that be,“I ask interested. Thomas has always been there, acting like my older brother Felix. But Felix has never discovered about Pan and I, and I’d like to keep it that way.

“Fight fire with fire,“he raised an eyebrow, popping a berry in his mouth. He made sure nobody heard our conversation but the crackling of the bonfire was assissting us, therefore there was no need to whisper. “He’s said it himself; he likes fire,“he smirked.

“How would you suggest we do that, Sangster?"we leaned closer to one another.

"You know bloody well what we’ll do,"he smirked. "You in?”

“I’m up for it,"I smile."When exactly is this happening?”

“Tomorrow’s campfire, meet me by the tall, ‘A’ marked tree.”

“I don’t recall ever passing an ‘A’ marked tree,"you wondered aloud. "I’ve just about passed through every inch of the island and never have I passed an ‘A’ marked tree.”

“You’ll find the tree. I guarantee it,"he winked.

You hopped off the log, heading back to Pan’s treehouse, where you two always slept near one another. But he hasn’t laid by you since Wendy arrived on Neverland.

*** The campfire began half an hour ago, and you eventually encounter the tall, ‘A’ marked tree Thomas had described the night before. It was far enough so the boys wouldn’t see you, but you could just spot Wendy’s long, curly blonde hair. Luckily, her back was turned to you, and the lost boys were too focused on their dance to notice that you and Thomas weren’t attending the campfire. As for Peter, you knew he wouldn’t give even a piece of damn.

But Thomas wasn’t there. You faced the A-marked tree. You pondered if this was the wrong place, but was soon proved wrong when you felt Thomas’ arms slithering around your waist.

"What an entrance, Sangster,"I swiveled around to look up into his chocolate brown eyes. The two of you talked about pointless things; the island, and whatnot.

"Are you sure about this?"Thomas asked cautiously, and acted in a relaxed form.

You glance over his shoulder, seeing Wendy laughing along with Pan as he began playing his panflute.

You nodded, a bit tense.

With that, Thomas lightly shoved you on the tree, your back against the rough bark. You pulled him into a kiss, your hands roaming in his hair as the kiss deepened.

Thomas was loving and gently slid his hands onto the edge of your hips, and traveled downward.  It was different, a good different. You found yourself somewhat getting into it.

He left your lips and moved down to your jaw, lightly sucking. Thomas occasionally squeezed your butt making you jump. He moved down to the base of your neck, and to the edge of your collarbone.

"Mmm Thomas, right there,"you threw your head back when he found your sweet spot. Just after you let the moan slip, it became quiet. The panflute stopped playing. You didn’t notice until Thomas was thrown off of you and onto a nearby tree, landing with a grunt.

"What the hell is going on?"his voice boomed through the tight forest.

"Why do you care?"I walk over to Thomas giving him a hand. "Go play with Wendy,"I scoff. "You are obviously more interested in her,"I say, rolling my eyes.

"Jealous?"he smirked. Of course you were. But would you really give him the satisfaction of knowing that? Absolutely not.

"Why would I be jealous when I have Thomas?"Thomas wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Leave before I murder you,"Pan glared at him. Thomas kissed my forehead sweetly and left, only angering Pan more.

"I’m going to show you just who you belong to-"he snapped his fingers.”-and that nobody can make you feel the way I can.“

The two of you were back in his treehouse and you were completely bare. He sat on the edge of his bed. "You haven’t been a very good girl, y/n,"he taps his lap indicating for you to lay over it. You do as you were told and lean over his lap. You squeal when you feel a harsh slap on your bum. "I need you to count babygirl,"he said softly.

"O-one,"you could feel him smile. The anticipation of the hit was unbearable. Normally it wasn’t too many, but you could tell Pan was outraged.

Another sharp hit landed on your butt. "T-t-two.”

“You’ve been a very bad girl, y/n,"he says sending another strike. Fifteen spanks later, your cheeks were stinging.

"Like I promised earlier, I’d make you feel better than anyone ever has before"you suddenly feel two fingers entering me roughly. "and you should know, I always keep my word.”

“A-ah Peter,"you moaned, his fingers moving more quickly.

"Your mine, only mine, understand y/n!?"he slipped in another finger.

"Oh fuck yes Peter,"he pulled his fingers out leaving you empty. "What the hell?"you were furious, you were ready to cum.

Pan pulled you off of his lap and onto his bed making you face him. He kissed your lips passionately. Peter crawled up to your earlobe, softly nibbling at your sensitive skin. He breathed heavily down your ear and you moaned loudly enough for those two miles away from the treehouse could hear. You could feel a smirk lining his lips as he trailed down your jaw to your neck, harshly sucking. He was definitely leaving large marks that wouldn’t reside for a while, and you definitely couldn’t cover them up. You blame Neverland’s low support of concealer. "Peter, th-the boys will see,"you moaned. He continued leaving littered kisses around your body.

"Let them understand that you’re mine,"he massaged your right breast, guiding his mouth to your left breast. He licked and nibbled on the nipple earning several soft moans from you. Peter moved his mouth to your right breast, tracing the border of your nipple slowly until he found the hard middle.

He continued down the middle of your stomach, occasionally whispering "mine”. Peter left plenty of kisses around your flat belly and licked around your belly button. He pulled your legs apart, leaving your pussy open and exposed into the cold air.

“I want to taste you, love,"his eyes met yours as he traced your hips with his hands and began licking a trail from your inner thigh and missing your pussy lips to tease you.

"What’s stopping you,"you buck your hips yearning for some friction.

"Eager, love?"Peter’s grin expanded as he dove into your lips. "Who made you this wet?"he smirked into your entrance.

"Y-you did Peter,"you moaned, your fingers dancing in his hair. You pulled him farther in and he began twirling his tongue on your clit. "AH FUCK PETER,"you screamed and he continued to lick on your bundle of nerves. You yelped at the quick movements. Before you reached your climax, he slowed his pace, chuckling at your whines for him to go faster. He soon spread his lips wider, devouring as much of your juice as he could.

He dipped his tongue into your entrance. Your toes curled as a loud moan left your lips. "Mmmm,"you whimpered, your legs shaking from pleasure.

Peter’s heavy breaths and low groans were sending pleasung vibrations. They were just enough to send you over the edge. He helped you ride out your orgasm, harshly sucking on your clit, keeping eye contact the entire time. He moved down and licked up your cum.

You flipped him over, slowly pulling his tunic above his head. He laid on the bed, his legs off the edge. You sat in between of them, noticing his boner. You tease Pan by lightly palming him over his pants, earning yourself a low groan. You could feel his erect member growing and eager to see, you tug down his pants, along with his boxers, revealing his longing penis. You lightly kiss the tip.

"Mmm,"he groaned throwing his head back.

You slowly slide your hand up and down his enthusiastic shaft. You rotate your hand, earning a loud moan from Peter. You pumped your hands up and down, repeating your motion several times.

"Fuck baby,"he moans as you clasped your mouth around him, taking him as far as you thought possible. You kept your hand on the two inches that couldn’t be covered. You swirled your tongue around his swollen tip. You looked up at him and find his eyes closed in a state of pure pleasure. He yelled in pleasure, profanities leaving his mouth. Peter was in pure bliss. He came in your mouth soon enough. You swallowed the majority of it; or what you couldve.

He pulled you up bridal style and laid you on to his soft, plump bed. Peter leaned forward, passionately kissing your temple, trailing down to your jaw. You moaned lightly. He lined his tip before your entrance. Peter teased you by rubbing his tip against your clit.

"Mmngh, Peter please,"you begged.

"Please what, love?"he smirked into the crook of your neck.

"Fuck me, fuck me because I’m yours.”

That was all Pan needed as he pushed his erect cock into your tight entrance making you gasp. He filled you out completely and your walls wrapped around his dick. He gave you time to adjust before he began. Peter could be mad, but he’d never hurt you intentionally—well physically. He nibbled on your neck as he thrusted at an agonizing pace.

“Faster Peter, please!"you whined.

"Eager, are we?” he chuckled at your anticipation, while obeying your command. You shut your eyes, taking in the pleasure.

He gradually went faster, as if he’d never have sex again. It was the best the two of you had in ages. He kept one hand at your waist, with the other hand going down to your clitoris. He rubbed the wet area vigorously.

“Oh fuck, Peter,"you screamed. He made low grunts every few seconds, which was just about the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. You ran you’re hands on his bare stomach, which moved him to go faster.

"Oh baby, aaaah,"Peter threw his head back, obviously in as much bliss as you were in. "Fuck y/n,"you reach your climax and he rides you through it.

He falls beside you. "That was amazing,"you puffed out. "Maybe I should make you jealous more often,” I smirked.

After a moment, he ran his finger up your slit. You shivered at his cold touch.

“Still so wet, love! Save it for tomorrow night,"he winked at you. He licked up the juice on his finger before getting dressed and leaving the treehouse.

Meanwhile, you only dreamed about round two the night afterwards. Jealous sex is always the best sex. Oh fuck, where’s Wendy?

the-one-with-the-cake replied to your post “Dont. Hit. Your. Children.”

most people commenting on here clearly never took care of a child. you can yell all you want at a 3-6 year old or try to explain whatever you want sometimes they just wont listen. i dont support spanking but if my sister is doing something potentially dangerous e.g reaching for something on the stove i will slap her hand away, because its something she actually remembers.. one spank is not child abuse for christs sake

Let me clarify.

I am a teacher. I work with over 100 children every day.

This advice is drawn from not only personal experience, but also a myriad of pedagogy and child development books, courses, and studies. 

I did not advocate for YELLING at children in this post. In fact,  I would heavily advise AGAINST yelling as much as possible. 

And while ONE spank, ONE time is not likely to have long term effects, all the research shows that the more frequent, more intense, and more prolonged that kind of physical discipline is, the more damaging it becomes for that person in the long term. 

New doms

Today i thought id touch on the subject of new doms. This is mostly for the new doms that dont know where to start so this isnt really a post for littles but feel free to stick around. Now doms, hello if you didnt know im a little (who has a daddy). Some people are appallingly shocked by going from vanilla to dommy very quickly. So, im going to give you a few tips to help the transition. The first thing to remember is that your baby is a BABY depending on their little age which means that they are most likely going to act that age. If it gets to much you can always send them to go color a picture, watch tv, or send them for a nap if they get fussy. Another alternative is to play with stuffies but they might ask you to play as well also asking them to be a big girl so you can talk it out right then and there. Second be open with your partner once out of little space tell them what you thought, how you felt while doing it and what maybe they could change. Thrid thing is to remember you’re new you wont get it straight away in fact it may take a few months. Remember that Spankings are ok as long as aftercare is involved afterwards you dont want to leave them because they can feel very unloved. Remember spankings must always be deserved there are spanking for fun then spankings for punishments. Fun spankings is them walking (or'playtime’) and you tap their butt . Punishment is more of a bending over the knee. To many spankings can be to much try to limit to 10 a day and use time out or other punishments for the other time your partner is bad. On to eating habits remember your little is like a child and depending their little age they might want you to cook for them. If you cant cook yet order out but i suggest at least learning how to make nuggets. I do want to point out you DONT have to buy your little expensive gifts in order to be a good dom. I know you may see these doms with lots of money buying their littles anything and everything just know your little loves you and thinks your the best dom in the world.

I think thats it don’t worry i will be making a part two for long distance doms as well. I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any questions maybe ill make a third post on this if it gets enough notes. I usually dont touch on the dom subject of things considering my audience is mostly littles but we’ll see and littles let me know if this has help your dom. Theres definitely more i could touch base on but these were just basics no one really mentions. Everyone mentions rules, bathtime, nap time ect but i could do a post more in depth on that so let me know

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For the send me a ship thing: how about Shiro/Keith?

Always love me some sheith <3 thank u 

Who initiates sexy time more often: I’d say its p even. Plus they’re both very horny so they go at it whenever they have time to spare. Everything before that is just, lots of flirty glances from Shiro, and the lingering touch or brush of the shoulders that lasts a moment too long of Keith. So by they time they actually get to it they’re both very, very eager. They can’t tell who started what.

Who is the horniest: I mean, when you’re making up for lost time… 

Who moans the cutest: ffffukc okay they both have such good moans. Shiro not only makes the best noises, he’s also got the best faces when he orgasms

Who bites more: KEITH DOES. He wants to mark Shiro up real good, in very visible places too, and he knows Shiro is very sensitive along his jawline, so…

Who can go on longer: !! Shiro, he’s always making sure it’s pleasurable for Keith, and they like to go at it slow if they have the time.

Who spends more time on foreplay: Shiro is just, so gentle, too gentle at times. Keith isn’t far behind though. Especially when he puts on a show for Shiro…

Who loves aftercare: listen, these two can spoon for hours

Who can go the most rounds: Keith could go on all night if Shiro didn’t stop him

Who gives the best orals: Keith does!! and Shiro is a great bf holding Keith’s hair up 



Facials: They do this the first few times because they’ve heard cum is not exactly fun tasting (plus Keith just really wants Shiro’s cum on his face) 

Swallowing: After a while though they’ve found they’re quite ok with each other’s taste. Keith in particular is a champ, and loves seeing shiro embarrassed after he gulps down a load

Creampies: Aaaa, Keith has become such a cum slut for Shiro ever since they first did it raw ok

Strap on

Bondage: neither is a fan of being restrained but I think with time they might give it a try

Spanking: ok so!! Actually, Keith really likes to spank Shiro as he’s being fucked, he’s so in love with Shiro’s ass it’s unreal

Choking: Keith really wants to try it, and show Shiro how much he trusts him. They dont usually do it along with penetrative sex, so Keith will ask shiro to choke him while he takes care of their erections.

Fingering: Aaah, Keith will sometimes put on a show for shiro, leg up in the air as he fingers himself. Giving him full view.

Nipple play: Shiro’s got the most sensitive nipples, you can fight me on this. Keith loves them. Pinches them whenever he sees them poking through his shirt, too

Hair pulling: Keith can’t keep his hands from wandering to Shiro’s hair whenever they do it. And dont even get me started on when he fucks Shiro’s throat

Orgasm denial: Aaah, they love this one. Keith rides him, but its painfully slow. Shiro’s biting his lower lip, his hands get impatient, but he knows he’s not allowed to hold Keith’s hips and fuck him hard and fast just yet. No, he’s at Keith’s mercy right now. 

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Hi Mister (love ur blog) I'm a little. I've known since last year. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about dd/lg. The daddy I have isn't workin with me. I asked him after a few months of us talkin. I wanted him to learn how to be a proper daddy. I have to give hints I want his attention or affection more & more lately. When I came out to tell him, it's like he's ignoring my questions. I don't even do a quarter of the things I see other littles & daddies do. What should I do?

It can be difficult sometimes when we are blindly following our heart instead of our mind.

A person can have a lot of great qualities, they can be attractive… make us feel good… have a great personality. But that doesnt mean they are cut out to love us.

Ask yourself… why am I really wanting to be with this person?

Is it because they are or can fulfill my needs?

Is it because they make me feel good about myself?

Is it because they are attractive and send great pictures of themselves to me?

One of the absolute first things I always used to do with a new sub/little when I had them standing in position in front of me the first time was simply ask… “Why?”

Why are you here… right now.. in this moment? Why have you chosen to submit to me? Why have you decided I deserve this great honor and gift of your submission? and have you even asked yourself… why?

A sub once told me that one of my best qualities wasnt in how hard I could spank, or the looks I gave, or even my voice… it was that I was constantly making her think.

A daddy should be growing you… bringing you into a better place each day. Focusing on your needs and wants.. giving them the attention they deserve.. and building you up. 

Ask yourself…. Why? Why do I want this person? Why them? and if the answers you give yourself back dont begin with positive growth within your mind, emotions, mental state and overall well being first…. then you need to consider moving on.

All too often we get lost in the focus of the aesthetic.. of being lonely… of being desperate… of just wanting someone there… of compromising our  own limits, needs, wants, etc just feel any kind of love we can get our hands on… and ultimately that leaves us worse than we were before. 

Its okay to be alone.

Its okay to wait.

Its okay to have goals and standards and morals and wants and needs and desires that are selfish to you…. because its certainly ok for you to stand your ground to get what you actually deserve and not settle for less.

A real man.. a real daddy… hes going to fill all of those things for you without frustration, laziness, or apathy.

you want him so badly to be something hes not becoming… and nothing but himself is going to change that. will you still be happy with this a month from now?

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1) What is a strange misconception you had as a child? I use to call my vagina my peedee because that’s what my brother called his nether regions so I thought they were the same. My mom got really pissed at me for some reason.

2&3) Which Death Note character deserves a spanking the most? Why? I’m laughing. Light, probably. And Misa. They got L killed and that’s the only reason needed to give them a whooping. Oh, wait it says “the most”. I’ll shoot for Light, then.

4&5) What’s your all-time favourite Death Note fanfic (if you even have one?) What makes it so good? Ooo, that’s kinda a tough one. I’ve read a lot of good ones, but if I had to choose I’d say Something Wicked This Way Comes. I really enjoy it being AU enough that Light isn’t Kira, but canon enough where Kira still exists and Light’s still a police officer’s son and L is still our beloved renowned detective. Both L and Light’s introductions are done very well and their dynamic is also a big selling point. Not to mention, I hardly read much DN fic from L’s POV. Let alone as good as this one portrays. It automatically enticed me from the first chapter. My only thing with this story is I think the narrative starts to falter a bit when L and Light’s relationship starts getting sexual outside of what’s just keeping up appearances with their fake dating. The stories pacing is so well and enthralling that that sort of thing seemed jarring to me. Like I was suddenly reading a smut one-shot or something and had to recall what the story was. Which, in a fanficition, is somewhat expected: the fanservice. But I could very much see this story hold its own as an original work where that aspect of the protagonists relationship is saved for later down the road.

6&7) Do you think your personality comes off similarly online as to in person? Why / why not? Mmm, I think so. You guys would have to vouch for me on this. I’m pretty laid-back in person. Polite. Overly passionate and can talk your ear off about the things I’m interested in. I’d say I’m a lot like that online too. Maybe the only difference is that I might not come off as shy as I am in real life. It takes me some time to get comfortable with people.

8) What’s something pretty normal that you nonetheless find awkward? Sex scenes on TV. Open discussions about sex in general, unless I’m comfortable with you. Child birth maybe because I still can’t believe I’m capable of birthing one. How the universe ever allowed this, I don’t know.

9) Who was your first celebrity crush? Some white man, probably.

10) What’s the quickest way to brighten your day? Make me laugh. (Not that that’s really hard to do). Compliment me.

11) Would you rather have every song you hear slowly turn into All Star, or every movie you watch turn slowly into Shrek? I have no idea what All Star is, but I don’t care for Shrek much at all, so can I just ignorantly choose All Star??

1) Do you have any specific diet you go by? (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, etc.)
2&3) Do you have any siblings? If so, how close are you?
4&5) What’s your favourite book and why? (I might want to read it lol)
6) Would you describe your personality as dominate or submissive overall?
7) What are your dreams usually like at night?
8) Is there anything you’re currently anxious about?
9&10) Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? Will you be contributing anything?
11) Whose your favourite Death Note character (if you have one)?

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Ashton Irwin Smut → Daddy Kink

Pairing: Reader x Ashton

Requested: -

A.N.: I am so sorry okay, this shit is turning me on more than it should. Dont judge. You probably shouldnt read this if your like 13 or something.

“Do we really have to go?” I whined while putting on some lipstick. “Yes (Y/N) we have to. I thought you liked my family.”

“I do! I just dont feel like going out tonight.” I said and turned around to face Ashton. He grapped my waist and pulled me to him. “Its only for a few hours princess. Its gonna be fun.” He smiled and kissed my forehead. “Fine.” I said. “Lets go.”

*** at the restaurant ***

“So (Y/N) how are you doing? How’s school?” Ashton’s mom asked me.

“Oh, I’m okay. School’s good. A lot of exams and stuff but I’ll manage.” I sweetly smiled and placed my hand on Ashton’s knee. The conversation went on about the upcoming weekend and that his family had planned a BBQ on saturday. I looked over to Ashton, he looked extremely handsome tonight. Wearing black skinny jeans, a dark blue shirt and his fedroa. I bit my lip, I had to keep myself from puling him to the bathroom an take him right here and now.

While he talked to his little sister he kept licking and biting his lips. It was a massive turn on for me. i couldnt help myself, I moved a little bit closer to him and wispered in his ear “Looking really good tonight daddy.” Ashton froze at my unexpected words. I smiled to myself, moving close to his ear again “I cant wait til we’re back home daddy. I wanna be your good girl tonight.” I seductively wispered and moved my hand farther up his leg, so I’d touch his crotch. Ashton shot me an agry look and tried to push away my hand but I wouldnt let him. Instead I started rubbing over his tight jeans and mouthed, “Whats the matter daddy?” with an innocend look on my face.

A few minutes of my torture passed before our waiter arrived at our table. “Do you need anything else? Perhaps new drinks?” he asked pointing at our empty glasses. “No thank you, only the bill please.” Ashton’s mom said politely. When the waiter left she looked over to Ashton, “Are you okay sweetie?” She asked concerned, Ashtons face rather tense. I instatly stopped rubbing over his now very hard bulge. “Yeah baby are you alright? You look a little tense.” I smirked and placed both of my hands on the table. He glared at me before looking over to his mother. “I’m-” he started in a high pitched voice, he coughed slightly and continued “I’m fine mom. Don’t worry.” He moved over to me and wispered “Guess who is going to get punished really bad toinght.”


Half an hour later we are in the car, driving back to our shared apartment. The car ride was rather quiet. Neither of us really said anything. As soon as I walked through the front door and closed it I got pinned against it. For a short moment Ashton just stared at me with an angry expression on his face before starting to suck roughly on my neck, making sure to mark me as his. “Do you think its funny to turn me on infront of my family like this?” He snarled at me. “N-No” I stuttered and he pressed me harder against the door. “What was that princess?” he growled “No, daddy.” I whined. “Good girl.” He wispered and continued sucking harshly on my neck and collarbone. 

I tried so hard to hold back my moans but I miserably failed. I dug my nails into Ashton’s neck and quietly moaned “daddy” into his ear. He grabbed my ass and made my jump, so I had to sling my legs around his long torso. He walked us upstairs to our bedroom and threw me onto the bed. “You’ve been a very, very bad girl for turning daddy on like that. You’ve got yourself into a whole lot of punishment.” he said in a stern voice. “What are you gonna do to me daddy?” I wispered, biting my lip. Ashton just smirked and kneeled next to me on the bed, turning me around so I’d lie on my stomach. He slowly moved his hand along my naked leg up to my thigh but stopped right at my heated core. He unzipped my dress and practically ripped it off of me, same with my panties and bra. He rubbed over my slit one time before placing his hand on my ass. “You’ve been a naughty girl tonight (Y/N)”…spank.. “You bad”…spank…“bad”…spank…“girl”…spank. I screamed into the pillow. Srangely the pain was really pleasuring. I hated to admit it but it turned me on so bad when Ashton spanked me. 

“You wanted to get punished tonight, didnt you princess?” Another spank. “No daddy.” I mumbled “Dont lie to me” another spank, this time a little bit harder. “Y-yes daddy. I wanted to get punished.” I saw Ashton smile and I felt another slap on my ass. “You love getting punished dont you princess?” he asked while rubbing over my sore butt. “Yes daddy, I love it.” I said grabbing a fistful of the sheets, preparing for another smack. “My princess..” he said and smacked my ass again. He spanked me six more times and I screamed out in pleasure. 

“You did good baby girl,now turn around.” I did as I was told. I turned around on my back again while Ashton stood up to undress himself. His prominent boner slapping against his stomach as he stripped down his boxers. He hovered over me, working his magic on my neck again. I moaned daddy into his ear everytime he found my sweet spot.

“I hope you’re ready princess.” he said and kissed his way down to my thighs. He slowly kissed every inch on my inner thighs, always stopping right were I needed him most right now. “Damn Ash just do something.” I whined. He shot his head up and dug his nails into my waist. “What was that?” he asked furrowing his eyesbrows together. “D-Daddy do something please.” I whined. “Bad girl, you forgot again. You’re getting punished for that.” I bit my lip and watched his head disappear between my legs again. “If you say one word or let out one noise, you’re punishment will get worse, and we wouldnt want that now would we?” he breathed against my core. He licked over my slit before sucking harshly on my clit. I bit down hard on my lip to keep myself from moaning. I grapped Ashton’s hair, pushing him deeper to me. His nails digging deep into my waist, I was sure he’d leave marks. He sucked harder on me before I felt his tounge slightly entering my opening. I threw my head back and grapped harder into his hair, making him moan. I moved my hips forward to allow Ashton more acess. “Hold still.” he growled, before continuing his actions. I felt a familiar knot building up in my stomach and the next thing I kow is hitting my orgasm hard. I let out an almost pornographic moan and gripped his hair harder. “What did I say, princess? One noise and your punishment will get worse. Look what you’re getting yourself into.” He smirked and continued sucking. His tounge swirling around my swollen clit. “As- daddy, stop!” I whined and tried to wiggle out of his tight grip. “Uh-uh princess. I’m not done with you yet. Its all part of your punishment.” he smirked and lowered his head again. His grip on my right side suddenly disappeared and I felt his fingers on my entry. “Fuck” I moaned as three of his long fingeres entered me. He started slowly pumping in and out of me before eventually quicken up his pace. I screamed out, this was too much for me “D-daddy..fuck!” I threw my head back and grabbed the sheets. He increased the speed of his movements again, his mouth meeting my clit again. “Oh my god” I moaned and felt tears running down my face “Ahhh” I screamed, my seconds orgasm hitting me even harder than the first one.

I breathed heavily as he released my waist, before hovering over me again to kiss away my tears. “I love you so much princess” he said and kissed my lips. “I-I love you too daddy.” I breathed out. “Can you do another one?” he asked and I just nodded, not being able to speak. “Good girl.” he smirked “I’m gonna make you scream so loud.” He slammed into me without any warning. Thusting deep and hard. My mouth formed and “o” and I squeezed my eyes shut. “Holy fuck” he cursed as he entered me. My nails didding hard into his muscular arms. I rolled my eyes back into my head as he stared thrusting harder into me. “Fuck daddy..” I moaned “Louder baby, scream it louder” me mumbled “Shit..DADDY” I screamed “Faster” I moaned scratching over his arms, leaving red marks behind. He thrusted fater, cursewords and my name leaving his mouth.

I was a moaning mess underneath him. He held me steady as he moved in and out of me. I felt the knot in my stomach again. “I- Im so close.” I stuttered. “Not yet baby girl.” he said through gritted teeth. All of a sudden Ashton pulled out of me, flipping me around again, holding my ass in the air. He entered me from behind his pace as quick as ever. I felt a sudden sting on my ass. He spanked me again, and again. My hands couldn’t hold me anymore, I held my weight only on my elbows now. “Oh god..fuck” I screamed. I felt Ashton twitching inside me and I could tell he was close. “Now come for daddy.” he said and with one hard thrust my third orgasm of the night washed over me, soon followed by Ashton. He thrusted into me again and spanked me one more time before he pulled out of me. I collapsed completely now, Ashton collapsing next to me. "You’re daddys good girl.“ he said and pulled me close to him, giving me a kiss.

Well damn. This kink is my death haha I hope you liked it! x

im glad the warcraft movie flopped. idek who this is alls i know is shes supposed to be an orc but this is just a woman with spock ears and vampire teeth she won at chuck e cheese. shes the dream girl of the “i want to douse you in green paint and spank you like a disobedient avocado” man. youve got a race of the Incredible Hulks who dont know what the fuck a dentist is but u cant even make the orc ladies muscular ladies cause u still gotta pander to your sweaty male fanbase in 2016 with the Sexy Lady Chicks. where is the Muscle. where is the Scrunched Up Fucking Orc Face. obviously im aware blizzard has a problem with sexual dimorphism in this game but they didnt even try here!!! dont even get me started on male and female trolls or god forbid male and female worgens guess what blizzard dogs look the exact fucking same regardless of gender. going back to the dentist thing her teeth are completely white like shes been suckin colgates MintyFresh™ dick!!!! this is the lady that elitist gamers think about when they talk about fake gamer girls

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recently, ive been looking at boys that arent my daddy and imagining THEM as my caregiver. which is terrible. i dont want to break up with him, we've been going strong for almost a year and i love him! hes just.. not a great daddy i guess. he made me rules but never inforced them and now we dont even mention them & i dont get spanked like i want. im a brat and he says he's not going to make rules i won't follow. he babies me, its just not enough for my little side.. im trying to bring it up now

Oh wow that’s rough 😔

It’s normal to look at others you find attractive, but it’s more serious if you see them as your caregiver.

Definitely talk to him and tell him you’re not feeling 100% satisfied. Just tell him what you told me. You want him to be more strict with the rules he gives you. You’re a little, and you need/want more structure. Communication is ALWAYS key in any relationship. It can suck sometimes, but in the end you’ll both feel so much better


“baby girl” luke whined against your neck, “please i need you.” you promised yourself you wouldn’t leave the party, that your mother had been planning for since last may, and fall into luke’s traps. his constant whining and thigh groping got to the point where you wanted to either slap him into next week or suck his dick like no tomorrow. “luke..” you seethed, “not right now doll.” he threw his head back in complaint as if he were a child.
you thought things were going quite smoothly after that, but not even a half hour later luke’s fingers traveled up and down your freshly shaved thighs. nipping at your earlobe he whispered things that had you dripping wet. “c'mon baby, you know how hard you make me.” finally you were fed up with it and told your mother you felt and and had to leave. you said your goodbyes and stormed out to the car. “what. the. actual. fuck.” you spoke through clenched teeth, “luke you can’t just decide that youre going to make me wet in the middle of my mothers party!” he looked at you sternly, “get in the car baby girl. now.” your eyes widen but you did exactly as commanded. the car ride was silently except for the soft hum of green day in the background, and all too quickly you had arrived home. you walked upstairs already knowing what was coming, your thighs squeezing together to release some of the built of tension luke was causing you. “now baby girl, i didnt like your attitude. you are mine, i get you when i want and where i want, understood?” he said as he lifted your chin up to look at him. “yes lu- daddy, i understand.” you quietly whispered. “i forgive you but baby girls with attitudes deserve to be punished, dont you think so y/n” he smirked at you while sitting down on the bed. “now, strip and lay over my lap,” he spoke too calmly and as just as fast as those words left his mouth you were naked and bent over his knee. “okay kitten i’m going to spank you 10 times, each time you are to apologize for having an attitude with daddy, are we clear?” you nodded your head quickly as you felt the harsh impact of his rather large hand on your backside. after luke had finished giving you your punishment he laid you down on the bed, “stay here beautiful i’m going to run you a bath.” the bathtub was soon full and the rest of the night was spent on cloud nine, with multiple orgasms and a lot of love.

A few rules, my gremlins

theres a limit to gross/kinky I can do 

-Ill only be doing money through paypal. 

- Pay in advance please!

-Email me before sending me money, as well as waiting for a reply from me.
please and spanks! and make sure to put Commission somewhere in your subject. It would totally suck if you sent me money and I got kidnapped by pirates or something…
only contact me there! I dont know how to properly ‘tumblr’ yet, kiddos. 

-If theres a certain style you want me to do it in, let me know~
I tend to flop between cartoony to cutesy anime. 

Thanks everyone <3

This pic has NOTHING to do with what Im writing lol.Its just how I look. Someone might repost this and Im thinking they should no what I look like!

So I wrote this out already and accidently deleted it and it didnt save when I tryd to copy paste it :/

So this is like my first date fantasy. 

This is sorta specific but sorta not. Im not saying little details have to be this way its just how I thought about it you no?

Also this is fantasy. Just because Im saying this doesnt mean Im going to do this with you.


So we finally are gonna have are first date. You tell me to be at a specific salon at 3PM and ask for Kelsey. You say I should were casual clothes that I dont care about like if the got runed. 

I show up and Kelsey says you already talked to her she nos what to do I just need to relax. She goes to work and dolls me up how you told her to.

A few hours later after doing my hair and nails and makeup shes done. My normally dark blonde/light brunette usually straight hair is now my normal hair color to platinum blonde ombre. Very different looking from how it was. Its slightly curled with big bouncy curls and super full from hair extensions she put in. My nails are much longer now with square tip acrylics with pink to baby blue ombre colour. My makeup is very glam. Dark eyes super glossy pink lips and really long fake lashes. 

Kelsey gives me a package and tells me to go in the back and open it. I do and theres a not on top. It says how you wanted to make sure that I look hot but also that when I go back to work ppl notice how different I look. You want everyone to no that I went on a date, that your taking me off the market, The note tells me to change into whats in the box and put what Im wereing in the box. 

Inside theres a little black dress, a bra, thong, heels, and a small clutch. I undress carefull not to mess my hair or makeup. 

I put the undies on first, then the bra. It takes a few trys to get it to clasp with my nails. I can tell there gonna be a pain in the butt. The bra is a push up bra. I put i Like a serious push up bra. I have as much cleavage as I can have in this bra. I step into the dress and its definitly a LBD. As in its black and OMG its little. Like cleavage on display and not that far past my ass. I cant zip it up so I dont even try. The heels are high. Like super high. I put them on but cant do the little buckels on the straps because my nails. My feet are small anyways but when I look at them now there seriously tiny looking. After just a couple seconds I can tell these heels are going to hurt like hell later. I ask Kelsey for help and she zips me up and buckels my heels. She says to get use to it because those sorts of things Ill never be good at again with fake nails. Kelsey takes the clutch and puts makeup in it that she used on me. The clutch is to small tho to put all the stuff from my purse in it so I were my purse and hold the clutch. Kelsey tells me to put the clothes I wore into the box and shell hold it for me and that your outside waiting for me.

I walk outside. Im pretty good in heels I were them lots but these shoes are way higher than most ppl were and the heels are super thin. There crazy sexy but I have to concentrate hard on walking. I feel like if I even stepped on a pebble I could fall.

Your eyes light up when you see me. I have butterflys in my stomach, Im hoping I look good enough to you. Its cold outside. Not like winter but like a cool spring day. I wish I kept my hoodie because you didnt put a coat in the box and this dress is doing almost nothing to keep me warm. I feel very vulnerable. We hug and say hi and you are staring at me with a big smile. Normally a guy would say you look really nice Sara but you say wow Sara your ass looks amazing in that dress. It takes me a little by suprise. But I still like it.

You ask me why Im wereing my purse and I say I couldnt fit everything in the clutch. You tell me to give both to you. I do and you start going through my purse. You pull my wallet out and take my ID and put it in your pocket, drop everything else in your trunk and walk back over and open my door. I have NO idea whats going on but I get in. 

We drive to a really nice restraunt and you valet park your car. You get out and open my door for me, help me out. You open the door to the restraunt for me, and when we are seated you pull out my chair. Your being like the perfect gentleman but then every so often you make a comment thats so not gentlemanly like how sexy I look, how my ass looks, stuff like that.

The menu doesnt have any prices on it. I ask how is someone supposed to no what things cost if theres no price? And you explain that your menu has prices, because your a man. I order a yummy looking pasta dish and water. You order a steak and a greens salad with no dressing and drinks for us. You say Sara in the future remember I will order for you doll. Ill let it slide this time. Im like what do you mean youll let it slide but you just ignore my question and ask me something else. We talk and get to no each other.

The food comes and rite away you take the pasta I ordered and send it back, you put the salad in front of me and say the lady will just have this. You ordered me wine also. Im pissed because Im hungry and that looked good. Your just like Sara no girl of mine is getting fat. Enjoy your salad. 

Im like WTF? but you just switch topics again rite away like it never even happened. 

The bill comes, I say lets split it, and you smile and your like Sara, dont be silly, you cant afford this, even if you could how would you pay? and I remember you took my purse…

Even though Im thinking this isnt going all that great I get up to go to the ladies. Guys dont get this but as a girl when your all dolled up to the nines your way MORE self consious then if your just like in a hoodie and yoga pants. Its like you look nice but your always thinking do I still look as good as when I just finished getting ready and was like you look good Sara! So its like always on your mind. How do I look rite now… So I go primp my hair and fix my lips. 

We go outside and wait for your car. Its cold. Im freezing. RIte then I am sooo glad you didnt let me eat what I wanted. If I ate that I would have a food baby bump because this dress is so tight. I can see all the couples on dates staring at me. The guys checking me out, then looking at you and being super jealous and there dates just totally hating me. 

Again I feel super vulnerable. LIke Im on display. Your loving it though. Girls on dates are smiling at you because they want to show there boyfriends that the guy whos got me wants them. Im just a status symbol for you at that moment. When I relize this I get butterflys in my stomach again. You open my door and we head off to a club.

I figure out why you put my ID in your pocket when you show the door man but that doesnt explain why YOU have it not me. We go inside and youopen up a tab.

We dance for a while your hand exploring my body but mostly just resting on my ass keeping me close to you.

Eventually your all Sara I have a tab open, go get us another round, and you slap me on my ass sending me off to do what you tell me. 

After a while Im like I wish I still had my flip flops because my heels are killing me. These arent shoes someone designed for dancing. Sexy af but not real practical. I complain that my feet hurt and say why dont we sit down. You tell me that your tired of dancing and walk over to are booth. You sit but tell me to dance FOR you. I say no my feet hurt and you just shut me down. Your like Doll I dont care if your feet hurt. Your gonna dance for me. Then we will leave and go back to my place. Then you are going to suck my dick and if your a good girl Im going to fuck you. But get used to your feet hurting because even when your naked later the heels stay on. 

IM like wait what? Uh no. Even if I did want to sleep with you its not happeneing tonight. And you laugh and are like babe, if you want to leave theres the door. I dont no how you think your getting home though. Tell you what if you leave, Ill be sure to drop your purse in the nearest trash for you. But if you stay, you better be a good girl and do what I say or Im going to spank you until you cry later. Now be a doll and go fix yourself up. I want you to look perfect from now on. This doesnt work for me you look like you have been out all night. Im going to drink this drink then leave with or without you. 

And you slap my ass again and without even waiting for me to say anything you just turn away from me. 

I cant believe you would talk to me like that. I no that I dont have any money on me so I cant get a cab. I cant walk all the way to brooklyn in heels even a stripper thinks are to high. Even if I could its way to cold for me to just be in this dress. I dont have my phone so Im not calling a friend to help me and who the fuck remembers any ones number but there own? EVEN if I did get home I cant get in to my building or my apt because my keys are in your trunk with everything else. I also no that Im super turned on. Like Im wet. Like rite now Im thinking your the man thats finally being how men should be. Your telling me not asking me. Ya your giving me a choice. Your letting me no what YOU want and letting me choose it. I could leave and ya it would be hard. I wont die. It would be embarsing. Id have to go to the police and have them drive me to a friends. Your not taking me by force. Your showing me my options

This is whats going through my mind as Im in front of the mirror in the ladies at the club, fixing my lips and making myself perfect for you as fast as I can so you dont leave without me.


A harsh slap hit her ass as red marks appeared on her ass, she loved being spanked by him. A vibrator was placed on her clit as it vibrated on her clit, he pressed the button the vibrations getting stronger.

No cumming yet baby not yet I want to see you beg to cum beg for it baby. He said in a deep raspy voice.

Kissing along her neck and sucking harshly he spankd her again harder.

You like that dont you baby you like it when I spank you like that.

He smirked and continued to spank her moans and whimpers getting louder.