no i dont understand either

I can’t believe those parents from that daddyofive channel are straight up blaming Phil for all the flack they’re getting???

Nobody is reacting the way they are to them because of what Phil said. He didn’t have to say anything, the clips from their own channel spoke for themselves. All Phil did was see kids potentially in danger and blew the whistle on it. What kind of person would he be to look away from children in need?

They’re claiming the videos are fake, which I don’t buy, but even if they faked the videos, I don’t understand what kind of reaction they expected? How do you put up videos of you yelling at, cussing at, and man handling your kids and not expect someone to try to jump in and defend those kids? It’s already fucking wild to me that it went on so long before someone finally said something.

Fake or not, you sat there and filmed, edited, and posted these videos, not seeing anything wrong with the content, and that’s still a huge fucking problem. It was aggressive, abusive, disturbing, and not in the least bit funny. You can’t just be like “but they’re for entertainment!” and be absolved of everything. The fact that they think that’s entertainment in and of itself is concerning to me.

Whatever, I dunno, I just thinking blaming someone else for being genuinely scared for your children instead of stepping back and being able to understand what you did wrong is a cop out.

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What's the deal with Keith and the mothman? What even is a mothman?! This is so confusing for me, I'm trying to find the answer, but I'm just getting more and more confused! Please help

ahhh omg okay

so the fandom has this running joke/ headcanon that keith believes in cryptids (which mothman is)

it was a kinda a joke at first in shitposts/ crack when keith said mothman was his boyfriend, but it escalated and now theyre always being put in fanart and fics together…. its just kind of part of his fanon character that he loves mothman now i guess?

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What did I miss ? I went for like 3 hours and I'm back and everyone is fighting, everyone is pushing, there is nowhere to hide. I don't understand anymore. Can someone explain what happened?

im actually trying to figure out what happened myself

but basically there’s a discourse in the fandom about an artist demonising a mental illness and the artist herself being “homophobic and transphobic”

i honestly dont know anymore haha

//cough// please go to @staying–whelmed for asks about this, thanks

domestic kandreil (nothing says domestic like napping with ur 2 bfs and some kitties)

OKAY YES i finally Properly finished the aftg halloween gift exchange (deleted the post with just trad doodle!!) im only…………… a month late…….

so so so sorry and thank you SO much for patience!!!!

Kent Parson likes pineapple on this pizza, but only with ham(sometimes bacon) also he has to really really really be in the mood for it. tbh he doesn’t feel very strongly about it to participate in the discourse™. If it gets brought up he tends to keep his head down. he just doesn’t see what the big deal is either way. 

In fact him and Tater are dating for almost 2 years b4 Tater learns this lil fact about him. Tater believes this kinda thinking is, quite frankly ridiculous, because pineapple on pizza is some sort of North American propaganda and he is decidedly against fruit anywhere near his pizza. 

Tater tries chriping him about it but it just rolls right off of Kent, because Kent honestly does not see the point. Don’t like pineapple on pizza? Fine he likes pepperoni mushroom and cheese just as much. (Or really anything, except for egg, he just does not understand egg on pizza.) So Tater drops it and keeps Kenny’s secret. But Tater still looks on in disgust whenever Kenny get the craving for Hawaiian and orders a pie 

look. u can say i’m being unrealistic or too hopeful or tell me i’m just in denial of the truth when i say macdennis is and could be an explicit thing, but. the facts are these: on the two occasions that mac has come out and accepted himself as a gay man, this has been immediately followed by acknowledgement and acceptance of his feelings for dennis specifically.

mac went from being in the closet to embracing gay stereotypes and fantasising about living with dennis in a matter of hours. mac came out again, and literally one episode later he was having “erotic nightmares” where dennis seduced him, and in the episode after THAT, mac got dennis a present for valentine’s day.

it’s not a coincidence that after accepting his sexuality, mac is more open about his love and attraction for dennis. it’s not a one off thing where dennis is there and happens to be the object of mac’s affections. mac’s love for dennis is consistently highlighted, and as much as i might be another hopeful queer who just wants mac and dennis to be together, that doesn’t change the facts about mac’s character, or the way his feelings for dennis in a romantic and even sexual capacity are made known to us.

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Can I ask why u think shipping Keith and Shiro is okay? I dont really care either way but I'd like to understand your logic?

well i ship them bc of their chemistry–i like how their relationship is in the show, there’s a lot of reasons but tbh i shipped them when i first saw how keith looked at shiro in ep1. i knew that i was gonna fall hard for these two. tbh there’s nothing wrong with keith and shiro’s relationship, there has been nothing wrong. all that it’s been in the show is trust and mutual friendship.

original candidates for gangsey’s 6th member

j. kavinsky

  • pros: drugs, will improve squad’s street cred and increase net number of dick pics circulated
  • cons: literally everything else, also dead

t. carruthers

  •  pros: even more pretentious than gansey & will shift locus of taunting away from him
  • cons: fears ronan too much to join his squad

r. malory

  • pros: potential father figure for squad with overwhelming amount of daddy issues, accent, pigeon knowledge, Dog
  • cons: this squad’s near-death quota is already fulfilled

h. gansey

  • pros: a….female friend….for blue sargent……
  • cons: too frank about possibility gansey and adam are screwing, could disrupt delicate pH of masculine friendship to disastrous effect

h. cheng (WINNER)

  • pros: nickname king, group chat king, inter-squad ambassador, understands pop culture
  • cons: ????

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are you going to use a desktop to try and get tickets or do you think the app works better?

i don’t know i dot’n kwon

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hello ! i hope you don't mind me asking : where did you download the 90:2014 eps ? :))

i just discovered this site too just today!! a real life saver!! here is the glorious link baby xx i hope the heavens bless whoever uploaded them i’m ashdsjfncbsdjhvdfn ;; IT ALSO HAS SHOWTIME EPS???? I HAVENT CHECKED THEM YET BUT YAAAS????