no i dont think


drew these EXACTLY a month ago…. (26th march) didnt upload them so i thought i might… cuz i suck today lol

Ignis is always calm, but I like the slight panic he gets when he lost his glasses during the black chocobo event.

Then I realized, what if he had a panic attack when he first gotten blind.
Shit why did I hurt myself.

a fun little story about my brain surgery 

the nurse lady told me that once she put this shit in my iv that I would start to get loopy and then they would cart me in. To be honest I usually have a really high tolerance to that kind of shit so I was like “pft yeah right” in my head. So, she put it in and wouldn’t ya guess it BAM I was loopy as fuck and my mother kept asking me “Do you feel it?” and I would just go “No.” 

It’s like 15 minutes in im HOT TO TROT….I seeing shit all over the place and thinking to myself but im trying REALLY hard not talk because im terrified of saying something stupid under the influence of something so I dont talk…..but the nurse comes back in. “We are going to take you in now” and they lay the bed flat and start moving me. My parents get up and start saying “we love you good luck” and I look straight at them as im almost out the door and I start singing……..loudly fucking Styx - Come Sail Away. “COME SAIL AWAY WITH MEEEE” and then im going into the surgery room. 

………the last thing I said to my parents was COME SAIL AWAY WITH ME IF I WOULD HAVE DIED THOSE WERE MY LAST WORDS. I remember being carted into the room thinking “damn those were the dumbest last words anyone could have said” 

So i remember playing bloodborne like a week after it came out, it was the first fromsoft game i had ever touched, but my sister had it and told me to come over and fuck around with it

and i was eating an entire container of reeses oreos so when it came to naming my hunter i panicked and named her Orelia, after the oreos