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Thing for prodegy-pines :3


(Some three years before present day)

● A smiling, chubby man leads a tour group through the woods. He stops, bringing the swarm behind him to a standstill. The man turns around to look at his group, as he gestures to a statue sitting next to him

“Here, in the small town of Gravity Falls, lies the statue of what once terrorized the citizens, ready to destroy the entire planet for his own selfish needs. Ready to destroy all of time and reality, even. The anomoly was known as Weirdmageddon to the tyrant who started it, but anyone who knew what was happening would have called it the tempus abruptionis, or the “Rift in Time” yet who’s being technical. I don’t even know why it’s called that, the guy who knew stuff told me this. The important thing is, the one who opened this rift up to reak havoc, ended up dying. Or, I can’t say he died, because he’s here. You see the statue, here? Yes yes, it’s cracking. A full three years of weather and kids climbing all over it, it will break soon. The entity inside will break out and maybe wreak havoc once again, maybe decieve more as he has done countless times before. Maybe our demise is closer than we think…“

● He says with a spooky voice but then smiles brightly at the children who seem to be cowering behind their respective parents.

“Pretty mysterious, right? What else could you expect from Gravity Falls, home of the Mystery Shack?”

● He asks them, then ushers them along down the path. Behind them, seen by nobody, the statue seems to be falling apart much more quickly, and suddenly this big-ass light flashes out of it and into the woods…

(Present Day)

♤ William Rephic stands in front of his mirror, staring at himself once again as if he cannot believe he exists for some reason. He’s been doing this for the past three years, ever since he apparently awoke from a coma according to the humans who were taking care of him at the time. So he had just smiled and nodded, not saying a word. The demon had been busy wondering what was going on at the time but now, in the present, is not the time to be pondering his coma and gaping hole in his mind, now was the time to be going to work. Bill picks up his hat and places it on his head, it’s a black and white trucker cap with the words “Mystery Shack” scrawled on the face of it. The demon leaves his home, and sets off for the mystery shack. When he gets there, he grins widely at Soos, the owner of the Tourist Trap, as he walks through the entrance.

“Hey, boss, aren’t your pals from a few years ago when I wasn’t here coming soon?”

♤ He asks. For some reason, the twins he had heard so much about had not come to town for the three years he had been working in Gravity Falls, but now they were finally coming. Today. The man replies;

“Yeah, they should be here any min-ah!”