no i dont have the link


I know A LOT of you wanted this book and its on sale on amazon for $16.96! I dont know when this ends but its a steal! I think every Zelda fan should have this book its so amazing. I highly recommend it! 

Here is the link —> Hyrule Historia

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hey would u mind posting the link to the article from the most recent haunted laptop post?


for future reference tho, i dont tend to answer questions like these bc you can just google the title or a phrase from the title and that will pull up the right result 99% of the time, unless its a very vague nonspecific title (which this isnt)

i rarely have the links to things on hand, so for questions like these youre Usually just as capable of finding it as i am

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im honoured u think of me that highly but dude even i dont know where it is, that anon just disappeared into the ether

Hey id really appreciate if you guys could reblog my donation link for my rabbit.
I hate asking for help and i wouldnt if it were just for me but its not and i want to get him the help asap and i dont really have other options.
Thank you in advance!

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link some blogz like urs pls

oh hey iiiiii don’t have a blog roll and i’m about to leave some people out im sure but !!! @blackamydunne @jakeg @moonqueenmaia @luscifers @wlwbeyonce @wlwcaucasian @halleycomets @hailthehelpful UHHHH like that’s jus the top of my head, pal !!! also listen idk who u are but if u happen to be white and sensitive do not follow any of them cause u gon get ur feelings hurt and then send anon hate + if u can’t think critically do not follow these people god !!!!! anyway those are some nice people so be good with this info

I am in berlin

Shit went wrong with the rooms and i freaked out bc i was almost not put in a room with nathan but some of my teachers know abt my autism and that i have to be with him in one room or else i wont last for 5 days

They were very understanding now we are rooming together with 2 other ppl

Also yes i have been informed that my skype is sending weird links. Happened today apparently and since im in berlin i cant rlly do anything about it atm

Just dont click any weird links my skype sends u

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Hey so! Im kind of immediately interested in the pesterchum thing! But I'm a little lost, where do I make the account for it?

If you’re looking at the link to Pesterchum-Discord, you need to have Discord, which you can find here. This isn’t an all in one discord client, you should use it with the regular client for full use, but it comes with a few things that make RP easier / better.
(Otherwise if you’re looking at my Pesterchum (Not Pesterchum-Discord), you just click the switch menu to choose a username, and since its just IRC you dont need to register)


please watch officially if you can!!! i understand in some situations you legitimately Cannot (i mean hey i’m not american and dont live there and also am a student without a tv license or anything to provide channels) but if you’re able to provide official views, please do!!! 

link to the tweet