no i dont ever feel like coloring anything

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what would be mochi's (did i spell that right?) warrior name and life be like?

fkldklfd GOD well

her name would be newtflower???? newtflower or newtfang or somethin bc of her tabico colors / she definitely did have kittens in the past [we adopted her at four years old and she had previously been a feral cat; her belly hangs really low and its p obvious she had kittens before, we dont know how many litters tho]

so w/ that in mind, cus of how she is, i honestly feel like newtflower would fit her ??? but she definitely falls under the more,,, angry protective mother rather than a gentle and sweet one mkfdfdslf

shes probably the angriest and laziest warrior ever and she doesnt do anything, she likes cheese and sleeping all day and is just grumpy and super fucking lazy

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Conpletely off topic but I kind of want to dye my hair either black or blondish. It's brown now. And I know it's dumb cause it's just hair but I am kind of worried that I will hate it and waste my money for nothing but I also want to be brave and change. You are a beautiful woman and I wanted to know if you think it is worth it or not

awwwww wtf im blushing so much ahahah,, i mean i dont have much experience with hair dye (ive only ever once dyed my hair and it was one small strip that i bleached then dyed purple lmao) so i cant speak w any sort of expertise on this and what kind of impact it will have on your hair, but my feeling is that so long as youre not doing anything too crazy like bleaching or neon colors, there’s no real harm in dyeing it??? i think what ive learned from myself and so many of my friends is that u should just trust your instincts on what u want your hair to look like or be, and that even if it doesnt turn out quite how you wanted, you will kind of have that reassurance that you tried this thing that you always wanted to try and, at the end of the day, it’s just hair!!!! it grows back, dye fades and your natural color will always be there under it, and just in general the changes you make to your hair can basically always be reversed. so i say, given that it’s not too far out of your budget and you really have been wanting it,  GO FOR IT :) and don’t be afraid!!! im sure you’ll look gorgeous <3 

I am a dull flame
Without a purpose or a reason
But I am here
An empty vortex of longing

I’ll tell you
How I need you
But I only need something to consume
Or else I’ll burn out

At one time
You made me burn the brightest
I’ve ever burned before
But darling you didn’t even care
That it was you I was burning

I’ll turn you to ash
I’ll breathe heat and fire into you
Which you will welcome
You always mistook pain for a sign of life

And one day
When a gust of wind comes
It’ll scatter you everywhere
You, who was once whole
You, who didn’t have a clue
You, who was complete without me

Fragments of you like crisp dust
Blown in every direction
Till even you won’t remember
Where you once belonged

And it will be all my fault
I invited you into my flames
With the tinge of pretty colors like a sunset
But I won’t ever die out to nothing
Not really
Because I am a spark
And I will dwell forever here in my misery
Longing to consume and to grow
And to feel something in the pit of this anger and despair
But never to be anything more
Then a slightly stronger flame
With a slowly dimming light

—  I’m just a flame without a purpose