no i don't think they're dating

popular tumblr post: don’t date or be friends with people who [trait i have because of my personality disorder]

me: :-)

First-Meeting Sentence Starters
  • Several different scenarios that can be combined or modified for your pleasure:
  • "Uh, hi there."
  • "I was here first. Go to the back of the line!"
  • "Excuse me, is there any way you could let me go before you? I'm in a hurry."
  • "Service here is TERRIBLE today!"
  • "Is this seat taken?"
  • "Do you have a moment to talk?"
  • "Hi, listen, there's someone following me, and I'm paranoid so can you talk to me for a few minutes to make it look like I'm not alone?"
  • "Here, take this and run with me. I'll explain later!"
  • "Do you have some cash? This vending machine just ate the last of mine..."
  • "Hey, were you going to use this machine next? It gave me a free bag of chips, and I don't need to eat that many!"
  • "Do you work here?"
  • "Look, I'm not an employee, but the ____ are right over there."
  • "Hey, is this yours? It was by your feet."
  • "Are you from ____ or ____?"
  • "Hello, ____."
  • "I swear I've seen you on TV."
  • "Yes, I'm ____, and I can take a picture with you if you want."
  • "Oh my gosh, can I pet your dog?!"
  • "Sorry, there was a hair hanging off of your sleeve, and it was bothering me."
  • "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to walk into you!"
  • "Wait a minute! I think they mixed up our orders."
  • "Ugh, this isn't my food. Did anyone here order a ____?"
  • "You look so cold. Do you want to borrow my jacket?"
  • "H-Hey, I'm freezing. Is there any way I can s-stand close to you and maybe get warmer?"
  • "You poor thing, you look like you're cooking! Here, take a bottle of water."
  • "It's so hot I think I might pass out. Can you help me?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Oh, good, you're awake. What happened to you?"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "Get in! You're in danger!"
  • "Please, let me ride with you. There's someone after me!"
  • "Grab the spare helmet and jump on."
  • "Are you playing ____?"
  • "Hey, do you want to trade friend codes?"
  • "Hi, my date just stood me up, so now I have a free ticket."
  • "I'd love to take that free spot as long as you don't mind sitting next to me."
  • "Have you seen a lost child around here?"
  • "I found this child, and by the look on your face, I think they're yours."
  • "That coat isn't real fur, is it?"
  • "If you can't tell the difference between real animal pelt and fake, you shouldn't be harassing people on the street."
  • "Are we locked in here?"
  • "Can I use your phone?"
  • "Here, take my phone. No questions asked."
  • "What's cookin' good lookin'?"
  • "If you're trying to flirt with me, you may want to try again."

I love that the majority of us, when we see our fave player’s wife or girlfriend, immediately think “Wow you’re so gorgeous??? What are you doing with this loser??? You could do so much better than this fridge on knife shoes”


“What do you think that cloud looks like? It kind of looks like a tomato to me.”

“I think it looks like a shoe.”

“….Okay, what about that one?”

“…Another shoe.”

“Are you looking at the same cloud?”

“No, they all just kind of look like shoes to me.”

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I feel like, while most people at EU either have a healthy fear and respect for the Gentry or don't last, there are a few that are connected, jaded, or lucky enough that they're just like, 'oh yeah, that's Steve, I mean obviously that's not his name but I call him that, we made out at a party once and he's a pretty good kisser. He's been leaving me gifts and I think we might be dating? Wild right. Yesterday by the lake this kelpie tried to convince me to ride and I just dabbed at it and left.'

100% cannon

“oh yeah you know Jimothy, right, i don’t know why it calls itself that either, the one that’s like…a horse-sized skeletal humanoid on all fours with fuckin’ Vantablack skin? well haha it turns out ol Jimothy just goes nuts for those plastic jewel beads everyone had has a kid, i bought a set for my baby cousin and it paid me three teeth for them? yeah ok you’ve seen it too, right, good, well that’s why it’s wearing like eight shitty necklaces now and i think it tries to do finger guns at me whenever we see each other? like that’s the general vibe i get although its hands are, you know. weird”


she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco

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What if both Lena and Kara think their already dating but nobody else knows because they're both like "well they haven't mentioned going public and I don't want to push" and they're just both thinking that their girlfriend is shy about kissing so they never do more than hold hands.

*grabby hands*

Okay but also

What if everyone thinks they’re dating except Kara and Lena? People keep giving them supportive comments and saying things like how proud they are and they’re just ?????

People ask them if they wanna enter a charity raffle and they win a couples massage and of course they go together.

They have tooth brushes and drawers at each others places. If you can’t find them at one apartment, they’re probably at the other and everyone knows this.

When they finally get together, they tell everyone but everyone thinks they’re announcing their engagement.

Luke and Han the first time they're alone after rotj
  • luke:
  • han:
  • luke: so you're dating my sister now
  • han: Luke listen there was
  • luke: no it's fine!!!!! Listen. It's fine.
  • Han: i mean you were away for so long and you know Leia and I got really close on
  • Luke: it's. fine. I'm happy for you two like it's fine
  • han: are you SURE
  • luke: YUP!!
  • Han: and you don't think I strung you along or
  • luke: ahahaha listen Han you're not that irresistible like I've been over it for a while
  • Han: oh.
  • luke: yeah
  • Han: ok. Well, um, I need to, pee but I'm glad we talked
  • (Han passes Lando on the way out)
  • luke: han's a fucking bitch
  • lando: WOW RT

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hey i'm new to this whole yoonmin thing but i ship them so hard and i just wanna know if you think they're really dating or if they're still in the will they won't they phase. because watching their old interactions things feel a lot different now, like something changed between them?? i don't wanna get too hopeful. so if you think they're together when do you think they started dating? cause it feels like a recent development

I think during the I need u era (april - june 2015) was when they both realized they had feelings for each other. like when they were on the kota kinabalu trip it just seemed like a lot of things happened between them. and then from june until early october of that year they were still trying to figure things out between them and wondering how they could make things work. 

why do I think it took them 5 months to figure things out? that summer they went on the bts live trilogy tour and they were literally always busy (plus when they got back they filmed the prologue video and were preparing for hyyh pt. 2) so i think they spent a lot of that time trying to spend as much time as they could with each other but also really focusing on their jobs. 

I think they officially started dating around jimins birthday (october 13th) in 2015 and have been ever since ! 

recently though it’s felt like the feelings between them have gotten a lot more calm, soft, and real. and we found out in mid-october that yoongi and jimin went to yoongis parents house in daegu for chuseok and ever since then yoongi has seemed so much more happy, relaxed, calm, and really confident almost

so I think the idea of his parents meeting jimin as his bf for the first time and then accepting the relationship was a really impactful thing for yoongi and he felt like he didn’t have anything to worry about anymore. my close best friend jan'e wrote this really nice thing that put his change into words perfectly

sorry this isn’t more detailed and its kind of a rough interpretation but i feel like based on all the things i’ve seen, this is the ‘most accurate’ timeline

anyways welcome to ym :’)

Imagine your OTP - double date & oysters
  • Maggie: I don't know, Luthor... I think she's kind of...
  • Lena: I'm telling you, she's totally gonna...
  • Alex: *full mouth* What?!
  • Kara: ohnomnomnomnomnomnomnom *happy chipmunk cheeks*
  • Maggie: Sooooo Danvers, you're like to spit or swallow?
  • * danvers's sisters didn't see it coming *
  • Alex: *looks at the plate* *spit out*
  • Kara: *large gulp of surprise*
  • Maggie: I mean the oysters you're eating!
  • Lena: Told ya... *sipping her wine*
  • Maggie: *hands 20 bucks to Lena* Dammit...
  • <p> <b></b> Sebastian should be introduced like this.<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> Hello,boys! Pleasure to see you again.<p/><b>John:</b> Wish I could say the same.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Get on with it.<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> Patience is a virtue,honey. Anyway,this is Sebastian Moran,my partner in crime.<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> *raises an eyebrow*<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> *smiles* Among other things.<p/></p>
  • Me on a date: so what do you think about my OTP?
  • Date: Ew! Why would you ship them? They won't become canon anyway. I'm my opinion, you can't ship them. They're-
  • Me (grabs purse): you know what? You can keep the bread sticks. Shove them up your ass why don't you?
  • *at his therapist's office*
  • john: so sherlock started dating this girl who was my wife's maid of honor.
  • ella: yes? is that it?
  • john: well, i think they're a horrible couple.
  • ella: why is that?
  • john: because they just don't care about each other the way a couple should.
  • ella: how should a couple care about each other?
  • john: ugh i don't know, all i needed to say is that they don't belong together and they're as bad of a pairing as me and mary.
  • ella:
  • john:
  • ella:
  • john: oh my god did i just say that out loud?

It makes me very uncomfortable to see people shipping Pike and Scanlan so hard especially after Scanlan’s return. Pike has always been uncomfortable with his flirtations even when she rolls with it and tries to be funny. I mean, this is a woman who fought in the nude no sweat, talks about going to brothels casually; she isn’t one to be uncomfortable, and Scanlan made her so. His apologizing for objectifying and harassing her was a pivotal moment in their friendship, and to see people reducing the seriousness of Pike’s feelings of betrayal after his leaving with “omg they just need to kiss and make up!!!” disturbs me, as a woman, in ways I could probably articulate but am too tired to at the moment.
It also does Scanlan a disservice in his character growth as he moves beyond his unhealthy infatuation with Pike. Yeah, he might always going to flirt with her because that’s who he is, but it won’t be exclusive and it will be much lighter. I hope both Ashley and Pike don’t ever feel pressured into dating Scanlan for whatever reasons. I think they could be great friends, but that frankly creepy chapter of the gnomes’ lives is hopefully behind them.

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Do you have any idea why this fake shit is still going on since Louis signed w/ Syco? I thought they would end it as soon as they can but seems like they are going just to continue it. So what's the point of the whole new contract deal? Or they made him to sign with them? I'm seeing so many theories on my dash and they're all angsty af. I really just. Don't want to be pessimistic but it's hard.

If all you’re seeing is pessimistic and angsty theories on your dash you should probably start following some new people and I’m not even sorry for saying that. It’s good to have a variety.

I mean what I think is important to remember is:

1. Promo…actually hasn’t started. I feel like some people have forgotten this but…he hasn’t put out his single. We don’t even have a release date. 

2. A negative thing happening does not mean only negative things are coming from now on (and vice versa for that matter). Making theories using that as a base measure is illogical. 

3. Everything is fake and the rules don’t matter. Stunt tweet today? They could end it in a week and it wouldn’t even matter or have to make sense. Sometimes things happen in a rush all at once. Sometimes they don’t and they happen in a trickle. 

4. No one knows shit about what’s happening next stunt wise. If you’re more negative you aren’t more right. That isn’t how it works no matter how some people believe. That doesn’t mean I’m more right either. You have to wait and watch and see.

5.  You think they should end it this and this way? You think they should have ended it the minute he signed? Well you aren’t in charge. Things will happen when they happen.

6. This isn’t your life. Of course you’re going to care, but if you can’t come online without being negative and upset 100% of the time…are you really enjoying yourself? Take a step back if you have to. It’s okay. 

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I like to think that Tsukki and Yams have been dating for years. Like, they got together in middle school and that's why you dont see them all nervous around eachother- b/c they've been dating for so long and have been friends even longer. They dont hide it, but they don't go out of their way to show everyone. They're just at that level of comfortableness and security that they dont need to hang out all the time or constantly prove that they love each other

They’ve always fit quite well together indeed.

- mod ri

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I'm just curious though and i hope u answer this. Why are still hopeful of camren and think that they are dating on the low? Like i don't think its that simple for u like theres a deeper reason as to why u still believe they're together and i really wanna know please? 🙏 😊

Do I need a deeper reason than just wanting them to be happy? 😊  Tbh I have no idea if they’re together right now, but I’m not losing hope because I know that we barely see anything and that most of the things we do see are often manufactured. So they could be together or they could not be together but because I’m still and will always be a delusional CS, I choose to believe that their love is still alive even if we don’t get to witness it anymore. And like I said before, I don’t need them to be together to ship them and be grateful for what we did witness in the past - that’s why making the down memory lane posts still makes happy, because those moments and those memories will always be there no matter what happens from now on, and that’s why Camren will always be real to me. 

Polyamory sentence starters
  • You know I love you, right? Because... I think I'm attracted to someone else.
  • My wife/husband and I want you to be our boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Have you ever tried dating two people at once before?
  • Wait a minute, so the both of you want me?
  • I'm so confused, I don't understand it. I want you, but I want them, too.
  • Are you sure they're not going to get jealous over us being together?
  • Wait, so how does this work? Are you just going to share me?
  • If I wanted to try kissing both of you, could I?
  • I don't want to get between the two of you, but I love you. Both of you.
  • Remember that guy/girl from work I was telling you about? I want to invite them to join us.
  • I can't sleep without both of you there.
  • It's not cheating if we have permission to be together.
  • Wait, is this a date? Did the two of you invite me out on a date?
  • We were wondering if you'd like to come home with us. Both of us.
  • We don't have the usual sort of relationship, we're open to inviting others.
  • I'm not sure who's eyefucked me more tonight, you or your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • I've never known of three people making it work before, but I want to try.
the signs when they're crushing
  • check venus sign, rising sign, and lilith moon.
  • Taurus: *lowkey stalks*
  • Gemini: obviously stalks and sends asks 24/7, mostly on anon
  • Cancer: admires from afar and stays friends
  • Leo: tells all of their friends and talks to their crush. sends a lot of snapchats.
  • Virgo: they don't crush on many people, but when they do, they let them know
  • Libra: thinks about them all the time and wonders what their crush thinks of them, etc.
  • Scorpio: even better stalker than taurus. swiftly glides through their crushes' instagram page and doesn't screw up. go scorpio
  • Sagittarius: lmao they told their crush. they're dating now.
  • Capricorn: is obsessing over their crush and talking about them to friends and scREAMING ABOUT THEM AND GETTING MORE EXCITED "OMG WHAT IF THEY LIKE ME OH GOD HELP"
  • Aquarius: very good at hiding their feelings. wants to tell their crush but is slightly unsure.
  • Pisces: thinks about scenarios that could happen with their crush and sometimes gets emotional about it. wants to tell their crush they like them but is worried they'll turn them down and pisces will be alone.