no i don't ship winchesters


“I’m your real family… and I know you know it.” 

{{ What does Lucifer care about? Love. Family. Home. }}

i’ll stop shipping destiel the instant those two assholes stop gazing desperately at each other with huge, sappy heart-eyes like they’re each seeing everything they’ve ever wanted and longed for in their stupid ass lives

Some times I wonder.
What if Destiel can be explained with this scene of community. 

But then I remember Destiel started like this:
Dean asking for “Personal Space”

To: I will pin you against the wall because you stole my favorite gun underneath my pillow after “you played me”

And then I forget what I was thinking…
And… why did I made this post?
(At least I made someone smile ☺)

Supernatural writers: We don’t want you to get your hopes up with destiel, we don’t write them llike that.

Supernatural writers also:

“You have me confused with the other angel, the one in the trench coat who is in love with you”

“Ask him, he was your boyfriend first.”

“He’s in love… (long ass pause) with humanity.”

“We need you… I need you.”

“I rebeled and I did it, all of it, for you.”

“Dean and I do share a more profound bond.”

“Sorry but I rather have you, cursed or not.”

“I always come when you call.”

“Wheres the angel?!”

“I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead from them, to keep them away from you.”

“I’m not leaving without you.”

“I did everything to get you out, everything. I did not leave you.”

“Caaaas!!” -Dean every 5 minutes on season 11

Do I  need to keep going?

Destiel headcanon

I have this headcanon in which cas head the song green eyes by coldplay and humms and party sings it unconsciously when he thinks he is alone but almost every time sam catches him but doesn’t say anything BUT HE KNOWS ITS ABOUT DEAN SAM ALWAYS KNOWS HES LIKE A MOM THAT KNOWS EVERYTHING READ THE LYRICS

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I don’t think this is that show, honestly. Neither of them is looking for love, let’s put it that way. Sam has been in love multiple times, and Dean has had his own relationships… There was a time when Sam and Dean, and particularly Sam at one point, thought they could have a normal life and walk away from the fight. I don’t think either of our guys look at it that way anymore. They know they’re going to fight until they can’t fight anymore, either until they win or they die. When you’re committed to that fight, the idea of bringing someone into that and being like, ‘Hey, let’s get married’ [doesn’t compute]. I’m not sure either of our guys is really looking for that at this point in time.

Andrew Dabb, as quoted by tvline, regarding whether or not Sam and/or Dean will have a love interest in s13

I’m intrigued by the distinction here: Sam’s been in love and Dean’s had his relationships. The other thing that strikes me is the reminder that Sam and Dean are going to fight until they win or until they die. More and more, I have been thinking it’s all gonna end bloody so this tilts me even further in that direction. 


Favorite Destiel Moment

Road Trip

SPN 09X10

I believe, this scene doesn’t need any explanation.

This two were very much into each other, and didn’t care that Crowley was there mocking because of Sam.

Why is that this intense looks (eye fucking) and signature Destiel’s meetings occur because of Sam?

And all the very married old couple, we are fighting but we still love each other scenes , happens when Sam is there in the middle? That I suppose, it’s a mystery of life, a constant reminder of the Orobus conundrum.

Sam seems to be the gravitational point of Destiel, even in Fan fiction.

Let’s enjoy a Classic Destiel´s moment, while this deep thoughts sink in our minds.