no i don't see them as jace & clary anymore

anonymous asked:

i hope all these theories about alec getting hurt are just nonsense because tbqh i am sick and tired of this show's love for both physically and mentally torturing it's lgbt characters more than any of the other characters! they've done that enough and it's time they stop .. like let clary and jace suffer more i don't give a shit ablut them anyways but stop piling all this pain onto malec it's not fun anymore and makes me feel uncomfortable to see the characters i identify with suffer so much

I feel you, Anon. Like, don’t get me wrong I am all here for the good angst™ but this whole getting physically tortured and suffering is getting a bit old after s2. Especially when it comes to Alec who slightly turned into a running joke…. like…. the number of times Alec was lying on the floor, show please. smh 

Then again, we all know that Edom is coming and I am psyched ngl. Although we also know that we will be suffering when seeing the angst and hurt. But I just wish that people would tone it down a notch at this point. We honestly have no idea how and if Edom might play into 3a and just reading all these depressed and sad theories of f.e. Magnus getting dragged into Edom, Asmodeus torturing Alec and what not… honestly can you not?? I am tired already. Like I already know how much “fun” this will all be when everybody freaks out when it actually happens. I don’t need this now when there is literally no reason for any of.