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Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x The Payload. ;) Hope you like it as much as I do <3

No, I don’t like it.  I love it. 


George Bush trying to put on a rain Mac was the only part of the Inauguration worth watching

seventeen aka kings of remixes


I just lost my pen ?? Like the one I use to draw on the tablet

My cat just threw it out of the window ?? juste like that ?? And I can’t have it back ?


Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime

i was tagged by the super snazzy @wjsm​!! 

5 things

Things you’ll find in my bag
-at least 20 pens (i’ve counted) 
-only like 2 pencils
-currently i think there’s some sunflower seeds in it
-those tiny tissue packs bc i’m a mom
-two flash drives which i forget i have

Things you’ll find in my bedroom
-no less than 5 blankets
-also no less than 4 mugs
-three happiness jars
-old artwork from high school
-like 30 notebooks bc i have a problem

Things I want to do in life
-go to japan!! 
-see lion king on broadway
-go back to new orleans
-get a chinchilla
-sit in one of those really big bean bag chairs i’m talking the super massive ones you know not like your average size ones but the gigantic ones

Things i’m currently into
-one ok rock
-grilled cheese
-fresh air that stuff’s nice
-basic human rights
-lame jokes

Things on my to do list
-apply for a job whoops
-talk to my old boss to be a reference for said job
-study japanese 

Things you may not know about me
-in first grade i played santa claus in the christmas play because i was sick the day they chose parts
-one of my many talents includes ripping papers directly in half
-i used to make my sister and i go onto that multiplayer option on the solitaire app to match up with each other and play solitaire (and by used to i mean i did this like a year ago)
-once i almost came out to my parents by making a joke about how i’m not straight over the phone
-i’m really blind like i wear like -5.75/-5.50 for contacts (which is BAD if you don’t know anything about blindness) and my glasses are the compacted lenses bc they’re so thick

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