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Jealous Dex!

Jealous Dex!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the prompt, enjoy! :-) xxxx


If you asked him, Dex would say he didn’t get jealous. He would insist he’d never been bitten by the green-eyed monster.

He would be lying.

Because Dex got jealous very easily. Since he was a kid, he would get jealous of other kids. He would be jealous if someone had a toy he didn’t have. He would be jealous if one of his siblings got a treat and he didn’t. He would get jealous of the popular kids in school, the ones who spent free time just hanging out, doing nothing, while he worked. He was jealous of his classmates who got new cars and huge parties for their Sweet Sixteenths, while he got a cake at home and his dad saying it was good to have someone else old enough to drive in the family, because now he could help more. He was jealous of his neighbours, who always seemed to have more than his family, and looked at him and his siblings with pity.

So Dex gets jealous.

And he is bad at dealing with jealousy.

As a kid he’d thrown tantrums. Screamed and kicked and yelled in the hope of getting the new toys his friends had. It only resulted in upsetting his parents, so he stopped.

As a teen, he’d channelled his jealousy and anger into hockey, and he wasn’t ashamed to admit it had got him in a lot of fights over time. But it helped.

He did his best to prove his neighbours wrong, and to be just as good as them, if not better. He made sure his younger siblings didn’t wear hand-me-down clothes, he did his best to buy them toys, and he went away to college. His jealousy and annoyance fuelled him.

Right now, he was jealous. And angry. He wasn’t sure when those two feelings started going together, but they did, and they made him act rashly sometimes.

Like now.

When he saw Nursey, his boyfriend, with some guy. Some guy who was giving Nursey heart eyes, and laughing at his jokes - Nursey wasn’t even funny!! - and touching his arm softly. Some guy who was hot as all hell, and who clearly liked Nursey.

So without really thinking, Dex walked over to their table, trying to appear calm, collected, and chill.

“Hey guys” he said, greeting everyone at the table. They said “hi” back, before returning to their lunches.

“Hey babe” Dex said, before leaning down to a surprised Nursey, and kissing him roughly. He wrapped his arms around Nursey, and pulled him up closer, deepening the kiss. He pulled away a minute later, when he really couldn’t breathe, and smiled at Nursey.

“I gotta go to my dorm” he said, smiling as Nursey’s eyes widened in understanding. “Coming?”

Nursey nodded, and followed Dex back to his dorm. He’d never had Dex down as the jealous type, but if Dex seeing him with Andrew got this reaction, imagine if he saw him with Jeff sometime!

  • everyone: WOW, you are sooo tall!
  • me: ha yeah i know.
  • everyone: HOW TALL ARE YOU?
  • me: like 5'11 ..
  • everyone: you are so tall though.
  • me: i get that a lot *trying to not be mean*
  • everyone: do you play basketball!?
  • me: uhm, no i don't.
  • everyone: you are so lucky you are tall, you could be a model.
  • me: lol uh no
  • everyone: *awkwardly staring* wow, you are so tall.
  • welcome to the life of a tall girl.

Imagine Ciel and Sebastian playing basketball in the playground behind their apartment, while Sebastian was trying to throw the ball he hit Ciel in the face with it and his nose started bleeding. Sebastian suddenly starts freaking out once he sees the blood and runs, with Ciel in his arms, towards the hospital while Ciel was yelling at him to calm down and he’s not really hurt much. When they reach the hospital, they do some simple first aids and tell Ciel that he should just lie somewhere and take a little rest. When they get back home, Sebastian kept apologizing while squeezing the life out of Ciel’s hand until Ciel pulled the older male towards him and shut him up with a kiss, when they pulled away Ciel mumbled that he’s fine and that Sebastian should stop freaking out. Sebastian just smiles and kisses Ciel’s small, hurt, nose before lying beside him on bed and bringing him closer towards his body while nuzzling his face in the younger male’s neck, showering it with innocent kisses every now and then.


You could say it ended up with some hot kinky sex, your pick!

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hi carrie! i was hoping you could help me find a fic- i think it was only on tumblr so i couldn't bookmark it! it was a sterek high school AU where they had been friends in middle school but derek moved and now he's back and plays basketball and there's lots of mutual pining. i don't think it was finished yet but i think i read part of it on your blog... ah sorry if this is too broad- thanks for trying!


  • The Return by petals42 [Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] “I like him just based off that story! Why aren’t we talking to him?” “Because,” Stiles said, breathing an internal sigh of relief when it was clear no one was in the bathroom they were now occupying. “Because back then, he was- uh-” Back then, Derek hadn’t hit his growth spurt even though he was two years older. He had been just as scrawny and awkward as Stiles and they’d bonded over Batman comics and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and-The Derek Hale that he had been hearing about all morning from Lydia and Danny, the Derek Hale that he’d seen from across the cafeteria, already sitting with the basketball jocks, the Derek Hale that was tall and muscular and managed to have five o’clock shadow even though it was only a little after one…this Derek Hale was not interested in reuniting with a still-skinny, still-pale, still-incapable Stiles Stilinski.

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Hey Ally! My name is Aaron and I have an embarrassing question because I don't want to seem like a dick. I played basketball in college and like to stay fit but a girl I've been seeing is not into exercise at all. Her parents discouraged her from playing sports and they raised her to eat poorly. What can I do to encourage her to lose weight beyond the "find an activity you both enjoy" thing. Thanks! If you respond, could you do so privately? I just don't even know how to bring this up to her.

you shouldnt have the audacity to think you should make a girl lose weight. the goal should be finding an activity you both enjoy, not making her lose weight. this girl deserves better than you, so yes, you are being a dick.