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Public Scandals

Imagine Request: There are sexual tensions between you and Dean in a bar one night after a guy you two are suspecting gives you a hungry look.

  • Warnings: SEXUAL; fingering in public. Cursing.
  • 896 words
  • Dean x Reader

“Calm down, Winchester.” You roll your eyes and take a sip of your martini. “He won’t be getting in these pants.”

Dean was steaming, glaring down one of the suspects of the murder case you two have been on all week. “I don’t like the way he’s been looking at you.”

You look over at him and his hardly touched beer. “Cool it. Let’s just go over there and talk to him. He’s the only one we haven’t questioned.”

“No. You aren’t gong near him.” Dean broke his stare to look down at you. His eyebrows were formed together and the corners of his mouth were turned down in distaste. “Not with those clothes on.”

“Then pretend we’re a thing.” You grow impatient with the silly man. It was clear that he was having problems with the attention you were getting from all these other men lately, but this was getting ridiculous. “Touch my knee or something.”

“He’s a guy, Y/N. He won’t care about that.”

You grab hold on his wrist and pull him closer to you. “Dean, we need to talk to him. Do something.”

“Shit…” Dean had moved his gaze back to the suspect. “He’s coming over.”

Without doing much thinking, you unzip your jeans and place Dean’s fingers just above the waistband. His fingertips drummed against your skin, making you squirm. You drag his fingers down until they’re on the inside of your jeans, making you almost glad you ran out of underwear that day.

Dean didn’t waste a beat. His fingers went to work like he knew exactly what you wanted, even when you didn’t entirely know yourself.

You had to bite your lip to keep any sounds hidden inside, biting it so hard you were sure it would start to bleed. Dean was a natural, and of course he was, he was Dean fucking Winchester. His touch was like magic, rubbing you until he was satisfied with your wet self, slipping two fingers in, then three.

You doubled over as he tried to get his fingers deeper, pumping in and out as fast as he could without causing too much of a scene. For a second, you forgotten you were in a bar, leaning against the counter where people were eating. All you could care about right now was how Dean’s cool hand felt.

“Shhh.” Dean whispers when you opened your mouth to let out a squeak.

The suspect was only a few feet away when he saw what was happening. Your eyes locked with his for a moment and you couldn’t care. His face became expressionless as he turns to walk back to his table with his friends.

There went your chance at questioning him, but that didn’t matter at the moment.

You expected Dean to stop. The job was done, he scared away the man that had been spotting you for hours now. However, Dean didn’t want to stop. You look up and see his face, how he was smirking triumphantly. His eyes travel down to you, then to his hand that was still moving inside your pants. He suddenly had this hungry look to his eyes, a need.

Dean swiftly moves in front of you, pinning you to the bar with his chest, leaving his pelvis inches from yours to give him room to move his fingers. His lips quivered and his eyes droop shut as a fourth finger moves inside you. You feel your knees shaking and you doubt you can stand much longer.

He removes his fingers for a split second, making you think he was finally done, but that wasn’t the case. He stuck three of them back inside, grunting along as he pumped them in and out.

You squirm under him, only making him move faster and adding another finger into the mix. You lift your leg off the ground and he holds it up with his free hand, giving him more room to move around inside.

“We have to go.” He mutters against your hair. You only just realize that he’s about to bust out of his own jeans. “Now.” He growls.

Dean grins at you. “Come on, babe. Once more.”

“We’re on a case! Shush.” You groan and cross your legs, trying to keep Dean out of your pants. It doesn’t exactly work, he tries to slip inside them anyway.

“I know how to make you squirm.” He smirks. “I want to try again.”

“I said no!” You shake your head but you don’t deny his hand slipping inside your jeans, playing with your lips. In fact, you slowly let your legs open again and sit back in the booth of the diner. “Dean,” you whine.

“No whining. No sounds, just enjoy.” Dean leans over and kisses just above your ear as his index and middle finger spread you and allow access to his thumb. He slides it inside, caressing the walls to get you wet, which he never had any problem doing.

You close your eyes and grab his wrist, letting it work. He sticks his fingers inside you, moving them around instead of moving them in and out. He’s playing with you, teasing you. He smirks as you jump a little as he moves them in deeper, sending a shiver down your spine.

He bites down on his lip to hide his excitement. This is his new favorite game.

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I'm going to give you a cute request so you don't have to deal with sadness while you're sick :* Overprotective sweet dorks (Gom, takao & kiyoshi-your bae-) freaking out over seeing their scared s/o (you can choose whatever scared them :o it can be a mix of serious & silly). Thank you senpai!

YES YES. THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF ME as I am currently wrapped like a burrito under my blankets. 

Aomine: You looked like you were about to cry - your face a sickly, pale white as you came out of the bathroom. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked, noticing how quickly your cheerful mood left you. You were borderline shaking, your hands were trembling by your side. He rushed up next to you to touch your shoulder delicately. “Babe?” he questioned again. “Dai, I’ve forgotten to take my pills,” you responded shakily. “What pills?” he asked nervously. Oh god. The last thing he had to know was that you were diagnosed with third-stage liver disease and you were going to die if you didn’t take your pills and… Your voice cut across his running imagination. “Birth control pills, oh my God Dai, and we just did it yesterday too. I’m going to be PREGNANT. IN COLLEGE. AN-” Now this time it was his chance to shut you up. “If you get pregnant, I’ll just take care of you, no big deal,” he said, rolling his eyes. He picked you up, bridal style, and headed back towards the comfortable couch. “Scared me shitless for a second there.” He paused, “Oh, and that weird tea you always drink? Your mom told me it helps with birth control.” 

Midorima: “Shin, I’m scared,” you whispered into his collar early that morning. It was the day of your law school exam, and this was the determining factor for your future. In the past week, you weren’t even able to swallow your food correctly, never mind study. You could only hope you were prepared enough. Midorima, however, didn’t help the situation by abruptly sitting up in bed, and throwing your head off his shoulder. “I’ll be right back,” he said, swinging his legs off the mattress and walking his way to his office, where you heard a bunch of objects being clattered around the floor. He returned with an armful of dream catchers and a stuffed turkey, which you presumed to be your lucky item. “Just fall back asleep, ____. These will help with nightmares,” he commanded. Annoyed, you threw the pillow you were sleeping at his face. You couldn’t believe he didn’t remember. Because he wasn’t wearing glasses, he couldn’t dodge the white, fluffy piece of mass. “SHINTAROU, I HAVE A TEST IN THREE HOURS. I CAN’T SLEEP.” 

Murasakibara: Atsushi was prepared to dig into the souffle you had made for him, but his purple eyes instantly perked at your nervous expression. You seemed, quite frankly, scared. “____-chin, you alright?” he asked. You only gulped and nodded nervously. Just as he was about to slice his fork into its surface, you stopped him with an intake of breath. “____-chin, you didn’t poison me, did you?” You shook your head fervently. Atsushi immediately appeared concerned. “What’s wrong? Your face is wrinkly because your eyebrows are creased together.” You closed your eyes, and confessed, “I think I accidentally used expired cheese in your souffle.” His purple eyes widened. “I JUST REMEMBERED IN THE CAR. I’m so sorry Atsu-” The boy simply spooned himself a large chunk of souffle. “It tastes fine,” he acknowledged, munching pieces between his teeth. Two hours later, his stomach wasn’t fine. 

Kise: “Why do you look so nervous, ____-cchi?” your boyfriend asked your awkwardly shifting frame. You were about to leave his modeling shoot, but the group of growing teen girls outside were making your nervous. In fact, some comments you overheard were particularly mean and downright nasty, aimed at you because you were Kise’s girlfriend. The worst ones were about egging your car or leaving threatening packages at your house, though, but you didn’t want to worry your boyfriend with that. “Nothing, haha. I’m just…a bit cold that’s all,” you said, bouncing on your heels to hide your nervousness. “Cold? You want my jacket? I don’t want you getting sick…” He followed your eyes towards the doorway and noticed the growing crowd. Something flashed behind those topaz eyes. “I don’t want you coughing or anything either,” he continued, wrapping his jacket around your frame and pulling you outside the door, his arm around your shoulders. “Last time, you got something particularly nasty and it stayed with you so long that I couldn’t even kiss you for a week!” You tried to shush him, but you couldn’t. He kept up the tone while taking you to your car, parting the crowd of people. “I won’t let anything happen to you, so if you ever need anything, just call me okay?” You nodded, and handed him back his jacket. “Bye _____-chi~!” 

Akashi: He noticed you stiffen visibly when you entered the elevator. As more people began to file in, your legs began to buckle. Immediately, before you could stumble to regain your balance, he swung you up in a bridal position, almost taking out an old lady’s head with your heels. “Excuse me, please exit out of the elevator. A person is in need of medical assistance.” When only a few shuffled out, Akashi, annoyed, began to bellow out. “Please exit out of the elevator. If you do not do as I say, you will all be pressed charges for not evacuating during an emergency.” At that statement, people began to file out quickly back into the concert hall. As soon as the air cleared around you, he noticed you regaining consciousness. “It’s just fucking claustrophobia, Sei,” you mumbled, trying to pull yourself together. 

Kuroko: You tried not to scream at the gruesome display in front of your neighbor’s house. It was dark, the night before Halloween, and as much as you expected that bloody hand to extend from out of the ground…you still screamed. Then, you heard the drop of something liquid right behind you. Turning around, you saw Kuroko’s vanilla milkshake on the ground. Your boyfriend’s eyes were wide open, staring at the thing on your neighbor’s lawn. “Wh-what is that, ___-chan?” Before you could respond, he took your hand and pulled you away. “Come on, let’s go,” he mumbled, leaving his poor milkshake behind. 

Takao: “I can’t believe you forgot the way to our car,” you muttered to your boyfriend, as you both continued walking down a shady street in the downtown district. In reality, this was not a safe place to be, especially for two teenagers when it was near midnight. The possibility of getting mugged was unnervingly likely. “I’m sorry,” he said, gripping your sweaty hand tighter. “I’m really sorry. I’m an idiot,” he mumbled, pushing a hand through his dark hair. You could tell he was starting to walk faster, eyes averting the homeless people on the sides of the street. “This way,” he whispered, maneuvering around a bus stop where a drugged old man sat. “Kazu,” you whispered urgently. “Kazu!” He shut his eyes a second longer and reopened them. “If we get mugged and hurt, it’ll be my fault. I know,” he said again. “Kazu, I just remembered I dropped a pin at our parking spot on my phone.” You saw him audibly breathe a sigh of relief. “Well…lead the way mad’am.” 

Kiyoshi: As soon as he heard your high-pitched shriek,he immediately dropped the game controller and rushed into the bathroom. You were on the floor, hair a dripping wet mess. “____, are you hurt?” He picked you up off the floor and onto your bed. His concerned, brown eyes skimmed over your body for any signs of injury. A second later, it focused on the growing bruise on your right kneecap. “Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?” he asked. You were visibly confused, blinking rapidly at his sudden statement. “Wait, what? Teppei?” Kiyoshi took this as a sign that you weren’t going to tell him what had led to your injury, so he just simply reached from under the bed, pulling out some medicinal oil and gauze. “You know, if you don’t bandage it and keep walking on an injured knee,” he continued, oblivious to your confused expression. “You’re going to get hurt even more.” “Teppei,” you managed to force out, after your brain fully registered what was happening. “Teppei, I screamed because there’s a spider in the bathroom, and if you don’t kill it…” Suddenly, his bright, brown eyes snapped towards you with understanding. “Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?” You rolled your eyes. Damn it, Teppei.