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Someone else on tumblr pointed out that PASSENGERS might have been a more meaningful movie if it was about just THE ONE person dealing with being alone on the ship for the rest of their life.  And if, to cope, they go through and make it a point to learn everything they can about all of the other people on the ship.

And I just keep thinking about this idea.

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I am reading the Rogue One novelization...

so far I feel most cheated by:

1. the fact that the movie didn’t articulate that Jyn’s change of heart comes from a dream she has of her mother telling her she is not just her father’s daughter

2. the fact that Bodhi lies about meeting Galen on the lunchline and I never find out the truth. Did their eyes meet across a crowded room and it was looooooove? Or did they meet at the secret underground gay club? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

3. the fact that there is no way for the movie to adequately demonstrate how hilariously into Jyn Cassian is against his will. Is he taking lessons from Mr. Darcy?? (I DON’T LIKE HER, I SHOULD KILL HER, WHY AM I SAVING HER, SHIT I DIDN’T MEAN TO SAVE HER AGAIN)

4. the fact that it was Cassian’s gun that Jyn “found”

5. the fact that there is a backstory about K-2SO volunteering to wipe his own memory in case Cassian needs there to be no witnesses to his shadiness. their love is pure and true.

6. Bodhi Rook….I want a whole goddamn movie about him.

7. Also the fact that the book keeps calling Baze and Chirrut “brothers” but also like obviously describes a situation in which these dudes are super married. They’re not a little married, they’re the equivalent of a diamond jubilee kind of married.

8. Also I need approximately 10000000000% more backstory for Baze and Chirrut. And their own movie. And a tv show.

9. I object STRONGLY to the repeated bullshit about the inside of Jyn’s mind being the cave. I get it. The cave was a big deal. Can we leave this image alone yet????

10. This book goes out of its way to find characters to kill off. And if you were holding out hope that the little girl Jyn saved somehow made it out of the city before it blew….nope. Let’s definitely linger on the small child dying. Let’s flesh out her home life a little bit first so that you, the reader, cannot in any way avoid crying.

I want to point out that there should be a huge trigger warning for rape/sexual assault for the last 20 minutes of A Cure For Wellness like it’s really disturbing and is honestly just gross so I just want to make it known for people who really have issues with that. Feel free to reblog and add other notes about the movie



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I keep dreaming about a black bunny named Kookie but I can’t keep pets in the room I’m renting so I decided to write something short instead ^^

Jimin heard his doorbell ring annoyingly for almost two minutes. He wanted to ignore it at first, he hated stopping movies in the middle but someone was persistent so he had no choice. He paused the movie and padded to the door. He opened them with a sigh and another one left his lips when there was no one actually standing there. His gaze dropped and he was surprised to find medium size cardboard box on the floor. There was no sticker with the adress on it, just holes for the air and “careful” written on top. Jimin couldn’t just leave it there so he picked it up and carried to him apartment. He put it down on the table and took a step back. Should he open it? Was it even for him? He couldn’t recall ordering anything and his friends wouldn’t make a surprise gift for him, none of them had enough money to spend it on gifts. Hard life of a student. Jimin took a deep breath. It won’t kill him to check. He carefully cut the tape on each side and opened the box. He was expecting everything, everything but a bunny. A black, fluffy bunny, with long ears and big, doe eyes staring at him. He somehow managed to avert his gaze and noticed a card. He picked it up and started reading. 

Hello new owner! 
This is Jungkook. 
He’s a bit shy, likes flavored milk and all kinds of fruits.
Please take a good care of him!

No signature. No name of the company. No nothing. Flavored milk? Since when bunnies like flavored milk? And fruits? This is hella weird. He put the card away and stared intensly at the small animal. He didn’t know what and why but something seemed different about it. Maybe his eyes…….he was watching Jimin a bit too humanly. And it was almost scary. 
Jimin had to think where the hell will the bunny sleep. He didn’t have a rabbit cage, duh, nor did he have other things to keep one, duh again.  
He took a basket Seokjin hyung once gave him  and put some blankets in it, making a temporary bed. He tried to pick up the bunny then but the animal kept running away from his hands. “Come on Jungkookie, I just want to get you out of this uncofortable box” he cooed, trying to convince the bunny. It surprisingly worked cuz he let himself be picked up and carried to the pile of blankets. “Stay here bunny, I have to go and get you something to eat the flavored milk” why the hell was he talking to a bunny? Who knows. 
Jimin quickly changed, grabbed his wallet and went out to the nearest grocery store. He bought a whole box of different flavored milks and shit tons of fruits and vegetables, hoping that Jungkook eats at least them as any other rabbit would do. He qiuckly walked back to his apartment, not wanting to leave the animal for too long. He was kinda scared Jungkook would eat his essay. Weird thing to be scared of but oh well, he worked on it way too long to get it destroyed. He put the milk in the fridge and the other things on the table and went to check on the bunny. Only there was no bunny where he left him. He looked around but there was no sight of him. “Jungkook?” he called, walking around the house and checking everywhere a bunny could hide. Cool, he lost it on the very first day. He walked back to the kitchen, sulking a bit, and he almost got a heart attack whe he entered the room. There was a boy standing in near the table. A naked boy with bunny tail and bunny ears, chewing on one of the strawberries Jimin just bought. WHAT THE FUCK?

Soo there might be a part 2, who knows. 
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“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

I watched Civil War yesterday again, and just like @marvelingjules I had a few thoughts, not only about inconcistency and time problems, but more in general.

The gas mask Crossbones is wearing over his face mask is doing nothing for him.

Tony said to Maria ‘You did your best’ which implies that she really wasn’t the best mother, but Tony is willing to accept that she did the best she could in a horrible situation.

Given the Thor short movie/trailer (which I treat as canon now, thank you Marvel) Tony knew the whole time where Bruce was, he just didn’t tell the team and more importantly he didn’t tell Ross.

I know there has been a lot of talk about this already, but there is no way Zemo actually drowned that guy in the water. No way. It was already overflowing before it really reached his nose.

Tony is taking painkillers for his headache.

Natasha tells Steve that Clint said he was retired (look how that worked out).

You want to tell me that T’Challa had no seat during the conference and had to stand at the window?

Why are there German police forces in Bucharest? Why are they suddenly in charge if the bombing happened in Vienna?

Bucky gained a lot of muscle mass since he was last seen. Did the metal arm grow with him? Because technically it should be a lot slimmer than the rest of his body.

Where did the Freeman!Ross get such a convenient glass cubicle for Bucky that fast?

Why does Steve even think that Tony brought Pepper with him to Berlin? As if he would drag the CEO of his companies all around the world to accompany him to an imprisoned super soldier and two other heros more or less ont he run.

Where did Steve go after he threw the pen back at Tony? He is not allowed to leave the office. Sam isn’t either. Did he just sit out of frame the whole time and pretended not to listen? Did Steve go to the other end in hopes that Tony would leave?

After Steve ‘left’ Tony immediately put his sunglassese on.

Steve asks a very good question with who in their right mind not involved in Zemo’s plan would publish the picture with Bucky. So who did it? That never got answered.

Bucky’s whole fighting style heavily favoures the left side.

If Sam had stayed quite until he was up and able to move he would have caught Zemo looking down into the elevator.

Bucky did not hit Tony anywhere near his left arm. So what happened to it?

How could T’Challa jump down onto Bucky and the stairwell if Bucky was going up and away from T’Challa?

When Wanda goes up against Vision, she controlls the Infinity Gem.

Clint says ‘You’re doing me a favour’. With what? Making him a criminal? Getting him away from his family? What the fuck does he mean.

Scott doesn’t spare one second on his daughter or the fact that she was the whole reason for him in Ant Man to be not a criminal, but sure, ‘I have no clue what’s going on but let’s break some laws’.

During the airport fight Tony’s left arm is blinking red in the HUD the whole time.

After Tony shot him down after Rhodey fell, Sam is already getting up again while Vision is still in the process of landing. So don’t come and tell me Tony aimed to hurt him.

According to FRIDAY Zemo ran a Sokovian covert kill squad. I don’t understand how that exactly fits into his whole story of ‘I have much experience with decrypting stuff’ and also this whole time line doesn’t fit. The files he was talking about were dumped during CA:TWS, so probably two years ago in MCU timeline. During that time Sokovia was still fine and not a floating rock, so I’m assuming his task force was still active then. Which means he would not have had time to read all the files. AoU happened a year later, and I assume at this point most of the files are taken off the net and destroyed because come on, no one wants them around. So when did he have time to decrypt them? He makes it sound like he started two years ago, but also according to him he had ‘nothing but time’ which is most likely not true. And he wouldn’t even have thought about getting his hands on these files then, because Sokovia was still fine and his family still alive. This whole Zemo thing just doesn’t make any sense (and don’t even get me started on his horribly flimsy plan).

The Winter Soldier hesitated when Howard called him by his name.

Why even introduce the five other Winter Soldiers if Zemo immediately kills them and it leads to nothing?!

The beam from Tony’s hand during the end doesn’t even destroy rock.

As if Tony wouldn’t know how many missions Rhodey flew during his career.

I remember when we could all enjoy shows and movies without people purposefully looking for things to be angry and/or offended about. I remember when we could all have favorite characters without other people telling us how that character is “problematic” and should recieve no recognition or support. I remember when we could enjoy things without someone trying to ruin it.

i should be in bed like…i know BUT

I watched Criminal (2004) mostly for Diego Luna and……………THAT ENDING.


For whatever reason the 2012 Lorax movie is having reruns on Tv these days, you know how it is, one channel has it first then another and suddenly the movie is everywhere and boy was it generic and trendy as all hell and good lord it brought me memories of the onc€ler fandom (no that’s not a typo… I don’t want to summon them) But it also reminded me the hilarious Nostalgia Critic review and its pieces of wisdom about Dr. Seuss books and children movies:

  • If you gotta choose between being trendy or good always choose to be good.
  • Don’t be afraid of having ambiguous morality, particularly don’t be afraid of having complex villains those who anyone could easily become with the ‘right’ circunstances.
  • Tied to the above: stop coddling the audiences (particularly children) from thinking , don’t always give them the answers on a silver platter, let them reach them for themselves and if applies let them realize that sometimes there’s no anwers or the opposite: several answers.
  • It’s up to you if you do choose to be generic ( or playing it safe) but be aware that yeah your work will maybe be quickly popular but will be quickly forgotten too when the next fad comes, leaving nothing meaningful behind.
  • And last: sometimes a bad adaptation can help you get back in touch with the source material and remember how good it still is.

I kind of really wish I’d stop seeing the phrase “feminist movie” or “feminist book” applied to any piece of media that does a better than usual job of handling it’s female characters.

Feminism is not the absence of sexism, it’s a word for the movement dedicated to raising awareness of and eradicating institutionalized sexism.  A feminist movie would be a movie ABOUT the feminist movement, or a movie that directly identifies and addresses issues of structural inquality between genders.

Just having a female character you don’t sexualize in a piece of media doesn’t make it a grand stand against the patriarchy.  It literally just makes it a little less sexist than most everything else.  It doesn’t make you a feminist film director for making it, it just makes you not a fucking asshole with his head so far up his ass he can’t see the way the world is actually built.

Is SW:TFA a feminist movie?  No, not even close, not even a little tiny bit at all.  The movie’s not ABOUT gender or related struggles, ideas and philosophies.

But is it a movie that respects its female characters, gives them usually-limited-to-men levels of agency and power over the plot, makes sure there are women in the background of shots, and doesn’t sexualize them?  Yes, abso-fucking-lutely yes.

SW:TFA is a movie feminists will like (at least parts of it), it is a movie that demonstrates some of the basic, basic things Feminism wants from media, but it’s not a feminist movie.

It’s just not really sexist.



(Idris Elba on the Dark Tower set in NYC)

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Okay, I’ve seen a whole bunch of “oh man, this movie is awful but go see it, it’s great” posts about Jupiter Ascending, and I’ve got to disagree.

This movie is great and you should go see it because you will love it.

Yes, it’s cheesy scifi with a space wolf and there are weird plot points about bees and it’s got more world-building than they could possibly fit into a single movie. It’s rushed and it feels like it was adapted from a novel that you haven’t read, which is weird because it’s not adapted from anything. Yes, it’s about a space princess and it’s an old plot and yes, it can be predictable and cheesy as fuck.

It’s also a girl movie. As in, it is what every girl fantasized about when she was a teenager. I’ve heard people saying that it’s the novel that every girl wrote at fourteen, down to the fact that her space werewolf love interest has pretty angel wings at the end. What I would like to know is why that’s a problem.

This movie is the Chosen One plot—the ordinary orphan child finds out they are Special and is thrown into a new world that they have to save from the Big Bad. She even decides to make a heroic sacrifice! It’s also a Disney princess movie—the ordinary girl who dreams of something more finds adventure and love along the way. It’s a coming of age movie, in which the main character tries to find themself and their place in the world. It’s everything that girls should have in countless stories the way boys do… and it’s more than that, too.

It’s a movie that explores ideas about destiny and fate and choice—and it does so while confronting the very real problem girls have about people’s expectations of her. Each of the film’s characters want to control Jupiter—from her cousin twisting her arm into donating her eggs to the Abrasax brothers manipulating her to gain the wealth she has inherited. The Abrasax children want her to be their mother, her mother wants to protect her by keeping her from dreaming. Everyone wants to force something on her… and in the end, she chooses to remain in her old life. In the end, she chooses who she wants to be, choosing to defy Balem, choosing to return to the life she once hated– and being happy in it, knowing that it was her choice.

It’s noteworthy that her defiance comes in these words: “I am not your mother.” Kalique said that she wanted another chance at a good relationship with her mother. Titus claimed he knew he could trust her, because he knew his mother so well, he knew her, too. Balem… well, Balem has a whole host of mommy issues, but in the end, it seemed almost as though he wanted her forgiveness—his mother’s forgiveness. Each of the children tried to force her to be what they expected, to be the woman they knew as their mother.

There are a whole host of interesting themes they could have chosen to explore. I wish they had the time to explore them, to be honest—but I am glad that the one they went with was about finding yourself in the face of everyone’s expectations of you. It’s a movie I needed, it’s a movie so many girls need.

So please, for the love of god, stop focusing on the problems it has. Go see this movie because you’ll enjoy it—if nothing else, enjoy the costume and scenery porn and the very pretty cast, several of whom end up naked or shirtless. Enjoy the pretty wolf boy and his fluffy angel wings. Enjoy Balem being over the top. Enjoy the ridiculous action sequences. Don’t make excuses about enjoying a terrible movie, don’t pretend you can only love it ironically. Go, see the movie, and let yourself enjoy it sincerely.