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I’m sorry for the creepy edit but okay whatever, I’m too lazy for doing something better tbh. So, yea, I’ve been on tumblr this long already and I can’t believe it, I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life but thanks everyone who has been following me this far !! with all this time on tumblr I’ve had to many phases lol idk how many people from my old times still following, really sorry for changing things so much I can’t help it ;A; so here is a shout out to all my mutuals since they make my dashboard beautiful everyday (❁˘◡˘❁) thank you very much guys for being awesome and still following me, I love you all ♥

between ♥ = fave mutuals ever.

between = friends irl.





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David and Gillian: ‘goofing around’ since ‘93

  • friends:alright somebody has to buy alcohol for pregaming
  • friends:cant i have to work
  • friends:what about you, yenna?
  • friends:sorry we always forget you're a baby
  • - - - -
  • friend:hey i dont have time to buy alcohol can u buy it for me?
  • me:...
  • friend:like i can give you the money back
  • friend:oh yeah right...lil baby
  • - - --
  • me:hey can you buy alcohol for me?
  • friend:i dont have time sorry. u can go alone tho
  • me:....... i'm still not eighteen yet
  • friend:oh yeah right okay

psa to new followers

i ship tony (esp. 616) with good characterization and a dynamic love life. that’s it

Last time on Tsubasa: Sakura was adorable, Blanche was professionally unhelpful, and Fai and Kurogane were taking the opportunity to openly talk about each other to anyone who would listen.

Oh and Syaoran was attacked. I guess that was important too. 

And now; Informants.


i write and then delete at least 10 posts a day. like i’ll have it all written out and then i’ll just discard the post because im afraid you’ll all think im annoying and whenever i make a lot of posts people unfollow me and that makes me sad cuz i feel like im bothering everyone and uh. yeah. you guys miss out on lots of content because i’m afraid that you’ll all hate me if i post it

in the new danandphilgames video!!

im sorry i was bored

June Writing Totals (Are We There Yet?)

I have spent most of the month of June dithering and freaking out and not actually writing, which is exactly the opposite of what I was meant to do in the month of June. SO. Great job, me! 

TOTAL WORDS:  23,157
YTD Total: 212,867

But hey, I broke 200,000! Huzzah for arbitrary progress markers! 

The gap between TRC fanfiction and original prose continues to shrink, which is great! Except it’s apparently because I just haven’t had the time to knock out 40,000 words of fic this month which is…mixed. 

The goal is to have a draft of this thing that’s eating my brain back to the editors by Sunday night. Then I will be free to finish the prom fic without guilt and get back to any number of other random TRC things I had going. And also, more importantly, get down to work on Burst, which I think I should knock out before Ankh. (Though I probably will post some about Xiv and Peleon in the interim, because Lisa did buy me that cupcake.)

Man, having plans is great! Let’s see how long it takes me to completely disregard this one.