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Photo Booth (AO3)

Summary: Cas drags Dean into a photo booth.

“Cas, what’re you doing? Sam’s waiting for us.” Dean asks, as the angel yanks him in another direction.

“It says it can take photos of us, Dean.” Cas says, as if that explains everything.

“We have to go check out the crime scene. We’re on a job here, ya know.” Dean grumbles but continues to follow Cas and that’s when he sees what the angel was talking about.

Dean groans. “Cas, we’re not -”

“It’ll only take a second.” Cas says, and then he’s pulling Dean into the photo booth with him and sitting down on the small bench inside. 

Dean’s increasingly aware of the way their thighs and arms are pressed together. His palms start to sweat. Dean huffs and turns his head to see Cas frowning. The angel then adorably tilts his head to the side. Did he just think that? Adorable? Dean shakes his head.

“Why isn’t it taking pictures of us?” 

“Because you have to pay for it, obviously. And I ain’t paying for it.” he mumbles, rubbing his sweaty palms on his black slacks. Then he makes the mistake of looking into Cas’ stupid, big, blue puppy eyes. 

That word flares up in his mind again. Adorable. No, Cas isn’t adorable. He is not at all adorable. The angel scrunches his eyebrows together and pouts. Fuck, he’s adorable. And you’re so screwed, Dean thinks, his own mind mocking him.

“Fine.” Dean says, pulling the red, velvet curtain closed before digging into his wallet and pushing a few coins into the slot. Cas visibly brightens at that and the screen starts to display large numbers counting down.

“Okay, Cas, we got four shots and then we’re out of here.” Dean mutters, watching as the screen counts down. Three, two, one.

Dean only just remembers to smile in time for the first shot. The next shot snaps just as Dean feels Cas rest his head in his shoulder. Dean smiles even more at that but then just in time for the third shot, Dean feels lips pressed to his cheek.

He stiffens and immediately feels Cas recoil away. He’s not even paying attention when the fourth shot is taken. He sits stunned, in silence and Cas eventually clears his throat, breaking it and mumbles something along the lines of ‘it says to now collect the photos outside’. 

Broken out of his trance, Dean grunts before pushing out of the booth, past the red, velvet curtain to see that their are two separate strips of the four pictures that we’re taken. 

Dean grabs one and takes a closer look, his eyes immediately drawn to the one where Cas is kissing Dean on the cheek. Did that really just happen? Did Cas just kiss him on the cheek? Then his eyes lower and sees the next one of Dean, stiff as a board and Cas looking…well…upset. 

Dean swallows. He needs to know. He knew he would never have the guts to take the first step in fear of rejection but what if…“Um, Cas, buddy, why did you - uh - you know, um, kiss me…on the cheek?” Dean swears, his voice is as high as a thirteen year old girl and he would be embarrassed but all of his attention is focused solely on the angel.

Cas looks down, his own photo strip crumpled in his hand, and his cheeks tinged a shade of pink. “I was just doing what it said to do.” he mumbles, pointing to the side of the booth.

What it said to do? Dean follows Cas’ hand and - oh. And there it is. The disappointment. Because obviously Cas would just do the exact same thing as the couple are doing on the example pictures. Smiling in the first one, head rested on the shoulder in the second one, a kiss in the cheek in the third one, and a kiss on the lips in the last one.

Dean squints. He glares at the fourth photo. The couple is kissing. On the lips.

“We should probably go. We still need to look at the crime scene.” 

“Wait.” Dean says, and Cas suddenly looks nervous.

“Dean, I’m -”

“Why didn’t you kiss me on the lips in the last one?“ Dean asks, and Cas looks away again, his blush now spreading to his neck. 

“You looked uncomfortable.” Cas mumbles, his hands playing with the edges of his photo strip.

Dean takes a deep breath. “Did you want to?” A beat. 

“Yes.” Cas whispers, shuffling from one foot to another. 

“Oh, fuck.” Dean mutters, just as he pushes Cas back into the photo booth and pulls the curtain across. Cas eyes are wide, his mouth parted as he watches Dean shove more coins into the slot. 

“Alright, four shots.” Dean says, and then he grabs Cas’ face and crushes their lips together. He feels Cas’ breath hitch and fear spikes in Dean’s gut but then Cas relaxes and pushes back, their lips moulding together perfectly. Dean’s never felt so alive. Cas’ lips are so soft in contrast to the rough stubble on his jaw but Dean wouldn’t have it any other way.

They don’t even hear the pictures snapping. They’re seemingly in a world of their own.

Eventually though, Dean has to pull away for air, but he doesn’t stray far, his head resting against Cas’. He smiles and the angel smiles too. It’s followed by the snap of the camera and this time they hear it.

Cas chuckles and it’s in that way where his nose scrunches up as much as possible and his eyes crinkle at the sides and Dean is so screwed.

“So, are you not uncomfortable with me kissing you anymore?” Cas asks, his deep, gravelly voice like music to Dean’s ears.

“No, I guess not.” Dean breathes out, grinning at the angel in front of him.

And if they spend the next ten minutes passionately making out in the photo booth, then nobody would notice…well, until a week later, when Sam finds the photo strips of them kissing and adorably resting the foreheads together - Dean loves that word now - then only Sam had to know why they were nearly half an hour late to the crime scene.

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Am I the only one who wonders about atems\yami moma?

Eh, nah, I don’t think there’s a single YGO DM fan who doesn’t wonder about Atem’s mom. In the manga she appears once:

And in the anime she doesn’t appear at all. Her dying when Atem was really young is a popular headcanon. 

Or maybe she bailed out and left Akhnamkanon as a single dad. It’s YGO DM, the parents are either assholes or distant with their kids or straight up dead (shrug).

It would make sense that she was gone in Atem’s life at an early age though. One of Atem’s first memories was his father (not his mother, or even both of them). He even says “I know my father loved me” with so much certainty despite having amnesia. And the few flashbacks you see of his memories are about his father, which says something about how much influence Akhnamkanon had in his life. 

Yet there’s no mention about his mother, there’s no flashbacks about her either. There’s no declaration of his mother loving him too, or any hint that he remembers her. The dad always pops up in his mind.

So either she’s dead or has little influence over her son’s life.

If we’re going with manga canon only, there’s still a possibility that she was in Atem’s life for most of his childhood. The manga gave the feel that Akhnamkanon was a strict mentor first and a father second, and with him being king it’s understandable. I think that kind of role is only possible if there were two parents in the picture, Akhnamkanon could be king while his wife could do the parenting.

The anime gives a softer image of Akhnamkanon though, and it implies that he was the one who mostly raised Atem.

You got Akhnamkanon’s own memories to give you that idea:

Unlike the manga, one of the first times you see him is when he holds Atem. He even tickles his nose to make him laugh. This is the difference I noticed with the manga and anime. I know it’s not much, but why have the audience see this when there’s nothing like that in the manga?

It’s him who sees Atem’s first steps.

And when Atem tripped, you see him step forward a bit as if unsure if he should help his son or not. Plus notice that nobody was around besides him and his son. So it might have been Akhnamkanon who was coaxing Atem to walk this whole time.

He also bows down and cries for his son. This is the pharaoh, they’re prideful, that’s not a thing they do. Hell, Atem’s pride thing was pointed out as his glaring fault several times. Seconds ago he scolded Atem for crying and being weak, yet he’s willing to sob and bend as low as possible if it means that his son will be safe.


I’m splitting hairs here but it kinda ticks me off that the uncle who’s like 99% responsible for your horrible soul imprisonment is there to greet you but your mom ain’t. This could mean that these were the people Atem wanted to see most first. So, mom’s not in that list of people it seems. 

That or the mom isn’t all that excited to see her son after 3,000 years, that would be sadder so let’s not dwell on it.

I know this became more for Akhnamkanon, but I’m basically saying that the manga shows a maybe in the mom raising Atem and the anime seems to imply that Akhnamkanon had to do it alone.

(a random observation, even the wiki agrees: Manga Akhnamkanon’s page is extremely dry and cold compared to Anime Akhnamkanon’s, where they even mention that the only thing precious to him was his son)

TLDR: Who’s Atem’s mom? The manga says probably her. The anime implies it’s Akhnamkanon. That’s my headcanon on it.

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I'm sure you've talked about this before, but let's say Ned had told Catelyn the truth about Jon, or they're in some kind of au where it's no big deal that Lyanna had a kid with Rhaegar and it was never a secret, but Ned still raises him. How do you think Cat and Jon get along? I assume much better, but how do you picture their relationship? Adore your blog btw

I’m going to go with your first scenario, where Ned tells Cat about Jon, because the second scenario is impossible (the first is too thanks to Ned’s nature, but it’s more workable).

Ned kept the secret of Jon’s parentage for one big reason that we can assume was woven into Lyanna’s promise: for his own protection. Robert was out for Targaryen blood, whether they be children or not, and the civil war that had just occurred was a bloody one with its presiding king being unstable and unlikable. Jon was in danger from Robert, his allies, and anyone else who held a grudge against the Targaryens. Jon remained in greater danger while Robert was alive, but by the time he died, Jon was already at the Wall and Ned would die shortly thereafter.

With this established in Ned’s mind, he knew telling Catelyn the truth places Jon in danger. Catelyn is naturally a maternal and emotional person, and Jon is on the whole rather likable. Those who get past that tough and sullen shell are greeted with someone who is intensely loyal and holds a lot of love for the people he gets close with. If Ned were to tell Catelyn the truth, which is an emotional and moving one– holding his sister’s hand as she died, hearing her final request, understanding that Lyanna refused to die until she saw her son in safe hands, that Ned had carried this burden out of love and grief. Every aspect of the story is certain to move Catelyn, particularly since she could undoubtedly relate to the context of Lyanna’s promise, as Catelyn was prepared to face death itself for her own children. But that’s the problem. A moved Catelyn will be a warmer Catelyn, and a warmer Catelyn is going to raise eyebrows and trigger speculation.

This is a society where it is extremely unusual to raise a bastard in the same home as their trueborn siblings. Jon’s presence was already a talking point in and of itself; if Catelyn softened toward him, showed him some sort of maternal affection, expressed approval of him, or anything of the sort, it would leave people guessing why on Planetos she is anything other than cold toward him. Moreover, it would confuse Jon himself, because he’s been raised hearing about how bastards are inherently deceitful and how he’s a stain on Ned’s honor. So if Catelyn was suddenly nice toward him, I’m sure his head would spin.

This is all under the assumption that Ned doesn’t tell Catelyn the truth until later in the marriage. I don’t think Ned would have dared broach the subject for some years, as it seems like it took a lot of trust-building to get to the blissful Ned and Cat we saw at the beginning of AGoT. If Ned did approach her with the truth, I’d wager it wouldn’t be until years into the marriage, as clearly Ned was unable to tell Catelyn the truth by the time AGoT ended. So what is important to note here is that everything I spoke about above would come rather suddenly after years of coldness and avoidance toward Jon. I think Ned knew he’d either have to tell Catelyn at the start of their life together, or never tell her at all. Ned didn’t trust her enough at the time for the former, so he stuck to the latter, and the trio reaped the consequences of that.

Of course I neglected the other and greater reason why Ned kept it a secret: it is his burden to bear. Ned wouldn’t want to put the burden of a secret so heavy on his wife’s, or anyone’s shoulders but his own. It was the promise he made to Lyanna. Jon is his nephew. Jon is also a Targaryen by blood, and the knowledge that’s hiding “dragonspawn” (as Robert had so delicately put it) amongst his children should be his secret to worry over.

Now, could Catelyn have heard the truth and then pretended to hate Jon for the sake of appearances? While that’s a possibility, it just doesn’t seem realistic. It’s kind of hard to pretend to hate someone to the point of believability for years. Plus, either way, Jon will grow up feeling ashamed of himself and avoid/fear Catelyn.

Ned’s decision, while hard on him and the people around him, was the safest one. I do believe there could have been some point at which Ned could confess the truth to her, but I don’t think he would have considered it until Jon was in a place where this sort of truth wouldn’t put him, his siblings/cousins, or Catelyn in any danger. 

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Grouchy superhero Rodney McKay meets charming supervillain Sheppard for the au thing.

Ugh, right after my own heart, anon.  I’ve thought before about doing a silly superhero fic, though this is actually very cool because I always pictures Rodney as the super-villain and John as the hero, so the switch is making my brain work extra hard!  Let’s see :)

- If Rodney hadn’t been born with super powers, he never would have gotten into this line of work in the first place, he’s sure of it.  It wasn’t like the comic books, where there was always a beautiful blonde to be saved, the hero wooshing in to vanish the evil in just a matter of seconds before they got to stroll through the cheering crowd, adoring maiden on their arm.  No, people were complete idiots and Rodney had fallen into the role of hearing “help me, Supernova!” when a car was being towed, or “save me, Supernova!” when their iPhone fell in a puddle.  After 5 years, pulling someone from a fiery wreck was more of a hassle than a reward and he generally spent his time giving his rescues a lecture on safe automobile operating practices and telling them that “You got your one free save from me but never again, do you here me?  A superhero’s assistance is a luxury not a privilege!”  

Stupid idiotic human race.

- Rodney had amassed a great fortune by inventing a revolutionary kind of power generation, building up a company around his ZedPMs and had become a billionaire of safe and clean power generation.  In the eyes of the public, he had effectively retired at age of 26, leaving the board to deal with things like shareholders and stocks and taxes (things he couldn’t possibly care less about) and the tabloids had labelled him a recluse, someone akin to Howard Hughes, probably going insane all alone in his massive mansion.  Rodney knew better and had fashioned himself more closely after his idol, Bruce Wayne (minus the dead parents and need for righteous vengeance, of course).  He spent his “reclusion” building amazing weaponry and technology for himself, things like personal shields and spaceships and matter manipulators.  Sure, he had super powers, but it was really his tech that gave him the edge and the one thing that kept him going was seeing what new ways he could try to save idiots with the least amount of effort possible.  It lead to some astonishing breakthroughs and he was always driven to discover more and more about the universe.

- He first met the odd and confusing “super-villain” when he was responding to a notice of a stolen airplane from his local Air Force base.  There had been a GPS tracker in it and while it had been deactivated, Rodney had gotten it back online and was able to follow it to a hideout up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  He’d prepared himself for laser blasters and doomsday devices but instead found himself in a weird, haphazard kind of evil-car-garage-repair-shop but also for planes.  There were half tinkered with vehicles everywhere and the man standing before him was in the middle of creating some kind of spaceship (Rodney could tell from the hull that was being reinforced to survive atmospheric re-entry).  They stood in a long silence, just staring at each other until the “villain” smirked and Rodney felt his stomach drop out at the attractiveness and his grouchy-guard came slamming back up into place.

- “Who are you?” 

“My super-villain name? I don’t know, I haven’t settled on one yet.  Maybe Nighthawk.”  

“You can’t be Nighthawk.” 

“What?  Why?”  

“There’s already a Nighthawk in Sweden.” 


Rodney huffed.  “So, you can’t have 2 superheroes with the same name.”

“I’m a super-villain.  He’s a superhero.  It’s perfectly fine.”

“Are you this annoying because it’s fun or is it some kind of weird quirk to support your diabolical plan to rule the world?”

“Who said I wanted to rule the world?”

“Everyone wants to rule the world.”

“Do you want to rule the world?”

Rodney ruffled.  “That’s not the point.”

‘Nighthawk’ smirked again and Rodney ruffled up further, trying to push off his charming demeanor.

“Your ship’s never going to make it past 10,000 feet,” Rodney snapped and somehow they veered off into a full 2 hour conversation on inertial dampeners and power requirements for breaking atmosphere before Rodney got a call about an earthquake in LA and reluctantly left the mountain, not having done a thing to impede ‘Nighthawk’s progress or ‘evil ways’.

- Nighthawk kept stealing stuff and Supernova kept having to yell at him to give it back.  The biggest problem was the former would smirk and smile and charm his way into being gifted a lot of the “stolen” goods and Rodney kept wondering if he was using some kind of pheromone manipulator to get the job done.  Nighthawk actually caught Rodney using a scanner on him to try and settle the issue but luckily he only raised an eyebrow in response, smiled at Rodney as he said, “It’s all natural.”  Rodney of course blush and stomp away from him, thoroughly pissed at Nighthawk’s face and overall existence.  

BONUS: They kept this kind of a routine up until Nighthawk got his spaceship done and Rodney had to finally face the fact that he couldn’t let it launch.  That is, until Nighthawk told Rodney his real name was John and he was just trying to get back to his people in a different galaxy (”sorry for acting like a super-villain, I just needed stuff”) and wouldn’t Rodney like to come along?  It would be fun.  Rodney didn’t hesitate to say yes.  

Send me a McShep AU and I’ll give you 5 headcanons about it!


Hey everyone! I started a family legacy on instagram (@ simtastical._.pixels) so I decided to make some poses featuring a toddler! The first pose is a cute mommy and baby peace sign and the second is a toddler kissing his mommy

*Works for both genders!

Pose list and non list downloads!


Pose 1



Pose 2



HUGE thank you to all the cc creators whose cc is used in my pictures!

*Please do not reupload or claim as own!


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So I was tagged by @sierrasanator to do a shelfie my room is a disaster and I have three full bookcases in my room. So I took four photos of my cleanest bookshelves which is one cabinet and one shelf of another.

Starting from the first photo on the first shelf I have my classics and some Pop!Figures. Second shelf in the first picture is my anime shelf that is all the anime and anime related things I own.

Second photo is mainly Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole and Gene Showalter. The second shelf in the photo is messier but it’s my YA shelf which is mainly Tamora Pierce, Poetry etc…

Third Photo is the last two shelves of my large main bookcase which is a mashup of YA, nonfiction, children’s books that I’m attached to, stacks of books I haven’t found a home for yet…

Fourth photo is a continuation of the mashup mess of miscellaneous books except for the end which is where I store my comic book volumes though most are in a tub under my bed.

I must repeat that this is a fraction of the books I own and I admit that I have a problem…

I am going to tag @wlwqueen @nooowestayandgetcaught @calebsmalphas @indominusregina @kentvparsin @skylarkevanson @arithorasaurus @mooshtashturtlez @alphamadness

Alright then...

Before I start ranting, I just want my followers to know that I love you all for your support, please, remember that.

‘’Don’t claim my creations as your own’’ / ‘’Don’t take credit for my work’’ is pretty much in every creators TOU.

So, what do creators do when their TOUs are broken?

I’ve tried contacting @hisimmer several times on YouTube and her mail to avoid doing this publically, but after her lying to me over and over, I’m kind of at the point where my ginger temper turns me into a real sarcastic bitch.

Here are some pictures, so you can compare (my sim first, hers second):

And with CC:

I like when people get inspired by my sims. I like when people download my sims and let me see them in-game, in lookbooks or in CC previews. I DON’T like it, when people steal my sims, claim that they created them and then take credit for them. You didn’t create her. I did. Now take the damn video down, so we can just leave this be.

In case anybody wants the link to the video, it’s here:

My sim can be found here:

And yes, I know this is a game and that I should be acting like a grown-up and all that, but this isn’t fair to me, when I spend a long time making Reyna.

End of rant.

Family picture time! Autumn and Shay with their parents, Joanne and Yuen, and little sister, Winona.

Some info about them-Joanne’s a tattoo artist, and, like Shay, has a tough, independent streak; doing all her own heavy lifting and keeping her own last name after marrying Yuen (though they do still have a happy, loving marriage).

Yuen is originally from Hong Kong, and works as a florist. He met Joanne in college physics, and their first date was at an aquarium in their second year.

Winona is three years old and is deaf/mute, though she knows how to read lips, and communicates with her family through sign language. 

Quite a few mistakes in this picture (I HATE how Yuen just barely fits in the picture), but I just wanted to give you guys some idea of what the girls’ family is like. Gonna draw better pics of them all at some point…but until then I’m going to do family pictures for the other main characters. Look out for those later this weekend.


idk if you’ll be able to see the difference in these pics that I do. In the first picture I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. always hiding under baggy clothes & only wearing shorts when it was deathly hot/ I was feeling daring. NOW I can leave my house wearing what you see in the second picture & not think twice about it.


I was tagged by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse and @youre-on-a-starship to do the lock screen, home screen, last song and selfie challenge! The first is my own edit of the universe + a familiar starship ;) The second (blocked by my apps) is the Gryffindor common room. As for the selfie, I’m not really that comfortable having my face up permanently online, so I used a facial recognition software thing to find a close match. It’s not bad! Picture a wider grin, long brown hair, a birthmark on my chin, and more olive-looking skin and it’s me! :) 

I tag: @yourtropegirl, @medicatemedrmccoy, @mamawasabi, and @kilismaiden :) <3 

“Um, Reg? May I ask why a duck is sitting on your chest?”

“First of all: it’s a goose. Get your facts straight. Second of all………he just kind of came over. We’re friends now.”

“I really need to learn to stop asking questions.”

-Regulus Black, taking a break from studying and relaxing by the Black Lake, and eventually befriending what he now considered his pet goose: Lucy.

-Taken by Marlene McKinnon, who had come back from the library with more books to find a goose ‘doing his business’ on her notebook.

-Circa 1975, Fifth Year.

***I do not own this picture

(now taking prompts)

Jonathan Byers Relationship Meme

Who would be the big spoon?
It depends, really. Jonathan loves holding you in his arms, wrapping you up and protecting you from the outside world. Other times, he’s the one who needs protecting. When he’s tired of being the strong one who takes care of himself and oftentimes his brother when his mother can’t. That’s when you’ll wrap your arms around him and lay his head on your chest. He’ll listen to your heartbeat and just forget everything else because he feels safe and loved being with you.
Who would wake up first?
Usually he does, because he’s the one who makes breakfast. If it’s early though, he’ll watch your face as you sleep, just marveling over how such a beautiful person could love him like you do.
Who does the laundry and other chores:
It’s a pretty even split. He’s used to helping out his mom around the house when she’s working, so he knows how to do a fair bit of housekeeping and looking after children.
Do they have nicknames for each other?
Yes! Jonathan calls you things like beautiful, gorgeous, best thing that ever happened to me. You’ll respond with things like handsome and sexy, just to see him get all flustered, but mostly it’s just Jon or Johnny.
What happened when they met each other’s parents?
Joyce loves you of course. She sees how happy you make her son and she’s determined to help you stick around as long as possible. It helps that you also get along well with her youngest son. Jonathan was nervous about meeting your parents, but they accepted him without too much fuss because he was a ‘good kid.’
How do they apologize after an argument?
Jonathan’s not one to get confrontational unless it’s about his family or someone he cares about. If you were to fight, it would probably be about you knowingly throwing yourself into danger, like going to the upside-down place to bring back Will. As for apologizing, it’d probably be very tearful and lots of 'I love you’s and 'I’m sorry’s on both your parts for whatever things you might’ve said in the heat of the moment.
What would they be like as parents?
Jonathan would be the best father, worried that he’d be anything like his own and promising to always do better. There are a few hiccups at first, like with all new parents, but by your second kid you’ve both got the parenting thing down.
Who is the better cook?
Jonathan, hands down. He’s usually the one to cook breakfast, but only because you love his food.
Any pets:
A dog maybe. He used to have one as a teen after all.
Who is more romantic?
I think you are in general. Jonathan is pretty shy about affection and he’s not very good with people, but he does try his best to surprise you with a romantic gesture on special occasions.
Favorite nonsexual activity:
Taking pictures! Jonathan loves photography and his favorite subject to photograph is you. You like posing for him, whether it’s meant to be a funny photo or a serious one.
What sort of gifts do they get for each other?
Photography stuff mostly. Film for Jonathan, a collage of your favorite memories for you. You have an entire bookshelf filled with photo albums, some completely full, some empty or half-filled.
Any traditions:
Not really, Jonathan’s family was never big on traditions, but if yours is, he’ll go along with them as long as that’s what you want. You do make a point of having dinner with his family every week or so.
Their favorite place to be together:
At home. Jonathan’s not one for people, so he’d feel happiest at home with you, where he can relax and let his guard down.
Who gets jealous easiest?
Neither of you. Jonathan’s more likely to be insecure than jealous over a guy showing you any attention. You, on the other hand, don’t think it matters if a girl makes eyes at him because you know that he loves you and that at the end of the day, you’re the one he comes home to.
Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?
You do. Jonathan didn’t really get a chance to celebrate occasions because of his family’s income so he doesn’t see the point in making a big deal out of things. A gift and a special dinner are usually enough for him.
Who is the most adventurous?
You are, both in and out of bed. Jonathan is socially awkward and though it has gotten better with age, he’s still not all that comfortable with people.
Who is the most protective?
Jonathan. He grew up in an age where, as the man of the house, it was his job to take care of his family, and that includes you.
Who’s more dominate:
Neither, you’re both fairly equal in all aspects of your relationship. Although you have, on occasion, taken the lead in certain matters in the bedroom.
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
Not exactly the 'power couple’ of the school. Jonathan, being the awkward goose he is, would be uncomfortable with obvious PDA, so no making out in the school bathrooms or at your lockers. Your relationship would be very down-lo, basically just holding hands while he walks you to class, maybe a quick peck when no one’s looking.

@kurtwxgners because I know you love him too



Last month, Officer Peter Liang was convicted of killing Akai Gurley, an unarmed black man in a Brooklyn housing project. Since then, hundreds of Chinese Americans have marched in support of Officer Liang, many of them carrying signs that read, “One tragedy, two victims.”

If there is a second victim here, it is not you, Peter. If there is a second victim here, it might be Akai’s mother, who, like your mother, stayed up late sometimes worrying that he wouldn’t make it home. If there is a second victim here, it might be Akai’s sweetheart, who, unlike your sweetheart, had to watch her man drown in his body’s red unmaking, knowing that no help was on its way, never on its way in the neighbourhoods you patrol, Peter, never a friendly siren, only the iron lockstep of open prison guards like you, Peter.

You, who thought that keeping your darker brothers shackled in place would be a good job.You, who forgot that there is only ever one enemy, though he wears many faces, and the same God who put Akai into those projects is the same God who hammered at our accents until our mouths were clean and Biblical as stale bread, until we fit into the cogs of this pyramid scheme long enough to climb onto the backs of other Others, and so reach our scraps, our good jobs, and our decent houses with the locks on all the doors to keep out bad people.

And it’s true that no one wants to see us alive, either. They would rather see us hunched over and suicidal at an iPhone factory, or begging for pleasure at a white man’s feet, or not see us as all, but none of that makes you a victim today, Peter. It only makes you a disposable knife, a tyrant’s tool, and I will not mourn that justice was served to you. I will only keep demanding that the white versions of you get what you got.

I do not hate you, Peter. In the pictures, you could be my brother. You could be any boy at my church. But that’s the thing about family, isn’t it? That when one of your own acts up it’s your job to call him in. So call in your people, Peter. Call in the crowds, tell them to come home, to take down their signs. Tell them that we have work to do. Tell them if there is a second victim, it is not you, it is what was lost between two communities in pain, but unlike the first victim, this one can be brought back.




Teaching us all a lesson: Hiro Mashima is a real troll.  

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I agree the most with the first picture, but it is still a magnificent ship :)

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I suggest you go check them out, they are pretty cool. I am still trying to find original artists for the pictures on this blog, since there are so many already, I would appreciate if from those of you who know where these originate from to inbox me or comment on it for the artists that are missing so I can give credit


So the first picture is a picture of someone’s original fanfic the second is of someone’s fanfic that they copied for the end part and had a different character. I just gotta say if you are going to do that, that sucks. It takes a long time to right fanfic and to have someone steal it and say it’s their own sucks so don’t do that. People will find out. As for this person please don’t go over and send them hate just learn from their mistake.

blackestglass  asked:

I also think the "Crashed the wrong wedding and now the best man/maid of honor is on my ass, but hey they’re kinda hot so???" prompt would be HILARIOUS.

This turned into a full, four thousand word thing which I fully blame you for. At some point I’m gonna edit it and toss it up on AO3 but for now have some modern AU. 

Vex’ahlia’s father really, really should have known better than to expressly forbid her to come to his colleague’s wedding. Of course the man hardly knew his eldest children at all, so it wasn’t all that surprising. The irony of the situation was that under normal circumstances she wouldn’t have bothered to show up– she found her father’s colleagues tedious and condescending on the whole.

That didn’t put her above pettiness, though.

(Especially with the added incentive of Garmelie offering her and her brother, well- a lot of money to crash the wedding. Vex didn’t trust the shady guy as far as she could throw him - admittedly, considering his stature, quite far - but hey, another chance to piss off good ol’ dad.)

Pulling up the place looked exactly like the sort of place where one of her father’s colleague’s would get married. Everything from the marble colonnades to the well-tended hedges had an air of exclusivity about it.

“I don’t see dad’s car,” Vax commented from the driver’s seat as he pulled up to the curb. “Maybe he’s not here.”

“There’s no way he’d miss something like this,” Vex said, rolling her eyes. Their father had an uncanny knack for gladhanding with people richer and of better status than him.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s there or not,” Garmelie said from the back seat. Vex, glancing over her shoulder, saw the curly-haired man crossing his arms and looking furtively at the building. “I just need enough of a distraction to get inside.”

Vex traded a look with her brother that spoke volumes. Neither of them trusted Garmelie, even if they kind of liked him in a sort of twisted way.

“Well then,” Vex said, and she arranged her hair and adjusted her dress so that everything was perfect. Even if she was crashing the wedding, no reason to show up looking shabby. “Might as well get on with it.”

She got out of the car, threw a last wink to Garmelie and Vax, and strode inside.

The door to the chapel slammed open with a satisfactory bang, and suddenly hundreds of eyes were on Vex, including those of the bride in her white dress and the groom in his dress uniform. This was expected.

What was not expected was that she did not recognize a single face.

“Oh,” Vex said, suddenly feeling faint. “Balls.”

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