no i do not have regrets

“Chalamet is the most high profile male actor to disavow Woody Allen.” ( – The Guardian)

A newcomer, who has literally only 3 big movies to his name, is the MOST high profile male actor to disavow Woody Allen. Isn’t it strange??

You gave shit to a no one who’s still learning and trying to find his path, but gave a free pass to Jude Law, Liev Schreiber, Owen Wilson, Justin Timberlake, Jim Belushi, Jesse Eisenberg, Steve Carell, Joaquin Phoenix, Colin Firth, Alec Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins, who have all worked with Allen in the last 7 years.

And still people are criticizing Timothée, because he shouldn’t have accepted to work with him in the first place, or he shouldn’t have announced publicly his decision to donate the money (Rebecca Hall has been applauded for doing the same thing; Greta Gerwig is considered the new Messiah just because she said “I regret working with him”).

What a bunch of hypocrites! It’s disgusting how people will always find something to criticize you about.

Wanna One When They Love their Ex still but Took Them For Granted

OOF THATS A LONG TITLE I HOPE IT’S AN INTERESTING ONE THO HFJKSGHF hi anon! if you’re reading this i hope you enjoy it! 


I personally think that jisung would ever take you for granted but on the slim chance that he did and you left him, I think he would quickly realize the damage he has done to himself to the relationship and just be really sad for a while blaming himself even when the other members are trying to help him out. 

“I should’ve treated Y/N better. Maybe we’d be together right now”

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(lmao just imagine sungwoon aint smiling) I feel like Sungwoon would reminisce on the things you guys have done together or things that remind him of your relationship or you in general. I think he would realize that wrong he has done to you but also be very regretful about it. He would probably often do things that’ll make him feel better that reminds him of you. 

“This was Y/N’s favorite flower.”

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I can see Minhyun being very sad about it but i don’t think he would be very up front about it. At first I don’t think he would realize he took you for granted but as days go on that he wonders why you left him he’ll eventually realize and probably be sad about it but not let it show. 

“I’m fine, I finally know why Y/N left me though”

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I feel like Seongwoo is the type to let it fully show, like as soon as you leave him and he realizes why he would be super upset, like he would try to hard to realize his mistakes and try to improve himself. Even though he knows that he probably won’t be able to get you back he still wants to try and improve himself so that same mistake doesn’t happen again.

“I just need to improve myself, i think that’ll make me feel better.”

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i can really see jaehwan try to keep in his tears when he thinks about you like one second he’ll probably be smiling with the rest of the members but once he thinks of you he’ll just look away and try not to let the tears go down his face. he’ll probably blame himself a lot while thinking of you during these times 

“i should’ve treated Y/N better.”

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I feel like if you and Daniel had a really close relationship I think he would be really upset over it, like not wanting to talk to anyone and just be with him cats type of sadness (bc daniel loves his cats too much to ignore them) he would probably think a lot about the relationship and try to think rationally about it. 

“It was a valid reason about why Y/N left me”

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Jihoon would be upset about it but I’m not sure if he would be very upset. like i don’t think he would be the type of upset that is like locking himself up in the room. I think he would be show just a tiniest bit of his sadness outside like when he’s not really doing anything the thought of him taking you for granted crosses his mind and he’ll be sad for a second before someone walks up to him and he’ll look okay again.

“Oh I didn’t mean to look sad, I was thinking about something”

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I think woojin would be super sad a couple of days after it happened. Like you would probably explain to him why you broke up with him and that’s when he would full understand that he did wrong and probably let it really affect him and just not really engage with others as much as he usually does. and I feel like if ppl try to comfort him he’ll just sit there taking it all in

“Thanks but I feel like Y/N should be the one being comforted right now.”

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I feel like Jinyoung would kind of understand? He would probably be sad about it but not to the extent of others because like he’s a busy kid with school and like- when you tried explaining to him what he did wrong he felt bad but like he could’ve just fixed himself for you? He was just confused on the aspect of you leaving him when you could’ve calmly told him and he wouldve had a chance to fix himself. 

“I wonder if Y/N gave me a chance to fix things that she would’ve have left me like that.”

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I feel like Daehwi is the type to really let it not show but maybe when someone like just gives him a comforting hug or he feels really strongly about something it’ll just lead into him getting sad about how he treated you. You were basically his best friend besides the rest of wanna one and just seeing you go away because you felt like he took you for granted really made him upset.

“It’s really hard to keep my feelings in right now but I’m glad the members are here to support me.”

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I think Guanlin would be upset but like, it would really affect him. I mean it mostly depends on your relationship though. Like but from the way i’m thinking you guys had the type of relationship where you both liked each other but there wasn’t really anything going on. so when you left him I think he felt a sense of regret to treat you better but at the same time he would feel that it was for the best. 

“I think if Y/N wanted to leave me, it was probably what was best for the relationship”

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Do you think Naoko regrets making Mamo older than Usa and if she could do it over wishes she had made him her age due to all the drama about the age gap in the fandom? I wonder why she even had to have him older to begin with...

Absolutely No. 

Especially since she’s going with the Fairy Tale lore and Medieval History which usually the prince is older than the princess by a couple years anyway. She’s Look at Disney Version of Sleeping Beauty if you need an example. Hell all the Disney Fairy Tale Movies cause all the princes are older than the princesses by 2-3 years. She’s also going along the fact that in Japanese culture, the marrying ages are 18 for guys and 16 for girls with a parent consent. That’s the exactly age they are by Dream Arc and towards the end of the series.. Hell Sometimes the guy ( who may be a noble or just got a shitton of money) can be in his freaking 30′s or 40′s marrying a freaking 12 year old girl back in the day which that’s freaking gross. They are basically marrying a child and this was before you had the laws against that. Hell My parents are three years apart from each other which my mom was 16 and he was 19 when they got married and had my sister. I think that’s why I’m passionate about it because that’s like saying my parents being three years apart is gross even if back in the day it was very common.( And honestly she acts more maturer than him to this day) So no she shouldn’t regret making that creative decision that is based on very common situation between couples. The 90′s anime fucked the dynamics of Usa/Mamo that SHE created in HER manga. It’s not her fault that they fucked up by making him in college and Usagi way less mature than her Manga counterpart and the fandom can’t wrap it around their heads that a 2-3 year age difference is not that big compare to 10 years plus age difference.  

One more thing 

I’m looking up how old Romeo and Juliet ages which RJ is one of Naoko’s inspirations for Sailor Moon and Juliet supposed have been 13 -14 while Romeo age ranges from 16-18 or 20-21. They can’t pinpoint an actual age for Shakespeare attended him to be.

    “I don’t have a heart.” 19’s voice is filled with some intangible bittersweet regret.

    “Oh but you do! You - the crazy thing is, you do. You’ve got a heart that’s pumping your version of blood through your… your arteries, you have arteries.”

    “But I don’t have a heart in the - in the spiritual sense. It’s just a pump.”

Hugh’s throat hurts. “You do have a heart,” he whispers, more to himself than the android. The way 19 had smiled during their staircase talk. How he holds himself different when he’s been insulted versus when he’s been praised. How he’s so innocent in wanting to understand. How naïve he is, but not stupid.

    “You do have a heart,” he repeats, clearing his throat. “I - I’m a doctor, I know those things.”

Tilly’s smiling at him.

    “Aww, Hugh, that’s so romantic!”

Tilly needs to shut up.




First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Riverdale OC fandom for being so supportive and accepting Diana into your little community. Thank you to the various members of the podsquad for standing up for my work and supporting it even though you don’t know me.

A few specific people I’d like to thank are:

@dubonet​ - my momma llama, Lyn, you encouraged me and inspired me to write Diana from the very beginning MONTHS ago.

@sweetpca - you inspired me to pair Diana with sweet pea and it’s one of the only decisions I’ve made regarding the story I still don’t regret.(+your headcanons have inspired like 90% of the way I view/write sweet pea and it’s helped me so much.)

@curiosity-loves-the-kitten - KATIE OMG WHERE DO I START? You’re the peanut to my butter, the hip to my hop, the ! to my Panic At The Disco. You’ve been so incredibly supportive and honestly I do not deserve you, you are amazing.

@mystic-scripture - a special shoutout to you because you’ve recently been really awesome and sticking up for Diana and I can’t thank you enough.

& a shoutout to the #babysnakessquad: @chlobenet, @recklessyouthinme, @theweretype, @beepbeep-richietozier, @mangleocs, and @roan-kom-azgeda!!

&& a big thanks to @toalltheocsivelovedbefore, @ocappreciation, and @fyeahriverdaleocs for sharing my posts for Diana and the fic(s)!!


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Klaus: what are you doing here? Caroline: saving your ass so I can kick it later.

Klaus was seriously regretting his life choices as water began to fill his coffin. He never should have underestimated those witches.

He could only hope that his siblings wouldn’t leave him in there for a few days as he drowned over and over again as payback for everything he had done to them… And yes, he was pretty much screwed.

At least he knew they seemed to be a bit too fond of Caroline to let any harm come to her while he was otherwise occupied, sinking in the ocean. 

And yet, he couldn’t help but worry about her.

He had left her in a safehouse with the promise to wake her up with his head between her thighs when he arrived, but that would have to wait now. He would kill those witches’ families because of it.

And if anything happened to her while he was gone, he would-

His thoughts were interrupted by the impact of his coffin hitting the ground and the door suddenly opening to reveal Caroline herself, looking extremely pissed as he began to cough the water that had been pooling in his lungs.

“What are you doing here?” he asked while she broke the chain that had been holding him captive, its magic vanishing now that most of the witches were dead.

She huffed, “Saving your ass so I can kick it later.”

He would’ve smiled, but he wasn’t feeling particularly amused. “You were supposed to stay in the safe house.”

“And you were supposed to be home by midnight. Now, unless you want to go back to drowning, then stop complaining and come with me. I believe you owe me a ‘thank you’ and at least three orgasms.”

“Of course, sweetheart.”


hello friends;
if you haven’t watched Canada’s Sweethearts, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, completely own the Canadian National Championships yet, please do.
you honestly will not regret it.

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WOW is Flyboys my favorite fic of the fandom. It’s been a long time since I got that invested in a fic and I’m just. Oooh boy. I wish I could tell you like. How into that fic I was so completely. Read it in 3 Days at work with no regrets. Just. Gah absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for it. For putting in the research and the amazing writing and characterization.

Oh wow! Thank you so much!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it and it pulled you in. My ultimate goal with any story I write is to have it be immersive and pull people in, getting them lost in the world of the story rather than the real world. The stories that do that for me are my favorites, so I’ve always hoped to make someone else feel the same. To know that I’ve done that is a truly wonderful gift, so thank you! <33333

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OMG IM LOVING YOUR MORNING AFTER AND YOU REGRET IT HEADCANONS! They are so goood!!! Would you mind doing one with remus? Thankyou!! Xx

I got two requests for this so here goes!!

  • alright so first and foremost lets establish that remus john lupin is a fucking sweetheart and out of all the boys would probably be the most eager to please *wink wonk*
  • BUT
  • he (canonically) has huge reservations about sex and relationships in general, in part because of his lycanthropy so I think that would have a bit of an impact on how he is as a boyfriend
  • like he’d of course want you and sometimes he would really want you but he’d tend to hold back his desires because he hates putting himself in any position where he could potentially hurt you 
  • and i feel like you’d have done everything else (like, a lot) but just never actually had sex 
  • and so when you tell him you’ve been thinking about it for a while and you really want to lose your virginity to him he’d be pretty hesitant about it at first
  • because he’d have only been with one or two other people and those were purposely no strings attached situations so he’s never had sex with someone he truly cares about and he wouldn’t want to mess anything up
  • but he’d understand that even though sex isn’t everything, there is something to be said about having such an intimate physical connection with someone and he’d decide he wants nothing more than to share that with you (my fucking HEART)
  • and he would make damn sure the whole dormitory is his for the night because silencing spell and curtains or not, he wouldn’t want anyone else in the room because it would just be really uncomfortable for him
  • and he’d be so incredibly sweet the whole time, constantly making sure you’re okay and that you like what he’s doing
  • almost too sweet and too careful
  • like the next morning as you’re lying there thinking over everything that happened you’d start thinking that maybe you built sex up so much in your head that the real thing will never be as good as you expected
  • because like, he wasn’t bad, but he was really reserved and you’d hate even thinking it but…kind of boring?? like it felt okay but it didn’t have your usual spark??
  • but then he’d wake up next to you with such bad yet such adorable morning hair and he’d give you a sleepy little smile and just mumble “morning love”
  • and fuck you’d just melt on the spot and internally punch yourself for thinking you might be even the slightest bit un-attracted to him 
  • so he’d straight up ask how you felt and if it was good
  • and you’d straight up tell him that the sex itself wasn’t the best but you’d reassure him that you still love him and you’re glad it was him
  • and you’d realize you meant it which would be a huge relief because you can always work on sex but if you just weren’t attracted to him anymore it’d be a much bigger problem
  • and usually quiet and polite remus john lupin would take in everything you said then roll on top of you and kiss your next right where he knows you like it and say
  • “guess we’ll just have to practice a lot then ;)”
  • and hoo boy after enough “practice” hehe he’d start to let go more and you’d have more conversations about what you both want and WOW it would get better so fast

james // sirius 

Cait :)

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I wanted suggestions on fics where hermione is close with her parents! Most of the stories I find are where she very estranged and closer to the Weasleys (both pre & post war) and no offence to them but I feel the Grangers aren’t given enough credit for raising such a badass and strong daughter. Soooo any suggestions??

Hello I have a few to recommend:

Choices by Ares.Granger - M, two shot

Sometimes the person asked to choose regrets their decision. But what do you do when their decision isn’t the one you wanted them to make? A chance encounter leaves Harry questioning one of the biggest decisions of his life. Dramione and a guilt-ridden Harry. AU, Post-Hogwarts, Twoshot. Hard to summarize without giving away everything here.

An Unexpected Malfoy by RiverWriter- T, WIP

Once upon a time Hermione Granger literally ran into Draco Malfoy in a bookshop. His mother sees a connection between her son and the muggleborn that she can’t ignore and determines to get to know the girl. An imagining of how things could have gone if Hermione had been taken under the wing of the Malfoy family.

Soulmates by SamanthaYoung-Park- M, WIP

What if Draco was never prejudiced against muggles and muggleborns? What if he was pretending the entire time? What if he and Hermione had been friends since first year? How will their houses and friends react when the truth comes out? Especially when they realize that they’re soulmates. Non-Cannon. Dramonie.

Muggle Things by RavieSnake - M, WIP

After a chance encounter with Hermione on a trampoline, Draco finds himself wondering how much more she can teach him about Muggle things. EWE.

Unbreakable by cleotheo - M, 28 chapters, complete

When Hermione Granger gets pregnant in school she refuses to name the father of her unborn child to the Professors or her friends. Draco Malfoy knows the child is his and he’s busy planning on getting him, Hermione and their child safely away from his father, who is determined to make Draco take the dark mark and join the Death Eaters.

- Wynken

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have you lost your virginity? if you haven't, is there a reason why? but if you have, do you regret it?

i haven’t and it’s bc a Specific Someone lives halfway across the fuckin ocean and won’t swim 3,000 miles to come smash me

I talked to my parents and they said they’d pay for me to go to Japan as an early graduation present ;; it took a while to convince my mom because she just felt like going all the way to the other side of the world just for a weekend wasn’t worth it, and she didn’t want me to regret it. My stepdad just kept saying it was my gift, so it was my choice regardless of what they might think.

My mom also brought up that she thought I’d have more fun if I waited to go to Korea in May because I’d be able to stay longer, and that it wasn’t like this was the only concert that SHINee would have. But I told her that this one is important, because it’s the first concert they’ll do without Jonghyun. It was really hard for me to hold back tears, but I told them it was really important to me, even if it seemed stupid to them. 

But they were understanding. They just are worried. I’m still thinking it over though. It’s a big choice.

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i used to have a lot of ice cubes, but i put some up my butt and now i don't have anymore. do i regret it? not realy

advantages of ice sex toys: can’t get stuck up there, self-lubricating, harmonises with Frozen kink, disadvantages: cold, so cold

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[1/2] Racist partner update: I stayed up since I last sent my message w/ very little sleep & completed the entire project myself. That girl hardly made any progress at all anyway & what little work she did do was complete.. well, it couldn't be used. My friend even stopped by my house & brought me coffee & homemade granola bars w/ yogurt. When she did, I calmly explained the situation to her & she wasn't as hurt as I thought she'd be (thankfully) & we kind of laughed it off, but we agreed...

(cont.) to avoid the girl all together. Tomorrow, I’m going to tell the professor why I did all the work & no matter the outcome, I have no regrets. As the days have gone by I’ve become extremely careless about what happens to her grade for this project. She’s a horrible student & a disrespectful person & even if she would have done her half of the project she’d not have done a great job anyway. I texted her this morning when it was finished & made a point that there’s no reason she needs to contact me anymore. I’m tired of it. She never texted back so hopefully she got the message. I tried to be passive, not rude, but get my point across to her well. I think I did. Anyway, I’m relieved & wanted to thank you for your input & help. I’m sorry if this is annoying but I wanted to ask someone who wasn’t my closest friend what I should do. I have a knot in my stomach from this past week & I hope plenty of rest will ease it a bit, but this whole thing is messed up. Ugh.

i’m so glad to hear that u have cut off contact from her and that ur friend is ok with the whole thing too!! that’s such a relief. it’s awful that she didn’t put in any effort in the group partnership - you were absolutely right to tell the professor because it’s not fair on you for having to do the whole thing for a group project. and don’t worry, it wasn’t annoying at all!! i’m just glad to hear that it’s all over now. get some rest - you deserve it 💕

I wanna make out with someone, not have sex though and not take off our clothes or stuff like that, just makeout and maybe a lil grinding. I never did the ‘stages’ of sexual interactions, the first time I really kissed a boy was the first time I had sex at barely 19 and I did everything at once and I regret that and I wish I did the building up to it because people/men tend to not really wanna just make out anymore even though it’s just a nice thing to do but eh everyone has preferences and I just gotta find the people who want to just make out like I do I suppose

92 Questions Tag

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Rules: Answer these 92 questions and then tag 20 people


Drink : A cup of tea (o my god im so british)

Phone call : Today at 3 AM with a friend who i actually spend the day with

Text message : ‘im doing something rn so we cant ft but we can text’ to a friend who literally has no clue what texting is. like o my god the phone isnt only used for facetiming

song you listened : I Built a Friend - Alec Benjamin. it used to be my favorite song so i was just reminiscing while listening to it on a walk

time you cried : can’t remember but it was prolly while watching a sad/too unbearably adorable video 

Have You…

dated someone twice : nope. never dated

kissed someone and regretted it : haven’t had my first kiss yet so… nope

being cheated on : nope

lost someone special : yes…

been depressed : o god

gotten drunk and thrown up : nah. im a sweet and pure and innocent boi

Three favorite colours:

literally any shade of green, black, and white 

In the last year , have you :

made new friends : yup

fallen out of love : i literally cant remember the last time i had a crush on someone… is that bad?

laughed until you cried : i tend to do that a lot

found out someone was talking about you : nah

meet someone who changed you : yess

found out who your friends are : yeah. and one of them is a complete twat who deserves to– woah there

kissed someone on your Facebook list : i haven’t had my first kiss yet.

General :

how many of your Facebook friends do you know in your real life : i dont have facebook so im just gonna change that to “online friends”. i know two people irl that i have met online

any pets : my little floof… uh i mean dog.

do you want to change your name : Well… i have… so…

what did you do for your last birthday : I went out with mah frens to the shopping centre and bought a bunch of random shit

what time do you wake up : weekdays - 6:00 AM always, weekends - 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM

what were you doing at midnight last night : calling a fren and watching YouTube

Something you cant wait for : my death Interactive Introverts

last time you saw your mom : 2 hours ago

what is one thing you wish you could change in your life : my walk. yes i know it sounds dumb but if you see me walk… its the most awkward thing you will ever experience

what are you listening to right now : the sweet sounds of silence… minus the noise of my brother playing Tekken…

have you ever talked to a person named tom : i cant believe that ive never known somebody called tom

something that is getting on your nerves : my messy ass desk that im too lazy to clean up (i have so many struggles)

most visited websites : YouTube (you dont even know), Tumblr, and Instagram (i guess Twitter is up there too)

Other info about myself ….

mole/s : none

mark/s : everywhere…

childhood dream : to be a lawyer… what the hell was wrong with me?

hair colour : i dont even know anymore. some people say that its brown some people say that its very dark blonde

long or short hair : short

do you have a crush on someone : nahh

what do you like about yourself : my determination

piercings : none (im not edgy like the rest of you punks)

blood type : i have no idea

nickname : Corby/Cor (or Core)

relationship status : a lonely boi 

zodiac : libra

pronouns : he/him. if you wanna call me they/them thats fine too. whatever makes you happy

favourite TV show: has/was/always will be… BBC Sherlock

tattoos : nopee

right or left hand : Ambidextrous but i use my left hand most of the time.

hair dyed in different colour: no dye here lads

sport : skiing. does that count? 

vacation : the garden. thats as far as ill go

sneakers: vans or converse are fineee

More General ….

eating : i like healthy stuff more than unhealthy stuff. lots of vegetables and shit. im a weird person okay? thought we established that. nothing new here.

drinking : coffee. and only coffee. and wate–NO

i’m about to : get into bed bc im rlly uncomfortable in this leather chair

waiting for : my death the end of school tomorrow

want : to die to be more productive and actually get down to doing shit

get married : i dont know man im 14 give me a break from de stress (cuz i got so much of it)

career : ill get there when i get there (i have no soul dreams. just like i have no As)

hugs or kisses : hugs cuddles warmth blanket sign me the fuck up

lips or eyes : eyess

shorter or taller : im a short boi

older or younger :  im the youngest in my family

nice arms or nice stomach : who gives a fuck? nice personality. nice mind. nice soul. nice heart. ain’t nobody care about that shit.

sensitive or loud : sensative

hook up or relationship : when youre not ready for either… haha… haha… yeah…

troublemaker or hesitant : both tbh

Have You Ever ….

kissed a Stranger : Nah

drank hard liquor : Nahh

lost glasses/contact lenses : Nahhh

turned someone down : Yah

sex on the first date : Nahhhh

broken someone’s heart : Nahhhhh

had your heart broken : Yahh (not in the relationship kind of wae tho)

been arrested : Nahhhhhh

cried when someone died : Yahhh

fallen for a friend : Nahhhhhhh

Do You Believe In ….

yourself : lol no i try to

miracles : ummm…

love at first sight : Nopeity nope

santa claus : Nahh

kiss on the first date : No


current best friend name : i’m not going to say their real name, but one that they go by on the internet: Claudel

eye colour: sometimes its blue sometimes its green sometimes (usually) its gray. who knowns anymore?

favourite movie: i dunno tbh

20 People I Tag …..

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*sudden realization that i.. i mean JASOJ never responded* i.. i mean JASON was doing alright.. but like a few hrs ago i.. i mean JASON fell down a flight of stairs and now regrets having responsibilities. ~pool anon.. i mean JASON

shoot i’m sorry for JASON