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Chris&Eva (requested) #5 (Skam)

“Bro, that’s the ugliest Christmas sweater I’ve ever seen,” Chris exclaimed as soon as William stepped into the living room. “Is Noora punishing you for something?”

“Very funny. I actually bought  two of these, so we both could match,” William said,clearly unbothered  by Chris’s comment.

“In that case, I like it very much,”  he said trying to look as earnest as possible, but bursting out into a fit of laughter a moment later. “Never took you for a romantic. Do you write her lover letter and leave them around the flat as well?”

“Did you know that Santa’s flying reindeer were inspired by Odin’s eight-legged horse? Noora told me that today. It’s actually quite inter-“

“No, no, no. Don’t change the subject, young man. Tell me, William Magnusso, when did you become such a romantic? Did Noora torture you by tying you to a chair and making you watch Love Actually 50 times, or what? Or did she play you one of Justin Bieber’s albums? And more importantly, is this romance shit contagious?” Chris asked pretending to look all concerned, but failing miserably. “We can seek professional help. I am sure doctors will know how to cure you,” he continued, patting Williams back. William swatted his hand away and shoved laughing Chris out of the sofa.

“Shut up. Love does that, it changes us. Trust me, I didn’t think it was possible for me to change, to become a better man. But, then I met Noora and, I was determined to become someone who was good enough to be seen with her.”

Silence settled between them. Chris was taken aback by William’s words. He didn’t think that their conversation will become so serious, so quickly.  As guys they didn’t usually talk about their feelings. Their conversations usually revolved around girls, parties, sports and other meaningless stuff. Well, for William it had become meaningless. For Chris those were still very relevant conversation topics.

“One day you’re going to meet someone, fall in love, and you won’t be able to imagine you’re life without that person.”

Chris being, well, Chris wasn’t used to having serious conversation, not with William, not with anyone, really. Somehow, he knew that William wasn’t going to let this conversation drop. So that left him one option, turn this conversation into joke.

“Seriously, Will? You sound just like one of the characters in that TV show that Eva and I watched a while ago. One Tree something. One chick said, and I quote, Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one,” he said, making his voice as high pitched as possible and wiping away fake tears,”After I started laughing she proceeded to smack me accross the chest, and rant for 5 minutes about how Lucas and Peyton were ment to be together since the first episode. Peyton is the girl who said that cringy line, by the way.”

“That must have been so horrible, how did you survive?” William asked, with amused look on his face.

“It was brutal, man. But I made her promise that next time we will watch From Dusk Till Dawn:The Series and she will get her own snacks because she always steals mine. So annoying,” he said. Every single time that they have watched some TV show ,Eva had managed to finish her snacks even before they had gotten to half of the episode and instead of getting up to get some more snack, she  always starts to munch on his.

“Yeah, Eva is so annoying. How do you put up with her?”William asked smiling, not even looking at Chris, but typing something into his phone, probably some sickly cute text to Noora.

“I didn’t say Eva was annoying, she’s far from annoying. She’s very funny . She doesn’t even get offended by some of the jokes I make. Few of the girls have bursted into tears because of them. Eva doesn’t. She just smacks me and calls me an asshole. And she’s really chill, you know? She doesn’t get worked up over some random shit, like ripping her tights or spilling a juice on her top. When we’re hanging out, I don’t have to talk to her or listen to her talk every second of every minute. We can both be in the same place doing our own stuff. Being with her is just…easy,” he said, feeling out of breath. Well, that was a mouthful..

“Wow, Chris. I didn’t things were so serious between the two of you,” William said with a  broad smile on his face.

“What are you talking about?”

“You do realize that you just talked about Eva the way I imagine, I usually look like when I talk about Noora,” he replied and gave Chris a playful shove.

“No, I didn’t. If I did, I would have been on meds against diabetes from all the sweetness,” Chris said with a grin.

“A wise woman once said, and I quote,Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one,”  William shouts halfway out of the door.

“Fuck off.And you better get your bro one of those ugly matching Christmas sweaters. We don’t want people thinking that we’re having trouble in paradise,”  he shouted back. Damn, was it nice to have his best friend back.

Suddenly, Chris phone lit up and text from Eva appeared.

So… my mom is out of town… You up to torture me with “From Dusk Till Dawn”?

An involuntary smile spread across Chris’s face as he typed.

Sure. I hope you will be wearing your sexiest onsie.

A few seconds latter a reply comes back.

I might just have one big enough to fit you. We will both match. ;) xx

Matching onsies… Chris read and reread the last sentence again and again.Matching onsies? They both will have matching onsies. Just like Noora and William both have matching Christmas sweaters. Oh, God… Were they both becoming like Noorhelm?

Certainly, they weren’t.

They weren’t even dating.

What were they doing?


Hello. So, I’ve got cold and feel like crap. Very sorry for how long this turned out. But, I am too lazy to shorten it. I could barely edit it. Nonetheless, I hope you will enjoy

I don’t think I will post tomorrow. But leave your requests and I will try and write them, when I have time. Because this week is pretty busy since it’s almost the end of semester and I have tons to do. And I am preparing for my drivers test as well. 

Hope you like this little (ok, not that little) scribble.


And you know what? The other thing that really pisses me off about this Tilda Swinton thing is she OBVIOUSLY hasn’t talked to Margaret Cho much in the past. They weren’t good friends or acquaintances and then she gets this message out of the blue from someone who is like “UM EXCUSE ME HOW IS THIS RACIST???” And I can see Margaret Cho being awkward and polite at first and then in retrospect being like “You know what? That was really fucked up of her.”

Especially since (to my knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong) Margaret Cho got an eating disorder because when she did a television show several years ago, the producers and creators tormented her about her weight, told her to lose weight, that rating would be better if she were prettier, and she did everything they told her and the show STILL got cancelled. But this white woman’s gonna come along and tell HER that “OH BUT IT’S DIVERSITY BECAUSE IT’S A WOMAN INSTEAD OF A MAN” like she didn’t steal a role from an Asian actor.

And I get that she’s working for Marvel, she has to play nice and be political and not trash talk the people who gave her a job, but what she did was still sketchy as fuck and I do not like it at all. I’m on Cho’s side with this one.

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I wish you would write a ficlet where Kaito steals the crystal coconut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

DON’T THINK THOSE GLASSES HIDE YOU FROM ME; I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP. I CANNOT believe you made me do this with my own two hands, stg.  But I will not back down from a challenge, so here’s your ficlet.

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*sigh* like… I know they tried to make a whole statement about Jessa being a good friend and Adam being a dick but honestly, I don’t see it. I can’t. Yes Adam was the one who pursued her, but for fuck sake she gave in as well. It wasn’t just Adam that ruined Jessa cause guess what, Jessa have a will of her own. If she really didn’t want to start something with Adam she shouldn’t have done it. He didn’t kidnap her, force her or anything. At the end of the day, she was the one who showed up at his door to have sex with him. Adam hasn’t done anything wrong in regards to Jessa and he is allowed to move on from Hannah.
I also hate the notion that you can “steal” someone, because that is so gross. People aren’t objects. Jessa never stole Adam from Hannah because 1) Adam has a free will, 2) Adam is his own person and doesn’t belong to Hannah, 3) Hannah said she didn’t want to be with him anymore meaning that Adam was free to pursue other women who did want him.

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Seeing that they can't use TBC for Magnus' backstory what would you like to see the tv show do and explore? :)

SO MANY THINGS TBH. While some parts of TBC were kinda fun, I know the show can do much better. (malec first date for example; most of it was full on cringefest. And the junkie vamps story was also rly weird?? idk.)

Anyway, a list:

  • New adventures featuring the immortal trio w/ guest appearances from Raphael, including how they all met
    • Like, Ragnor is older than Magnus so did he run into this feisty warlock teenager stealing his clients maybe??? bc that seems like something Magnus would do
    • Ragnor can’t fuckin believe this kid but also he’s secretly impressed so he takes him under his wing
    • Magnus quickly makes him regret his entire life choices
  • Magnus building his reputation as a young warlock and probably getting into a lot of shit
    • like imagine Magnus with 400 years less wisdom and the temper of 20-something young adult w/ the roughest childhood imagineable, he probably pissed off so many people
    • Ppl taking advantage and not paying him bc he’s a nobody back then but they quickly learn otherwise
  • Magnus’s involvement with the signing of the Accords and later during the Uprising / other political stuff
  • More references to Magnus inventing new spells; I would love to see the show make canon that he’s written spellbooks or warlock books
  • The first time Magnus falls in love

I know we won’t get all this but I can dream okay !!! I just want insight into Magnus that’s separate from Alec or the other main cast.

N: N would be that annoying parent and ask his kid to basically regurgitate what they just learned. He’d be really eager that his kid’s brain is developing, but forget that they’re still a kid and just want to have fun while learning without the added pressure. “So what did Elmo just say? 6 + 6 equals what now?”

Leo: Leo would either have his kid sitting in his lap or be stretched out next to them as he watches Barney sing about how sharing is caring or the animal that’s up in the tree. He’d occasionally steal glances at his kid thankful that they’re learning and he’ll sing songs similar to the shows if requested. “You want daddy to sing the ‘I love you’ song? Okay!”

Ken: Ken will participate right alongside his kid. When the character on the TV asks a question that needs a response from the viewers, he will answer loud and proud. He might go over board once in a while, too. “See! Daddy is smart.”

Ravi: Ravi will use this time to sleep. He’s been up all day and probably all night running after his child so he would use that time to rest since the kid should be somewhat quiet. “Daddy’s gonna put his hat over his face, so take it off if you need something.”

HongBin: HongBin would sit there watching the kid show and try to figure out what exactly it is that draws kids to it. After a while he’ll start humming along but realize what he’s doing and stop. “Clean up clean up everybody clean-*clears throat* sweetie I’ll go get you some milk.”

Hyuk: Hyuk would be the one to actively watch the show with his kid, and then expand that fantasy and knowledge once it’s over. He’ll continue that teaching in terms of creating his own fantasyland of robots that can say their ABCs and make it fun for his kid. “*Gets a mop and a bucket* This is Admiral Splish-Splash of planet triangle here! I’m ready for your alphabetical orders!”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

The following is Tegoshi’s part in the “recent events” section. I just realized this was translated already but oh well, I’m still doing it. Photo included because.

After our Osaka concert ended, we all went out to dinner but for some reason I kissed all the members. (laugh) Then after that I also kissed Koyama and Shige who were in the car with me and even in the elevator apparently I kept stealing Koyama’s lips all the way. I wonder why I did that. Maybe it’s because this year’s 24H TV’s theme is “Love” so from now on I want to bring the firm love to the people in my heart. By the way, we had two concerts yesterday, during the day and the evening, but I hardly feel any fatigue in my body. If anything, this morning I woke up better than usual. I’m facing the next show in a great condition! 

2016.04.20 TV LIFE

Bring on that love but please try to stick to the members.

Becoming Someone New


Elsa sighed as she pushed another box onto the elevator. Anna had already taken a load up and Connor, the agent assigned to helping the girls move in, was staying with the truck after doing a sweep of the apartment. She leaned back against the wall and sighed, rubbing her tired eyes. How had they come to this? Just two weeks ago they were a happy, whole family. Well, maybe not completely happy, but there was love between them all. Now it was just the sisters and they were clinging to each other like they were all they had in the world. As far as they were concerned, that was true. 

When Henrik and Ingrid Nielsen were murdered, they killer hadn’t realized that Elsa was in the room, ducking under her father’s desk in fear. She watched as her father begged and pleaded for his wife’s life, never indicating that his eldest was in the room as well. When the gunshots sounded, a part of Elsa died with her parents. 

The police officers who found her also found the killer and Elsa, as the only witness, had to identify him, painting a lovely target on her back. So, they did what they had to to keep the two girls safe. The Witness Protection Program. 

That was how Elsa and Anna… Ellie and Andie Norton found themselves in a new apartment in a new city with new names and new lives. They hadn’t even been able to say goodbye to their friends and family who were all under the impression that the sisters had perished that night as well. 

With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Elsa didn’t even notice when someone else stepped onto the elevator. 

“Small Roles Make Big Impressions”

Terry Crews on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (Fox)

Role: Terry Jeffords, the sweet-natured sergeant who oversees a squad room of oddballs, including Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta.

Defining qualities: Eye-popping physique, flair for portrait painting, love of his family (and minivan).

You might have seen him in roles as: wide-ranging as Chris Rock’s father on “Everybody Hates Chris” and Jeff Daniels’s bodyguard on “The Newsroom.”

After Mr. Crews, 45, was cast in the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” pilot, the producers told him, “We’re going to tailor this character to you,” he recalled. “That has never happened to me.” Like his TV alter ego, the actor is outnumbered at home: He and his wife have four daughters and one son. “I’m a big guy, but all this female energy does make you more sensitive,” he said. “I cry at movies. I’m that guy.”

He wasn’t always able to show his softer side during his career as an N.F.L. linebacker in the 1990s. But he did develop his sense of humor then. “The locker room is one of the funniest places ever,” Mr. Crews said. “To this day, I still steal ideas from guys I knew in my years of playing. They’re cartoon characters.”

His role on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is considerably more grounded. “I have become the mom of the precinct,” he said proudly. “It’s a really cool dynamic.” He added, “It’s something you’ve never seen on television before.” 

Source: New York Times

MUST READ & Another whistleblower, this time on the juvenile detention facility: Whistleblower’s courage led to SPLC lawsuit, juvenile detention center reforms


Most people never see what goes on behind the walls of a juvenile detention facility.

But that changed for residents of Hattiesburg, Miss., in 2011 when a local TV station aired video footage taken by security cameras inside the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center.

As the grainy images flickered across TV screens, it was obvious why county officials had taken legal action in a failed attempt to keep the videos secret.

Viewers saw a child hogtied on a bed. They watched a burly guard slam a teen into a wall and onto a table before wrestling him to the floor. They witnessed a guard shoving and dragging a teen down a hallway.

Taking a stand
The videos sparked an SPLC lawsuit and a settlement that is slowly transforming the detention center – changes that might never have occurred if a guard hadn’t listened to her conscience and leaked the videos to the station.

“I wanted justice. I wanted some things changed,” said Tawana Bolton, who no longer works at the detention center. “I wanted people to start listening to what kids think, because they really don’t listen to them.”

Bolton was passionate about her work. With three sisters working as corrections officers, some might even say this line of work is in her blood. During her eight years at the Forrest County facility, she did her best to get the lives of her young charges back on track. She listened to them. She advised them. And, she won their confidence.

“Whenever something went down, the kids always came to me,” said Bolton, who has four sons. “I guess I was the only person they could trust, so they always came and told me.”

But Bolton was fired after reporting a 2010 incident in which she said a supervisor shut off the water to a girl’s cell – a punishment that left the teen without drinking water and even the ability to flush the toilet. Bolton was accused of insubordination and forging medical excuses after returning to work following gall bladder surgery.

It was clear to Bolton that her real offense was reporting a supervisor.

“I loved my job. I really did,” she said. “It hurt my feelings the way they treated me. It wasn’t about the money for me. It was about these kids.”

Though she had lost her job, she hadn’t lost the ability to protect the children who were once in her care. For two years, she had been making copies of video footage showing abusive incidents. She would play the footage on a television in the facility and use a video camera to record it from the screen. It was a crude way to make a copy, but she didn’t want anyone to accuse her of stealing from the detention center.

“Something needed to be done. I said, ‘Somebody needs to know what’s going on in that facility and how taxpayers’ money is being spent.’”

She took the videos to WDAM-TV, which aired them in January 2011 after fending off a legal challenge by county officials. The footage was seen by Jody Owens, managing attorney for the SPLC’s Mississippi office in Jackson.

“The videos were just shocking,” Owens said. “It was clear that children at the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center were enduring horrific abuse. It had to stop.”

The SPLC filed a federal lawsuit in April 2011 over the dangerous conditions. In addition to the violence documented in the videos, children were regularly confined to filthy, crowded cells for 23 hours a day, according to the lawsuit.

A settlement was reached that fall. County officials agreed to improve staffing and to alleviate overcrowded conditions; shorten the time that children are confined to their cells each day; and improve the sorely inadequate educational and rehabilitative programs.

Fighting for progress
But change has been slow to come. An expert appointed by the court recently reported that officials were “significantly behind schedule” – even backsliding. The 2012 report found the facility had made only minimal progress in reaching substantial compliance with the 70 provisions of the agreement. It even noted that to “have achieved so little movement at this point in the monitoring period is concerning.”

Since that report, there have been signs of progress. The detention center has increased its staff. It has developed a training plan that sets minimum standards and a behavior management program that rewards children for good behavior while offering a graduated system of sanctions for rule violations.

The behavior management plan was apparently a shock to some children. An Aug. 28 report by the court monitor noted that “some youth who have been frequently held at the [center] have been somewhat taken aback by the new [behavior management] procedures. That said, youth interviewed during my site visit spoke positively about the new Behavior Management Program and asserted that it has a positive impact on their behavior.”

But there is still much work ahead to ensure new policies and procedures are followed. Staff training is needed to ensure children receive screenings that can identify mental health issues and other problems. Suicide prevention training is needed as well. The detention center also has not shown that its staff can respond to serious incidents such as fights and suicide attempts in a consistent and appropriate manner. 

Despite the challenges, the efforts to transform the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center are a tribute to the courage of a former guard unwilling to remain silent about the abuse she discovered, Owens said.

“In so many ways, Tawana Bolton is a hero,” he said. “Without her courage, we would not have known about the abuses.”

Bolton sued her former employer over the firing, ultimately settling with the county for $250,000. But it was never about the money.

“What is a job if you can’t tell the truth?” she asked.

She now works at a state hospital, where she assists nurses with mental patients. Though she’s no longer working at a detention center, she’s still helping people. Her compassion and ability to comfort patients hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

“It seems like the same thing to me,” she said, comparing her new job to her previous work. “As soon as I got there, I was talking to patients and calming them down. My co-workers were like, ‘Have you done this before?’”

When she’s away from the hospital, she’s still reminded of the detention center. She regularly encounters children she knew there.

“They see me before I see them,” she said. “They come running, ‘Miss Tawana! Miss Tawana!’ I have a good connection with them.”

They often tell her how much they appreciated her kindness, particularly her willingness to listen. It’s another reminder of why she took a stand.

“It should be about rehabilitating these kids,” she said. “That’s why I was glad to see the SPLC go after the detention center with a lawsuit. I just want to thank the SPLC. They do a great job helping these kids.”

I’m so sick of only being able to rest and watch TV shows and movies. I just want to go out and have fun. I look at myself in the mirror and I see in my eyes such sadness and exhaustion. How did I get to be like this? I don’t know if I feel sad or if I just feel empty. No, I know that I feel empty. Empty and tired. The paradox of chronic illness is that for every bit illness ages your soul, it steals an equal amount of independence from you and forces you to live a child-like life. Here I am, 23, with the wisdom of an 80 year old, and the life experience and independence of a 15 year old. Where do I belong?


So tonight, I came on tumblr to find out someone had made a Spike post consisting of literally all gifs made by me. As usual, I always try to contact the reposter and ask them to either remove the content or credit my blog (as they should’ve done in the first place, but that’s beside the point…) I’m going to post the entire conversation because I’m kinda pissed off, and I want to get the message across that 


It says so on the tumblr community guidelines (x)

See? This goes under the heading “what tumblr is NOT for”...

Anyway, I’ll post the whole conversation and then I’ll make some points. I won’t post this blog’s url because I don’t want to turn this into a war and “salty” replies aside, they did what I asked them to do (credit my blog on the original post.) I just want to make some points about reposting. 

I’m using this convo as an example because every time someone reposts something of mine, I get the same standard replies and excuses for stealing. So I’ll address some of the points made by this person and I’ll refute them because they’re bananas and full of fallacies and if you’re gonna steal from me, at least use some actual logic to defend what you’re doing? Okay…

1) “I honestly didn’t even get them from your blog. I got them from a different spike blog that must have reblogged them from you. I didn’t even notice they were all made by the same person nor did I even think to give credit.” You’re basically admitting that yeah, you stole them. You were just hoping you woudln’t get caught, and you didn’t care about the fact that someone else had made them nor did you think about crediting them. 

2) “ I don’t understand why people get upset when people repost things like gifs from a tv show on tumblr. I’ve made gifs that have been “stolen” before and I was like “hey, cool! Someone used my gif!”” LIAR. I’ve yet to meet a gif maker who doesn’t get pissed off when someone reposts their gifs without giving proper credit. But more on why this is a bunch of lies later…

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

3) “But you should probably watermark your stuff if it’s that big of a deal to you“ Excuse you? So, you’re basically saying that it’s my fault you stole my stuff? And you’re telling me what to do with my own work? You’re basically telling me that if I watermark my stuff, you won’t steal from me, you just will go steal someone else. The wrong behavior here is not my not watermarking my gifs, it’s your stealing from me. 

4) “ Make me a gifset like that and I’ll reblog it for sure.” EXCUSE YOU???? MAKE YOU SOMETHING????? So not only does this person steal from me, but then they have the audacity to demand them I make them the exact gif set they wanted which led them to steal gifs from me? Can you see how crazy this is???? Is this opposite day??? Or jackass day??? Also, if you’re a gif maker like you claimed to be in 2) WHY DIDN’T YOU MAKE THE GIFS YOURSELF? OH RIGHT. BECAUSE YOU DON’T MAKE GIFS, YOU STEAL THEM AND REPOST THEM.

5) ““I wonder why that would be” cause I didn’t think it would be a big deal. Like you sound salty as fuck.” This is 100% true. I am salty as fuck. Nothing to argue here.

6) “ You’re making gifs from a TV show. Do you credit the person that filmed the show in all your gifs? No? Oh I guess that’s stealing too!” It’s not stealing, actually, because I’m not posting the entirety of BTVS episodes and claiming I shot them. I’m making two-seconds gifs of specific scenes, moving images with no sound. I don’t claim to own BTVS, but I did create and I do own the fucking gifs that I’ve made, saved on my computer and uploaded to tumblr. Again, check the community guidelines.

7) “ You’re not adding any original artwork to the gifs.” Does this mean that in your twisted rhetoric only people who make pretty artsy gifs have the right to claim them as their own? Fuck no. I’ve still MADE them and they’re still mine. And what kind of original artwork are you adding to them by reposting???

8) “ I could make the exact same one as you but I didn’t because I didn’t want to waste my time when those gifs already exist.” YOU’RE STEALING! YOU’RE FUCKING STEALING! The fact that you’re too lazy to make things on your own does not give you the right to steal it from others! That’s like plagiarizing someone’s paper and saying: “oh I wanted to write it but I didn’t feel like doing it myself because it was too much work and it already existed on the internet so…” Yes, it is TOO MUCH WORK. That’s why gif makers like myself get pissed off when freeloaders like yourself steal our stuff and make it look like their own. AND IF YOU COULD’VE MADE IT YOURSELF, YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT! I’m daring you to make the EXACT SAME GIFS like mine. 

9) “ You’re on the internet. Shit gets reposted without credit ALL the time.” FALLACY. You’re saying just because everyone does it, it’s right. It’s not. It’s still wrong, it doesn’t matter if one person or every single human being in the whole world does it. It’s still stealing and it’s still wrong.

10) “Like I said, watermark your stuff if it’s that big of a deal to you but you can’t post something online for the world to see and then call it stealing when someone posts it.”  Oh sweetie, you’re making this too easy. You said it yourself: I post something online for the world to SEE, not to STEAL IT. 

11) “ I didn’t even say it was mine.” You didn’t say it wasn’t yours either, and you didn’t say whose it was. And any way, when you make an “original” post on tumblr and you upload stuff without giving credit, you’re basically implying it’s yours.

12)  “ You’re not even getting paid for this stuff so why do you care so much? Cause you won’t get followers?” FALLACY. The fact that I don’t get paid for this stuff doesn’t mean that it doesn’t belong to me, or that I shouldn’t care about it being stolen and reposted. And it seems to me that the one who cares about getting notes and followers is you, considering you’re reposting other people’s work.

13) “ Try asking someone nicely without all the passive aggressiveness next time.” TRY NOT STEALING OTHER PEOPLE’S GIFS NEXT TIME, AND YOU WON’T GET THE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVENESS!

14) “I wanted to make a post about one of my favourite characters without taking the whole damn day to do it” You’re basically acknowledging that you know the kind of work that goes behind making gifs, and you’re saying that you don’t care how much time and effort someone else put into make them. If you want to make something and you are too lazy to make it yourself, don’t steal!

15) “ Yeah it would have taken me 5 minutes to download the software, download the episodes, find the parts I wanted, take them into photoshop, export them and upload them”  You don’t have the software? So you’re not a gif maker then!

(this is my gif, btw, don’t steal it!)

16) “ You shouldn’t take the internet so seriously. You’ll get grey hair before you turn 18″ Oh, sweet child, I’m 32 and I already have grey hair. Someone stealing from me does not make me age, it just pisses me the fuck off. 

Matt Espinosa (little imagine)


And here we are, (y/n) keep talking about Nash Grier, my best friend, about how perfect he is, and how handsome. “Matt…”, she said with surprised eyes and big smile. “Yes?” I said annoyed. I hope she could feel it. “You got to help me with him, you know him very well! Please!”, she looked at me and how could I say no to those beautiful eyes. I sigh before answering. “Hmmm…” “PLEASE MATT, you gotta tell him some facts about me so he can know me before we talk or I don’t know. Do something!” “Okay, I will.” “REALLY?!” I appreciate every feature about her beautiful face and her (y/c) hair. “Yes, I’ll tell him how loud you burb, how sweet you like your tea and just at 9 pm, all the freckless you have on your back and how much you hate them, the way you lick your lips when you feel awkard, how you love to use my boxers just because they’re comfortable and steal them from my desk, how beautiful you move your fingers playing piano, how mad you get when your favorite show is not on TV, and how you blush when someone compliment you…” She looked at me surprised. I don’t know if I regret doing this because she opened her mouth to say something but said nothing. “(Y/n)…” I whispered. “Ma-“, I cut off what she was going to say. “(Y/n), I know this guy who would treat you right and would do the sweetest tea at 9 pm just like the way you love…”


I did this some time ago, it’s pretty lame but I wanted to share it with you, guys. xo

Things That Make Me Go, "Who Let That Happen?": Boyband Edition

Disclaimer: I have not listened to the entirety of the One Direction catalog (just the 9 or 10 songs that are my current jams) and I will not comment on whether or not their new single is a progression of their sound or shows maturity or whatever. Also, I fully admit that I wholeheartedly love some sketchy,offensive,politically incorrect songs. I listen to them and sing along, but I also think about them critically and acknowledge why they are problematic which is what I’m doing with this song. 

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