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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 2

We did it amigos. Another list! I am so grateful that you all are sharing your ideas to help inspire others (faith in humanity restored)

  1. “Where is my fucking pudding?!”
  2. “I thought we agreed to never use butter for that reason again…”
  3. “Well if it’s the guy who never shuts up about toilet paper!”
  4. “Honey, did you see my sniper rifle?”
  5. “Oops…”
  6. “God damn it he died. Whatever. Just leave him there.”
  7. “Listen, I know you’re upset, but please put down the baking soda before someone gets hurt.”
  8. “Look, about the monkey…”
  9. “I don’t understand! I only used a finger.”
  10. “It’s not as hard as you think, I promise.”
  11. “well this is what i call hell of a night”
  12. “How could an entire school disappear?”
  13. “What do you mean the brownies are "not quite brownies”?“
  14. "Yes, I understand that its cool, but why does your toaster have wings?” “Well its alive of course. It flies.”
  15. “Don’t turn that on!”
  16. “Wait…I’m also- technically- underage and you’re a stranger…should I be screaming also?”
  17. “I though you meant "literally” metaphorically. “
  18. "Ok so don’t get mad but I might have started a war.”
  19. “Good morning… I see the assassins failed again.”
  20. “You’re a murderer, how are you working at a hospital?”
  21. “That cat just stole my cereal!”
  22. “Did you see that? Please tell me you saw it.”
  23. “Hey, can you stop shooting people right now? We’re trying to sleep.”
  25. “If you think I’m leaving you and your demon eyes and evil horns you’re wrong.”
  26. “What do you mean, this isn’t Earth?”
  27. “Damn it, ____! Not peanuts again!”
  28. “Why did I just press the big red button?”
  29. “So tell me again why this dead body is being sent to Goodwill?”
  30. “Lucifer, I know that we said we would share rent but you never said anything about your brother living with us.”
  31. “God dammit, I’m supposed to be a bat! Why the hell am I a possum, Karen?!”
  32. “Sarah, where’s the dog?” “Up in space?”
  33. “You had only one job and it wasn’t even a difficult task, but seriously, how did you end up like this!?”
  34. “Well I never said I WASN’T going to kill the bartender …”
  35. “I mean, it was only a small eldritch being, so it wasn’t that bad…”
  36. “Hold me back bro!”
  37. “I think there’s a new lifeform evolving in my fridge.”
  38. “WHAT THE FUCK?!”
  39. “Can we have lunch now, or do you still want to continue looking at dead people?”
  40. “I can’t believe you ate my cheese…we’re over”
  41. “Sometimes I wonder why we’re still friends.” “Because I turned you into a cyborg after being shredded by an explosion and you owe me.” “…Fair enough.”
  42. “Well, I didn’t quite expect to wake up pregnant either and yet… here we are, so can you please pass me that can of bread?”
  43. “Ok, I know I said ‘You can throw a hairbrush at them’, but I didn’t actually mean it!”
  44. “When I told you to feed the dog I didn’t expect you to feed him the neighbors cat.”
  45. “Clearly, you’ve never gotten rid of a body before…”
  46. “This sort of thing never happened when I was dating your brother.”
  47. Sometimes, I wonder about you. And then I worry.“
  48. ” Wait, wait, wait, start from the very beginning. how did you manage to set the house on fire with that??“
  49. "For fucks sake, dude, how many times do I have to tell you that that’s not what penises are for?”
  50. “One woman’s terrorist is another woman’s freedom fighter.”
  51. “This isn’t right… the humans shouldn’t be able to move on their own.”
  52. “Why is unicorn blood on our shopping list?”
  53. “Must you unhinge your jaw like that when you eat? It’s disgusting.”
  54. “You’ve violated the law, my trust, and your friend. Tell me, why should I believe anything you say?”
  55. “No, no don’t open the fridge, I need to keep they eyeballs cold.”
  56. “did he break his jaw again by falling down a flight of stairs?” “Passive aggressive much?”
  57. “For the last time, put the declaration of independence back!”
  58. "That isn’t permanent, right?”
  59. “You know, ripping someone’s beating heart right out of their chest with your bare hand looks cool in anime, but irl it’s just unsanitary…”
  60. “She didn’t tell you” “Tell me what” “He’s dead”
  61. “But his dad is an asshole–” “HIS AUTHOR IS AN ASSHOLE”
  62. “You are here and you haven’t tried to kill me yet. You must want something from me.”
  63. “The salesperson made a flying tentacle monster sound a lot more alluring, I swear!”
  64. “Okay…the radiator just growled at me”
  65. “Dude, were you listening to me? Why are you barking?” “I’m not barking. I thought YOU were barking!”
  66. “How did you get that bump on your lip”
  67. “Buddy. You need to chill, and put that knife away before I get out my gun.”
  68. “ ” I dare you to take your shirt off" “ no” “ I doubledare you” “No” “I tripledare you” “ god dammit Steve , im not wearing a Shirt!”“
  69. "Why the fuck are there founding fathers in our living room”
  70. “Girls only say 'I will not dignify that with a response.’ when they’ve done the thing you’ve just accused them of.” “Do you know this, because you’ve done it?” “I will not dignify that with a response.”
  71. “They think we’re terrible but really we’re only mediocre”
  72. “You’d think by now we’d stop bringing death into these things. Look at them, they have anxiety!”
  73. “Ok, first of all asshat, stop touching me. Second, that is never going to work out! Third, stop TOUCHING me.”
  74. “So if I do understand, you’re telling me that you created insects robots. The same one that destroyed the city. ”
  75. “Why is THIS in your fridge? This is some serious contraband.”
  76. “Please tell me you’re joking about marrying the bastard’s son we call Satan.” “ Don’t talk about your mother like that!!”
  77. “Did you explode the microwave again?!”
  78. "Honey where’s the dog?” “Like I said, I’m making a smoothie.”
  79. “Fifteen bucks you can’t hook up with Satan.” “Make it twenty.”
  80. “I don’t know, maybe because he has some semblance of taste?
  81. "What could possibly make you think eating three tons of cheese for the mice in radiation-test labs was okay?!”
  82. “Who actually let the dogs out?”
  83. “Hey, you don’t know how many bodies are buried in my backyard.”
  84. “I told you to kill me.” “I did. Just this morning.” “Well, shit!”
  85. “So… This isn’t the end, is it? I mean I still want to hang out with you at least. Maybe go for another space adventure, hm?”
  86. “I’m sorry, it was the HEAT OF THE MOMENT,”
  87. "Hey, wanna go out for a romantic moonlight killing spree?”
  88. “So, you’re into …..? Huh, I never would’ve known.”
  89. “Did you hear that scream?” “Yes, I’m the one who screamed”
  90. “What are you doing?”
  91. “But really, why would anyone need two dozen armadillos?”
  92. “You can’t keep 'solving’ your problems by going to another dimension!”
  93. “I still can’t believe you assassinated a unicorn.”
  94. “Wait, you have FOUR knives?” “No, no. I have four knives ON me.”
  95. “I’ve killed a man using only a copy of Hamlet and a computer mouse. I am NOT afraid of you!" 
  96. "What the hell are those?”
  97. “Are you sure you’re not an arsonist?”
  98. “I know, right? You’d suspect any of them of secretly being an alien, but not…”
  99. “Why didn’t you stop?”
  100. “So, start explaining why there are dozens of puppies in my guest room.”

Let’s make another list. Part 3! Leave a reply and don’t forget the double quotes “”. I want to give everyone a chance to contribute to our community. So as always, one prompt per amigo. Dankje! 

Lazy Day

Jeff Hardy/OC- The reader doesn’t want to get out of bed and tries to persuade Jeff to stay with her. She thinks she did a good job.

Warnings: other than smut, theres no warnings. Like nothing kinky which is a little sad.

@ittybittywriter @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @alexahood21 @alexispoo @kinkymaminicole @crowleysqueenofhell @ambrosegirlforever

“BABY.” I heard Jeff yelling at me from the kitchen. I rolled over on our bed to get to his side. I huffed at the coldness of it and closed my eyes. “BABY.” Jeff yelled again when I didn’t answer him.

“What?” I yelled back at him with a high pitch whine. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:15 and groaned. I closed my eyes to try to fall back to sleep needing just a few more hours to not be grumpy. I heard light footsteps and opened my eyes to see Jeff leaning against the door frame smiling at me, “So early.” I mumbled as Jeff slowly walked towards the bed.

“I would get back in bed but you’re on my side.” Jeff said as he bent down and kissed my forehead.

I glared up at Jeff and rolled my eyes. Jeff chuckled and pushed my hips to make me roll onto my back, “No I don’t want to move.” I threw my arms down on the bed trying to take up all the room. Jeff kneeled onto the bed putting his arms under me and pushed me onto my side, “Nooooo.” I dragged out the o’s as Jeff pulled the covers off of me and wrapped himself in them before flopping down on the bed next to me.

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Special Instructions (6/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: E
Word Count: ~9000
Chapters: One Two Three Four Five

we interrupt your regularly scheduled UST to bring you: far too many words of dialogue, back stories that i changed 193874 times, and maybe some actual relationship development! god i hope the effort was worth it. this is… a v long chapter.

reader requested tags: @ilovemesomekillianjones @lenfaz @like-waves-on-the-beach @emmaswanchoosesyou @blessed-but-distressed @tiganasummertree @ab-normality @xemmaloveskillianx @deathbycaptainswan @a-city-dove @sam-jordyn @yayimallamaagain @andiirivera @its-like-a-story-of-love (if i missed u, sorry fam, just let me know and i’ll fix it next time)

“Hey, it’s uh, it’s Walsh. I just thought I’d call and uh, check up on you. See how you were doing. I know this is selfish but… I miss you. A lot. Look, I know that things between us didn’t exactly end well and that- that’s my fault. I don’t know what I was thinking. I shouldn’t have trusted her. Turns out she didn’t even want me, just my- my money. She stole a few grand and bolted and I just really- I should have known better. She’s always been like this, reeling me in when I least expect her to and then tossing me out like garbage when she gets what she really wants. I’ve always been weak when it comes to her and she used that against me, knew just how to target my soft spot. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this when I know I messed up. It’s just… I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, about us. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to give up what we had for that- that succubus. I’m sorry, baby. Really. And I was just hoping that you might… wanna grab a bite to eat sometime? Maybe start over? Uh, yeah, so… that’s all. Give me a call okay? I… I still love you, Emma.”

The nerve. The audacity.

Emma grumbled loudly before pressing the replay button for the third time in a row and downing the rest of her wine, glaring at her phone like the object itself was offensive.

God, why did she do this to herself? Why did she let him get under her skin even now? She was done with him, so done, and had been doing extremely well adjusting and now with one damn voicemail she could physically feel the anguish from their engagement party resurfacing.

The man had no fucking right to call her and ask her out. What the hell was he even thinking? Did he want to have his balls kicked up inside his own body? Because that would be the only reason she would ever agree to see him again; to make it so that asshole would never procreate and pass his douchebaggery on to another generation.

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Cait - She really thought this gig would be easy; go to that building which was once, according to Sole, a very expensive restaurant, get back some ruddy old book from a group of raiders and proceed to return it to this loner ghoul guy, which was now living in Sanctuary. She wasn’t expecting those raiders to be as crazy as a bag of molerats, nor she expected there would be so many of them. They did get the book, but by time they were exiting, hell broke loose. A bloody chase started and Cait felt like a rabbit being persecuted by a pack of dogs.

Sole made a sharp turn and Cait copied it only to have her wrist grabbed and was dragged into what looked a tube. It was a tight fit, but Cait didn’t have time to shift into a more comfortable position as there was a strange noise and a door closed. Cait was enveloped in absolute darkness. From all the running, her skin was on fire and she was breathing heavily. Not to mention she was squeezed so close to Sole, shfel- uld feel their breath on her cheek. The small space got even hotter for her and she didn’t dare to say anything. After a few minutes, Sole spoke: “I think we’re clear.” She could feel the vibrations of their voice and it made her shiver a bit. The door was open and she got out, her knees a bit weak. The cool air of Commonwealth hit her pleasantly as she looked around. Indeed, there were only the two of them, nobody else in sight. “Damn chem-heads,” she swore, and set off to Sanctuary, Sole following close behind.

Curie - Curie felt intrigued by radstorms, lightnings cutting through the dark green sky and deep thunder that seemed to move the whole ground. However, after being transformed into a body which wasn’t resistant to radiation, the storms have lost a bit of their magic for Curie. “Um, do you think we could stop for a while, I am not feeling very good.” Sole looked around. They were literally in the middle of nowhere. Looking through the scope of their sniper rifle, they finally saw something. A Pulowski shelter. It wasn’t the optimal solution, but it would do. After all, these things were meant to last. Without a word, they took Curie’s hand and put her arm over their shoulders. Their own arm supported her waist and they swiftly set off for the shelter.

Curie felt her face heat up a bit, but said nothing. Sole opened the door and Curie staggered in. She turned a bit and was meet with Sole’s face, inches from her own. She flushed further and Sole closed the shelter door and put the two of them into darkness, which was Curie grateful for. Darkness calmed her down, for some reason, as did small spaces. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she’d spent most her life in the Vault. She unconsciously leaned into the body before her, Sole was so warm, their presence so reassuring. Curie flinched a bit, when she felt their hand on her shoulder, drawing small circles there. She felt herself go red again, but didn’t say anything, enjoying the closeness.

Danse - He didn’t like the idea of going into such enclosed space one bit. Sure, they were being chase by gunners and the only reason said gunners weren’t dead by now was the fact Danse wasn’t wearing his power armour. He didn’t agree to Sole’s opinion, that this job would be easier without it, but he had to admit that being sneaky in a gigantic metal suit might not be an easy task. He swore under his breath as he reluctantly took Sole’s hand and hoisted himself up into the metal coffin.

They barely fit there together, his chest was squeezed tight against Sole’s back and Danse could feel their heart beating alongside his own in rapid speed. He exhaled deeply, his hot breath warming Sole’s neck. In the darkness, he could feel his hand being squeezed by a bit smaller one: “Don’t worry, we’ll be out of here in a bit,” said Sole, in a calm voice. Danse hoped so, he has never been so close to Sole before and now he could feel their every movement, even before they did it. The sounds from outside died and he noticed Sole holding their breath, to hear better. A button was pushed and the door opened, giving them crush radioactive air. They must have looked comical, trying to push themselves out of the small shelter, but Danse didn’t really care; he was a bit flustered about the whole situation and was glad to have some space to think about it.

Deacon - “You can’t be serious,” was the first thing he said after Sole moved their head towards the Pulowski shelter. Sole looked at him with a bored expression: “Do you have any better ideas, wise guy?” Deacon let out a sigh and went to open the tube shaped structure. He got in and Sole climbed after him. The radiation from the storm was moving the arrow on their Pip-Boy Geiger counter seriously high and he could see they were getting paler by the minute.

“Not exactly what I imagined under ‘Seven minutes in Heaven’,” said Deacon after the for closed and he could no longer see their face, which was metre inches from his own. Sole chuckled and he felt the vibrations in their chest as they did. With some difficulty, he put his hands on their face. “Deacon, what-uh, what exactly are you doing?” Sole said in a confused, yet entertained voice. Deacon hushed them and spoke: “I’m seeing if I would be able to recognise you, if I went blind.” He could almost see their eyes rolling and let out a laugh as he traced his fingers over their cheeks, forehead, eyes (Sole ‘ouched’ when he accidentally poked their eye with his fingernail), then nose, chin and finally their lips. Then he pinched their cheeks and they giggled.

The last thunder rolled around and after that the rain stopped, as well as the storm itself. They left the shelter, but instead of carrying on to their original destination, Deacon pulled them close to him again, staring at them. Sole was just about to ask what is it now, but Deacon spoke first: “Aah, I knew I felt a scar there!” He pointed to a tiny, barely visible scar under their chin. Now he actually could see Sole rolling their eyes and he grinned. Walking away, he made them tell him when and where did they get said scar.

Hancock He couldn’t deny it was very intimate, stuck in such a tight space with such a gorgeous person Sole was. Sure, they were super mutants searching for them, shooting at random objects, as if that ruined tree could be a puny human and a ghoul, but their radiation fried brains couldn’t imagine that said people might be in the only thing around that could contain them. Sole had their back to him and he could feel them shivering a bit under the effects of adrenaline pumping through their veins. He didn’t think it was appropriate what he was about to do, but then again, he never was appropriate. Hancock’s hands found their waist and he started massaging it. They tensed a bit before relaxing into his touch.

He continued stroking their waist, before going to their hips, gently swaying them. He felt rather daring, he wasn’t met by any resistance from them and he swore he even felt them leaning to him, so he used the situation and let his ruined lips touch their bare neck. They let out a small gasp, but didn’t pull away. Hancock continued to plant butterfly kisses on the soft skin, enjoying the darkness and silence. Silence? He pulled away just a little, so his mouth was still ghosting over the slightly damp skin, “The muties are gone,” he said softly. Sole shivered under the words spoken right next to their artery. “Yeah. Have been for a while,” they said. Hancock grinned against their neck. As they made no effort to let them out of the shelter, he took it as an invitation to shower them with affection for a little longer.

MacCready - “Oh crap…” said the lanky sniper quietly as he swiftly grabbed Sole’s wrist and pulled them back. They turned at him and mouthed ‘What’s up’ and MacCready answered in a whisper: “That’s David Fergusson,” he pointed to this tall, muscular raider standing on a balcony of a nearby building. He suddenly turned their way and MacCready scurried to get them out of sight, unconsciously getting them both into a conveniently placed Pulowski shelter. He closed the door behind them and continued, “We used to run together for a while. But he got too… extreme, so I stole his cap stash and bailed. And well, he probably wouldn’t be too happy about me popping up to say hi.” Only now he noticed how close they were and instantly went tense.

As time went by, he started seeing this person who was slowly becoming 'the legend of the Commonwealth’ in a different light, in a more-than-a-friend kind of way. He had to suppress a chuckle as he remembered he had a thing for legends. He remembered that mungo, who once came into Little Lamplight, seeking an entrance to a vault there. They did become a legend. His name being said had kicked him out of his thoughts. Once again, he was reminded of their situation and of how close they both were, their noses almost touching. “Yeah?” he managed to say. “Not that I didn’t enjoy you being this close to me, but this thing is broken, we’re running out of oxygen.” Only now did he notice the fact it has become a bit hard to breath. He pushed the button to release the door and almost fell out of the tube. Luckily, they grabbed his wrist to support him. Very quietly they crept away from the building. Old affairs can wait a bit longer, MacCready thought.

Nick Valentine - He damned his fans for whirling so loud as his chest was pressed tight against their own. But what can you do, when you have 50 feral ghouls and 15 bullets? He and Sole hid in one of those pre-war personal shelters. They were built to accommodate only one person, true, but they somehow managed to squeeze in. He wasn’t too concerned about the ghouls, the pack of them seemed to be moving with purpose. That seemed strange to him, considering the radiation melted brains the ghouls had, but it was better not to mention it. What did concern him though, was how much he enjoyed having them this close. If he had a normal human heart, it would be thumping in a crazy speed right now.

He tried to joke a bit: “This would be rather romantic, be it a different situation, huh?” He felt Sole’s chuckle before it left their lips. “Why a different situation?” was all they said before he felt their perfect lips on his own rugged ones. On instinct, he closed his eyes and tilted his head to the left. He felt as if he was overheating, just from the kiss. Their hand went to his throat and then his cheek. As light headed as he was, Nick pushed them into the wall behind them, deepening the kiss. Unfortunately, Sole needed oxygen, so they pulled away after what felt like an eternity. Nick could actually feel their heart hammering like crazy against his own chest. Few more kisses were shared before the only thing they heard was silence. The door was opened and Sole got out. They turned to face him and Nick could see their cheeks bearing a crimson hue to them. They smiled and extended a hand his way, hand which he happily took.

Piper - “This is, uh, awkward,” she said, red from head to toe. They were so close she could feel their breath warming up her already hot cheeks. Her mind was screaming at her to just stop talking, 'cause it felt like she was embarrassing herself even further. She couldn’t help it, though. For someone who woke up after being frozen for 200 years, only to find themselves without their spouse and child, they were dealing with the wasteland like a boss. They were like a superhero for Piper. Despite their own troubles, they still went and helped out everyone who needed help, without a word. Which was kind of the reason they got stuck in this thing, really.

Bloodbugs, bloatflies and giant ants… Real lovely. Sole hoped that things would calm down a bit, if they his for a while. Sure, Piper did hear the various buzzes growing fainter and fainter by the second, but it didn’t help the fact her whole body was on fire from the closeness. “Don’t worry, we’ll be out of here before you know it,” they said and it took Piper a moment to realise that they were answering what she’d said earlier. It must have only been a few seconds, but for Piper it felt much longer. “Hey,” they said, grabbing her hand in the darkness. She flinched, but turned her attention to them, “we’ll get out of this thing and run like hell. OK?” Piper uttered a soft 'ok’ and Sole started counting down. The button was pushed and they basically dragged her along, their hand still squeezing hers. They turned to look at her and Piper saw that they were laughing. Seeing them so giddy while running away from gigantic bugs, hand in hand, as if they were children running away from security guards; she couldn’t help but laugh too.

Preston - “I don’t know, general. These things are meant to be used by one person,” said Preston, nervous look on his face. Sure, they could probably fit in, but the thought of himself and Sole being squeezed against one another like that, for who knows how long… He was long aware of his feelings towards them and he was ready to never act on them. He was very much afraid of rejection, be it because they just don’t feel this way about him, or that they still aren’t over their spouse. And to be so close to them, he wasn’t really sure he could handle it. “Preston, please, there isn’t any other thing around here that could be used as shelter. And you can’t possibly tell me you’re not feeling a bit ill too.”

Preston did feel a bit ill, radiation from the storm seeping into his system, but it still felt like a better solution than this. “Come on, Preston, I don’t bite,” they called. He grunted and climbed into the metal tube. The door closed and total darkness surrounded them. Their chest was warm against his own as was their breath he felt against his cheek. They smelled of gunpowder, soap and something Preston couldn’t identify, but he knew it was a smell characteristic to them. He hoped he wasn’t breathing too heavily, but it seemed to him their smell enveloped the whole shelter. It was way too pleasant. “Are you okay? You seem a bit tense,” they spoke, their hands going for his shoulders, massaging them. It was too much “General, I…” was all he managed to say, before he pushed his lips against theirs. As soon as he realised what he had done, he pulled away again. “I’m so sorry!” he almost yelled. Their grip on his shoulders didn’t falter, though. “Sorry for what, Preston?” He could hear the smile in their voice. He thought that he might be imagining it, or dreaming. Either way, he didn’t want it go to waste and swiftly kissed his general again. And again.

X6-88 - He really saw no reason he should get into the tight shelter. He did have enough ammunition for both of them, but Sole insisted they needed a bit of a breather. So he complied, closing the heavy door behind him. He head some rummaging, then the uncomfortable sound of needle breaking skin, then a quiet 'whoosh’ as Sole let the Stimpak do it’s magic. Then a quiet sigh as Sole’s pain was fading away. They were so close, X6 could literally feel the sigh before they let it out. It wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, but he was restless. Out there, he could protect them, but here they were sitting ducks. Sure, the thing was heavily built, but he didn’t see one surviving missiles, or mini-nukes. He actually didn’t see anyone firing a missile or a mini-nuke at it in the first place, but still. That’s why he was so restless, it surely had nothing to do with them being so close, or anything like that. Oh, how X6 wanted to get out and fight instead of having to deal with his thoughts…

Nyx-Chapter 12

Summary: Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night–a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn. she was doomed to walk the earth in search of her consort Erebus.

Warnings: My usual. Angst, Violence And Smut

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Avengers x Reader

A/N: Enjoy A Bucky POV

Bucky’s POV

He watches as a thoroughly drunk Thor spins you around the dance floor, the Asgardian’s hands wandering ever lower He can only imagine the dirty things Thor is whispering in your ear. The way Thor’s hands roam your body so possessively makes him nearly nauseas.

It should be him, could have been him, but he wasn’t worth it. Worth you. He had come to that stunning realization when you had screamed you were nothing but his whore. And it was the truth. He had treated you no better than he had during the Hydra days, seeking comfort in your body after a hard mission. His handlers would lock Winter in your cell, expecting he would beat you, force what he needed from you.

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we’re dating! - simon minter (miniminter)

REQUESTED BY: @cracraforfandoms  

thank you for requesting this idea! yes, i do take requests for any celebrity and youtube creators! if you want to request anything, feel free!

SUMMARY: You’re a famous YouTuber with 10 million subscribers and you’re dating a certain man from The Sidemen. You’re tired of hiding the one-year relationship, so why not collab?

WARNINGS: fluff extreme!


You’re finally ready to do this, Y/N. You’ve wanted to tell your subscribers that you’ve been dating the infamous Miniminter aka your loving boyfriend, Simon. He wanted to collab, so you thought why not just show case that you guys are a couple?

Each night you would see edits of you both saying how (your ship name) is so cute, or fan fiction that ended up to raunchy which made you laugh hysterically.

You were currently at your house that was a few minutes away from your boyfriend’s house with his friends, so the transportation was quite easy. “Babe, are you ready?” You hear your cute boyfriend ask from your couch in the master bedroom whilst you were fixing your hair in the bathroom. 

“Give me a minute, Si!” You say from the bathroom, but then you see him by the door, resting on the side of it gawking you. 

“Damn, how did I get so lucky?” He smiled as he wrapped his long arms around your waist pulling you closer to him. “I don’t know, Simon Minter. I should be the lucky one,” you smile as he kisses your forehead. 

“Let’s get this over with already, I can’t wait for (your ship name) to be public!”

“You’ve seen them too, haven’t you?” He smirked walking behind you to your couch. “Of course I have!”

After preparing your camera making sure it was focused, you finally pressed the record button and plopped down onto your couch which had the perfect lighting as you were about to film in the master bedroom. 

“Hey loves! Welcome back to my channel, how have you been? If you are new to the gang, hit that subscribe button to have some fun with us! Now, I’ve asked you on twitter what video you wanted to see and you wanted a boyfriend tag,” you giggled when you saw Simon making funny faces behind the camera.

“I’ve seen all your tweets guessing who my boyfriend is, and I had quite a laugh, loves!” You then see that Simon hid behind your couch, you knew he would do this… Typical Simon!

“Hey Y/N I found a pound under your couch! Oh, you’re filming! Hi, I’m Y/N’s boyfriend, Simon aka Miniminter,” he said in his dad voice which made you crack up as he was holding up a scrunched up pound in his hand.

“Yes, Miniminter is my boyfriend! We also made a collab on his channel that you can check in the description below, let the gang send him a bit of love by clicking the subscribe button!”

“I bet all the fans who ship us are on the floor, right, babe?” He smiled as he pulled you closer to him making you sit on his lap, his hand resting on your thigh while the other was wrapped around your waist.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate, Mr. Minter.” You playfully scolded him as he grinned at your sassy remark.

“Well, I don’t care, sugar.” He said as he kissed your nose making you snuggle into him even more. 

“Let’s start!”

“When’s my birthday?” You asked him.

“Easy, (your birthday)! It’s the day my cute little sweetheart was born, I would never forget!”

“Okay, what’s my greatest fear?” You smirked at him, knowing what he’ll say.

“(Your fear), I would always snuggle whenever my sugar gets scared.” He smiled as he kissed your cheek. You then had a lightning round in which he answered all right and had many stories of how you met and funny moments together. 

“The moment you all have been waiting for! To prove that we are together, a little kiss will be placed on my lips,” you giggle as you saw Simon’s eyes sparkle.

He then caressed your cheek, kissing you lightly. The butterflies in your stomach rising again, the kiss was so sweet and gentle. Simon then grabbed both your thighs and pinned you to the couch, kissing you with more passion and dominance. 

Unfortunately, you had to stop which was a bummer for you both.

“The edits will go wild,” he smiled as he kissed your cheek. “Thank you for watching, loves! Leave a like do-” you squealed as you felt Simon’s hands tickling your sides which made you laugh uncontrollably.

“D-own b-elow! B-ye lov-es! Have a good d-ay! Sim-on s-stop! Pl-e-ase!” You stuttered as he continued to tickle your sides and stomach. 

“For a kiss?”

You then grabbed his face and kissed him lightly, then letting go to properly end the video. “Leave a like down below, and always remember that I love you all! Goodbye, loves!” You ended the video and pressed the record button, closing your camera.

“That was fun!” He smiled as he hugged you tightly. You then filmed a video for his channel which consisted of beating him in FIFA, but you knew that he let you win.

You started editing, and half way through, Simon made you your favorite sandwich while smothering you with kisses. You kept protesting that you wanted to finish, but you couldn’t help kissing him back. 

“Okay, I’ll leave you to it.”

Once you finally posted the video, you and Simon’s phones buzzed like crazy.

@/fangirl1 - oHMYGOD, THE SHIP YES!

@/fangirl2 - did you see the way hE LOOKED AT HER THE WHOLE VIDEO OMG!

You both laughed as everyone was shocked with your public relationship, their tweets going crazy and your mentions rising and exploding like fireworks.

“I knew it was going to be crazy,” he smiled as he snuggled into you since you were taking the role of the big spoon this night.

“Sleep baby girl, you’ll be needing it.” He said in the dark and put your phone on the bedside table holding you tighter. You smiled thinking what did you do to deserve such a loving man. You then slept a peaceful sleep with your boyfriend snoring lightly on your stomach. 

When you ask them to be rougher in bed (NSFW)

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Junmyeon doesn’t strike me as a rough person, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t up for roleplay.  He’s definitely a roleplay kind of guy.  He’s a Daddy kink for sure.  He’ll he sweet and slow at first, but the second you mention being rough in bed, don’t be surprised by his change in demeanor.  This guy has a switch and that switch is costumes.  You want this guy to really give it to you?  Dress up for him.  He’s a gemini, so he’ll go both ways.  He’ll like it if you take control and get rough with him, too, so don’t forget that.  Just imagine for a second:  you’ve been dating for a little over five to six month, been sexually active with each other for maybe three and you just want to explore a different side of him.  He’s a shy one, so you know you have to approach this a certain way.  He gets back from a long tour away from you, tired as hell and just wanting to lay in your arms while sleep takes him.  Instead he walks into the bedroom to find you dress up in kinky nurses outfit, the doctor’s coat laying on the bed beside you.  Shock.  Shock, shock, shock.  But sooooo turned on.  All that tiredness?  Gone.  Boner?  Yup…He’ll probably stutter out a question, but if you pout and ask him for a check up, he’ll lose his mind, okay?  Off with the clothes!  The only thing he’s wearing tonight is a stethoscope and a white coat.  Explore with this because he’s totally into it.  This one will mark you up to high heaven simply because he’s so into his character.  I still think he’s a bit vanilla when it comes to positions, but that doesn’t take away from the experience as a whole.  Never underestimate this man.  Ever.  You will regret it. (well, maybe in the morning)  “Baby, you’ve been failing all my tests lately.  Do we need to have a tutoring session?  I’m sure there are some studying techniques I can share with you.”  (good god, not even my bias and damn,  Have FUN!)

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Magic words anyone?  I feel like Minseok would be the type to be gentle with you at first.  Like he knows he’s a kinky af (he’s an Aries duh!), but he wouldn’t want to scare you off.  Your first few times together would be super sweet, loving, and just him pretty much worshiping your body.  You like it for sure, but you want to spice things up.  It almost feels too safe.  So when he comes home from work one day and is just getting out of a hot shower, towel around his waist, brush in hand, you pop the question on him.  To say he’d be surprised would be a total understatement.  He wouldn’t expect it at all.  But DAMN if he’s not immediately turned on.  This one is the type to zone out as the images of all the ways he could ravish you race through his mind.  So if you suddenly get nervous because of the silence and backtrack, he’s going to throw the brush on the counter and march his way over to you.  He’ll only ask you once if you are completely sure that’s what you want.  If you back down, he’ll be fine with it, but if you say yes PREPARE!!!!!  He’ll throw you on the bed, that cocked eyebrow look on his face, tongue running over his lower lip.  Intense!!  Minseok will still be sweet in certain respects, like he strikes me as someone who has a praise kink, so expect a lot of ‘that’s a good girl/boy, you take it so well’  ‘that’s right, just relax’  ‘you’re so good’ ‘ugh, you’re so gorgeous’.  Lots of moaning and grunting, quietly of course cuz he’s not a loud person.  I feel like when he’s being sweet he likes the missionary position because he wants to see your face while he’s pleasuring you, but when he’s rough, he wants you face down and grasping at anything while he takes you.  Expect marks, too!  Not where anyone can see them, but in places that only the two of you know.  It’s a reminder of who you belong to and how he’s the only one who can get you off a certain way.  “Oh, baby, I hope you don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow.  It’s going to be a looooong night.”

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Ok but of all the unrealistic things in The Golden Circle, may I draw your attention to that Merlin gave amnesiac Harry a toiletry bag full of dangerous items, knowing full well he was equipping a clueless lepidopterist with military grade weapons??? Like go big or go home is the Scottish way but damn Merlin??? Did you not think that maybe Harry might press that funny looking button on his cologne bottle one day and blow up his house?!

Merlin is not that stupid, Matthew Vaughn. This cyborg-legged bih is a protective mother hen, who would never endanger his precious Harry. Thank you and goodnight

katlady13  asked:

Hi! My birthday is April 24th and I'd love to read everlark where Peeta thinks he's lost Katniss somehow, like a misunderstanding or even some kind of accident, but everything works out in the end. Love the drama/angst, and I'm down for any rating (but let's be real, the smuttier the better bc it's my birthday lol). No infidelity please! Tytyty! You are awesome!

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Happy Birthday! There is definitely some angst in this one. Thanks for having a birthday so we can all enjoy this great story! And thank you to @katnissdoesnotfollowback for writing and submitting it. She’s been a MAJOR contributor to this blog, as have many others, and we can’t thank her enough. Links to part one & part two if you haven’t read them yet. Enjoy! I know we did. 

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy this somewhat angsty story. Hugs and lots of love to you on your special day!

All’s Fair - Part 3

WARNINGS: RATED E for language, PTSD, and smut. Mostly the rating is for the smut. SMUT I SAY!

A/N: HR in this instance stands for Human Remains. There’s no gore or graphic violence in this, but there is a healthy dose of angst. Thank you @peetabreadgirl for pre-reading.


My boots scrape the pavement as I stop to stare up and down the parking lot aisles. I find at least four Jeep-shaped vehicles under black covers and sigh, drop my bag on the pavement, and search through the pockets for my keys. Not even my car keys, either. Customs fucked up my packing job and I’m pretty sure they wound up back in my footlocker. I find the keys I need underneath a half empty bottle of Gatorade and unlock my trunk, rummaging around until my fingers find the canvas ribbon on my at home keychain. Yanking them out, I listen to the jingle of home with the distant growl of a C-130 spooling up its engines. The humid North Carolina air presses down on my lungs and I blink in the fading light.

It’s late. I’m exhausted and hungry. And the red REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag on my keys is a one-two punch to the face. I don’t even know where he is right now. He was supposed to be home sometime last week, although I don’t know the exact date, but the fact that he wasn’t here to meet me means he was delayed somewhere. Or something far worse that I am not prepared to contemplate on four hours of shitty sleep on a cramped rotator flight and an empty stomach.

Pocketing my car keys, I slam my footlocker shut and lock it back up, hefting my bag back on my shoulder and hauling the trunk onto its wheels to continue my solitary trek. I hit the lock button on the key fob twice and hope my battery didn’t die while I’ve been gone. I’ve got jumpers, but no one I feel comfortable inconveniencing. Most of the others have already gone home. Prim couldn’t be here this time, unable to get away from med school. Mom’s too sick to travel. Gale’s still somewhere in Fallujah, I think. At least, that’s the last place I ran into him.

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Pillow Talk

This is another Manorian fic because I am the epitome of trash for this ship.

Title: Pillow Talk

Characters: Manon and Dorian

Summary: What happens when Dorian tries to rouse Manon from her slumber to fulfill their plans go on a double date with Rowan and Aelin to breakfast? Resistance. A lot of resistance.

Manon has never been a morning person. Or at least voluntarily. It just wasn’t her thing, the concept of getting up with the sun without a purpose for doing so just seemed gross and obscene. So, when she heard Dorian say, “Good morning sunshine, time to get up.” She couldn’t help but burrow farther under the covers and bury her face deeper into her pillow.

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Monsta X reacting to their s/o singing Hate (4MINUTE)

I decided to make it so you/ the s/o is listening to the song with headphones/earphones, so the members can’t hear the music. - admin Mimi


As Hyunwoo walked in you turned away from the door, not noticing him.
“I hate you!” he stopped in his tracks, were you talking to him? “I don’t need you!” He stood still for as while as you wondered out of the room. His mind was racing a mile a minute, what had he done to make you so angry? He thought about every little thing he’d done the past couple of days, but nothing stood out. You seemed fine this morning, what changed?

“Oh! Hyunwoo, when you get home?” Your voice knocked him from his thoughts, “H-Hyunwoo what’s wrong why do you look so sad?” You asked rushing over to him. He looked so thoroughly hurt, your heart ached.
“What do you mean? Did you not mean those things you said earlier?”
“What? Earlier when? Didn’t you just get back?” he flinched away from your touch. “Hyunwoo?”
“You said…that you hate me.” you frowned, pure confusion written all over your face.
“I didn’t-OH! No! No no no no baby, I was listening to 4MINUTE! I’m so sorry you thought I was talking to you. I must have had my music playing when you came in. That’s why I didn’t notice you came back until now.” you gushed, holding his face with both hands, “I’m so sorry jagi, I was just singing! I love you, I could never hate you.” His face burst into a grin,
“Jagiya, don’t scare me like that! You sounded so angry.”
“I’m sorry, I was really into my music.” You laughed, kissing him. “I’ll make it up to you.”

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You woke up early, Hoseok still sleeping beside you, so you decide to make breakfast and wake him up gently once you are done. Carefully slipping out of bed, you quietly grab your phone and headphones to listen to music while you cook. With one last glance at sleeping beauty, you close the door gently and walk to the kitchen.

Hoseok woke up to the smell of food, mildly confused in his sleepy haze called out to you.
“Y/N? Jagi?”
“I hate you!” that snapped him out of his daze,
“J-jagi?” he stumbled out of bed, “Y/N?”
“I don’t need you!” confused and hurt, he reached for the door handle. Tears welled in his eyes, those words striking his feelings hard.
“Y-Y/N?” He called softly opening the door. You were stood on the other side, shaking your headphones off your ears, tray of food in your hands.
“Ah, Hos-Hoseok!? What’s wrong?” You almost dropped the tray, so you placed in on the nearest flat surface: the floor. You place your hands on his cheeks.
“Y-you were listening to music?” you tilted your head in confusion, “I thought you were telling me you hated me.” he whined, a few tears spilling down his cheeks as he bit his lip.
“Oh sweetie. I’m sorry, I got really into my music! I was supposed to be keeping quiet so I could surprise you when I woke you up, I’m sorry.” you showered his face with kisses. “You get comfortable in bed and I’ll make it up to you.”

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Minhyuk rolled his shoulders as he entered the living room. He was tired and wanted to snuggle up on the sofa with you. You heard the door, albeit just barely, over your music. You don’t look up or say anything as you’re focused on cooking. Minhyuk walks to the kitchen and you see him but, being super into cooking your meal, you don’t turn your attention to him as you mumble along with your music.
“I hate you.” Minhyuk looked startled, but you had turned away to continue cooking.
“I don’t need you.” a hurt frown spread across his face.
“Jagi? What are you talking about?” you don’t respond: you can’t hear him. He makes his way into the bedroom, locking the door, and sitting on the bed head in his hands. “Does y/n really hate me? What did I do?”

You put the plates of food down on the table, looking around confused.
“Minhyuk?” You walked around the house, until you heard muffled speaking from your room. You grasp the handle to open it, but it’s locked. “Minhyukkie? What’s wrong?”
“You tell me! What did I do wrong?” He asked through the door. You tilt your head in confusion,
“What do you mean?”
“You said you hate me!”
“What? When?”
“When I came home!”
“I didn’t say anything to you, I was listening to music, so if you said anything I didn’t hear you.” silence ensued. “Ohhh, I was listening to 4MINUTE. Please open the door. The food’s gonna get cold.” he didn’t respond, “And I could never hate you, silly. I love you too much. Now come on.” He opened the door and immediately pulled you into a hug.

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You’d had Hate stuck in your head the whole day so as you entered the living room you your mumbling the lyrics under your breath as you made a beeline for the bathroom. You wanted nothing more than to have the hot water ease your aching muscles as you ignored everything focusing solely on getting in the shower.

Kihyun is stunned into silence, his greeting dying in his throat, as you speed through the room straight for the bathroom. Had he heard you right? You hate him? What had he done? He didn’t move from his seat, staring blankly at the bathroom door as the thoughts ate away at him. a while later you came out feeling refreshed only to be startled at Kihyun’s smouldering stare.
“K-Kihyun? What’s the matter?” he didn’t respond. You stand in front of him, holding his face. “Kihyunnie? What’s wrong?” he snapped out of his trance.
“Why do you hate me? What did I do?” you frown in confusion.
“What? I don’t?” He tilted his head in confusion, “I’ve literally never said that, and why would I? I love you, so why would you think that?” Your phone rang and Hate played.
“God damn it, you were singing along weren’t you?” You kissed his cheek as you moved away to take the phone call.

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The urge to pee hit you suddenly while you and Hyungwon were sitting quietly in the living room. You jumped up wordlessly, putting an earphone in one ear as you pressed the play button on the wire, mumble singing along as you made your way to the bathroom. 

Hyungwon raised his brow at your abrupt exit, about to ask what’s wrong when he heard you say “I hate you.” he remains silent, taken aback when the door slammed behind you. His brows furrowed as he thought long and hard about what he could have done to make you angry. After minutes of wracking his brain and coming up with nothing, he sat pouting, annoyed that you haven’t spoken to him about whatever had made you mad.

You walked back in, rubbing your arms.
“I shouldn’t have left the window in the bathroom open. I think it made the door slam, sorry if it startled you.” you noticed the mopey pout on his face, “What’s wrong?” you asked tilting your head in confusion.
“Why did you say you hate me when you left?”
“…What? I didn’t…oh.” you giggle, “No, I was listening to Hate, why would I hate you, silly?” You asked snuggling up to him. “I love you.” his lips press against your forehead,
“I love you too.”

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Your phone had been malfunctioning recently, opening apps when the screens was locked. You had it in your bag as you finished doing your work, mumbling along to you music as you readied yourself to head home. 10 minutes later and your phone started ringing and you answered it, stifling a yawn.

“Y/N?!? WHY DO YOU HATE ME? I’M SORRY, WHAT DID I DO!?” you almost dropped your phone at the volume of Jooheon on the other end,
“Oh my god! Jooheon, why are you yelling? I think I’ve gone deaf.” You joke, not having heard anything more than your name, as you moved the phone far away from your ear after he called your name.
“I’m sorry! W-why do you hate me? What did I do?” he sounded so upset.
“W-what? I don’t hate you Honey! Why would you think that?”
“B-but…you sent me an audio message!”
“Oh no, did my phone do some weird stuff in my bag? I really need to get it fixed. Come meet me at the coffee shop you love and I’ll explain everything, ok?”

After 20 minutes of convincing him it really wasn’t what it seemed Jooheon sighed loudly.
“Oh Y/n you scared me so much.” You smile softly pinching his cheeks,
“I couldn’t hate you, cutie.”

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You sat at your desk finishing up the last of your work for the day, listening to your iPod, quietly singing along as you were one of the last people in. If someone cared they’d ask you to shut up. Hate came on and you jammed a little louder, hoping no one would care, but totally expecting it.

You almost jumped from your seat when someone actually tapped you on the shoulder however,
“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you but I think your phone is going off or something.” Now that you had one of your earbuds out you could hear muffled yelling. Taking your phone out of your butt pocket you could clearly hear Changkyun yelling.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry. Thank you!” your co-worker left and you held the phone a distance from your ear.
“Changkyunnie, what’s wrong? I didn’t mean-”
“What are you talking about? I accidentally called you. My phone was in my pocket and I was listening to music.” Silence settled and you mouthed apologies at someone giving you a death glare for yelling. Silence ensued as your words settled. “Did you think I was talking to you? I was listening to Hate…Changkyun?” A deep sigh came from the phone,
“Of course not…hahaha…I’m outside.” he admitted, defeat evident in his voice.
“Hah!? Oh geez, let me finish up and we can go get ice cream, I’m sorry sweetie.”
“Alright.” You smile fondly, thinking of ways to make it up to him, the poor guy.

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Catch Me - Superman x Reader

Requested by axa-vega -  a imagine with Clark Kent/Superman about anything you want.

Happy Birthday, axa-vega!!

Notes: (Y/S/N) = your superhero name

“Well, (Y/S/N). This is a surprise,” Lex Luthor sneered, walking towards your cell. You had broken into Lex Corp to steal the formula for a toxin Luthor was planning to sell to a terrorist group. Unfortunately, the whole operation had been a setup, and you found yourself in a containment cell in a secret floor of Lex Corp.

“I’m sure,” you replied coolly, doing your best to appear calm. Honestly, you were freaking out, but you knew you couldn’t let Lex know that. “Do you treat all your guests like this?”

“Guests don’t break into my building and attempt to steal my records,” Lex retorted, pacing in front of your cell. You watched him, smiling at him with contempt. Your mind worked on overdrive, trying to figure out how to get out of this. Unknown to Lex, you had the formula on your flash drive as you had just enough time to make a copy before being dropped into this cell. 

“You must not have many guests, Lex,” you teased back as you finally found a way out. Approaching the bars closest to Lex, you slipped your hand out to stroke his arm. He eyed you with interest, letting you continue. “Only the best guests cause trouble,” you whispered seductively, pressing your body against the bars. “That way you can punish them.”

Lex swallowed hard, his eyes darkening with desire. You did your best to hide your disgust, keeping up the act. “You have been quite a naughty guest, (Y/S/N),” he answered, reaching his hand between the bars to grip your butt. Smiling playfully at him, you tried the ignore the nausea that came with his touch.

“Then punish me, Lex,” you breathed as his hand squeezed your butt. It hurt, and you felt violated, but you kept it up. 

He sighed, letting go of you to press the button to open the cell door. Once it open, you sprung into action. You grabbed the front of Lex’s suit and slammed his head into the door, knocking him unconscious. 

Pausing to let yourself shiver with disgust, you glared at Lex’s unconscious form. “I’m going to take twenty showers when I get home,” you told yourself, gagging slightly. “Gross.” Recovering, you turned to run out of the room only to find there was no visible exit. 

“Damn you ,Lex,” you swore before taking a sticky bomb out of your pocket and throwing it against a wall. You hoped it would lead to the outside. Crouching down behind a crate in the room, you pressed the detonate button. You cringed at the noise, knowing you wouldn’t be able to get out as easily as you came in. 

Luckily for you. the wall you blew did lead to the outside. Running over to the opening, you gasped when you found yourself thirty stories up. You swore before pressing the comlink in your ear, hoping you would get a signal. 

“Hey, Superman,” you called through the com as you heard shouts and footsteps running towards your location. “You wouldn’t happen to be anywhere near the Lex Corp tower to give a stranded, young innocent a lift?”

“I’ll be there in a minute, (Y/N),” Clark responded in a cold voice. You frowned, he had never talked to you in that tone before. A tiny pang hit your heart, but you swallowed it to stay focused on the mission. 

The shouts and footsteps became louder as they neared the room. You knew you didn’t have enough time. A hidden door opened from the other side of the room, revealing an army of Lex Corp security. They started shooting once their gaze landed on you. Knowing you couldn’t wait for Clark, you jumped out of the building.

“Looks like you’ll have to catch me, Supey,” you yelled into the com to be heard over the gunfire. Your heart pounded in your chest as you fell through the air towards the ground below. Closing your eyes, you prayed he would catch you before you hit the ground.

Suddenly, you felt arms wrapping around your back and legs as you stopped falling and started moving sideways. Opening your eyes, you found yourself looking into the handsome face of Superman. “My hero,” you cooed in relief. 

“I’ll drop you off at the nearest transportation pad,” Clark replied indifferently, making you frown. Usually, he would flirt with you or at least laugh, but there was no light in his eyes. Your eyes watered, but you held your tears back. 

“Okay,” you said softly. Your voice thick with unshed tears. You were attracted to Clark, and you had always flirted with one another. However, today he seemed like he couldn’t stand you. It hurt more than it should, because you were sure your flirting would lead to something more. You both flew the rest of the way in deafening silence.

Clark’s distance stayed throughout the next few weeks. He didn’t smile at you, or even speak to you unless it was necessary. It hurt like nothing else when you saw him laughing and talking to someone else only to return to that cold mask when his eyes landed on you.

You dealt with it until you couldn’t take it anymore. It was at a Justice League meeting, and you found yourself sitting across from Clark. He kept giving you that cold stare that you had endured from him for the last month, and the hurt was too much. You burst into tears, excusing yourself from the meeting before running from the room. 

Going to the first private place you found, which was a closet of cleaning supplies, you sank onto the floor. You pulled your knees to your chest, burying your face into your knees as the sobs shook your body.

“Clark, what did you do?” Diana demanded as everyone at the table turned to glare at Clark. He shifted uncomfortably under their stares. A trace of guilt crossed his face.

“I haven’t done anything,” Clark replied honestly. It was true, he reasoned to himself. 

“You have been ignoring (Y/N) these last few weeks,” Hawkgirl added, giving Clark a scolding look. 

Clark cleared his throat, meeting her glare. “What happens between (Y/N) and I doesn’t concern you,” he answered. 

“Actually, it does,” Bruce interrupted, leaning forward in his chair. “If what is happening is affecting (Y/N)’s ability to participate within the League.”  

“No, it doesn’t,” Clark snapped, pointing a finger at Bruce. Bruce just narrowed his eyes. “I suggest you all stay out of this.”

The room fell silent for a moment until Hal raised his hand. “Question?” he asked, smirking at Clark. “Does this mean (Y/N) is available?”

“Don’t even think about it, Green Lantern,” Clark snarled, drawing a laugh from Hal.

“I was just checking,” he explained, raising an eyebrow. “After all, if you’re going to ignore them, I might as well make my move.”

Clark stood up from his chair, knocking it to the floor. “I’m warning you, Hal,” he growled. Hal simply smiled at him.

“I get it,” Barry chuckled, finally joining the conversation. “Clark’s jealous. What happened?” Clark’s face fell at the truth of Barry’s words. “Did someone pick up (Y/N) before you could?”

Sighing, Clark calmed down while the rest of the League waited for his answer. “(Y/N) was flirting with Lex Luthor when he captured them during the mission to gather the toxin formula a few weeks ago.”

“Yes, (Y/N) said they seduced Luthor to escape,” Bruce interjected after a moment of silence. Clark spun around to face Bruce with intense rage on his face.

“Why are you so calm about this? (Y/N) was flirting with Lex flippin’ Luthor,” Clark shouted, much to the surprise of the rest of the league. Bruce was unmoved by the response however. 

“It was part of the mission,” Bruce replied coldly. “(Y/N) had a copy of the formula and had to escape by using any means necessary.” 

“You didn’t hear what they said to him,” Clark protested, walking over to stand by Bruce. Bruce was unaffected by the shadow of Superman towering over him.

Diana stood up, stepping between the two men. “Calm down, Clark,” she soothed. Once Clark seemed to settle a little, she gazed at him curiously. “How do you know what (Y/N) said to him?”

Clark blushed, choosing to not make eye contact with anyone as he spoke. “I may have been hanging around Lex Corp when (Y/N) was captured, and I overheard what they said.”

The league looked at Clark, unimpressed. “Why don’t you just talk to (Y/N) about this?” Hawkgirl asked, shaking her head.

“He couldn’t do that, then (Y/N) would know he likes them,” Barry remarked, giving Clark a teasing smile. 

“That would be the point, yes,” Hawkgirl responded in a neutral tone. She stared Clark straight in the eye. “Clark, I don’t know why you don’t ask them out? You can’t expect them to wait around for you forever, especially with the way you’ve treated them.”

“You’re right,” Clark sighed, burying his face in his hands. “I need to talk to (Y/N).”

“Finally,” Diana muttered, sharing a look with Bruce. “Go find (Y/N) right now, and make peace. The gods know we will never get any work done if you two are still at odds.”

“Unless you don’t want to date (Y/N),” Hal retorted, grinning when Clark glared at him. “In which case, I would happily fill in for you.”

“Stay away from (Y/N), Lantern,” Clark warned before marching out of the room. “They’re mine.” With that, Clark set off to find you.

You had dried your tears, and composed yourself enough to venture out of the closet. Heading down the hallway to go home, you found yourself face to face with Clark.

“(Y/N), I have to talk to you,” he began, blocking your path. You kept your eyes down, attempting to step around him, but he just blocked you again. 

“Please, I don’t want to hear it,” you begged, meeting his eyes to plead with him. “I really can’t hear what you have to say right now.” Your vision clouded with tears, even through you fought to keep them back.

Clark took a deep breath, his face softening with guilt. “I was jealous.”

Your eyes widened in surprise as you studied his face. The truth of his words was in his eyes. “You were jealous?”

“I was listening in on your mission to Lex Corp and I overheard you flirting with Luthor,” Clark explained, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. 

“That wasn’t real, you know,” you replied, the joy in your heart soaring. You couldn’t believe he was jealous, your body was shaking with relief and excitement. “I was just acting to escape.”

“I knew that, but I couldn’t keep the thought of you being with him out of my head,” Clark confessed with shame on his face. “That’s why I was so cold towards you. I couldn’t stand the thought of Luthor having his hands on you.”

You smiled at him, taking his large hand in yours. “I couldn’t stand it either,” you agreed, loving how a smile grew on his face. You missed his smile. “I had to take ten showers afterwards, and all he did was grab my butt.”

“Hmm,” Clark mumbled, narrowing his eyes at the thought of Luthor touching you. He wanted to fly down and shatter his face, but he calmed himself by looking into your eyes. Surprisingly, he found affection and love. “(Y/N), may I ask you something?” 

“Yes, Clark?” you answered, hope fluttering in your chest. Your mind raced with thoughts of what he would ask.

“May I take you out for dinner sometime?” he asked, a blush burning onto his cheeks. He was adorable when he blushed.

“I have been waiting forever for you to ask me that,” you whispered before slamming your lips against his. Clark choked in surprise, accepting the kiss with an eagerness that equaled yours. 

“You didn’t answer,” Clark mumbled against your lips. He kissed you hard, his arms wrapping around your waist. 

“A thousand times yes,” you breathed when he released your lips. You slipped your arms around his neck before bringing your lips back to his. 

Eventually, you both ended up floating in the air with your arms around each other. You would trade a light kiss now and then, but mostly you just stared into each other’s eyes. Basking in the joy of your shared attraction, you both knew this was the start of something special. 

SVT Cute Jobs; Jihoon !!

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i love model jihoon but thATS NOT THE JOB PLOT TWIST


-so jihoon

-he’s been an avid fan of music producing ever since he was little

-he remembers telling his mum that he wanted to make music to make her happy

-so ever since he had the dream of being a music producer

-he would save up anything he had


-even god damn pennies

-he labeled every jar as “my dream” 

-if only i had the same motivation to get healthy hAAAAAAA

-when he saved up enough money he was able to actually get himself proper recording equipment !!!

-and from before he wrote a couple songs and recorded him singing them 

-he posted the songs under the username of W00z1

-he then posted them on soundcloud and he got meGA POPULAR OVERNIGHt it was so cool

-he went straight to sleep after posting it and woke up with so many likes and he was just so happy

-one song went really well

-and it got the attention of an entertainment company

-and they asked him to become a songwriter for the company??

-like he was so amazed!! 

-and he took the offer too!!

-he did it!! 

-hes gonna make songs for his mama and produce them!!


-speaking of the company

-you’re a in a 8 member girl group which is signed to that same company that jihoon now works for 

-you guys that had that one catchy song that people fell in love with the minute they heard it

-you guys also just finished having a break after having a huge comeback

-your position is songwriter and one of the lead vocals

-it was filled with variety show performances that showed off your true talent

-your ability to imitate the boss of the company

-who was proud of you but also a little embarrassed to say the least

-so you were preparing for another comeback for july 

-meanwhile jihoon was being given a tour of the whole building just to get him used to the place

-you had just been let off for break and you notice the boss talking to someone 

-you rarely see him out of his office so you go say hello just to be polite

-you start to walk to him

-he spots you first though

-”oh! y/n! please come over for a minute!”

-”huh? oh, hello sir what’s the matter?”

-”y/n, this is W00z1 hes our new producer”

-you look to the boy beside him

-and your eyes light up so much

-wh AT

-he’s that really cool dude off the internet!!!

-you found out about jihoon after looking on soundcloud for songs to cover on performances on different shows

-and you stumble upon his work

-and you’re just amazed at ability to make songs so well


-you snap out of your daze and just smile to him

-”nice to meet you y/n”

-”it’s nice to meet you too W00z1-”

-”call me Jihoon, it’s okay”

-blushinggggggggg damn

-you’re just there with the biggest blush on your face 

-wow o wow

-”he’s going to be working with you and the group for the new comeback i hope he makes you an amazing song”



-so after a month of getting to know the group (somehow especially you as a songwriter and outside of that role)

-when i say especially you

-i mean that you twou would normally hang out and stuff after meetings and listen to music together

-it was a closer friendship

-it was just you and him and no one else

-you had to admit that you may have had a sort of thing for him but you weren’t so sure yet as it was just a friendship

-but jihoon

-can’t really say the same

-he was starting to take a liking towards you 

-but a sort of relationship kind of liking

-of course he liked you as a friend

-but maybe there was something else 

-he gave you cute nicknames like sweetie and sunshine

-he also shared whatever snacks he had with you 

-hes just so nice to you and you’re like aaAAAAAahhhhhhhhHhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH

-but back to what they actually had to do 

-so jihoon had a concept in mind and a melody too

-so he produced the melody and it was cute too

-but one thing he had a problem with


-damn they got him

-since you were also a songwriter

-he called you over to help him write the lyrics

-cause one person can’t really work by themselves

-he also really liked your company

-”so what were you thinking of doing as a concept??”

-”we last did a kind of badass superhero concept before and this time they said that we should do like a kind of school type of love concept”

-”really? like a kind of confession thing?”

-”yeah! just like that!”

-he kind of had an idea about the song but he wanted to have the members say something like “i like you a lot” during the song

-and every time jihoon would step out of the room because he was laughing at how funny the confessions were

-so when they were recording

-one by one they would say “i like you” in a cute way or if they had a dialect they would say it in that dialect

-you were always the last one to record so it was pretty funny to hear everyone else’s fake confessions

-and you noticed how he would exit the room with everyone else right?

-but he stayed in the room for yours

-maybe there was something going on??

-all the other members didn’t know that he didn’t come out cause they went to go have a snack

-”okay so this has to be authentic as it can”

-you nod and put the headphones on

-you listen to the melody that he made for it

-and counted yourself down to say the sentence

-you could also see him count down too


-and without any thought you just 

-”i like you Jihoon”

-”i like you y/n”

-you two just said that simultaneously

-you both stop and look to each other

-hU H 

-W H A T          J U S T          H A P P E N E D 

-the biggest blushes just appear on your faces 

-he presses the mic button

-”y/n did you mean that?”

-”wait did you?”


-”i…meant it too”

-”second take on the confession, alright?”

-”got it”

-and somehow after that you two became even closer

-but no one really batted an eye


-y’all getting away with it

-but you two are cute at the same time 

-”second take”

-”i like you Jihoon”

-”y/n when i said second take i meant without my name”

-”oh but it’s true”

-”sweetie i know”

Forgotten Memory // Part 2

Word Count: 3,101

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Summary: It’s been a week since you first woke up in Alexandria, and started living with Daryl. As you start to get use to all the new experience, you’re invited to a dinner party at Rick. Once there, you imagine a familiar face, which leads you to remember something.

Warning: FLUFF!!! ((Like all the Daryl fluff)). Angst, mention of blood, language ((just a few)) 

A/N: Here it is guys! Second part! We’re just starting to warm up now. Plenty of fluffy Daryl to go around! 

Part 1

Originally posted by riveralwaysknew

It had been three days since moving into Daryl’s house. Even though you shared a bathroom, he didn’t fail to make it your home just as much as his. During his runs, he found many girly lotions and body washes for you to use. He even got tampons and pads. Especially since you didn’t remember your last visit from Aunt Flo. Of course he never mentioned it, just left the packages on your bed.

Everyone seemed to welcome you once finding out the situation. Most people would call you simple pet names like ‘sweetie’ and 'dear’. However the one that stuck most was Chipmunk, which only Daryl called you. Or even a simple Chip would leave his mouth. If anyone else called you that, he would immediately get tense. You didn’t exactly have the courage to ask why.

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after dessert. | m

➵ characters: simon d x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 3753
➵ summary: @iamlisteningtotherainsound asked: I love your Simon D smuts :D i would like to ask for one. Something like Simon helped me with recovering for a past relationship and then started dating then. And going out on all kind of dates and ending up to the apartment. Keep up the good work.
 author’s note: i listened to lotto a looooooot of times when writing this. i hope you like this!
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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Meeting Him (Lee Jong Suk Scenario)

Genre: romance, fluff, comedy

Word count: 2 055

Warning:  none

Summary: A drama-like meeting.

You went back to the hotel, dead tired from all the walking around the city. Seoul was surely exciting and full of life, but you were exhausted and all you could think of was a nice bath in your nice hotel room, an episode of whatever drama was on TV while enjoying the luxury of having room-service in a five stars hotel.

Stepping inside the hotel drew you some curious looks which made you blush as you fumbled for your phone. Your shorts and simple t-shirt surely didn’t match the hotel’s image, nor did the dusty sneakers or backpack full of trinkets. Thank God you had the roaming services activated and were able to call your friend.

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I Have Questions

Dean x Reader
Rating: idk there’s some cursing
Summary: Dean is a jerk and he disappeared. I listened to a song basically made myself cry and wrote it down. The title came from the title of the song.
Warnings: angst, language, drinking
Word Count: Like 500 words. It’s a drabble so like super duper short.
Authors note: My first time writing angst so it’s terrible please be gentle. I know you’re used to smut from me but I’m trying something new.
Tagging: @nighttimenoodle

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Cooking together gone horribly wrong KuroMahi?!? Pweese

KuroMahi {1: Cooking Together Go Horribly Wrong}

“You know this is going to end horribly, right?” Kuro looked at the arrangement of cookware before him like they were complicated surgical tools. Behind him, Mahiru chuckled as he tied an apron around Kuro’s waist. He was glad that Mahiru couldn’t see how nervous he was. Kuro was many things but a cook wasn’t one of them. “Do I really need to learn?”

“Yes, you do.” Mahiru said simply and Kuro knew that there was no point in further arguing with him. It was easier to give into him than to continue because he knew he couldn’t change his mind. Even though Kuro didn’t argue further, Mahiru added. “What if something happens to me and I can’t cook for you?”

“That won’t happen. I won’t let anyone hurt to you” Despite how he was the Servamp of Sloth, there was little he wouldn’t do to protect Mahiru. There was a conviction in Kuro’s voice that made Mahiru smile. No matter what they went through, he knew he could rely on Kuro but there some scenarios he worried about. Mainly, when it came to Kuro taking care of himself.

“I know you’ll always protect me but there’s not much you can do against the common cold. I don’t want a repeat of last time.” When he became sick last week, Kuro took care of him and asked Lily to make some soup for Mahiru. But Kuro ate nothing but instant noodles that week. When he got better, Mahiru spent a good hour lecturing him about having a healthy diet and Kuro pointed out that he didn’t know how to cook.

So, the simple solution was to teach him but he knew that Kuro would never learn for himself. Mahiru chose his words slyly. “If I get sick again, I’m going to worry about you while I’m in bed. I can’t focus on getting better if I’m worrying about you. At least learn simple things like making an omelette and mixed vegetables that you can have with rice. Please, learn for me, Kuro.”

“Fine. But if I get a battle wound from cooking, you need to kiss it better.” Kuro relented and Mahiru nodded with a bright smile. Even if he was reluctant, the fact that he was willing to learn was more than enough for Mahiru. He placed a hand on his shoulder and stood on his toes to kiss Kuro’s cheek.

“You fight vampires almost daily. I’m sure you can handle a kitchen knife.” Mahiru said confidently and turned back to the kitchen island. He had already taken out everything they needed and he pushed a bowl of eggs in front of Kuro. “Wash your hands and we can get started. Making an omelette is simple. First, we crack two eggs into the mixing bowl. Just be careful to not let any shell pieces fall in.”

Mahiru broke an egg and it looked simple enough to Kuro. He took the delicate egg Mahiru held out to him and, being as careful as he could, he tapped the egg against the bowl to crack it. It broke in his hand and yoke spilled onto his hand. “It’s okay, Kuro, don’t look so disappointed. Just be gentler the next time.”

His voice was calm and patient as he took a towel and wiped the yoke from Kuro’s hand. Feeling Mahiru’s light touch, Kuro couldn’t help but worry more. He never bothered with cooking because he didn’t think it suited someone like him. While Mahiru’s hands were kind and light, his did nothing but fight for the last century. He wanted to give up already but he told Mahiru that he would try.

“Let’s try again. Tap it just enough to crack it so you’ll be able to separate them cleanly.” Mahiru instructed and he saw Kuro look hesitant for a moment. He wrapped his arms around Kuro from behind and took his hand. Kuro knew that Mahiru only had the purest of intentions but his heart still quickened. Mahiru guided his hand and cracked the egg open with him. “See, it wasn’t that hard.”

His breath brushed his neck and Kuro flushed deeply. He accidentally tightened his hand around the egg too much and it broke in his hand. Mahiru frowned and went to wipe his hand again. “What happened Kuro? Breaking a bunch of eggs won’t get you out of learning how to cook so don’t waste them.”

“I’m pretty sure the second egg casualty was your fault.” Kuro mumbled with a blush. Mahiru raised a brow at him but Kuro knew that he couldn’t explain why to him. Sometimes he had to wonder if he knew that effect he had on him but, looking at his kind eyes, he knew that wasn’t the case. Kuro took another egg and quickly changed the topic. “Whatever. I think I can do this now.”

“Okay,” Mahiru moved to stand beside him again and their arms brushed in the small kitchen. The egg slipped from Kuro’s hand and it exploded on the ground. There was a silence until Mahiru groaned. “I’ll get something to wipe it up.”

One after the other, Kuro found a way to crush or break the eggs. Mahiru was beginning to believe that he was cursed but he tried to stay patient. He had to learn how to cook for himself at an early age and he remembered making a lot of mistakes too. But he could tell that Kuro’s problem was more than his inexperience and wondered what was bothering him.

Kuro tried to concentrate of reining in his strength but he couldn’t focus on the egg with Mahiru was standing so close to him. When another egg broke, Mahiru sighed. “Kuro, can you get more eggs from the fridge while I throw away these egg shells?”

“That, I know I can do.” Kuro said and went to take out the carton of eggs. He placed them on the island and he knew that Mahiru would only become more frustrated with him if he continued embarrassing himself. He took one of the eggs and cautiously tried to crack it again. But it broke haphazardly and egg shells ended up in the bowl. “Damn vampire strength. Why can’t I just be gentle?”

He mumbled the words, not intending for anyone to hear him. But Mahiru did and he cupped his face. Firmly, he forced Kuro to look down at him.

“Is that what this about? You’re worrying too much and it’s making you a clumsy fool. I know you’re strong but you never had a problem controlling it. You don’t break the buttons when you’re playing video games.” Kuro still looked doubtful so he took his hand and pressed it against his cheek. “You’ve always been gentle with me. So, I know you can do something as simple as cracking an egg.”

“You have more confidence in me than I do.” Kuro laughed weakly. But he didn’t want to betray the trust in Mahiru’s eyes so he tried again.

A moment of silence for all the egg casualty in this fanfic because Mahiru unintentionally flusters Kuro :P It didn’t end terribly messy but I don’t think Mahiru will let that happen. 

[Send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write a short fic for you]

102. You and Dean are often married while undercover.

A/N: This is longer than my history analysis paper was and took me a quarter of the time to write. I guess I really like Dean. Or really hate history. Or both. Both is good.

Word count: 1590


“So, where are you two from? I don’t recognize you,” the older man asks, giving the both of them a warm smile.

Dean turns on his charm, setting his smile to melt-any-woman-in-the-vicinity-to-a-puddle mode. She swears she feels his cheeks heat up right then and there.

“Well, I was on a business trip to New York,” Dean explains, looping an arm around her waist to pull her into his side. “And just happened on her in a coffee shop next to my hotel.”

“He left out the part where he watched me leave that same hotel and then followed me to the coffee shop,” she tacks on, making the older man laugh. “But he was good-looking, so I let it slide.”

“Well, we are very glad to have such a young couple at this auction. We don’t see many your age interested in this line of work,” the man tells them. “It’s refreshing and heartening.”

“Thank you, Mr. Vizard,” she smiles at him, then looks up to Dean.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I do believe the auction will be starting soon,” he makes his excuse and then departs, leaving her standing beside Dean with a coy smile.

“Coffee shop, this time, huh?” she murmurs, taking two glasses of champagne from a waitress walking by. She extends one to him before taking a sip from her own.

“Gotta make things interesting somehow,” he grins, tucking a loose tendril from her updo behind her ear.

“Yeah, somehow meeting during an autopsy isn’t as romantic as stalking me to a coffee shop,” she remarks, reaching up to fix his tie as it had loosened some.

“Hey, I didn’t get to choose when I met you, otherwise I would’ve been a lot more romantic,” he says defensively.

“Hey, Mr. And Mrs. Frey, stop bickering. The auction is about to start,” Sam cuts them off as he walks up to them.

“Find anything out?” Dean asks quietly, looking to his brother, who was dressed similarly to him in a stunning suit and tie.

“All of the property is being stored in the west wing until the end of the auction. The only people allowed back there are people who have purchased an item from the sale,” Sam gives them a briefing.

“So we have to buy something,” she states, looking between the two of them. “Why not buy the locket outright rather than worry about convincing someone to hand it over?”

“The locket is one of the premier sale items,” Sam states, and she grunts in frustration. “They’re going to have a tight ship running tonight, especially for the locket. It’s going to be expensive.”

“How expensive?” Dean returns, sliding his thumb across the open space at the small of her back.

Her dress was backless, so she could feel every single inch of flesh that touched her.

“Too expensive,” Sam tells his brother, and she bites the inside of her cheek as she tried to think of a way out.

“How about the fake out-make out?” she finally asks, her cheeks flushing slightly as she thought about it.

“Which is?” Sam raises an eyebrow.

“Well…” she trails off and then exhales before continuing. “Like Dean and I go off to the west wing to make out, get the locket, and when we get caught and kicked out, take it with us.”

“There are guards watching the west wing,” Sam tells her.

“Could you distract them long enough for us to get through?” Dean asks, and Sam makes a face.

“It would only be a few minutes at most,” he tells them, and she grins.

“That’s all the time we need,” she nods, taking Dean’s hand.

“Well then, we have a plan,” Dean gives a smile, circling his arm around her waist.

“Okay, we should wait until the auction starts so there’s less people to see us,” Sam murmurs, and she nods before taking Dean’s hand and leading him to the small dance floor that was currently occupied by several couples.

“Might as well have some fun while we wait,” she grins, looping her arms around his neck as his fell to her waist and they began to sway slowly.

“You look gorgeous right now, Mrs. Frey,” he says quietly, and she smiles at him.

“And you’re just as handsome, Mr. Frey,” she returns, pressing close to him. “But you know what?”

“What?” he returns in a low voice, feeling her body press to his and feeling every curve of her against him.

“I’d much rather be Mrs. Winchester,” she says quietly, placing a quick kiss to his lips before pulling away from him.

“The auction will be beginning in moments, ladies and gentlemen. Please find your seats,” she hears the older man from earlier say into a microphone, and she looks at Dean with a coy grin.

She knows that her words have gotten into him by the way he’s watching her. He takes her hand and carefully moves the both of them back toward the west wing, where they find Sam waiting.

“Ready?” Sam asks, and she nods.

He sets off on his mission, and within a few moments she and Dean are in the west wing, searching through the mountains of property for the cursed locket that’s been killing people.

“Got it,” she finally says, and Dean looks over before quickly making his way to her. “Handkerchief, please.”

He fishes it out of his pocket, watching her wrap the cursed item carefully so that she didn’t touch it.

“How are we going to get it out?” he asks as she bundles it up tightly so that it won’t come lose.

“Lucky for you, I’m good at hiding things in my bra,” she tells him, watching his eyebrows shoot upwards.

“What if it touches you?” he asks, and she conceals a grunt of frustration.

“Do you have a better place to hide it?” she asks, catching his olive toned gaze. “I’m sure they’ll pat us down to make sure we aren’t stealing anything. Boobs are a no-no zone, especially for esteemed guests.”

“God damn it, how did I find you?” he groans, pulling her close before pressing a kiss to her lips. “So sexy and smart, too. You’re the whole package, Sweetheart.”

“You found me in a coroner’s office, during an autopsy,” she reminds him, slipping the cursed object into her dress just as she heard footsteps coming their way. Her gaze shoots to the door they had come through. “Kiss me, and make it believable, Mr. Winchester.”

She tugs on his tie and pulls him close, leaning back against the wall as she loosened the top two buttons of his shirt.

His hands lift to her, one wrapping around the back of her neck and the other sliding up the slit on her dress to rest against her hip.

“Of course, Mrs. Winchester,” he purrs, and her body melts into him instantly.

For good measure, she lifts her leg around his hip, sinking one hand into his hair while the other looped around his back and pulled him close, so his chest pressed to hers.

She kisses him hard just as she hears the door open.

“You two aren’t supposed to be in here,” one of the guards says immediately, and she pulls away from Dean with a flustered expression.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” she babbles. “I didn’t know, I thought we could just get somewhere secluded real quick and then-”

“If you could follow us this way,” the second guard says, giving her a disapproving look. “I’m sorry, but you two are going to have to leave the premises immediately.”

“But we were going to buy something from the auction,” she tries, but she can tell that she doesn’t get through to him.

“Sorry, ma'am, but the Thompsons were rather… Conservative,” the first guard says. “I don’t believe that they’d want someone like you two in possession of their goods.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just-”

“Babe, it’s okay,” Dean states, and she looks to him with wide eyes to sell the believability. “It’s okay. We should go.”

“If you could give us your names so we might inform Mr. Vizard of your departure?” the guard asks as he escorts them to the door.

“Mr. and Mrs. Frey,” Dean says for her, and the guards nod as they hold the doors open. “I apologize for this, but perhaps you two might make it to another auction when you’re able to put certain needs aside in a public setting.”

“Yes, sir,” she looks down as they shut the doors, but her gaze flickers back up to Dean quickly.

“That was easy,” she murmurs, looking up as Sam slipped out the door they had just come from.

“You get it?” he asks, and she nods before pulling the object out of her dress.

“Easy as pie,” Dean says as they walk back to Baby, popping the trunk open to place the locket into the special curse box they had made for it.

“Mr. Vizard was looking for you two at the beginning of the auction,” Sam informs them as he closes the trunk. “I told him that you two had stepped out for a moment and he smiled.”

“And what did he say?” she asks as she crawls into the backseat carefully, trying not to flash anything from her dress.

They get settled in before Sam answers her.

“He said, ‘Ah, young love. I remember when I first got married.’ And then he winked at me and started the auction without you two.”