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move like you want | (m)

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pairing: kim taehyung x reader
genre/warnings: smut, explicit descriptions of sex, fingering, oral, dirty talk
words: 7,960
summary: where you meet the gaze of an incredibly attractive red head at a music bar and one thing leads to another…

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“Caught Up” (Yugyeom Smut)

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Title: Caught Up

Featuring: Yugyeom (GOT7) X Noona Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17

Summary: After giving Yugyeom an eyeful of your slinky undergarments, you use the incident as fodder to tease him, but the tease might have gone too far this time.

Requested by anon! I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this, but here we go!


That sing-songy voice rang out across the room and sent a cringe through your body. You absolutely hated when Yugyeom called you that, even though it was accurate. You were older than him, sure, but he had a way of teasing you about it that dug at you. You wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off his face when he said it.

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anonymous asked:

I NEED YOUR HELP PLSSSS. IM DYING FOR SOME FLUFF AND CAN I PLEASE HAVE RFA AND SAERAN WITH BEING LOCKED IN A CLOSE QUARTERS WITH MC? It can be like seven minutes in heaven or just locked in a closet or small room and there's so much tension;) and things happen oleaseeeeeeeeee you're amazinggggg thankssss


also im sorry if this sucks because my laptop deleted this and i had to rush a little bit to finish it before work

RFA+Saeran and MC Get Locked in


  • You two were just chillin in his dorm room for a few hours before deciding it was time to go home
  • When you make your way to the door and try to open it, it wouldn’t budge
  • So he tries to open it before realizing that you’re both locked in
  • The poor lil bean immediately starts to freak out
  • How did this happen? Is this a prank? Who did this? How long are we gonna be locked in here?
  • bby calm down pls shhh its ok
  • While he’s having a mental breakdown, you kinda just plop down on his bed and start watching a movie
  • It takes like a solid ten minutes to calm him down and convince him to join you
  • He makes his way over to you and you immediately curl up next to him
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You’re cuddling up next to him and he can’t take it
  • He’s about to go into cardiac arrest
  • Secretly thanks the universe for doing this lol


  • You stayed late with him during one of his rehearsals
  • As he finished, he met you in his dressing room and was gushing about how well the rehearsal went
  • You smile as you hand him a water bottle and towel before getting ready to leave until you hear a *click*
  • Zen heads to the door to try and open it but it was locked
  • “Uh… I guess they didn’t know we were here…” He says as he laughs awkwardly
  • You’re really tired and hungry and your phones are dead so you just sit on the floor and sigh in defeat
  • He feels really bad about the whole situation but he manages to find some chocolates that his fans gave him
  • As you’re eating them, he sits down next to you and you both just start talking about whatever comes to mind while cuddling
  • It’s actually really nice and peaceful
  • The crew finds you two sleeping on the floor next to each other the next morning lol


  • You were helping Jaehee clean up the cafe after closing time
  • It was really late and you were both exhausted from the busy day
  • As you’re cleaning the storage room with Jaehee, the door closes
  • She kinda just yawns and tries to open the door before realizing it was locked
  • When she reaches for the keys in her pocket, she starts freaking out because she left the keys outside
  • So now you’re both locked in for who knows how long
  • She starts apologizing like crazy but you tell her that everything’s fine and you don’t mind at all
  • I mean it’s baehee after all this is heaven to you lol
  • You both sit on the ground and wait and see if someone at work will notice
  • In the meantime, you both just start talking and giggling about the situation
  • It’s about an hour later when a coworker, finds you two holding hands and being all cute and smiley and awwwwwww


  • The RFA was having an after party to celebrate
  • Tbh some of them had a little too much to drink so obviously Seven needed to take advantage of this and have fun
  • He suggests playing 7 minutes in heaven
  • is that a pun lol
  • Of course this is Seven he’s got tricks up his sleeves and has rigged the game
  • When the bottle lands on you, you get nervous
  • You swear you see Seven’s glasses glint
  • The bottle lands on Jumin
  • You two are immediately shoved into a nearby closet and you’re ready to pass out bc omg Jumin
  • “YOU BETTER THANK ME WHEN THIS IS OVER MC!”- 707 the wingman, everybody
  • Jumin is confused for a second
  • “Why would you need to thank him?”
  • You start blushing and stuttering and
  • The man fucking smirks
  • Before you say anything, you takes your face in his hands and crashes his lips to yours


  • You went over to his house to hang and watch movies and look at memes
  • It was really fun for a while but you decided to leave since it was getting late and you had work the next morning
  • Seven was not having it
  • He wanted you to stay longer and give him more cuddles
  • All. The. Cuddles.
  • He’s literally clinging to your leg like a koala as you try to walk out
  • As cute and endearing as it is, you really need to go home
  • When he realizes that not even his cuteness was working on you, he kinda just
  • Locks you in his bedroom
  • And this boi has got state-of-the-art security systems so there’s literally no escape whatsoever
  • You’re about to yell but he’s giving you these puppy dog eyes and gahhhhh you are forced decide to stay with him
  • You end up staying there for the night and he’s super happy about that


  • Everyone was just hanging out and having a good time when someone mentions the game
  • You don’t know whose idea it was but you found yourself sitting at a table with everyone else
  • Unfortunately, you had to spin the bottle first
  • As you’re watching it spin, you start freaking out bc omg if it lands on Saeran you’re gonna-
  • It lands on Saeran
  • You’re shoved into a closet with him and you’re pretty much trying to put as much space between you two as possible
  • But oh man Saeran is enjoying this
  • He slowly makes his way over to you and you can feel his warm breath on your face
  • “Something tells me that seven minutes isn’t going to be enough”
  • He pushes you against the wall and starts making out with you
  • rip me oh my life what i wouldn’t give for this
Girls Like Me (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: You and Ethan send each other the cutest snapchats, but what do they mean to both of you?

Warnings: None, unless you’re allergic to FLUFF.

A/N: SO YOU GUYS. This was meant to be a really quick one shot and it turned into a 13-page story? Who knows. This is, however, going to be THE BEGINNING OF A SERIES OF ONE SHOTS about the twins and their lip sync snapchats! The first one is an actual snap from Ethan, but the rest were invented for the sake of the story. All song lyrics are in italics. I’m working on the next one, which will be a Grayson one. I hope you enjoy this! I wrote it in one sitting so it’s probably not great, but let me know what you think!

He was such a show off.

He had dyed a streak of his hair blue, and even though it was fading now, it drew attention to the fact that it hung lazily over his hazel eyes. His blue tank top faintly matched it. He was chewing gum as he lip synced to the song playing on the radio in his twin brother’s car, waving his phone around in time with the music. You recognized the song after a moment or two.

Lookin’ back,

I guess it was a kind of hazy -

Got me caught up and frustrated in love.

Lookin’ back -”

The video cut off.

It was a Snapchat update from user EthanDolan and you had to decide if you were impressed or not, seeing as it was sent specifically to you, and not posted on his story.

You met Ethan and Grayson about a year ago when you and your family moved to L.A. You were behind Grayson in line at the Nike store when he struck up a conversation with you. He was friendly and sweet, and he made you laugh. The girl behind the counter actually had to clear her throat a few times and pipe up with an annoyed “sir?” before the two of you realized you were holding up the line.

He waited for you while you made your purchase and the two of you walked out of the store together after sharing a laugh. A boy that looked just like Grayson was standing on the sidewalk. His hair was longer and shaggier and he had a bright blue streak in his hair. He had on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. He raised an eyebrow and looked a little surprised to see someone by his twin brother’s side. He locked eyes with you, and you felt a bolt of electricity spike down your back when his gaze met yours. He looked you up and down as he stood, unmoving and the two of you approached him.

“E, this is (Y/N), she just moved here. We should show her around!”

The boy Grayson addressed as ‘E’ simply shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets, kicking off the wall he was leaning against.

“Sure, the more the merrier,” he offered. And so the three of you spent the day together, and the following weekend, and many more to come.

You had grown close with Grayson. He was like a big brother: protective, supportive, encouraging and loving. But Ethan? Ethan always seemed out of reach. You always tried to get close to him, but he put up a barrier, defensively reverting to humor whenever something got serious between the two of you. You tried to tell him about an argument you once had with your dad that really shook you and he made a daddy joke, and left, quickly.

Whenever Grayson was around, Ethan was probably there too. It seemed he didn’t mind your presence as long as Grayson was there to act as a buffer. The two of you were almost never alone together, and sometimes, when you would invite both the twins out, only Grayson would show up. You even put in effort to get to know Ethan on his own, but he rarely reciprocated.

The only conclusion you could come to was that Ethan was uncomfortable around you. It hurt you a little since you and Grayson were so close and Grayson was so close with his brother. You wanted the three of you to have a good friendship, but Ethan apparently wouldn’t allow it to happen.

Until one day, when you received a random snapchat from Ethan.

It was pretty unassuming. Just him lip syncing to that song. It made you chuckle because he was so overdramatic. You checked to see if it was on his story, and it wasn’t. This was a little weird: Ethan almost never sent you snaps. It made you feel a special, as stupid and 21st century as that may seem. So you put on the same song on your computer and waited until the next part of the song came on, sending it back to him.

You say: la, la, la,

La, la, la, la.

Girls like me don’t come around anymore!

You swayed your head side-to-side with the beat, waving your phone around to the opposite sides, creating an interesting effect. You winked at the camera before ending the video and sent it to Ethan, holding your breath. He sent you back a few laughing emojis. You felt a sense of accomplishment: you’d managed to connect with Ethan on something, even if it was as trivial as a snapchat. Your heart felt swollen in your chest as you bit your lip and tossed your phone aside on your bed.

This continued for months. You’d send him a snap of you lip syncing in the car, and he’d send one back. Sometimes the two of you would finish the song together. It was like the two of you had finally picked something to bond over. Each time you saw a little purple square next to the username EthanDolan, you got a little excited and couldn’t keep that smile from tugging at your lips. The two of you would act them out and definitely ham it up for each other.

You paid close attention to the songs that he would choose. They weren’t incredibly popular - never songs that were overplayed on the radio. They were mostly upbeat and positive. Some of them were older songs - songs that had lived their lives on the radio and moved onto dead, no-longer-clicked Spotify playlists. You knew almost all of them, and you always sent a similar song back to him - mostly girly pop-punk songs that were about being angry at your boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever.

You had a good thing going.

And then one day it got weird.

You’d opened the snap to see Ethan, not goofing around as he normally did, but just singing to the camera. If you’d have been together, he would’ve been staring deep into your eyes. That didn’t bother you, but the song choice shook you a bit.

She a cutie and she fine,

Make me wanna make her mine,

She ain’t nothin’ like those bimbos.

If you like it, we can swerve,

We can light and stain up here,

Blowing, pluck it out the window.

What a weird part to send me…’ You thought to yourself as you watched it. It wasn’t a hook or a chorus, it wasn’t a particularly memorable part of the song, and the song was pretty used at this point. You blinked as the video ended, wondering what to do with it. You decided to put the song on and sing part of the second verse. He watched it and didn’t reply, which only confused you more.

A few days went by before your next snapchat arrived.

Hey baby, won’t you look my way?

I can be your new addiction.

Hey baby, whatchu gotta say?

All you’re giving me is fiction.”

It was cute. He was in the passenger seat of Grayson’s truck and he had on a grey tank top. He was wearing a white snapback hat and he winked at the end of the short clip. You almost threw your phone in shock. You checked to see if it was on his story - he sometimes posted them, especially the more flirty ones - but it wasn’t there. You weren’t sure how to react to this, and you weren’t sure why it had given you butterflies.

You decided to respond with the chorus, which was pretty harmless and really catchy. You head banged along to the music, over exaggerating your enthusiasm and ended the video with a giggle. Ethan watched it as the purple arrow turned into a white one. He sent back a smiley face. You left your phone resting on your chest as you replayed the snap in your head. Why couldn’t you stop smiling? Why were you giggling thinking about the way Ethan had winked at the camera - at you? Why did it make your heart pound against your ribs and your face get hot?

Later that night, you got another snapchat from EthanDolan. You touched the purple square and listened to the music that rang from the small speaker at the bottom of your phone, still sporting that smile that was only for these moments.

Ooh, pretty baby,

This world might’ve gone crazy.

The way you saved me,

Who could blame me,

When I just wanna make you smile.

It was again, oddly specific, but you did love the song. You turned it on from your iTunes library and sang along with it as you snapped Ethan back the rap towards the end of the song.

Baby, you’re classic,

baby, you’re sick.

I never met a girl like you ever til we met.

A star in the 40s,

Centerfold in the 50s,

Got me trippin’ out like 60s,


You did your best to make it as funny as you could, knowing Ethan would enjoy it, but once you sent it, you were surprised to see you had another snap waiting. You opened it immediately.


Pick you up

In a


Like a



Glamour back,

Keep it real to real with the way I feel:

I could walk you down the aisle.

You stared at the screen, one hand covering your mouth. He hadn’t kept eye contact at all during the video, using fun angles and acting like a general goof until the last two lines where he looked directly into the screen, as if staring you down the way he did earlier: ‘Keep it real to real with the way I feel: I could walk you down the aisle.’

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” You shouted to no one in particular, running your hand through your hair swiftly. You looked at your reflection in your mirror. Your cheeks were pink and you looked like a spooked horse, your hair sticking out in odd directions after that rough tug. He had gone out of his way to send you that specific part of the song. You put down your phone and stared at it for a long time to see if Ethan sent anything else.

He didn’t.

The following day, you were meeting Grayson for lunch. Ethan had already declined the offer and said that he had plans. It hardly surprised you. For a few days there, you had forgotten about Ethan’s lack of interest in you or the friendship you had to offer.

After lunch, on your way back to your house, Grayson had the radio blaring and you decided to send a lip syncing snapchat to Ethan, like you always did.

If I could find you now, things would get better.

We could leave this town and run forever.

Let your waves crash down on me and take me

Away, yeah, yeah.

You made sure to include Grayson in the video, tossing an arm around him as you sang the song, him mouthing the words right along with you. You pressed a quick kiss to his cheek as you’d done millions of times at the end of the video, smiling to yourself as you sent it. You waited to see what he would send back, imagining all the goofy things he could do with this song. The purple triangle turned white.

And that was it.

You never got a response.

You waited for hours, for the rest of the night. You knew he had seen it, snapchat didn’t lie. Had you done something wrong? Was he just not interested anymore in laying a foundation for a friendship? Why did this suddenly feel different? Maybe he’d gotten bored, and didn’t want to continue the silly exchange with you. How could something so stupid turn into something so important?

You wondered why it made you hurt so bad on the inside, why it made you cry so much and so hard. You wondered why you bothered telling Grayson what happened, explaining your weird ritual with Ethan to him, and you wondered why Gray had sighed and said: “Let me talk to him.”

The next morning, Grayson called you, a little too early for your liking. You groaned into the microphone as he laughed.

“Just come over later. Whenever you’re ready to be up. Okay?” You let out a grunt in agreement and Grayson ended the call. You dropped your phone onto the floor as your arm hung over the side of the bed, almost immediately falling back asleep.

When you woke up, you did so in a flurry. You sat bolt upright in your bed and realized you had fallen back asleep for what was probably hours. You quickly sprang out of bed and got ready, taking a note of your record time as you ran out the door.

You grabbed your longboard and made your way to the twins’ apartment, which was entirely downhill of your house, making the ride easy and breezy. Your unbuttoned dark purple flannel blew in the wind behind you as your black crop top fluttered against your stomach. Your flat converse low-tops made it easy for your feet to stick to the board and your ripped jeans had a little give to them which allowed you to slalom down the hill easily. You had thrown on a matching grey snapback and you checked your phone quickly, not wanting to fall.

It had been three hours since Grayson had called you, closing in on three and a half now as you made your way to their place. You bit your lip nervously, remembering that Gray had promised to talk to Ethan, although the exchange was so cryptic that you could barely justify why you let him. You let out an odd, unattractive groan as you rounded the corner and let yourself glide across the threshold of the apartment complex. You felt more and more awkward as you approached their building.

As you rolled up beside it, you hopped off your board, running next to it for a second before picking it up, holding it close to you as you walked toward their door. You raised a hand to knock, but the door opened before you could, surprising you.

You jumped as the door swung open to reveal the boy with the blue streak.

Your heart halted in your chest as the two of you stared at each other, you with wide eyes and him with the same bored expression he always wore around you, but only for a moment. When saw that you looked a little nervous, he cracked a smile and held the door open for you. You left your board by the front door and walked in.

“I talked to Grayson…” he began, running his hand through his hair before turning back to face you, making you freeze by the kitchen counter. You tried to think of words, but suddenly, you didn’t speak English anymore. Or any other language, for that matter. All you could remember how to say was:


Ethan’s eyes seemed to bore holes into you as he approached you, slowly, taking his time. You backed away from him, and the intensity of his stare until the cold marble of the counter bumped the small of your back. It surprised you, making you jump again. He didn’t stop advancing. You nearly climbed the counter at the sight of him. You weren’t sure why you were so nervous. It wasn’t like he was going to hurt you.

Actually, his gaze seemed to convey quite the opposite, but that had to be your eyes playing tricks on you…right?

He had you pinned against the counter, with one hand on either side of your waist, holding the cool stone in his hands. You looked up at him, eyes still wide open like you wanted them to fall out of your head. You bit your lip as he got closer to you.

“Yeah, he told me you were upset I never sent you a snapchat back yesterday, and that you didn’t know why that upset you so much.” You could feel the flame of a dark blush creeping up your neck to your cheeks as you raised a hand to rub the back of your neck. You looked away from him, down to your shoes and the space in between the two of you, now watching it close as he got even closer.

“I guess…” You offered quietly, your voice cracking. Ethan was intimidating, but this was a whole new level. You heard him chuckle.

“(Y/N), do you know why I never let you get close to me?”

The question immediately made you raise your head to look at him, one eyebrow raised. Was this really the time for that question? You blinked at him.

“Uhh…” He cut you off. There was very little distance between the two of you now. You doubted you could fit a playing card between the two of you. He had you pressed against the counter, and his chest pressed against yours. You could feel his warm breath on your face and smell his cologne. The scent made you a little dizzy.

“It’s because my brother met you first. I would never overstep him on a girl he met first.”

Your other eyebrow went up.

“Ethan, what are you talking about?” He only smiled at you, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear, seemingly admiring your face.

“I was waiting for Gray to make his move on you.”

If they weren’t connected to your brain, your eyes would’ve fallen out of your head.

“YOU WHAT?!” You were shouting now, which made Ethan laugh out loud, letting his head fall back as he did.

“I was waiting for Gray to make a move on you. He met you first, it would’ve been only fair. But he talked to me last night and I finally confronted him about it. He said he’d never make a move on you and he didn’t feel that way about you.” Your heart must’ve been buzzing like a hummingbird because you could hear it in your ears and it had never pounded this fast in your entire life.

“What does that have to do with you ignoring me?” You asked, looking back up to him. He smiled and you thought that if he hadn’t had you pinned to that counter, your legs would’ve given out from underneath you.

“It’s relevant because I’ve had a thing for you since he introduced me to you. But I thought he did too because of how close you guys are. And Gray is kind of shy when it comes to girls, so I knew he’d take forever to make a move on you anyway. So I backed off. But I found myself falling harder and harder for you. I couldn’t even be in a room with you without getting lost in thoughts of you.” He shrugged and picked up one hand to push his hair back. “So I pulled away. I wanted to give Gray a chance. But I couldn’t pull away completely. That’s when we started our little snapchat exchange.”

Somehow, Ethan took another step closer. You felt your mouth become dry and your head light. It was all starting to come together. All of it made much more sense now.

“So I tried to send you clues - hints about how I felt about you. Each song meant something to me. They reflected how I felt about you.” You bit your lip and looked up at him as he turned his head away slightly and you could see he was blushing. Everything made sense to you now. Everything. It all fell into place. It all felt right.

“Ethan, I feel the same way…”

He snapped his head to look at you. Now it was his turn to be surprised.

“What?” He asked quietly, sounding incredulous.

“Ethan, why do you think I got so upset when you didn’t respond to me? It’s just a stupid fucking snapchat? I spent the whole night sobbing. I thought I had ruined everything we had, even if everything we had was just some childish ritual. It made my day, every day. I always looked forward to it, because it was ours. When I thought I had done something to ruin it…” you almost choked on your words. “I couldn’t handle it.”

He looked down at you as you teared a little, bringing a hand to rest on your jaw, his fingers splayed against your neck gently as his thumb stroked your cheek.

“I thought you and Grayson had finally become official, so I backed off…” he explained, his eyes searching your own. You chuckled through your watery eyes.

“In his dreams,” you joked. Ethan smiled.

“Definitely in mine…” he whispered.

You almost felt sick you were so euphoric. Realizing your feelings for Ethan was a rollercoaster, but you were on it with him now and he was sitting right next to you, hands in the air, screaming and laughing and having the time of your lives. You reached up and held Ethan’s wrist as he pulled you into him.

Your lips touched and you felt actual fireworks explode in your ears, your forearms, your chest, everywhere. He now held the back of your head as he kissed you, his thumb under your ear, your hands sitting at his waist. It was long and slow and complete. Neither of you wanted to rush the feeling you both were experiencing. You felt like a completed work of art. Your lips collided over and over again in supernovas that felt as if they’d go on forever. You had just experienced the big bang all over again.

“Can I come out now?”

You heard a familiar voice from one of the bedrooms and it disrupted the two of you. Ethan turned and you looked around him to see Grayson standing in the hallway, waving awkwardly. You both smiled and Ethan pulled you into him, tossing an arm around your neck protectively.

“What do you say, (Y/N), should we let him out now?” Ethan asked. His eyes were dancing with the same spark you’d felt, shining full of stardust. You couldn’t help but beam at him.

“I suppose, if he’s okay with serious PDA, that is…” you replied, looking back up at him as he looked down at you with a growing smile. He leaned down and kissed you again with the same slow, careful attention. You reached up to rest your hand on his cheek, fingertips resting gently against his skin.

“Okay, ew?” Grayson said, and the two of you broke into giggles against each others’ lips. “Can we all just like, go out in public so I can eat without having to look at you two sucking face?” He asked, though he had a smile on his face as well.

“Nah, I think I’m gonna take my girl on a date, what do you say, (Y/N)?” You bit your lip and smiled as Ethan pulled you close and kissed the top of your head.

“I’d like that,” you replied quietly as the two of you headed for the door.

“What am I supposed to do?!” Grayson yelped as Ethan grabbed his keys off the counter and you grabbed your board.

“ORDER PIZZA,” you both shouted together before Ethan slammed the door shut.

Grayson looked down at his feet, feeling a little dejected. You opened the door and poked your head back in, smiling.

“Come on,” you said with a giggle. He beamed and followed you out the door.

The three of you went for a casual dinner, you in the front seat of Ethan’s car, taking goofy snapchats as you all sang along to the radio.

“She knows me so well,

It’s crazy when I think about it.”


Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! Here’s a new story for you because I love you all immensely! It’s fluffy and it’s daddy!harry and it’s all for you guys. <3 <3


He had gotten up and left the house early that morning. It had been quite a long time since Harry had been able to go to the gym and get a decent workout in, because he was constantly busy between working on his album, finishing the movie, being a husband and taking care of your 10-month-old daughter. Going the gym had kind of been put on the back burner in favor of spending as much time with the two of you as he possibly could.

Not that he minded; before he had become a father, he never would have been able to imagine just how much he loved having a little girl. He had always liked kids, of course, and had wanted one of his own since before you had even met him, but the gross amount of love he had for his baby girl was almost unfathomable. He would be perfectly content never leaving the house again, if he thought he could get away with it.

Today was Valentine’s Day. The moment your daughter’s little voice had come over the baby monitor that morning, babbling away and finally calling out with a tiny little, “Dada?”, Harry had been up and into the nursery to get her. Hearing her say his name was still a novelty for him; it had only been a few weeks since she had learned to say it and Harry’s heart still jumped every time she called for him. She wasn’t walking yet – not without assistance from one of you - but one step at a time…literally.

His little girl was big-eyed and smiley by the time Harry got to her room. She was now able to pull herself into a standing position using the bars of her crib and she was bouncing up and down on her heels when she saw Harry enter.

“Good morning, lovebug,” he said, voice raspy from just waking up.

“Dada!” she replied, pointing at him. As soon as she lifted one hand from the crib, she lost her balance and toppled back down into a seated position on her mattress.

“Oops, careful there,” Harry laughed, reaching in to lift her up into his arms, “Can daddy have a kiss?”

She clasped her hands around his neck and gave him a very dramatic, very wet kiss on the cheek. Harry chuckled and returned the kiss, wiping the baby slobber from his skin.

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I Don’t Dance - Jughead x Reader

A/N — This isn’t a request, but I’ve been having some inspiration lately to write this little Jughead x Reader for a while now. So I hope you enjoy this because it’s going to be some cute fluffy, flustered Jug!

Words: 1120

Warnings: None

(Y/N) , (H/C) , (E/C) , (F/C) — Your name, hair colour, eye colour, your favourite colour.

English. Wasn’t your favourite school subject, but it got you through the semester. The only reason you get by in this class is your crush, Jughead Jones.  So familiar with his black hair tucked under his signature crown shaped beanie also makes you smile whenever you see him. Okay, the only downside of your friendship is that you think that’s all you’re ever going to be.

Friends. Or so I thought.

You see, you and Jughead have always had this thing. Since you met in middle school, you’ve had a thing with passing notes through class to each other. Sure, it was pretty childish, but since you two both are it makes their day somehow.

She sat there quietly in her seat. The teacher’s words slowly fading into the back of her mind as she focuses on her sketches in her English book. Something snapped (Y/N) suddenly out of daze. She looked up from her desk to find a smirking Jughead looking at her from the seat in front.

Of course, it was another one one of his notes.

(Y/N)  smirked back and fidgeted her fingers around the small piece of paper opening it carefully.

Hey there, Juliet. Daydreaming again?’

She looked up from the note, a scoff escaping her lips as Jughead bit his. She pulled out her own pen, flipping the note over and replying back to him.

‘Pfft, what? Never.’

(Y/N) folded back up the note, throwing it at the back of his head, a chuckle escaping his mouth which broke the silence in the room. A small giggle escaped hers too, but they both quickly shut up as the teacher gave them a steady glare. They quickly went back to their work, until about two minutes later another slip of paper landed on her book. She slowly once again opened it and read it carefully, a blush rising on (Y/N)’s soft cheeks.

‘Stay back behind class. I gotta talk to you.’

Jughead wrote, adding a smiley face to the back of the note. A smile crept onto her face. (Y/N) pushed her (H/C) hair back and wrote back straight away.

‘Is this an invitation or a demand, Mr Jones?’

She quickly slipped it into his hand, just as the bell for the period to end rang. The class quickly stood up from their seats, eager to head off to go home from a long stressful Monday of school. A couple minutes later, the rest of the students including the teacher left the room leaving Jughead and (Y/N) alone. He adjusted the satchel that slung over his skinny shoulder, leaning against his desk as he watched her close her bag and throw it over her shoulder.

“Hey stranger. I can see you didn’t focus in class very much.” Jughead chuckled to himself earning a glare from (Y/N).

“Hey, if it wasn’t for you passing your notes to me every five seconds I wouldn’t have gotten one of Mrs Stone’s dirty glares.” You pouted at him, standing up from your seat and walking to him.  “But seriously, it’s a Monday and I should be heading home but with your persuasion of you wanting me to stay, I’m eager for what you are going to say, Mr Jones.” You smirked at him.

“Well, I know you might have plans tonight, OR you might be going, I don’t really keep track on school events much since..y’know.” Jughead paused.

Jason.” You finished his sentence, knowing exactly what he meant.

Yeah. Anyway, if you didn’t have anyone taking you already… um, I was hoping you could go to the dance with me tonight, (Y/N)?” He looked up from the ground and gazed straight into your (E/C) eyes. It felt so strange hearing these words come out of Jug’s mouth. He never seemed like the type to go to a school dance, until now, you wondered.

The school dance was every girl’s desire at Riverdale High. Proposals in the most outrageous ways were done all around, little things from spelling it out in cupcakes to full out marching bands with the guy singing to their heart’s desire. But the way he asked her, it was simple, it was casual, it was perfect.

Wow, Juggie. I didn’t think you were a dancing kind of guy.” You nudged him playfully.

“Well, I’m not. I-I don’t dance… ever.” Jughead blushed to himself.

“Oh come on, I doubt you’ll be that bad!”  She reassured him. He just shrugged, a blush crawling onto his cheeks once again with a small smile, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his black jacket.

“Okay, well, if you accept I’ll try and give it a shot, just for you. Please?”  His green eyes stared into yours, making it your turn to now blush.

“Fine, okay, yes. Of course I’ll go with you, dork.”

In a million years, she never imagined that her crush, Jughead Jones, a dancing type, yet again a type to ask another person to a dancing event. Everyone always thought Jughead was asexual, so did you, although you kept crushing on him. Jughead smiled to himself, spinning around on his heels and walking out the door. You bit your lip closing your eyes, adjusting the strap on your bag once again and followed him out the door.

The dance was starting in about an hour. You were sitting at home finishing the final touches of your makeup and hair for the dance. It wasn’t too crazy, just simple, that’s how you enjoyed it. (Y/N) pulled into place her (F/C) dress to make herself comfortable, before looking in the mirror at herself one last time before heading downstairs. She took a deep breathe out, grabbing her clutch bag and heading out the door. As soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs, she received a message as her phone vibrated in her hand. Her eyes scanned over the message, making (Y/N) smile as she walked towards the front door and opened it, finding a smiling Jughead in a black suit standing there with of course, his famous crown shaped beanie.

“You ready to see the rest of the school grinding up against each other?” Jughead asked sarcastically, making a snort escape your mouth, soon later making him laugh too.

“Let’s do this,”  You smiled, closing the door behind you. Jughead held out a hand as an invitation or you to take. “Is this an invitation or a demand, Mr Jones?”  You smirked at him, stating a quote from earlier that day, making him smirk too. You placed your hand in his and walked to his dad’s truck parked right outside your house.

A/N — I hope you enjoyed my first imagine, I’d love to write a part 2 to this imagine as I found it so cute, so if you’re up for it please send me an ask or message! Thanks for reading!

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ok so that medical!seventeen juSt crushed my poor heart it was too soft!! if it's not too much can i request a children's gp!soonyoung falling in love with you?

jgkgfj im glad♡ and of course, here u go !!

  • u have a younger sibling who is unfortunately kinda unwell so has to go to the doctors a lot to get check ups
  • it’s always u that has to take them and care for them because ur parents are too busy but u dont mind because u love ur younger sibling so much (hard to imagine ik lmao)
  • the local surgery just got a new children’s gp and you’d been expecting some grumpy middle aged woman but u walk in w ur sibling and
  • wow
  • u never realised a gp could be so attractive
  • he leaps up beaming this massive adorable smile like “hello!!!! im dr kwon but u pls call me soonyoung,, i’ll be y/s/n’s new gp” and as u shake his hand u feel urself melt a little a lot
  • even from ur sibling’s first appointment, u know they absolutely love soonyoung as they won’t stop grinning and jiggling up and down which honestly makes u so relieved and happy
  • and then at the end of the appointment soonyoung turns to ur sibling and is like “u were super brave today!! if u promise me a smile i’ll give u a sticker, does that sound like a good deal”
  • ur sibling nods so over-enthusiastically that u can’t help but giggle
  • and then it goes quiet and u realise soonyoung is staring at u but as u look his way he quickly diverts his attention and clears his throat
  • and u think i’m pretty sure he just blushed but ?? no way
  • altho u hate that ur sibling is ill and would do anything to make them better, u actually begin to look forward to visiting soonyoung and u can’t possibly think why ??
  • the next time u go, when soonyoung is explaining something u literally have no idea what he’s saying just bc ur staring at his face and admiring his beauty and his voice and just nodding
  • and then suddenly u realise he’s stopped talking and ur sibling prods u in the leg and ur like “hm sorry?” and soonyoung does the cutest little giggle and his eyes go all crinkly and u feel ur stomach do this massive flip and ur like fuck no so u quickly scramble to pick up u and ur sibling’s things and ur mumble “thankyouverymuchforyourhelp” before shoving ur sibling out the door just bc ur blushing so furiously
  • the next time u go u try to make an effort with ur appearance just bc ….. u might kind of almost like soonyoung just a tiny bit
  • during the appointment ur sibling leans across to soonyoung and whispers something in his ear and soonyoung suddenly flushes and whispers back “i agree” whilst smiling and ur like ??????
  • u need to pick up ur sibling’s prescription so u tell them to go wait in the car so they sprint off, and then as ur leaving soonyoung says ur name
  • u turn around and he’s like. right there. right in front of u. radiating beauty and intelligence and rly good smelling cologne and then he hands u a tiny piece of paper and says “this is my personal number .. i-i mean just in case anything happens with y/s/n”
  • ur so close to him and his fingers brush urs as he gives u his number, u literally can’t breathe or move or say anything so u just kind of squeak a “thank u” and rush out
  • and ur heart is racing so fast that u rLY need a doctor fr
  • on the way home ur sibling casually says “i asked soonyoung if he thought u looked pretty today and he said yes” AND U DEADASS ALMOST CRASH THE CAR
  • u and soonyoung seem to get closer every time u go for ur sibling’s appointments,, sometimes u guys just end up sitting there chatting away until ur sibling starts huffing and complaining
  • he might text u smiley faces if he gets free time during one of his shifts or will text u “did u know [insert nerdy medical fact]”
  • thEN one day u decide to take ur sibling on a day out to this park and ur buying them and ice cream when u hear them shout “sooooonyoung!!!!!”
  • and ur thinking shitshitshit im dressed as an actual tramp not today not today not today-
  • u turn and see ur sibling run up to soonyoung and give him a massive hug
  • then u see soonyoung look around for u and when his eyes meet urs they light up and he produces the biggest smile whilst waving
  • somehow u guys end up spending the day together on a highlowkey date
  • soonyoung piggybacks ur sibling round (dad material) as u guys walk and chat and laugh and ur hands keep accidentally touching and !!!!!!!!! its literally the best day youve ever had ++ u realise you’ve fallen way too hard for him
  • … literally
  • u trip over ur own laces and even though u just burst out laughing, soonyoung immediately tries to help u and keeps asking of ur okay and insists ur injured so he’ll have to drive u home even tho u keep reassuring him that ur fine
  • being the doctor he is, he sits u down and helps clean up ur grazes
  • the whole time u cant stop colour creeping into ur cheeks as u watch his fingers move about ur skin with such care and concern and u study the adorable concentration in his face and the way his tongue sticks out between his lips and !!!!
  • u cant stop grinning like. forever
  • ur sibling is getting better so, sadly, ur doctor visits become less frequent, meaning u see soonyoung less and less which is beginning to kill u a little
  • then one night soonyoung texts u and asks u to come to the practice to “talk about something to do w y/s/n, completely work related” ,,,, sure
  • but by the time u get there he’s fallen asleep on his desk face-down on a pile of paper work
  • so u get him a coffee from the vending machine for when he wakes up and u drape ur jacket over him bc it’s getting cold and then try to leave as quietly as possible as not to wake him
  • as soon as you’ve made it out the door u feel a warm hand grab ur own and u turn round to find a sleepy-looking soonyoung gazing at u through bed-hair and ur heart does a little “!!!!”
  • he doesn’t even say anything, he just tugs u into his arms and cocoons u in his chest
  • ur entire body feels warm and ur heart is beating way too fast and suddenly everything is okay bc ur there with him
  • he groggily murmurs into ur hair “i just wanted to see u to tell u that i think i’m in love with u”
  • and u realise right there and then that ur the happiest person on earth

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Can i request Reader and 76 cuddling after a tickle fight and reader finally says i love you and hides they face?

Tickle Fights

Originally posted by celestial-mercy

Soldier X Reader

Author’s Note: Rip me i love writing long stories. Hope you enjoy and sorry it look a while!

Right hook, left hook, kick!

Your eyes remained trained of the dummy ahead of you. Fists balled together, feet shuffling in anticipation as you use your weight to focus on the power of your attacks. You repeated the mantra in your head over and over while continuing to strike at the dummy.


“Knew I find you here.”

Your body tensed in surprise at the voice. The center of your balance faltered as your foot made uneven contact with its target. Before you knew it the ground greeted you none too kindly. A spike of pain running up and through your spine as you landed harshly on your rear end. A groan escaped your lips adjusting to lighten the pain.

“Whoa, didn’t mean to scare you.” Soldier chuckled having seen the spectacle play out.

Swiftly, he moved over to you before squatting closely in front of you. “You alright, sweetheart?” Jack’s hands roam to gently touch at your ankles. He looks over your legs, then back at your ankles checking for swelling or redness.

“Jack, I’m fine.” You assure him, slightly wiggling away from his grasp. “I could have done without the heart attack though. Thanks for that.” He smiles at you sheepishly while rubbing his thumb over your ankle affectionately. A small silent display of affection. You’ve noticed he tends to do that since you’ve begun dating months ago.

“Come on,” Soldier heaves himself up while extending his hand to you. “Let’s get you up.”

You smile at him, admiring the tired blue eyes that adorn his handsome face. However, something in you stirs. You take his hand in yours before a plan begins forming within your head.

It’s then the air shifts.

However, he’s noticed too late.

A mischievous smile comes to play as you use his weight against him. It happens suddenly. You hook your knee’s behind him pushing them forward. The older man is knocked off his feet quite literally. Gravity working its magic to pull him down on the mat straight flat on his back. You come to straddle him triumphally as he groans from the force of the unsuspecting fall.

“Careful,” He jokes. “These old bones aren’t what they used to be.” He means it with little seriousness, but he’s sure one day your ‘fun’ antics will get him hurt. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t look forward to it.

With a gentle laugh, you reply. “That hasn’t stopped you before.” Color immediately flushes to his cheeks and he frowns. “Aw come on, Jack.” You lean forward. “Smile for me.” You laugh, poking at his side and quickly moves to react.

The action causes you to lean back with a raised a brow. Immediately he begins to squirm under you. Desperately trying to get away. You add more pressure to where you sit and the friction causes him to still. Once more you go to poke at his sides and you smile when his face turns red.

“Jack…” You sing, wiggling your fingers over to his underarms. “Are you ticklish?”

The way he avoids your gaze speaks more than his silence. His face is red as he tries hard not to burst into a fit of giggles.  

Now, that won’t do.

You wiggle your fingers from his underarms to his collar bone then to his neck. Immediately he snaps down on your wondering hand. The offending fingers now trapped between his chin and his shoulder while he glares at you.

“Don’t.” He warns, chest heaving. He’s struggling to stay serious as your fingers still tickle his neck. You know he won’t hold out for long. Not with you.

“Don’t know what you mean, Hun.” There’s pause between you too. A stare down as he watches you carefully. He lifts his chin off your hand and you smile at him innocently.

That is, before all hell breaks loose and you rain your assault of tickles on the man under you. Both hands go to tickle him. One on his neck, the other works his sides. He’s knew it was coming but something in him is still caught off guard. The stoic face you’ve come to know turns into a huge grin and gruff laughter begins rumble underneath you. It’s almost odd in some way. The way his face lights up as he is on the verge of tears in a laughing fit.

You decide you like more than anything. No, wait. You love it.

He has the most adorable smiley eyes and biggest grin to match. It’s so captivating in its own manner that you catch yourself staring once again.

You love this man like no other.

He notices your slight distraction and just as fast he is now on top of you. Your positions switched as fast as you can blink. He’s panting but the smile still decorates his roguish face. You look at him carefully. Cherishing the moment while it lasts.

“Two can play at that game, sweet pea.” He smirks and you feel a tingle crawl up your sides. You start squirming as his hands begin to tickle about your body. He laughs as you try to return the action but hardly succeed under his grasp. Eventually, you’re a mess of laughter and snorts. Begging him to have mercy on you.

“Stop! I’m going to pee!” You yelp through giggles. He laughs over you, coming to rest his hands on either side of you. Carefully he leans down to press a chaste kiss on your lips. A truce of sorts for the meantime. He lifts up and off to lay next to you on the training mat, legs still tangled together.

There is nothing but gasps for breath and loose laughter as you two try to steady your breathing. The room is warm and a blush dusts over your skin as you look over to him. He’s chuckling with you and you can’t help but stare so captivated by his smile once more. It’s without a thought that you open your mouth and confess your thoughts out loud.

“I love you.”

He stops. “What did you say?”

Realization hits you and you quickly untangle your legs from him. Your hands come up to cover your face. The room feels warmer as you sit up trying to get away from him. A array of emotions run through you as you can quite comprehend how you feel. Was this too sudden? Was this a bad time? Does he love you as well?

He follows you up, bringing his hands to cup yours over your face.

You protest. Too suborn to uncover your blushing face. “I’m sorry.”

He leans in, pulling you towards him. “No, don’t be.” He tries at your hands again wanting to see you. Tenderly, he holds them for a moment before you finally let him.

You feel so vulnerable. So exposed to him.

“I just…I love seeing you so happy. I couldn’t help it. The words fell out my mouth before I could stop them. I’m sorry.” It’s so much easier to read his emotions without the mask. He looks just as vulnerable as you. It’s reassuring in its own regard but it does little to easy your nerves. He chuckles, the sound making you look up at him.

“God, you’re too good to me.” He sighs, relieved. “I love you too.”

Before you can manage a word, he captures you in a kiss. His hands moving to pull you into his lap in the process. “I love you so much.” He stops but continues to pepper kisses among your face. His stubble tickling you ever so lightly. “I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to say it.”

Whatever unnerving emotion you’ve felt before is taken over by the tenderness of his actions. He holds you close. Just as happy and content as he was when you tickled him to tears. Minutes pass as you both hold one another, planting innocent kisses on each other’s lips. Eventually, he pulls away to sit up. You’re a little upset at the loss of affection but he gives you a smile in apology.

“Come on, let’s go get something to eat.” He speaks softly before kissing the tip of your nose. He lifts you onto your feet, keeping his hand around your waist. You replicate the action while walking next to him. It’s a few steps out the training halls door that your hands snake up a little higher to poke at his side.

“Stop.” He grunts.

You laugh. “Alright, alright. Sorry.”

EXO Reaction #2

Request: “…EXO reaction to you having a bad day and needing to be cuddled…”


(my exo reactions low key suck but hang with me here)

okay, so does each individual letter in exo stand for something orr??

Xiumin: He’d be a shy lil bean about it at first. He’d kinda just be circling around you for a bit. He had noticed that you had a bad day because of the way you were acting. Not wanting to ask you about it he’d take precaution with his words, careful not to trigger you. He came up behind you and gave you a back hug. He pulled you as close as possible to him and whispered sweet nothings into your ear. You’d soon both sit down on the couch and cuddle til your lives desires.

“Just forget about it, princess. I’m here now”

Originally posted by dailyexo

Suho: He would walk through the bedroom door and see you curled up in a ball in your shared bed. Right away he knew that something wasn’t right. Your quiet sniffles was perceived as he stepped closer to the bed. His eyes widened with immediate concern. He lays down beside you and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He’ll try to cheer you up by telling you some of his corny dad jokes. Sooner or later he figured out that his puns weren’t working very well. He cuddled up with you in comfortable silence, but not before trying one more time.

“How do angels say hello?…..halo”

Originally posted by daenso

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i loveeee your fics they're the best!! can you do one where since jughead is now living with archie him and betty are making out on archie's bed and archie walks in on them

Alright a little treat before the big comeback of the show!! *so excited* This has no plot whatsoever and it is not angsty at all!! It’s just pure fluff and full of banter and hilarious situations with Jughead being a happy and normal teenager for once, Archie being an awkward friend and Fred Andrews being an embarassing dad to both of them. Thank you for requesting and your kind words and I hope you like it, nonnie!!! Enjoy, all you amazing people! <3

 “Step away from the weights. I promise you, life’s sweet and you have a lot of reasons to not die today.”

Jughead scoffed at the teasing voice behind him, a shake of his head indicating his mix of amusement at her sassy humor and irritation at her lack of confidence in him, plus the reason that made him come even remotely close to such atrocious fitness things, before dropping to the floor with a tiny grunt the silver hand weight he has holding with both his own hands. That was exercise enough for centuries in his books and his intention wasn’t, even to the slightest, to work any of his perfectly, natural-grown muscles to begin with, when he stomped into Archie’s room in fury.

“Hilarious input, Betty Cooper.” He turned to face her, the blonde girl shrugging with a pleased smile. “Is stand-up comedy in your future plans or only we have the pleasure of being blessed with your sardonic one-liners?” Snarky words and snarky raised eyebrows, this right there was Jughead Jones 101 but not with Betty, never with her. The fact that he chose a witty comment over a lovely smirk or a mild teasing comeback was sign enough that something was off.

Thankfully, those days their biggest concern – well, his biggest concern, Betty was just collateral damage of her boyfriend’s venting – wasn’t their ignorant parents nor the Blossom case, that was put on hold temporarily, but something equally earth-shuttering according to bro-code; prank wars.

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First time? (SFW or NSFW)

Since I’m working on a slow burn fic that isn’t going to have any NSFW scenes until the sequel I should branch out and explore other first times. Strap yourself in and take a fucking sip, babes. This is going to be a long list of shit.

  • Their first text messages to each other, a la my fanfiction, were this.
  • Their first proper picture taken together was once the GPF was finished, when skaters were still in their costumes. They were sitting together at the Kiss and Cry, medal around Yuri’s neck and both of them have half smiles on their faces, exhausted and completely wanting out of there just to get the banquet over with. Seconds before that picture, Otabek said to him, “that skate was worthy of three golds, Yura.” It sent shivers down his spine that would remain unexplained until he falls.
  • Their first Skype call was quick. It was barely twenty minutes while Yuri was waiting to leave and it was one of those “hey I have a little bit of free time do you wanna Skype?” “Sure.” They reacted like how Internet Friends do the first time they Skype, all smiley and flustered and giggly throughout the whole thing.
  • Their first time hanging out together off season was awkward. Otabek’s luggage was stolen when he got there and so he had to borrow some of Nikolai’s clothes that he wore with him while they went to St. Petersburg and visited various places.
  • The first time they stay up all night together was the second day of Otabek’s first visit. They had been so caught up in each others’ stories that they didn’t even notice the sun rising until Otabek turned his head and was blinded by a beam of light. Even after they get together, there are many more nights like this. 
  • The first presents they exchange are on their birthdays. Yuri’s was first, obviously, and he received two different cat shirts, simple gifts because they didn’t know each other too well just yet, but still he loved and wore all the time. Then when Otabek’s birthday came, Yuri’s extra ass got him this.
  • Their first inside joke is when Yuri discovers @daddybek and then decides to share the blog with Otabek to see his reaction. They never drop it even after they already establish the daddy kink in the bedroom.
  • One of the more entertaining firsts is the first time they get drunk together. It was Yuri’s eighteenth birthday, and Otabek decided to hell with being the responsible friend and did everything his best friend asked, no matter how ridiculous. They just were being stupid and having fun and they had the worst hangovers in the morning, the night before was hilarious and fun as hell. 
  • Viktor and Yuuri were behind Otabek and Yuri’s first trip together. They went to Disney World, of course, because what better place would they vacation to together other than Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom, Kilimanjaro’s Safari in Animal Kingdom and the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot? Nowhere. That’s the correct answer. 
  • The first time they change in front of each other outside of the locker rooms is when Otabek is visiting Hasetsu. It’s also the first time they share a bed and a room together, but they were comfortable with each other at this point and didn’t think anything of it. It’s not like they don’t have the same parts, after all. 
  • Their first movie together was Wonder Woman. It was either that or Lego Batman, but since Otabek’s little sister wanted to come they took her to see Wonder Woman because damn it all if that movie isn’t a masterpiece and absolutely incredible for young girls to watch. 
  • The first time they read each others’ minds is when Yuri is meeting Otabek’s DJ friends for the first time, and he knows who each one of them is based on personality and looks alone, and he’d never seen them before. He would just look at Beka and say their name with rising intonation and he would just nod in confirmation. 
  • Sometimes, when Otabek visits Yuri while he’s staying with Viktor and Yuuri, Viktuuri would forget something and go get it and leave the boys alone. However, they were really busy once and they sent Otayuri to go get what they needed, and that became the first time they went grocery shopping together. They helped with making dinner when they came back, too, making that the first time they cook together. 
  • The first time they meet each others’ families, their families were already aware of their painfully obvious crush on the other, even though they never mentioned anything about it. They would do everything in their power to try and get the boys to finally slip and hook up, but it never worked, much to their frustration. 
  • Like all first kisses, their first kiss was a mess and a complete mistake. Yuri didn’t know what he was doing while Otabek had experience. When it clashed, it was a bumbling mess of lips and clinking teeth, but still they loved it anyways. 
  • Nothing was more surreal than the moment they first referred to each other as lovers. Someone was hitting on Yuri, that beautiful boy, and Yuri impatiently told him “I have a boyfriend.” Still, he pushed, and finally Otabek intervened and just said, “he’s my boyfriend.” They didn’t think anything of it until after the guy left, and they both just thought about it for a moment, as if their minds were the same and they thought the same thing for just a second before they went on about their day as if nothing happened. 
  • Their first night they moved in together, they couldn’t sleep. They tossed and turned together in their bed with huge stupid grins on their faces and they couldn’t help but giggle with each other while they cuddled and watched the sun come up, peeking through the curtains they put up just a few hours earlier. It was beautiful…dawn of a new day, dawn of a new age. 
  • The first time they fought, and like, legitimately fought, was because Yuri kept pushing himself. He was behind in practice and kept overworking himself to exhaustion, and no matter what Otabek did he still kept doing what he wanted anyway, until finally a huge argument broke out. It ended up in tears and holding each other while Beka reassured him that he didn’t want him to hurt himself and he just wanted to keep him safe. 
  • And then, last but most certainly not least, there was the first of all firsts. It was right as Yuri was slipping under, his head resting on Otabek’s chest and listening to his heartbeat while they lied in bed together, illuminated by moonlight. There was a soft kiss planted on top of his head, before Otabek whispered, “I love you, Yuri Plisetsky.”
Spelling Fights

Originally posted by elennemigo

Word Count: 1,816

Authors: Deka & Ale

Warning: None, just fluffiness

Pairing: Benedict Cumberbatch x Wife!Reader

Summary: The little fight between an American and a British couple

Credits to this video for the awesome interview:

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Yoongi Scenario: Remains Of April.

Request: 😊 Ah I’m so happy requests are open because I’ve had this idea for a few months: You get into an accident that causes you to forget everything from the past few years and still believe that you and yoongi are dating but he doesn’t remind you about the brearkup because he thinks this is his chance to start over.

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Yoongi almost didn’t answer the insistent call in the middle of the night, it wasn’t a number he had registered in his phone and he was deadly tired after a long day. He almost didn’t but then the number insisted and in his drowsiness he took it to at least put it an end once and for all.

He answered with a grumble thinking that it was either a wrong number of someone was fucking with him, but then he heard a calm steady voice mention a hospital and in his drowsiness he wondered what might had happened and to who. He had just a few friends, his parents didn’t leave in town, he was single and he lived alone so it was limited the choices of what could it be, but Yoongi couldn’t guess at the moment the name the girl over the phone would pronounce or what was going to cause in him.

-We have you registered as her contact number, is that correct?- Yoongi battled with his mind to wake up and think straight, what this meant. He remembered the day where you had stablished him as your contact number as he was your closest person in the city, and in your life. It seemed too long ago, and at the same time it didn’t, as your careless smile came to his mind in that exact moment when you told him this wouldn’t be needed, because nothing was happening to you. But something had happened. -Mr Min, is that correct?- the girl pressed over the phone.

-Yes it is, it is correct, yes- he answered getting up from bed. -I’ll be there in a moment-

Yoongi drove there with nervousness, thinking what could had happened, the girl didn’t give him details but he pushed the accelerator thinking the worst, if they were calling that meant you couldn’t speak, that you were unconscious. It made his head turn and his stomach drop.

He ran to the main lobby where a nurse indicated him the floor in which you were, the ICU, which made his heart go faster with fear. He was out of breath when he finally got there and asked for you, the girl, a nurse, surely the one who had called him smiled politely.

-You are here Mr. Min, we had to call you because…-

-Is she ok? Is she going to be ok?- he asked not immediately caring why he was called. -Y/N, her, what happened to her? I…-

-Mr. Min calm down- the nurse interrupted him. -Miss Y/N is alive- she stated and Yoongi nodded with apprehension. -She needs ICU for tonight but probably won’t need it tomorrow if she wakes up-

-If?- he panted. -What happened?-

-Miss Y/N suffered a car accident I’m afraid, her intern organs weren’t damaged, she broke her left fibula, she’s bruised due to the impact, but the most severe injury since to be trauma in the head-

Yoongi’s head was spinning, he didn’t know what was a fibula, but hearing the last bit made him sweat cold. 

-But… is she… is she going to recover?-

The nurse nodded. -Most probably, there’s a risk of catastrophe, but chances are she wakes up, for now the trauma is making her remain unconscious, but by tomorrow is possible her waking-

Yoongi nodded looking around, the waiting spaces, the chairs with a handful people on them, and then at the door that directed to the restricted area that was the ICU.

-Would you stay? You can’t go see her right now, but you could stay if that’s what you want-

Yoongi thought about it for a second before nodding, he wouldn’t leave you alone. He smiled dryly, if you knew he was there you’d surely stand of that bed just to be able to slap him, and honestly, after what he had done, Yoongi wouldn’t stop you.

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The Interviewee

Request: hey you ^~^ i wanna say you’re one of my favorite writers 😹💜 i think i have already read everything hahah can you do one like, reader is interviewed by dan (like he did with the thg cast) and she says that she knows him and phil, but then after that, later she sees dan in the hotel and go talk to him and things just start working out between them…

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Love the idea, super cute!

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by dannyhowell

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you, Y/N. How are you?”

You smiled brightly at the two before you. Fixing your dress, you scooted to become more comfortable and gripped the microphone with practiced ease. “I’m well, thank you. Thank you for having me.” You thanked the two boys before you, a warm, welcoming presence evident in your smile.

“Thank you for coming. I am Phil and this is Dan.” The black-haired one greeted, reaching out to shake your head. Politely, you leaned forward shaking ones and then the others hand. You laughed lightly, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear; “yes, Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil, i’m big fans of the both of you.” You complimented.

The brown haired one, Dan, smiled brightly but albeit shocked. “You watch our youtube channels?”

“Yes, it’s why I came for the interview.” You explained, sending a dazzling smile his way. You couldn’t help but giggle slightly on the inside when you saw his cheeks light up with ever so slight blush. “Well, it’s a pleasure. We are also fans of you, but we are here for the fans to hear about your new movie, M/T.”

“What can fans expect from this new feature film?” Dan composed himself, reading off the card and asking the questions precisely written on the card before him.

“Fans can expect a thrilling, horror-flick of a girl and her partner trying to discover the secrets hidden well deep in the mental hospital.” You smiled, explaining the filmed you been working ages on. You were very excited for your new film to come out, as you thought it had a lot of potential and you were proud of it.

“Wonderful!” Phil smiled. You let your eyes wander to Dan, catching the way he carefully watched you. Sending him a little wink, you turned back to Phil for another question.

Walking through the lobby halls, you organized yourself. After a tiring but exciting day of interviews you were ready to crash on your bed. Though, that was the plan, before you caught sight of Dan, the one who’d interviewed you earlier and who you’d had a major crush on for months on end. Smiling, you decided to walk up to him.

“Hey Dan, didn’t know you’d be here.” He spun, shocked to hear your voice. You smiled brightly up at him. “Y/N?” He questioned, clearly shocked. You waved, a sheepish smile upon your lips. “That’s me.”


“Thank you for the interview by the way.” You interrupted him, shaking your head with a smirk. He flushed, embarrassed before clearing his throat. “Thank you for coming.”

“Well, I should get going.” You reached out your hand, he hesitantly, shocked, reached out and grasped your lithe hand. His brows furrowing when he felt you slide a piece of paper in his hand and quickly let go, you smiled before waving and walking away. Staring down, he read the number before him and couldn’t help but chuckle quietly when he saw your little doodle of a smiley face. He looked up, watching after your back before cheering.

NCT When You Randomly Kiss Them

Request from: @taehyungie-lovee (thanks again for yet another grEat request!!!)

Submission: “ooh! could you do a nct u reaction on you randomly running up and kissing them? thankss!!!”

Genre: fluff

1350 Words


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Emojis Are Stupid | Jughead Jones

Originally posted by tattooed-freckles

Request: Can you do a Jughead x reader where Betty had a very brief history in the past but Jughead is with the reader now and one day Veronica tells her that Jughead and Betty have been lowkey talking to each other (in a more than friendly way) and the reader confronts Jughead? You can chose or not if you want it to be a misunderstanding or not and have the reader stay with him :) 

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You’re completely smitten with your boyfriend Jughead but when your friend Veronica has suspicions something could be going on between him and Betty, you decide to confront him.
Warnings: none i dont think
Word Count: 1831
A/N: yay finally something! let me know what you think, feel free to request stuff and if you want to be added to the tagslist lemme know :) 

“Can you just pay attention to me for more than a second?”

A hand waved in front of your face trying to catch your attention and was successful. You blinked, looking at your friend Veronica who was now stood in front of you, hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. You felt bad for zoning out and not listening to her but you couldn’t help that something or, well, someone had caught your attention. “Sorry, V.”

“I get that you’re in that whole stupidly smitten stage of your relationship but do you really have to stare at him whenever he’s in eye range?” She huffed, folding her arms across her chest and taking her place back by your side as the two of you made your way across the courtyard and to your usual table where Jughead and Archie were sat.

Jughead – your boyfriend – had been the someone that had caught your attention. Just like Veronica had so fondly stated, you were so smitten with the boy. The two of you hadn’t been together very long – maybe a month at the most so it was all new and exciting for you both right now. He made your heart flutter like crazy whenever you were around him or saw him, he gave you butterflies like you’d never felt before and you were sure you were so smiley you were starting to annoy everyone. You couldn’t help it! You were crazy about this boy. It was lucky that he was just as crazy about you too. Whenever you were together around your friends, they’d always roll their eyes at the two of you. You’d always be laughing at some inside joke the two of you had or sneaking a kiss in here and there. Jughead wasn’t the biggest fan of public affection but whenever he thought someone wasn’t looking or he just didn’t care, he was kissing you or making sure he was touching you in some kind of way whether it was an arm around you, holding your hand or just a small touch. It was so comforting to have that. He made you feel safe.

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Meet and Greet

pairing ; washington x reader

summary ; a little workplace meet and greet with the rest of the hamilsquad.

words ; 1490

warnings ; annoying charles lee; cursing (damn i shouldn’t cuss so much)


When most look at George Washington, CEO of American Enterprises, they think brooding, they think mean, they think power.

Everyone who worked underneath him, or in Alexander Hamilton’s case of beside him, knew this. They, of course, thought the same, because Mr. Washington was not one to joke around with, and he was not one to reflect rudeness on just because you happened to be having a particularly bad day that day.

The philosophy at work went something like this ─ if he’s got a straight face, today’s going to be a good day. If he’s got a frown, it’s not going to be so good, and if he’s got a smile, hell itself has reigned upon Earth and the world is ending as we know it, so PREPARE FOR IMPACT DAMMIT.

Simple, really. And if you’re the reason he’s got a frown, be prepared to feel the wrath of all your coworkers because “goddammit I have things I haven’t done yet and Mr. Boss is going to be on my back until I get them done by the end of the day. How could you do this?”

That happened quite frequently for Charles Lee, as well as any insubordinate employee, and Alexander himself has irked the boss to the point of being excused for the day just so George could get some time to think about what Alexander was going to do tomorrow.

Charles Lee often faced the utter wrath of George Washington just because he was so dumb, and so presumptuous and arrogant that he couldn’t get his damn head on straight. On multiple occasions, he’s been dismissed for the day and told by Hamilton that he would like to fight just so he could “learn the fucking lesson.”

Lee always took him up on these offers, but Washington always pulled them both out of it before he was forced to fire them for fighting at the workplace over something as stupid as words.

But, back to Washington, he was scary. That was the way clients described him when they walked in to talk to lawyers and adjusters, or when they had to call him personally because whatever adjuster or lawyer they were assigned wasn’t understanding their problem.

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were the ones to find this out, deciding to conduct a “General Census.”

Furthermore, everyone knew not a thing about their CEO’s personal life. He never shared it with anyone, simply because no one had the guts to ask, and he would no doubt just leave your question hanging in mid-air, as if he didn’t hear it.

There was no ring on his finger, so most had just assumed he wasn’t in any type of relationship. And with the one picture frame on his desk that depicted him and what he said was “family,” the assumption still stood.

That was, until someone came in to see Washington. It went into PREPARE FOR IMPACT mode because he smiled at this person, when normally, if it was a client, he would just give them a nod and a small quirk of the mouth.

It was a girl, with h/c hair and e/c eyes, and a extremely smiley but shy personality. It was strange to see someone like that make George smile, especially because he was the exact opposite of that. He didn’t smile, and he wasn’t shy in the slightest ─ he simply knew how to take charge and speak his mind when necessary, as well as raise his voice loud enough to quiet an entire football stadium, let alone scare a bunch of workers into silence.

They went into his office, and about thirty minutes later, they came out. She was wearing a ring, and he was standing beside her with a soft smile on his face. “Can I meet them?”

“Yeah, but I do have to say, they are nothing special,” Washington warned.

“I’m sure they’re more than you say,” she leaned up and kissed his cheek, surprising Alexander as he looked up from his papers. Before she walked away, Washington grabbed her hand and pulled her against his chest, leaning down and giving her a few quick pecks ─ almost making Alex drop the papers in his hand and screech.

When she turned around, she looked about the room before spotting Alexander and trotting up to him. “Hi,” she said, sort of shyly, “I’m Y/n.”

“Alexander, Alexander Hamilton,” he whispered, looking over her. She was truly beautiful, which made him question how George Washington could get someone like her.

“You’re Alexander? Cool! George says a lot about you,” she giggled slightly, flicking her hand behind her to motion to the boss.

“Oh,” was all he could manage. He couldn’t stop looking at her and thinking about George and her. “No way.”

“Alexander? Are you okay?”

“Huh?” He snapped out of his reverie and shook his head, smiling warmly down at her, “Yeah, yeah, sorry. I’m fine, just… surprised, is all.”

“Surprised?” Her genuine curiosity caused her e/c to sparkle and a small quirk to make itself apparent at the tip of her lips.

“Yeah… how did– why– George?

“What about him?”

“You and George… how?

“Oh,” she laughed again, “I don’t know. He’s just… him.”

“Exactly,” Alexander tried to reason. “He’s him, and you’re you. You’re beautiful, a definite eleven, and he’s, well, no offence, but he’s definitely a solid six.”

She laughed quite heartily that time, her finger curving over her top lip and her torso reeling back, “I believe you’ve got those numbers mixed, hun, he’s definitely the eleven here. Also, thank you.”

“Yeah, but,” Alex couldn’t find the words to finish, so he just sputtered to silence.

She smiled at him, placing on hand on his arm and saying, “I would love to hear more, truly. But, I’m limited on my time and I’d like to meet the rest of you guys. So, if you don’t mind, I can just get your number from George and we can meet up sometime?”

“Yeah, sounds good. And I suppose George will show you everyone?”

“Yes, he will. It was nice meeting you, Alexander Hamilton.”


She walked off and met up with the CEO, linking their hands and walking to meet the rest of the “Office Boys,” as George had dubbed them.

One by one, they all pretty much had the same reaction as Alexander, and all were a delight to meet. Then, they came upon Charles Lee.

George had never said anything but bad about Mr. Lee, so y/n tried her best to avoid him, but near the end of the meet-and-greet, as they were headed back to Washington’s office, he had stepped directly in their path.

“Ah, you must be the guest here today,” he pushed himself off the door frame of Washington’s office, walking up and taking y/n’s hand to leave a much-longer-than-required kiss on.

“Indeed she is, Mr. Lee, but I’m afraid she hasn’t much time to talk, so if you could kindly─” Her fiancé’s voice was thick with annoyance, and she could practically hear the deep frown on his face, especially when Charles cut him off.

“Why, I find that quite difficult to believe, seeing as you’ve brought her around the entire building,” his eyebrow raised, as if challenging his boss to do something.

“Lee, I swear─”

“How unprofessional, especially in front of your dear friend.”

“Charles, I would love to, uhm, chat, but I’m afraid I’ve little time with my fiancé,” she felt the need to emphasize fiancé, strictly to get the message across that she was in no position to be swoon by another man, and that she was not interested in his advances. “So, if you would please get out of the way, that’d be great.”

“Fiancé? Mr. Washington, this is your… strange. But I suppose I will leave you to it, then,” he gave you one last smug smirk and walked away.

Scoffing, you turned around, looking around George grimacing, “Dickles Lee, more like.”

George held back his belt of laughter, shaking his head and pushing her into his office. “Dickles?” He asked once he closed the door. His smile was taunting, but his tone was more of just joking.

“Dickles, Mr. Washington. Dickles Lee.”

“Okay,” he looked up and let out another laugh, “whatever you say, love.”

He walked up to her and brought her into a hug, burying his head in her neck and smiling. They stayed like that in silence until she sighed and released him. “I must be on my way. I will see you tonight, back home. Love you, George.”

“Love you, too, y/n.”

She kissed him then walked toward the exit of his office. Opening the door, she stepped out, winked at him, then just as she was about to close the opening to the office, she heard him mutter, “Dickles.”

She quickly whipped around and yelled, “Dickles Lee, darling! Dickles Lee!”

Method Actor - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: On the stage of 21 Chump Street, the reader is playing Naomi Rodriguez opposite a very talented Anthony Ramos. He seems to have feelings for her, but she fears that this is only acting. 

Warnings: Two or so curse words, but nothing other than that! 

Word Count: 1,433 (I cut down! Yay!)

A/N: Two fics in two days. I feel like I should apologize for being so over-excited! This burst of inspiration, combined with an added adoration for Anthony Ramos meant I couldn’t stop myself from writing this one. I hope you enjoy it! It’s got the same slight angst feel to it but I’m a sucker for a fluffy ending. Let me just add @alexanderhamllton because the poor girl has only gone and cursed herself for asking to be tagged in my pieces! Enjoy, and send in requests and prompts! I love those. 

askbox | masterlist

The problem is, the moment you met Anthony Ramos was the day your feet slipped from right under you. So this is what it meant to be swept off your feet. You hadn’t been hoping for much when you signed up to audition for 21 Chump Street, you really hadn’t. With such a strong, talented rising star writing the piece, Lin-Manuel Miranda had been (in your mind) taking a huge chance casting some new girl as Naomi Rodriguez. And yet, here you were, two days before the premiere at rehearsals and you couldn’t take your eyes off the curly-haired boy in front of you. You had gotten close, during the process of the musical, and you were happy to know such a sweet boy, but damn it, were you whipped, and fast.

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