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Challenge: Give a shout-out to someone on Tumblr that you love (preferably someone you haven't seen already get a shout-out), and share something specific that you love about them! Spread the love!

Shout-out to the following people for being super cute and funny and cute and funny as hell, as well as being very easy to talk to: @mythical-michelle @humbae @touchinganelectricdove @petteroes3 @missingparentheses I’m really happy we’ve gotten to know each other :)

And shout-out to @reedytenors for being really nice and welcoming and without whom I’d probably still be stuck in Jersey. XD

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

So, if y’all can’t tell by the banner today is my birthday, 19th birthday to be exact, and I wanted to do one of these in honor of it. I also hit a pretty cool milestone on Sunday. After being on here for quite a while I finally hit 1k, which is pretty fucking awesome, so thank you to everyone for that. 

Before I actually list all the wonderful people I think y’all should follow, I just wanted to give two quick shout outs. One to the awesome people in the lenaluthornw and supercorpnw as well as their group chats (y’all have definitely made this past week a good one). And another to my friend @dream-your-reality: Thank you for being there for me so much last year. You have become one of those friends that I don’t think I can ever live without and I hope that we are friends for the rest of our lives. I love you bud, I hope you’re having a great school year, and I really miss you.

I’m shit at picking favorites so instead I’m just gonna list all my wonderful mutuals! If you wanna see more of the amazing people that I follow, just go to my blogroll.Thank you all so much for sticking with me through everything! I love you all!

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@district3-jj here’s another one of your suggestions. your other one has already been written by me, hope you like this one too! 

#222: aaron blushes whenever someone compliments robert when they’re out. once they were in the supermarket in town and aaron was watching him pick out some fruit, he felt a squeeze to his arm and turned to see an old lady smiling at him and telling him that he was lucky to have a ‘looker’ like robert. he just nodded, cheeks going all red and waited for her to leave before he whispered, “yeah i really am” and caught robert wink at him before walking back over.

Aaron hates food shopping in general. He’s impatient when it comes to picking out what’s best and he usually just grabs the cheapest thing he can get. 

Robert’s different though, of course he’s different

“Mate, can we just get out of here now.” Aaron’s moaning, feels like a child and Robert doesn’t even raise an eyebrow anymore because he’s used to this, he’s expecting a little tantrum after the fifteen minute mark ticks by. 

“I’m just looking for the humus I like.” Robert says, humming a little to himself as he looks back at Aaron and sees his husband give him this little stubborn nod. Robert smiles, comes a little closer to Aaron and then he’s pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. 

“And before ya say anything, it’s the one with the little olive bits, not just the usual stuff." 

Aaron smiles a little at that, Robert knows him so well it’s a joke. 

He lets him go, lets his husband wander off down the isle looking aimlessly for this Finest Range humus which probably cost five quid and tastes like shit. 

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sterek olympics au

I took the simone biles + zac efron thing (x)(x) and sterek-ed it (with a few creative liberties…)


“So, Stiles, we’re getting to the end of our interview now, and I just have one more question for you.”

“Shoot,” Stiles says, grinning.

“Is it true that you have a bit of a crush on a certain actor by the name of Derek Hale.”

Stiles blushes and he’s sure it’s picked up by the several cameras on him currently. “Oh man, I wouldn’t call it a crush,” he hedges, rubbing at his chin, “I just think he’s really good. I mean, who doesn’t, but yeah, um…”

The crowd’s laughing and Stiles turns around the see that the screen behind him is showing a compilation of seemingly every tweet he’s ever written about Derek Hale. He buries his face in his hands and groans, which makes the audience laugh.

“I’m so embarrassed right now,” he mumbles, though of course the mic clipped to him picks it up.

The host laughs good-naturedly. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Who here has a crush on Derek?” she throws to the crowd. There’s a lot of cheering and screaming, so at least Stiles can console himself that he’s not alone in his appreciation for Derek’s form. Acting form. Like talent. Not like, body form.

“Me too, me too.” The host turns back to Stiles, who has emerged from behind his hands, cheeks still pink (he can see them nice and big on the screens around the studio). “Well, we have a little surprise for you, Stiles. If you want to turn to the screen.”

Stiles turns, a little (a lot) worried.

His tweets disappear and there is a second of blackness before a video recording starts playing.

“Oh my god!” Stiles shouts, and actually jumps out of his chair before he can tell himself to contain his reaction.

“Hi Stiles, this is Derek Hale,” the video starts. Derek’s sitting on a couch in what is probably his living room, staring right at the camera so it looks like he’s staring right at Stiles. Stiles is melting a little on the inside and sweating a lot on the outside to show that.

On screen, Derek waves, and Stiles, like the giant dork he is, waves back enthusiastically. There are some laughs from the audience but Stiles is so transfixed by cataloguing everything he can see in the frame that it doesn’t faze him like it did a minute ago. “I just want to wish you all the best for the Olympics. I’ll be cheering for you, and crossing my fingers for a medal. Go Team USA, and good luck, Stiles.”

The video ends on a freeze frame of Derek smiling gorgeously at Stiles– at the camera.

“Do I get a copy of that?” Stiles asks the host, to more laughter from the audience.

“You sure do,” she says, “and I’d check your twitter when you get home too.”

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Challenge 016: Kinship Animal || Snake/Peacock

The snake’s spiritual and cultural include evil, auspicious, and honorable meanings. It is the devil incarnate, an ancient totem, a protector of kings, an omen of good fortune and health, and a symbol of wisdom and strength.

Peacock is a gorgeous messenger of dreaming all that you can be with no limits embracing infinite possibility. Peacock will love to stroll along your side and tell you the secrets of believing that anything you dream is possible.

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I was tagged by @margarettudor ty liz!!! ❤️❤️

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name: sara elaine

nickname: none that really most people use, my brother gives me many tho

zodiac sign: cancer

height: 5'6"

ethnicity: white

favorite fruit: lemons

favorite season: summer

favorite book: too many but that classics are pjo series, lotr, the raven cycle, and more recently six of crows

favorite flower: tie between roses and lupine

favorite scent: two, roses and there’s this very specific scent that my grandma’s beach house by the pacific has

favorite color: purple

favorite animal: lions and horses

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea

average sleep hours: between 5-9

cat or dog person: dog person all the way

favorite fictional character: gansey, sansa stark, percy jackson, nina zenik, betty cooper, and katara

number of blankets you sleep with: 1-2

dream trip: uk with my best friend, france with my mom, and norway with my grandma

blog created: like 2013 or something

number of followers: I think 1613

tagging: @manbunjon @theasexualscorpio @boleynqueens @lucreziaborgia and anyone else who wants to!!

Red Velvet as Mothers

snsd version; here


  • say hello to the ultimate milf
  • the kind that boys, men and even girls dream of
  • she shows up to school looking sexy but classy with this blinding smile on her face
  • but is so modest when she gets compliments like “oh, this old thing? I’ve had it so long, I can’t even remember where I bought it!”
  • is A+ at parenting
  • if she ever writes a parenting book, it’ll sell out in seconds
  • her children are gorgeous
  • and good at everything
  • somehow, joohyun manages to bring all kids to their classes (piano, football, hockey, dance, singing lessons, art classes, etc) completely on time, and pick them up on the dot
  • doesn’t even break a sweat 

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  • ultimate fun parent
  • more of a best friend than a mom tbh
  • but can still be strict (or at least try to be) whenever her child misbehaves
  • can only last 3 minutes listening to her kid cry in time out though before she cracks and hugs them and now they’re both crying.
  • “promise you won’t do it again?”
  • “I won’t mommy, I swear”
  • bilingual kids; fluent in Korean + English

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  • the kind of mom you go to for comfort
  • she’s an expert in kissing away sore cuts and snotty tears. her children swear that her kisses can even cure broken bones
  • she’s the kind that gets stressed over possible horrors her kids might face; bullying, struggling with a subject, getting heartbroken, etc
  • she feels their pain as if it’s her own
  • amazing dancer kids
  • her kids go to her with all their problems and other moms are jealous bc she knows all the school gossip
  • snaps and texts her kids regularly with memes and funny gifs

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  • has the smiliest, happy go lucky kids in the world
  • they’re always laughing and joyful and friendly
  • her kids are friends with everyone
  • they’re probably the class clowns too
  • but also know when to be serious
  • she raised them not too seriously (i.e, could have sleepovers whenever, didn’t have to get straight A’s, etc) but wasn’t a pushover either
  • her children have manners and a good heart
  • probably buys them lots of dogs because they’re fun and cute and her kids will never be lonely

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  • no one had highs hopes for her tbh
  • they thought she would be a terrible mother, who’s too awkward and not good at dealing with tiny humans. and ngl, she struggled at first (who doesn’t?)
  • she might yell too loudly at her kid or not give good enough punishments
  • but she finds her feet quickly, turns into an excellent mom
  • not that she was bad to begin with, but motherhood wasn’t easy sailing, let’s just say that
  • her kids don’t really go to her with problems unless they’re stuck but when they do, she will fight tooth and nail for them
  • might not offer the best advice but she will listen, without judgement
  • raises very independent children

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6 movies i can watch anytime

tagged by @obiwanenobi (thanks jordan!)

in no particular order:

1. Tangled (2010)
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
4. X2 (2003)
5. The Lion King (1994)
6. any of the LotR films

i tag @ahsoaka, @ffinn, and @zannatinuviel, but only if you guys want to