no i checked maine. they're not in maine

sillycherryblossomus  asked:

I was checking the reference pic of the main cast again mostly because you have like a 1000 main characters but then i saw some good looking guys, Harvey and Donnavan. Could we get some info on them?

… HARVEY… oh my god if you knew him…. So I guess I’ll share.

Harvey is a rude, mean, greasy, antagonistic character who’s caused severe damage to Liam’s mental health and is just generally a pretentious jerk who stalks Missy and picks on Evan all day. He collects anime girl figurines and hates his family. Not a good guy!

Donnavan is a very good guy, however. He’s a chinese-american police officer who’s got a very big important plot to play in the story. I won’t write it out, but he’s a character I very much enjoy. There are a lot of very odd things to learn about him. Some sad, some funny. He runs the AA meetings (which include any kind of substance abuse) at the local pizza place after hours since he’s had his own experience with addiction.

Chizuru is a strong character and does not need to be physically strong or be good at wielding a blade to be a strong character, pass it on.