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All I want is Supernatural but with Cas in all the episodes, even if he isn’t with the brothers all the time.

“ I wonder where Cas is?” Dean asks

*Camera cuts to Cas petting cats at a pet store*

* Camera cuts to Cas being a cool badass and saving the world*

* Camera cuts to Cas remembering good things of his past*

Breathe Like You Mean It

Relationships: James Bond/Q

A couple of people requested to read this so I posted it instead of hoarding it away lol. Unbetaed, oneshot (for the moment. There’s some other things I didn’t get to include that I wanted in but I haven’t decided if I wanted to continue yet.) Enjoy! :D

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I was thinking about Jester working in a modern AU and at first I was like, oh yeah first job? Totally a bakery or café, but then I thought of you and was like "Panera?"~ Bagel Anon


Somehow I hadn’t considered Jester working at a bakery??? How did I not???

I’m not sure we make enough pastries at Panera each night to cater to Jester’s tastes, but she could always make a couple extras each night by accident…. ;)

But seriously, I love the idea of Modern AU Jester finding work at one of the branches of the Slayer’s Cake, being taken off register because she snarks at people too much to directly interact with customers, and having access to so many pastries  :3 

Okay, but Bill Skarsgård being adorable with Jackson Robert Scott is officially my new favorite thing. Just look at these adorable dorks.

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(Okay, so the second photo is actually Andy Muschietti the director, but it’s still super adorable and I also just don’t feel like removing the photo. Lol)

for cypher pt.3: killer stage today, namjoon changed the lyrics of his part from “when guys are smoking and girls are cheating / i smoke beat this a beat smoke” to “when somebody is smoking and somebody is cheating /…”

There they are!!!!!!! 

Ok so

I doubt it’s just me but did it freak anyone else out in season 1 of stranger things when Mike jumped off that cliff without hesitation? When I watched the show for the first time that part really freaked me out because of the fact that Mike barely hesitated. I see posts of people kind of making fun of Mike saying oh well he jumped off a cliff to save his friends teeth. In my honest opinion no one, not even a 12 year old, would barely hesitate to jump off a cliff (even to save his friends teeth no matter how good of a friend he is) if they didn’t have something going on deeper inside them. Perhaps you could argue that Mike thought he would survive the fall? But in my opinion Mike is a smart child and he even he should know that he wouldn’t survive that fall. Even the bullies were freaked out when he jumped because they didn’t think he actually would. He had like no emotion on his face before he did anything and people who don’t want to die or get hurt would usually be crying or showing some kind of emotion imo. I mean Mike comes from a home where yeah perhaps they’re not struggling financially or anything like that but he does have an inattentive father and two parents who don’t love each other and from personal experience I can tell you that that messes with a child whether they realize it or not. Not to mention the fact that he is bullied and perhaps you could add some other things. I personally think Mike may have deeper issues and I also think that him barely hesitating to even jump off that cliff was a big red flag ok bye

Darkiplier: You’ll never escape. Not now, not e-

Me: Can I pet your dog?

Darkiplier: …What?

Me: Can. I. Pet. Your. Dog.

Darkiplier: …Do you know who I am? I can destroy everything you a-

Me: Did I stutter


The intro of this video, wow this is rude… 😳😩