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We often say that antis always find excuses like "not all mothers" but we also have a lot of excuses. Birth Certificate, Fre**ie being mentioned in Jay's death statement, "throwback" B picture with both the bump and the face visible - we have excuses for all these things even tho they should technically be inexcusable. I feel ridiculous sometimes :/

Birth Certificates can be false, that’s a fact, not an excuse. Freddie is part of the narrative, it won’t make sense for him not to be mentioned, but guess where he isn’t? Her obituary (and he wasn’t on Louis grandfather either). You can see her face there and it isn’t the same one as she had in her “pregnancy” days. Not even the body looks the same, she’s super skinny in the pic and if you go back to the pap pics from the same time, she didn’t have that body (nor that big belly)… This aren’t just excuses like “not all moms”, we look deep and analyze everything before saying this stuff. Antis mostly just say this and complement with “it’s none of my business if it’s like x and larries are misogynistic because they’re analyzing what I’m not" 

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OH GOD your reply totally got me thinking more on the greek mythology au and i mentally swore to myself that i was done dwelling on it but I can't fight the need to weep about my precious russian potato son. so, in my head, hephaestus has always had a problem with caring too much about people who basically think about them like they're a microwave: useful. a person values a microwave for what it can do, but it's inherently not the sort of thing that anyone could legitimately love. hephaestus

tends to think that the achy feeling caused by the lack of intimacy is just a sign that they’re being irrational and mooning over something that would distract them from their purpose, so they just kind of make all the friends that they can, give that their all, and it feels so good that sometimes, it’s enough. Also, you’re definitely write about alexei not totally feeling decent about choosing to play in the nhl. it feels selfish when he knows that he’s spent previous lives building space
shuttles or pulling shrapnel from soldiers’ wounds, but since he did settle on doing something he loved, something for himself, just this once, he knew he had to be great – partly because hephaestus has never half-assed anything since they pulled themself from the earth’s core and shoved their way to the surface, and partly because the better he is, the bigger the paycheck, and the more money he can slide towards the people doing what he feels like he should be doing.
but yeah, i think that after the falcs game, kent decides, yeah, he’s waited for too damn long to meet someone who could just maybe understand what it feels like to spend millenia watching yourself fuck things up and without having any idea how to make them alright, so he’s not gonna let the alexei mashkov thing go. naturally, swoops takes a couple of the guys from his old team out (including one that is very russian and just so happens to be friends with tater), gets them all drunk, and somehow
managed to get mashkov’s number (because even if /“this seems like one ripe shit of an idea, parser”/ swoops is a good bro and he knows how badly kent wants another person like him. so kent and tater get texting, kent apologizes for the dirty goalie-snowing, and promptly tries to feel alexei out for where he is with all of the potentially-a-reincarnated-god stuff, but honestly, tater hasn’t even said anything to imply that he knows he’s a god, let alone that kent is too, so then they keep
talking because kent appreciates alexei’s warm personality and non-judgemental listening skills while alexei appreciates being able to talk to someone who values who he is, not what he can do. so this goes on for awhile and by now kent’s freaking out because hephaestus could hate eris as much as all humans have for centuries and he wouldn’t be able to handle that level of rejection – especially since he had to be an idiot and go catch feelings for tater. like, serious feelings. i think it’d
be nice if after a game kent decides that it’s Do Or Die time, and waits for alexei to ask if they could talk somewhere. they settle for like, a stairwell or some shit, and kent prefaces with some word-vomit, “hey look, just tell me if this isn’t okay, but before we talk i just-” and then the word-vomit stops and he can’t get anything out so he goes for the kiss, half-expecting to get shoved down the stairs, but alexei’s one hand stays where it was on the railing, and the other winds up resting
on kent’s cheek. and if kent wasn’t still sort of immortal, the heat coming from his hand would probably hurt like a bitch, but he is sort of immortal, so it’s kind of just a turn on. even more surprising, though, is when alexei really kisses him back, at which point, kent shorts out the stairwell light by accident. they part pretty abruptly, and alexei’s got this look on his face like he’s freaking out, looking a kent’s face and then down at something specific. kent freaks out cause he thinks
for 0.02 seconds that tater wasn’t cool with that but then he realizes that alexei is staring at the railing because his grip fucking /melted part of it/ and shit, kent knew he was hot, but hadn’t noticed he was “melting metal railings” temperature. alexei is freaking out for 0.02 seconds because he had his hand on kent’s face so if kent was a normal human he’d look like harvey dent from the dark knight right about now but then alexei puts it all together and everything is good in the universe.

Listen…..I must write this. FORMALLY REQUESTING PERMISSION TO WRITE YOUR GREEK MYTHOLOGY REINCARNATION AU? (Literally feel free to message me off anon and we can spitball ideas I just. I have so many feelings and there is so much potential here and if you add the whole Jack thing?? I’m dying.)


I love his hair //////v////// just a few doodles //I’ve been trying to develop a new style but I’m not sure about posting art of my new style ;v;;;


//i’m viktor

You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night (x)

can we please let them slow dance in their pyjamas or something?
lil’ thingy for @sarawh, love u buddy

Yuri!!! on Ice Levels of Touching

Episode 1: No touching

Episode 2: Chin + Arm + Hand

Episode 3: Chin + Lips + First Hug + Viktor’s arm wrapped around Yuuri’s shoulder

Episode 4: Hands + Wrists + Ankle + Neck +  YUURI’S EXPOSED SKIN + Hand again + Viktor’s hair

Episode 5: Third (???) Hug + THE LIPS + Good-job-pat courtesy of Yuuri + Yuuri’s head + Yuuri’s lips + Another hug + Another Hug + Another hu–

Episode 6: THEY SLEPT SIDE BY SIDE ON THE PLANE + DRUNK VIKTOR HUGGING YUURI + YUURI’S BUTT (it wasn’t Viktor tho) + Viktor’s little hand stroke + Laced fingers + MAJOR FOREHEAD-BUMPING SCENE + Another minor hug during the announcement of Yuuri’s score + ANOTHER FREAKING HUG + ANOTHER FREAKING HUG, THIS TIME FROM THE BACK


character posters: yuri plisetsky, yuri!!! on ice

for parker, happy birthday ♡