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AHHHH thank you everyone for your messages about that question post, you are all too sweet!! 😭💕 Josie won by an overwhelming majority so I drew my silly butt in a costume, I can’t pull off the gold but I do speak Antivan and I have my pen with me at all times! hahah

Cole and young Leliana were tied at second place!! I’m honestly so flattered by this and your messages I’m melting what the hell, I’m putting the messages and replies under the cut to make the post shorter skdhaksjdh

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Confessions || C. H

A/n: This was requested quite a while ago and I’m sorry I didn’t do it faster but I tend to procrastinate haha.It might be a bit different than the request but none the less i hope you like it. Anyways tell me what you think of this and request me something if you’d like. btw, I am sorry for any mistakes this is another 3am work from me haha

Summary: Y/n gets drunk and embarrases herself in front of her crush. 

Request: yeah, by the amazing @calumizing

    “ could you write an imagine where y/n is drunk and she sees her crush, calum?? I think that could be quite hilarious”

Pairing: Y/n x Calum Hood

Warnings: None,I think

 Getting dragged to a party on a Thursday night wasn’t something that I necessary wanted to happen. But here I am, sitting on one of the couches in the living room that have been pushed to the wall to make a dance floor, looking around.

 It was a typical high school party, with loud music, grinding and people making out in random places all over the house and some probably even having sex in a random room.

 I’ve never been a big fan of parties only because I tend to get drunk and embarrass myself beyond belief.

 The friend that dragged me here was nowhere to be found, like always when she decided to make me go to these things but I was used to it. At least one of us was having fun. 

 Deciding that there was no use in sitting here and doing nothing for the whole party I went to the kitchen to get myself something to drink hoping I won’t do something stupid this time. Before I could do that, a red solo cup was pushed in my hand and when I looked at the person who gave it to me I saw no one other than one of my friends, Luke.

 “Looked like you needed it” he shouts over the loud music. I smile a bit and nod as if to say thank you. 

 Taking a sip of what turns out to be vodka from the cup I look up only to notice that Luke is now gone, probably went to find his friends and play a drinking game like they usually do at this time in the party. 

 After a few more drinks I’m a giggling mess dancing with random people, not that drunk to not understand what I’m doing or what’s happening around me but not that sober either.

 Swaying my body in the beat of the music I forget about everything around me and just focus on my moments, swaying my hips around and closing my eyes trying to forget about the mass of drunk teenagers around me.

 Suddenly, I feel lazy hands being placed over my hips and someone’s hard chest presses against my back.

 “you look good tonight” says a soft yet rough voice in my ear. The voice sounds so familiar yet I can’t put a particular face behind it in my sort of drunken state.

 “well thank you” I say and start dancing, the guys arms still around my waist holding me against him.

 He rests his head on my shoulder and I sigh. “what’s wrong?” he asks. “ I just wish you were someone else, someone I’ve imagined being this close to for a long time” I say still moving to the beat the music.

 “And who might that lucky bastard be?” he asks. “I don’t know if I can tell you that, I don’t even know who you are ” I say thinking if I should say anything. “It doesn’t matter who I am, I swear I won’t tell a living soul” 

 I sigh again “do you swear you won’t tell anyone? Swear to never tell this to anyone or you’re gonna know how it is when your infertile. I went to karate lessons when I was six so you better watch out mister” 

 I feel his body shake a bit and hear his breathy laughter in my ears “ouch, okay I swear I won’t tell anyone just don’t use your oh so amazing karate moves on me”

 I laugh too “ so there’s this guy, Calum Hood. God he’s amazing, he’s on the soccer team and let me tell you, he’s real eye candy. He’s toned and sporty and to top the fact that he’s so smoking hot, he’s smart too, and nice. But I always tend to embarrass myself beyond belief when he’s in 30 feet radius of me. I probably shouldn’t be telling this to a stranger but I’m kind of drunk and frankly I don’t give a shit at this given moment, although I might regret this soon.” I ramble on not even sure if the dude can even hear me over the music. 

 “Oh, and I’ve even dreamed of going out on a date with him….several times haha” I laugh “ that’s not even the craziest part, in summer I worked in a coffee shop and I was the only one left to clean up the place after it closed and I was dancing with a broom imagining it was Calum I even kinda kissed it, but I shouldn’t have told you that” 

 “Y/n…..” he whisperes.

 “oh, you know my name, by any chance, could I know who you are?” I slur, the alcohol fully taken over my mind.

 “you can turn around and find out”

 Eager to find out the guys identity, to who I just spilled all of my secrets, I turn around In one swift movement, the guys arms still around me and when I finally see the mystery guys face, my my face turns red. In front of me, holding me against his chest is Calum Hood.

 My crush.

 Oh dear cheezballs, what do I do now? Is it getting super hot in here or is it just Calum? Oh my god I just confessed to my crush while saying I was dancing with a freaking broom imagining it was him.

 “Holy shit, did I just-you-y-you’re omg can someone please dig me a grave so I don’t have to suffer” I mumble. 

 I move my hands to cover my red face, I can’t deal with this, how could I be so damn stupid, it just had to be Calum, of all the guys in this party, it had to be him.

 “Can we go somewhere more quiet?” I hear him yell. Unwillingly I nod my head and he leads me up the stairs and into a what appears to be a guest bedroom that surprisingly isn’t occupied by a drunken couple.

Calum leads me to the balcony and sits in one of the two chairs there. Hesitantly, I sit down on the other one and take a deep breath to try and calm down. 

 I get ready to hear him say about how he thinks I’m weird and that he wants me to stay away from him but all I hear is a deep laugh coming from him, probably laughing at me.

 “You know, I’ve never had someone confess to me like that haha, you’re pretty brave after a few drinks” he says smiling.

“I think you meant that I’m pretty dumb after a few drinks, god I’m so embarrassed right now” I say back.

 He laughs again. “what would you say, if I told you that I find you incredibly cute and beautiful and that I’ve been crushing on you too?” he asks unsure while scratching the back of his neck, his face turning in a light shade of pink.

 “since I’m kind of drunk I would tell you to kiss me bu-” I’m interrupted by feeling Calums lips against mine. 


 After my mind registers what’s happening I move one of my hands to cup his face and the other against his chest, feeling his unsteady heartbeat against the palm of my hand.

 His lips are warm and soft, but slightly chapped, they’re moving against my lips in the perfect rhythm and I move closer to him. His one hand is around my waist and the other against my cheek. I can feel him smile against my lips and I smile as well, this doesn’t feel real.

 The moment is over soon, because like all humans we need to breath. We stay close tho, our foreheads touching, breathing hard. 

 “Am I better than that broom? He asks with a sly smirk on his face. 

 I grin “I’m not sure, you’re both pretty close”

 “oh really?” he chuckles.

 I nod, smirking. “ looks like I just need a bit more convincing” 

 He smiles and pulls my face closer to kiss him again.

A tiny kissy from a tiny goop
just accept the kissy, it’ll make him happy


Hello there!

Just checking in to those of you who are still hanging around. Thank you for your support and patience. You don’t need to hear my excuses for my laziness and procrastination (hmm maybe those are reasons enough), but I just want to let you all know that I am still here.

To answer some of your questions, I will finish this story as I promised. I hate unfinished stories and will never do that to all of you all who have supported me so long. I am still hopeful that I can finish this story as I imagined it, but if it gets to the point where the wait for each coming chapter outweighs your enjoyment of the story, I will seek your opinions as to whether I should finish the story with a shorter, though still true to the spirit, ending instead. Feel free to weigh in at this point with messages to me if you would like.

On to better news, I am working on the next chapter and due to some convincing pursuasion from a diehard fan, I promise to have it up before the end of October, pacific coast time! Haha, knowing my procrastinating self, you might expect it at 11:59pm October 31. After I go trick or treating perhaps!

Thanks for all the messages. I’ll reply to them after I finish the chapter.

P.S. I am convinced I have the best readers ever.


I tried to flatlay. Keyword being ‘tried’. Also this spread was from 1000000 years ago but I never got to posting it so here it is haha.

Exams are in 2 weeks and I’m still here procrastinating… what am I doing with my life smh

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3 asks? We’ll give this a try~

anonymous asked:

hello! Can you recommend any other Australian studyblrs? It’s great to get advice + read stuff from people in the same system haha also really love your studyblr + your advice is so good!

Hey! Aw thanks! Yeah, it’s hard to get advice from those in the same system - doesn’t help that things are different in each state. 

I’m sure there’s a few Australian studyblrs out there; just depends on what level you’re studying at. 

For university I’d highly recommend: 

High school/ cusp of entering uni: 

Also check out @joannastudies‘s Australian Studyblr Network 

I actually… haven’t met any studyblrs who, like me, have graduated university and are working (aka fledgling babies in the adult world). But would be keen to meet some! 

+ if you’re from australia (and not currently in the deep hell that is your state’s ATAR required exam) give us a shout and let this anon know who you are! 

thecommunistelk  asked:

Btw I was wondering if you'd be willing to share the little changes you made to compliment your ADHD. My quality of life has improved ten fold since getting diagnosed and starting meds, but I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out other ways of managing my ADHD. I also just like to hear how other people manage their ADHD out of curiosity haha For example I find using a physical planner is easier than digital, but I know a lot of other diagnosed ppl find using mobile apps easier.

Yeah! Everyone manages it differently. Small things I’ve done include always taking note by hand in class (as opposed to computer). Also, having something to fidget with on hand during class does a lot. I destroy stuff otherwise (i.e. rip up paper, erasers). And I also took stock of what kind of worker I am. I stopped procrastinating entirely bc if I wait I’ll forget something small but major (that’s a whole other story) so mentally moving deadlines up has helped a lot. (This is more a me thing. I know a lot of people with ADHD procrastinate but if I procrastinate I get Stupidly Anxious.)

And I don’t really tell people I have ADHD unless it’s extremely relevant, but I do explain small things to them (like the problem I have with processing overlapping sound, or, for friends, the “I’m so sorry I checked out can you repeat that?”)

I also have a problem talking to people on the pone, so I got a few low-attention demanding apps to play while talking.

Also I 100% let myself talk about my special interests but only with my very close friends! I ask them first, like, “Hey you don’t have to reply,” (because its a lot to expect someone to care as much about The Thing as you do) “but can I tell you about this thing?”

Just a lot of open communication and finding the right things for you I think. My career/classes are all very open and loosely structured so that helps me a lot too.

  • M (ENTJ): Hey, ENTP! How are you?
  • ENTP team member: Oh... uhhh... all right haha.
  • M: Oh...?! What's up?
  • ENTP: I'm really tired haha. I was up until 5 AM last night, and I got up at 9 AM.
  • M: WHAT? Whyyy???
  • ENTP: I was working on a compiler project until 5 AM.
  • M: Oh my gosh, dude... Are you okay??? Do you want coffee?
  • ESFJ boss, listening in: Hue hue, I feel like I've heard you say that, like, 17 times this month, M.
  • ESFJ, explaining to ENTP: The last three weeks, during M's and my 1-on-1s, I was a complete mess, since our 1-on-1s are on Monday, and she kept asking, "Are you okay??? Do you want coffee???"
  • M: (That's the only way I know how to show love lol.)
  • ENTP: Haha, nah, I'm fine. I just have to get through an all-nighter tonight, and I'll be fine.
  • M: Bruh...all-nighter...? Seriously? Whyyy???
  • ENTP, sheepishly: I have this assignment due tomorrow. My professor assigned this project 4 weeks ago, and I started it... *checks watch* ...4 hours ago.
  • M: ...oh my gosh, ENTP. Never mind. No coffee for you. You brought this on yourself. XD
  • ENTP: Nooooo please save meee! XD

I was tagged by the lovely @majesticdolans

RULE 1: Tag at least 9 people you want to get to know better.

RULE 2: Fill in the categories.

APPEARANCE: I’m 5'4’’,I have medium length, bushy, brown hair and green eyes

PERSONALITY: Oh gosh this is the hard part. I am really shy, not really good in conversations but i am a great listener. I am funny in a very  weird way, i am extremely sarcastic and i am good at reading situations.I like to think hat i am smart and that i know a lot of things but there are always people that know more and that makes me feel stupid so… Don’t really know what to say more here haha

ABILITY: Sleeping and procrastinating, these are one of the most difficult arts to master

HOBBIES: Fangirling, honestly if you can’t take my excessive fangirling we can’t be friends and if you can you deserve a gold medal. I like photography, watching movies and i used to write poetry when i was little but i quit. I also love music and dancing although i can’t dance, which breaks my heart. Oh and i’m kinda into interior design

EXPERIENCES: I’ve traveled a bit, experienced different cultures but that’s about it

MY LIFE: I don’t really have one. I am turning 18 in three months and still haven’t decided what college i wanna go to or what i wanna spend my whole life doing. So yeah, live needs to hit me up real quick

RELATIONSHIPS: 0 squared. I don’t open up and trust people easily


 I have an annoying twin sister, i am older than her by 5 minutes and we are not identical

Since i was 7 and got my first webkinz my number one dream was to have a husky named Snowcube or Yuki

I am excatly 2 months younger than Ethan and Grayson, i was born on february the 16th and i am proud aquarius like my sister, duh, and my mom

I love dancing, and regret not having the opportunity to take up dance classes when i was younger

My favorite spot in the world is Niagara Falls, the canadian side with Saint Catharines and Niagara on the Lake

Starbucks hot chocolate and Indigo or Chapters will always remind me of childhood.

I once won a slice of pizza in first grade for being the most polite student, but my mom made me share it with my sister and i still hang it over her head to this day.

In first grade i was a victim of racism and bullying which is probably why racism disgusts me so much

2008 was the best year of my life

i’ve traveled to over 20 US  states in the spam of 3 years

i know all the countries in the world ( last year i even knew all the capitals in the world but now i forgot them)

that’s about it, i don’t know what else to think of, i probably bored you all so shout out to those that are still reading this.

if you wanna know more about this awkward person my inbox gladly awaits you haha

I tag @grethanstwentyfinglesss @artdolan @g-e-dolan @fandomandhumor @illumiinatedolans @mardolan @savagedolan478

@dolanluvv–xx @smoresdolan


My mother … I barely remember her. Some things I’d never forget about her are her kindness, her wisdom, her strength and how determined she was. My mother was an independent and fiery, reliable woman.
Whenever we could, we’d leave the City of David and she would tell me about our people’s past, about how our capital cities rose from the desert’s ground. She’d often talk about the starts above, the sun and the cloud. About the freedom they embodied, and their strength. 

She made me who I am, without her, I’d be nothing. Sometimes I miss her, but then I remember what she told me. Every soul that passes away becomes a star in the firmament. She’d always keep an eye on me, that’s what she promised me when I was a little boy.

this was supposed to be for the Mother’s Day meme buuut haha you know me, procrastination king and all. /shotdead

Israel’s mother personificated the tribes of Israel, the Jewish people. She passed away in 930, when the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah ended after King Solomon’s death.)

I’m writing an article to tie in with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming out (I’m honestly still torn on whether to go see it myself. I probably will, I’m weak. And my mom will want to. Probably won’t see the sequel though. SIGH)

and remembering the little Fantastic Beasts textbook is making me happy because honestly it was so adorable? The fact that it is canon that Harry and Ron shared the same textbook because Ron’s fell apart and so now they are just co-owners of Harry’s. And Hermione had to write in it to lecture Ron about getting some Quidditch thing instead of a new textbook. 

And they spent the class writing sarcastic notes in the margins. And played hangman. And when Ron lost Harry doodled a spider about to eat him just to be an asshole. AND THE PHRASE HARRY WAS HAVING RON GUESS IN FIRST PLACE WAS THE TERM FOR GIANT SPIDER. What a great friend.

And the fact Harry’s notes were stuff like “WEREWOLVES ARE OKAY REALLY” and “BASILISKS HAVEN’T BEEN SEEN IN HUNDREDS OF YEARS HAHA FUCK YOU NEWT SCAMANDER THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK” and “HUNGARIAN HORNTAIL: WOULD NOT RECOMMEND”  And Ron’s were like “FUCK SPIDERS” and “oh i had that as a pet before Fred friggin’ killed it.”

I just love them so much.

anonymous asked:

I'm from Australia and starting year 12 in about two weeks. i realllly want to put my 110% this year, and i know that when i actually put in the effort i am capable of gettin straight A's. My problem is getting motivated. I am very lazy and usually leave things to the last minute. I usually start the year off pretty well but then 2 weeks into school i get lazy haha. How can i avoid doing laziness this year? and how should i manage my workload? i really want a good plan that i can follow! x

What about making a study plan? Here are some post that might help you :)

summer-nights-and-sea-breezes  asked:

I've been procrastinating all morning and I've just seen all of the photos that you've posted so it made me feel guilty haha!

I hope you don’t mind that I published your ask, but I think this is very important.

Studyblrs procrastinate. I procrastinate way more than I should, but it is still less than before I started my studyblr. I have improved. But still, we procrastinate just as much as anyone else. Just because I reblog pictures like that, or even when I post my own pictures, it does not necessarily mean that I’m working. And if I am working, I’m not necessarily working on what I should be working on.

I don’t mean to patronise you, like not at all. I am very glad if my blog can get anyone to get their work done, because we all need that push sometimes. I just mean that you shouldn’t feel guilty for not working because you see those photos. At least in my case those photos don’t always mean hard work. I could (and should) probably be working way harder than I am.

This has been your daily reminded that studyblrs, even those you look up to, are just people, just students, just like yourself. We sleep in, we procrastinate and we make mistakes. There is a lot more to us than the pretty pictures we post of our books.

Hello. I am holding this book in a very normal position. I always hold my books like this. Is it carefully positioned so as to cover a massive zit on my face? Haha, no. What a suggestion. What a ludicrous, ludicrous suggestion.

It is my birthday tomorrow and I have spent my last day as a 22 year old procrastinating like the goddamn piece of fetid tissue that I am. If you want to be a better person than me, have a look at the Fabulous Birthdays calendar and spread some birthday joy!

OK, I have done 160 words out of 1,600 so I really need to pull my proverbial socks up and do this pissing essay. I am merely checking in to say HELLO and I DEFINITELY DON’T HAVE ZITS.