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Do you have any oc's? If so would you like to share them? Also I love your art so much, you capture the spirit of the characters you draw so perfectly. Keep on being amazing! 💓💓💓💓

THANK YOU SO MUCH IAFSPJ; <333 and oh wow i didn’t expect anyone to ask about my OCs! :0  

I’ve… neglected my OCs for like a full year now (and haven’t drawn them for even longer ;^;), so revisiting them was fun! 

Okay so, being the space ho I am, most of my OCs are aliens, monsters, or alien monsters  _(:з」∠)_


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Why do you love Megs?

You’re going to regret asking this, cause I’m about to write a book on it. Why do I love that girl? Easy. 

She is the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Whenever I am having a rough day, or even a rough week, she makes things okay. She brings light to every single situation. And I couldn’t be more thankful to have a girl like her to come home to every day. She is the stars in my sky; which honestly, is a big deal for me cause I absolutely love space. Everything about our relationship is so unpredictable, just like the cosmos above, but I find absolute comfort in it. There is so much certainty within the uncertainty when it comes to her. And I love it, She is home. Always welcoming with open arms, providing me shelter and warmth and comfort in times of need. And I know that whenever I need her, she’s always going to be there. She makes me laugh and smile like nobody ever can/could. She loves me unconditionally. She has taught me what love actually looks like, and what it’s supposed to feel like. She makes me want to be a better person. To want to grow up, settle down, have two or three kids, and spend the rest of my life with her. 

I love her because she is her. That sounds silly, but I love her for all the little things that make her, her. Hopefully that sums it up, and makes a little bit of sense to everyone except myself. 

And to Megan, I love you. To infinity and beyond, and everything in between. 

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Oh!! Please give us fic recs for each of the authors you mentioned and your personal faves!!! ❤️thank you!

(This was referring to this post, in case you missed it.)

Okay, okay – thank you, anon, for asking me this – it took me a while to get around to answering, but I am very, very happy to.

Before I get into details, though – the ratings on these fics vary, and there’s some explicit stuff here. So please check the tags if you click on any of the links I’m adding, if there a certain fics you want to avoid.
Alright, let’s do this!! It’s gonna get long, so it’s going under the cut.

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If I'm okay with, and enjoy kissing, and like cuddling am I still ace? Or would that be more demisexual?? Thank you so much

Do you feel sexual attraction? or Sexual attraction towards people you have formed a strong emotional bond to? If the answer is no, then you´re ace and not any less valid in your aceness because you enjoy kissing and cuddling. Every ace draws the line between romance and sex differently.

And no problem, darling 

- Paula

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Otogiri in 2?? xD or Miss Kobayashi in 2, not picky, hehe. Will let you decide~

I am sorry I didn’t get to this before your hiatus. x____x but anyways I will choose Kobayashi, cause I have SO MUCh ser.vamp art already.  Also thanks for clarifying that it was A2 in a follow up ask. ^^

and bonus cause Tohru is gay.

Thank you Chaos for sending~ <3

Outfit Meme~ REQUESTS CLOSED!!!!

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I think you're an adorably wonderful person who not-so-secretly loves TEARING OUT MY HEART. Well not just my heart obvi, BUT STILL. Either way I love it all the same because sometimes I need that between all the fluff lol. You're also super supportive and kick ass in your own way~ I'm probably being super obvious about who I am but like honestly who cares lol. You're great okay byeee~ 💖💖💖

This all goes right back at you “anon”. Yeah.. I definitely think I probably know who you are! Thank you for this ask tho:) I’m so totally not crying right now!! You’re the best!!

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Hi, this is random but I recently saw your Sirimione playlist post and loved the images. Could you please recommend some good SiriusxHermione fics? If not it's okay. I love your writing, thanks for posting!

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for a rec before so thank you 😁this is by no means an exhaustive list, just because I am trying to get this out before class this morning. I am sure people will comment more wonderful stuff that my sleepy brain has overlooked!

Didn’t @ash-castle do a great job with that picture set and playlist?

Plan W by @ash-castle this is on my to read list but I haven’t gotten a chance to yet!

Toothpaste Kisses by @calebski :

Seasons by @synoir :

Art of Love by WickedSwanz

From the Past also by WickedSwanz:

And a shameless plug for my own fic! ☺️Back to the Future:

As I said, I know I am missing a ton, but these were just the few I had on the top of my head 💙

as someone with developmental disabilities who has been called the r-slur many times over the course of my life, imho, okay, and this is an opinion,

there is no way that dumb/stupid/idiot are ‘slurs’ i mean they can be ableist in context but they are not something you need to censor or ask others not to use (unless it is against someone WITH disabilities)… that’s just. pushing it 


CRAIG: And if it’s not actually sweet it’s not Tucker approved.

TWEEK: i thought you just said you didn’t care??

CRAIG: Yeah. But only if it’s good.

CRAIG: And if it’s not sweet then it’s not good.

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>> Apocalypse!Au Nessian. (but only if you aren't being overwhelmed with a sea of requests...You're awesome!)

I do indeed have a sea of requests but you may have any flavour of Nessian you want, Nicole, yes you may. Okay. Let me see what I can do… 

Apocalypse!AU Nessian: So I’m unoriginal and fall easily into tropes so this is indeed going down the zombie path but…I’m twisting the origins a bit to make it fit canon more. (This got kind of…half headcanony/half drabbley? I would like everyone to know that I have no idea what I’m doing or wtf this is. You are so patient. ) 

Nesta was right. 

When the walls tumbled down and the drums of war beat once more the mortal queens abandoned them. Further twisted by the Cauldron’s influence they took their ships, their wealth, their estates and abandoned their people in Prythian. They argued that it was for the greater good. Better to lose these few than all of their realms. Nesta still cursed their names and swore damnation upon them.  

She and Cassian were in the mortal realm together when the world ended. 

Nesta had volunteered to liaise with the human realm on behalf of the Night Court and its allies. No. Nesta had demanded to liaise with the human realm. She wouldn’t forget where she had come from, what she had once been, what she had left behind. She would remember them. And she would fight for them. 

Cassian went with her. He needed something to do, something to stop him from going out of his mind at the loss of his wings and commanding an aerial force was out of the question. He laid the groundwork of their strategy, discussed tactics with Rhys, helped him appoint the best replacements then went elsewhere to make himself useful. Because he was not going to sit back and let other people fight this war while he did nothing but ‘recover’ from the amputation. He needed purpose. And he had a promise to keep. 

Neither of them could know what was happening a world away. The Wall had fallen long ago when Hybern’s troops had invaded and most of Prythian was an active war-zone. Communication was different and the plan that ruined everything was hasty, barely thought out. In an act of desperation words that should have been forgotten centuries ago were whispered in the heartbeats before devastation; two halves were once again made whole; and what she had hoped would be salvation had resulted in the destruction of all things instead. 

The world ended and it made the war seem trivial. Boundaries were shattered. Uniforms and standards meant nothing. Hybern, or Prythian, Night Court or Spring Court, or Winter made no difference. In the face of what Feyre Cursemaker, Herald of Death, Princess of Carrion, unleashed upon them all. 

All that mattered was whether you were alive or whether you were dead. 

Feyre called for help. The dead answered. The dead rose. The dead sought to bring the peace of their own oblivion to the shattered, war-torn living world. She had summoned them but she couldn’t control them, couldn’t return them and the recently lost victims of this war were dragged back to fight again in an army of their own this time. 

Cassian and Nesta had gone to the human world to help, to protect, to fulfil promises they had made to themselves and each other - to protect those who could not protect themselves. When the world ended that meant everyone. They tried, tried to organise, tried to help, tried to protect, but it soon became clear that this was beyond their ability to change - not even with Cassian’s burning gold heart or Nesta’s fiery steel will. All they could do was survive. 

They began the long fight to return home. To find their families, their homes, their places in this broken world and see what remained of them. They’re stranded, isolated, alone, in a confused part of the world whose people never asked for any of this but are dying in droves for it with no way of contacting those they love and nothing to help them survive what should have been a simple, two day trip which has turned into a nightmare. 

All they have is each other. That’s enough. 

Humans, Cassian learns as he experiences this among them, are good at surviving. Surviving against all odds. Surviving in the face of things he would expect to destroy them, frail and mortal as they are. Surviving at any cost. He had thought the High Fae brutal and cut-throat. He had thought that, in all his years, in Illyrian war camps, on battlefields where thousands were slaughtered with a whisper of thought and a flicker of magic, through the bloody, tangled years of politics - assassinations, alliances and betrayals that he understood the will to survive, to thrive, to conquer. When the world ends in the mortal realms Cassian realises he knew nothing of it at all and that he and Nesta may well be in the most dangerous place in all of Prythian. 

Trust becomes a far rarer and more valuable commodity than gold or jewels ever were and it’s in short supply in this raw, broken new world of theirs. Cassian and Nesta both soon realise that the only people they truly trust are each other, no-one else. Especially themselves.

Cassian teaches Nesta how to survive the way he learned how. (though he does admit she was doing a very good job herself) But wit and cunning and logic only get them so far now - they both sleep a lot better knowing she can correctly hold a knife and duck a punch. He shows her the things that were a mystery to her in the cabin - things that Feyre seemed to find so easy. He shows her how to start fire, how to track game- and other, more sinister things- how to hunt, how to fight, how to kill. The lessons that kept him alive all those years ago in those camps where they abandoned him - a bastard child without a home or a name or a family who gave a damn if he lived or died. he teaches her how to accept the parts of herself that seem so monstrous - because he was told he was filled with killing power but learned how to shape it into shields. She can too. 

Nesta teaches Cassian how to survive the way she learned how. She teaches him how to live with himself when he feels like he’s failed everyone he loved - that he’s only destined to do nothing but fail them - as she felt. She teaches him how to survive when everything he had, everything he was, everything that felt real and right and made him him is taken from him - as it was taken from her. She teaches him that there is more to life than a pair of wings - the expectations others place upon you because of what you are. She was only a child when she lost everything, her mother, her life, her future, even herself, but she clawed her way out of that pit and found her purpose, found herself. He can too. 

They drag each other kicking and screaming and stumbling through this mess because I am not losing you now, not after everything, don’t you dare die on me. Along the way they teach each other to live again as well - something they’d stopped doing that day in Hybern when he lost his wings and she lost her humanity and they both lost themselves. Ironic, they consider later, that neither of them were reborn until the world ended - that they too were dead and climbed out of their graves along with the others. 

They learn how to laugh again, how to find meaning in the small moments, how to cherish the memories that are glazed with the sheen of tears of hysteria that line Nesta eyes, echoing with the boom of Cassian’s laughter. They learn how to feel again, how to open themselves up and hand another their broken hearts. They learn that when despair closes in the kiss of a lover can banish it. They learn that when death threatens the sound of their name upon another’s lips is sometimes all that’s needed to save lives and heal scars. 

They learn the other’s taste and feel and scent and what it’s truly like to be joined as one a night when rain batters against the cave they’ve settled in on the border between courts and can no longer resist the song that hums in their blood and whispers mates to their hearts. They had been afraid, so afraid, of what it might be like to forge such an unbreakable bond only to feel it shatter in this fragile, perilous world that they’re slowly starting to call theirs. They learn that night that some things are worth the risk.

 They already knew that some things were worth dying for - to protect, to save, to preserve. They learn that some things are worth living for too. That this is worth living for. That they would rather have one moment of this even if it’s snuffed out like a candle before a hurricane the next day than to never know what it is to be mated, to be joined, to belong. That the moment of life they snatch in one another’s arms is worth it all. If death thinks to take them now they’re joined it would be wiser to run. 

As mates, as one, they learn how to hope, how to love, how to dream again. They live through death. 

 In the aftermath, when they look at one another, both knows that if they had been alone they would not have survived. If they had been with any other they would not have survived. But together….Together they made it. Together they survived. Together they lived

Writing Inspiration 💜

Hey, are you stuck writing your first draft? Please, remember that first drafts don’t have to be pretty— they just have to be written. Okay?

Seriously. Culture puts a lot of pressure on writers (specially young writers) to make something amazing right off the start, but that just isn’t how writing works. First drafts are always bad. Always. How could they not be? You’re experiencing the story firsthand. I’ve met so many writers over the years who get stuck trying to make the first draft good because they think it’ll save time later on. SPOILERS: It doesn’t.

Here’s a piece of advice:

Nothing wastes time like trying to save time.

Just write your book. As the story changes (and it will) make notes of what you’ll fix later. Keep writing. Don’t stop ‘til the end. Remember that as a writer you don’t have to get it “right” on the first try. Revision is your best friend. Give it a call when you’re done. Okay? Okay.

I hope this helps. Keep writing, writerly friend~ ⭐️

“Am I at ninety-four yet?”

Neil asked.

He was not at ninety-four. Ninety-four was the whispered words, “Thank you. You were amazing.” They echoed inside Andrew’s head over and over, like they were an offering, a prayer, a goodbye, like they were pushed out of his body with his dying breath. It was irritating and he was going to bring it up on the bus. He was going to spell it out nice and slow how Neil needed to stop living like he was dying and start living like the exy junkie he was.

Ninety-five was turning around and seeing nothing. Not nothing in the sense that Neil was nothing, but nothing in the sense of panic, of worry, of standing on the edge of the rooftop looking down thinking “Would it hurt if I fell?” The space where Neil should have been filled with emotions that Andrew swore he would never feel again.

Ninety-six was finding his bag. It wasn’t the bag that held his entire life, that was locked away in the Fox Tower, safe. It was the bag that held his future. A future he knew Neil wanted in the way he clutched the key he gave him back in August. A key that was left in the God forsaken bag with Neil nowhere in sight.

For ninety-seven, Kevin was there. The other foxes were there too but the words Kevin formed with his breath passing over his voice box and the movements of his tongue and jaw, were the only things that mattered. Kevin’s mouth moved, sound traveled in vibrations through the air, hit Andrew’s eardrums, and then his hands were around Kevin’s neck. There were lies and half-truths and Andrew hated those. Again not in the sense he hated Neil but in the sense that he hated the word ‘please’ and ‘misunderstanding’. He hated how he didn’t hate Neil because of all the lies. And for that, ninety-seven.

Ninety-eight was the phone call that Neil had been found.

Ninety-nine was walking through the hotel door and seeing him crumple in agony. It was the hissed “Don’t” as he did his best sooth away the pain. It was the eyes that were Nathaniel’s with hints of Neil peeking out behind his irises. It was the look of a man staring helplessly as the executioner readied the guillotine. It was the words “I’m sorry” like he had something to be sorry for. It was his attitude that no matter how beat up he got, remained impeccably intact. And it was the question he still had the gall to ask: “Am I at ninety-four yet?”

“You are at one hundred.”

Alright, so I wanted to do another maxis match pair of shoes for you all but I couldn’t think of any so I asked @plumbbobbseytwins and she asked for these! and she’s a babe, so who am I to deny her? Okay, so let’s see… there are 20 swatches, a custom thumbnail and the mesh is included. As per usual all credit goes to @madlensims for their amazing meshes. 

Thank you to @plumbbobbseytwins for testing.

Send your requests HERE (please only send one shoe request at a time. too many overwhelms me!) You can also message me if you would like. It’s better if you request offline, so I can ask you specifics you might want, or if there’s an issue I can let you know. I also like to have people who requested test them out! 

Download HERE

#1-126 Prompts for any Character!!

Okay!! So, you can pick any of these prompts for any character you want at any time. Thanks!!!!

1. “This isn’t gonna end well!”

2. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

3. “Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine’!

4. “You’ve only heard his side of the story. You never asked for mine.”

5. “Well, this is where I live.”

6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!”

7. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

8. “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”

9. “I am not losing you again.”

10. “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

11. “I think I picked up your coffee by mistake.”

12. “All I wanted was your honesty.”

13. “Why do you keep pushing me away?”

14. “I can’t explain right now, but I need you to trust me.”

15. “I’ve never felt this way before….and it scares the shit out of me.”
16. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

17. “Are you really taking his side against me?”

18. “Wait a second are you jealous?”

19. “I wish I could hate you.”

20. “I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to marry her/him.”

21. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”

22. “Come over here and make me.”

23. “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

25. “I thought you were dead.”

26. “This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.”

27. “I love you, you asshole.”

28. “You did this for me?”

29. “You can’t protect me.”

30. “You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice.”

31. “Promise me you’ll look after your mom.”

32. “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

33. “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours… make me up a future.”

34. “The way you flirt is shameful.”

35. “I waited and waited, but you never came back.”

36. “You never told me you had a fucking twin.”

37. “I want to go back to before….”

38. “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend/boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that?”

39. “Go then, leave! See if I care!”

40. “Why are you up so early?”

41. “Please, take me instead!”

42. “You braided his hair?”

43. “She’s been missing since Friday and you’re not worried?”

44. “Have you lost your damn mind?!”

45. “Please don’t argue. You have to leave right now, you aren’t safe here.”

46. “I’m your daughter.”

47. “I’m not surprised that you murdered him.”

48. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

49. “Am I supposed to be scared of you?”

50. “Don’t use me as an example. I wasn’t a good kid.”

51. “Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me to hate you?”

52. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

53. “I’m not happy here.”

54. “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”

55. “I just want to cuddle and watch Friends.”

56. “You’re hiding something from me.”

57. “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

58. “I want my best friend back.”

59. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.”

60. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

61. “A wedding?”

62. “I just want to be alone right now.”

63. “Don’t you dare to ever do that again!”

64. “Where would someone hide in a town like this?”

65. “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!”

66. “I thought you were a dream come true.”

67. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

68. “I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.”

69. “I made a mistake.”

70. “H-How long have you been standing there?”

71. “You can’t break my heart like this!”

72. “I wasn’t going to wait around for you forever.”

73. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

74. “I’ve moved on.”

75. “This is why you don’t ever have any shirts to wear.”

76. “Run, and don’t ever look back.”

77. “The three seconds rule doesn’t apply to sticky foods.”

78. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”

79. “Please, don’t give up on me.”

80. “When are you going to realize that I don’t care?”

81. “I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”

82. “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

83. “Fuck…I feel I’ve been hit by a car.”

84. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

85. “I know that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”

86. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

87. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”

88. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

89. “Let me tell you exactly where in hell you can go.”

90.“Who gave you that black eye?!”

91. “After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”

92. “I miss her so damn much, and it’s killing me that she’s gone!”

93. “What the hell are you doing here?! I told you I never wanted to see you again!”

94. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

95. “Are you drunk?”

96. “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
97. “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?”

98. “It’s okay baby, I’m here for you.”

99. “You say the nastiest things when you’re angry, so yes, I’m walking away from you now.

100. “I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.”

101. “My parents asked about you.”

102.“Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scared for years!”

103. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

104. “Do you need me to get anything from the store?”

105. “They say I’m in here because I’m crazy, I think I’m crazy because I’m in here.”

106. “There’s no getting out of this. You ruined me”

107. “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”

108. “I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.”

109. “Don’t say you love me.”

110. “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.”

111. Meeting him/her for the first time

112. Him/her asking you out

113. Your first date

114. Your first kiss

115. Cuddling with him/her

116. Neck kisses

117. “I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”

118. “Why are you wearing my shirt? Please, don’t take it off. It looks good on you.”

119. Going on a vacation together

120. Going to an amusement park together

121. Dancing together

122.Him/her rescuing you (if the person you want can do that ex. superhero)
123. Your first time

124. And what did we learn from that?” “Not to mess with you.”

125.Comforting him/her after a nightmare

126. The wedding day

New Year’s Celebration(MATURE)

“I am so sorry Justin, but I really can’t make it.” Y/N spoke into her phone, trying to keep herself from laughing.

“But you promised.” Justin whined.

“I know I did and I am very sorry for cancelling the last minute, but I will try to catch a next flight tomorrow or day after.”

Justin sighed, she pictured him frowning and messing his quiet long hair. “All right, okay, fine. But try to come as soon as possible.”

“I promise I will. Love you. I wish you all the best tonight.”

“Thanks babe, love you, bye.”

Y/N couldn’t wait to hung up so she could burst out of laughter. “You know you’re a real bitch, right?” Alfredo asked joining Y/N.

Y/N shrugged her shoulders and laughed some more. “This way is better. Paparazzi won’t expect me, neither will the fans. I can walk freely.”

“But don’t you feel bad, like, don’t know, he will be bummed because you’re not there to support him?”

“I thought about it, yeah, trust me this way is better. He will be happier to see me.”

Alfredo shrugged his shoulders “What do I know.”

Y/N took her phone and scrolled through instagram a little bit. Just as she was scrolling through one fans Bieber page, she got a text from Justin.

Bout to go on stage, really wish you were here.”

She decided not to respond, making it more convenient that she was busy doing, god knows what.

Few minutes later, they landed in Miami. The car was already waiting for Alfredo and Y/N. it was already 11.35 p.m. She was hoping that by the time, they arrive to Fontainebleau, it won’t be past midnight.

She wanted to celebrate new year with him, but considering the traffic, she might be late.

They arrived at 11.56 p.m. Y/N took her hills off and sprinted as fast as she could. In the distance, she could hear Justin’s voice getting louder and louder.

She bumped few people on the way, but thankfully, nobody stopped her to ask who she is. Once she reached the back stage, she gave herself a few seconds to catch a breath and put her hills back on.

That’s when she heard the countdown. “Eight, seven, six.” She fixed her hair and rushed on stage. She was hopping she looks okay. “Happy New Year.” Justin screamed into microphone.

He was about to say something when Y/N hugged him from behind, whispering into his ear. “Happy new year, babe.”

Quicker than a lighting, Justin turned around, enormous smile shining over his face. He placed his hands on her checks, pulling her into kiss.

The crowd behind them was going wild. Seemed like everybody had a great time.

“Happy new year.” He mumbled into kiss.

Once they separated from the kiss, he pulled her into a hug, placing his lips right next to her left ear. “You’re gonna wish you didn’t pull this little prank on me, baby girl. Just wait till we get to the dressing room. If we even make it to there.”

He kissed her ear and moved away, facing her with the most innocence smile. Y/N’s heart started pounding faster than ever, and she felt heat spreading all over her body. She wasn’t sure if she will be able to wait so long.  

She bit her lip, she was speechless. She wanted him, now, and not a moment later.

“Oh don’t give me those sex eyes, honey.” Justin said and turned to face the crowd.

“Give it up from my incredibly hot girlfriend everybody.” Y/N smiled and waved at the crowd.

She turned around and walked backstage, finding a good position to watch the rest of Justin’s performance.

He looked so good while he performed, and also very happy. Her eyes observed every single one of his moves. Soon she got distracted with the thoughts of Justin’s hot and wet mouth, tracing all the way from he swallowed lips to her clit.

She pushed her thighs together ease the urge she felt, just a little bit.

She was so distracted with her own dirty thoughts, that she didn’t even notice Justin’s performance being over, and him now walking towards her.

Once he was standing right in front of her, she lifted her head and bit her lip. He placed his finger under her chin and pushed her up. His eyes focused on her lips, but he didn’t make a move.

When she tried to make one, he simply backed away, meeting her gaze with a smirk playing over his lips.

“You see, you’ve been a very, very bad girl today. Teasing me with “I can’t make it” and your little outfit.” Justin got closer to Y/N, lowering his voice so only she could hear him.

“I know you want my tongue around your little tight pussy, my fingers playing with your hard nipples, my dick in your mouth. I know you want all of that baby girl, but daddy, you see, he wants to teach his little girl a lesson, yeah. Which is, never tease daddy.” Justin licked his lips, once again letting a smirk play over his lips.

Y/N sighed loudly, at that point she just wanted to push him onto the nearest wall and fuck the shit out of him, but that wasn’t possible, considering people in the room and his strength.

She simply nodded, focusing her eyes on the wall behind him with a picture that was supposed to be artwork, but all she saw was one stick and a circle. She really didn’t understand why people called that art.

“Now baby girl, I have to shower, but then we will hit the party.” Justin took her hand and the walked the same way she ran not twenty minutes ago.

As soon as they walked out of the door, she had to put her hand over her eyes, otherwise she would fall from all those flashlights.

Somehow they managed to get to the car without separating and they soon took off. Justin sat as close to Y/N as he physically could, placing his right hand on her thigh, slowly running tips of his fingers over her inner thigh.

The tension was way too much to handle, so she placed her hand on his leg moving it to his dick. She hoped he would change his mind and they would stay in his hotel room.

Justin suddenly grabbed Y/N’s hand, as it was just inches away from his dick and placed it on her leg. To punish her, he moved his hand away and moved in his seat so they weren’t touching anymore.

At that point, Y/N wanted to scream out in frustration, in the corner of her eye she could see Justin smirking before speaking.

“So how did you like my performance?” he turned his head to look at her.

She was pissed and not really in the mood to talk, she only shrugged her shoulders and simply added. “It was okay.” Turning her head towards the window.

By his voice, she could tell he wasn’t pleased with the answer. “It was okay?” He asked under the breath. “That’s all?” she didn’t respond.

If he could tease her, she could give him a silent treatment.

“So that’s how’s going to be, huh darling? All right, I’ll take it.”

From that moment on, neither of them spoke a word to each other. Even though they arrived to the hotel in less than three minutes, to Y/N it seemed like it was half an hour.

She quickly opened her door, which usually Justin does for her, but she wanted to piss him off as much as she could. Two can play this game.

She heard him mumble something under the breath but she didn’t bother to wait for him. She quickly walked towards the elevator, waiting for it to open.

Justin immediately caught up with her, placing his hand on her lower back, but just for brief five seconds. The door opened and they walked in, each standing on their side of the elevator.

They quickly walked out, reaching the room number 265. Justin unlocked it and she followed him in. she threw herself onto the bed and closed her eyes.

She could feel Justin’s look all over her body and when she hoped that he would change his mind, he walked into the bathroom.

She groaned and took her phone out. She opened snapchat and tried out which new idiotic filters where there. After she posted few selfies, she saw she had a missed call from her mother, so she rang her.

“Happy new year, honey.” Her mother yelled into phone. Y/N could tell she was a bit tipsy.

“Happy new year, mom. Having fun in LA?”

“Oh it’s great here. There’s a lot of young hot boys here.” Y/N could hear her father in the distance yelling something at her. “Whatever Y/F/N” She simply yelled.

At that point Justin walked out of bathroom, his hair messy and a towel wrapped around his waist. Y/N sat up and ran her eyes all over his body, scanning him, from his head to his tiptoes.

“So are you two having fun?” Y/M/N voice shook her from her daydream. “Mhm” Y/N mumbled into the phone.

“We’re just about to head to the party.”

“Well tell Justin hi and have a good time. P.S. it’s time for me to become grandma.”

“Y/M/N” Y/n’s father yelled and Y/N just chuckled.

“All right mom, have fun. Love you.”

Y/N hung up and look in Justin’s direction. He was now fully dressed, wearing a hat, black shirt, same colour jacket and white shorts.

“Ready?” he simply asked.

“Mom said hi.” He nod and started walking out.

He let Y/N go first and placed his hand on her lower back. This time the ride down wasn’t so unpleasant and soon they were at the party.

They separated very quickly, Y/N headed to the bar, ordering herself a strong Martini, while Justin went somewhere, only god know where.

“What is a girl like you doing alone on New Year?” a deep voice asked Y/n and she slowly rotated herself to face a very good looking guy.

He was tall, bit taller than Justin, black hair with bluest eyes Y/N has ever seen. She shyly smiled at him.

“Well I lost my boyfriend somewhere.” Y/N simply answered, hoping that will send him away.

But he didn’t seem to recognise what she said, rather he showed at the chair next to her, and she just nodded. A little company won’t hurt, she was getting bored anyway.

“I am Tony”

“Y/N. Nice to meet ya.”

“Oh trust me pleasure is all mine.” She smiled at his flirtatious comment and carried on. They talked for solid fifteen minutes, he made he laugh so much, her stomach actually started to hurt.

She felt familiar hand on her back. “Hi I am Justin. The boyfriend.” Justin offered his hand to Tony. His face was cold as ice, and Y/n knew he was beyond pissed and jealous.

“So you’re the one that leave this fine lady, all alone. Damn bro, you should keep a close eye on that masterpiece.” Tony said shaking his hand.

Y/n felt Justin’s grip getting tighter after Tony’s comment. She could tell his ego was hurt, and she was hoping he would just bit his tongue and let go. But she knew Justin.

“You might wanna watch your mouth, this is my girlfriend you’re talking to.”

“Hey man, I’ve said nothing bad about your girlfriend.” Tony lifted his hands up, clearly showing he wants no trouble.

“Tony it was nice meeting you, but I think you should leave now. Thanks for the company, I appreciate it.” Y/N said.

Tony nodded and smiled, then walked away. Y/N exactly knew what was following, and honestly she wasn’t in the mood for it.

“So I let you off for five minutes and you already find a new guy?”

She turned her head to face him, with the most annoyed facial expression she could make. “Don’t you even dare to start anything. He was at least making me company, unlike someone here.”

“So you wanna fuck him?” Justin asked arrogantly.  

“Fuck off Justin, go back to those bitches that you were with all this time. You ain’t gonna ruin this night for me.” Y/N said and walked away.

“Where you going?” Justin asked walking behind her.

“Somewhere where no one is going to bother me.”

“Y/N where the fuck are you going? Answer me.” Justin raised his voice. She turned on her tiptoes, lifting her hand to slap him, but she stopped herself just in time.

“Go on, slap me. Go on, do it.” he provoked her, stepping closer to her. Y/N rolled her eyes, groaned and started walking towards his room.

“So you’re just gonna walk away?”

“What do you want Justin? There is no more that needs to be said or discussed.”

“Oh yes there is.”

She picked her pace and walked even faster. Soon she was in front of his room door, waiting for him to unlock them, but he didn’t seem to hurry anywhere.

“And what would we need to discuss anymore?”

“You giving that guy sex eyes.” Y/N couldn’t believe her ears. All night he keeps teasing her, she is about to explode and now he gives her his jealous attitude.

It was kinda sexy, but all she wanted was to cum, not fight. So she pulled him closer, grabbing his jacked and connecting their lips.

He pushed her against the doors, one hand placing on her side, while unlocking the door with other. He pushed her inside, closing the door with his leg.

He moved away from kiss and took his jacket off. Y/N placed her hand around the hem of his shirt and pulled it up. He observed her while her hands traced up and how his chest.

He moved his hands on her back, unzipping her dress, letting it hit the floor and revealing her naked body. “You are so beautiful.”  Y/N felt her cheeks burning up.

Justin pushed Y/N onto bed and climbed over here. He connected their lips once again, while placing his hand over her clit, making little circles around it.

Y/N moaned into the kiss. “So wet.” Justin mumbled into kiss, pushing his tree finger into her. She groaned from sudden pleasure.

Justin moved his lips to her hard nipples, nibbling on each. She pushed her head deeper into the pillow, digging her nails into silky sheets.

He stick his tongue out and slowly traced it all the way to her pussy. He placed few kisses around her entrance, before connecting his lips with her clit.

Y/N screamed out in pleasure, shutting her eyes and enjoying the moment. She pushed her hips higher, but he placed his strong hand on her sides and held her down.

He hummed into her entrance, which only send shiver all over her body.

Suddenly he got up and she whined at the feeling of emptiness. He took his shorts off, exposing his grown length.

He took his dick in his hand and simply demanded. “Suck.”

Y/N got up and quickly took his dick into her mouth, never leaving his gaze. His mouth fell open, little ‘fuck’ leaving his lips.

She sucked slowly, swirling her tongue around the tip, but Justin grabbed her hair and moved her head faster and rougher.

She knew he was close, so he pulled her away, pulling her up for a rough kiss.

Y/N pushed Justin onto bed, she placed her legs on each side and took his dick into her hands and placed it in front of her entrance. She slowly pushed herself down, adjusting his length inside her.

She placed her hands onto his chest and started moving her hips in a circle. He griped her sides, groaning.

“Keep doing that, baby girl.”

Y/N slowly started to bounce her hips up and down, eventually picking up the pace. Their moans were getting lost in hot, steamy air that their bodies produced.

Justin’s eyes focused on her bouncing boobs, moving his hands to cup them, giving them a good squeeze. Y/N moaned loudly.

“You are so fucking hot, you know that, right?”

Justin got up, placing his hands on her back, taking her breast in her mouth, nibbling on her sensitive nipples. Sucking around her nipples, making sure to leave deep, purple marks, only visible to him.

Y/N felt her stomach clenching, her thighs started shaking. She was so close.

“Mhm, s-so cl-o-o-se. Please le-t me c-u-um.” Y/N said quietly, in between thrusts.

“Oh you wanna cum, baby girl? I don’t think so.” Justin picked her up and turned around, hovering her. He pulled his dick out, only to slam into her with his full rage.

Y/N screamed his name, almost cumming, but somehow managing to hold it back. With each thrust it became harder and harder for her to hold back. Because with every thrust he managed to hit her g-spot.

“Please, Justin” Y/N cried out.

“What? What do you want?” Justin demanded.

“Please let me cum.”

“I don’t know Y/N, only good girls get to cum, but you were a very, very bad girl today.”

Y/N moaned loudly, she knew that if she won’t cum in next thirty seconds, she will explode.

“But I think you have learned your lesson. Cum baby girl, cum hard.”

Her orgasm hit the climax, Y/N’s eyes rolled, her back arched, and she digged her nails into his muscles. She screamed his name as loud as she could, feeling like her lounges will leave her body.

“Fuck, you’re so hot when you come.”

He rid of her orgasm as his was close, his thrust became sloppier, harder and deeper. He groaned her name loudly, emptying himself into her.

Justin collapsed next to Y/N, both trying to calm down their breathing.

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Hello:) hope you're having a good day!!! I saw u doing reactions and I thought they were really good so can I ask you to do a BTS reaction of their s/o being a professional volleyball player or something? Thank you much😄

Hi there! I am having a good day actually (even though it’s humid af ew I hate it). I decided to make this one where their professional volleyball player s/o was actually teaching them to play because I thought that might be funny. So I hope it’s okay! Enjoy <3

BTS Reaction to their pro volleyball player s/o teaching them to play volleyball

J: *slams it straight into the net* “GOAL!!”
Y/N: “No, Jin, that’s bad, you have to make it touch the ground-”
J: “Don’t try and trick me Y/N I know how it works. Ground = out. Net = goal.”

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Y/N: *explains the whole set of rules*
S: *is in a daze*
Y/N: “-and that’s how you play.”
S: *snaps out of it* “… so am I allowed to bounce the ball?”

Originally posted by ultranicolet

JH: *finally hits the ball to the ground on your side*
*starts screaming in triumph, pulling his shirt over his head, etc.”
Y/N: “No, Hobi, it doesn’t count if it goes underneath the net.”

Originally posted by helendrv

Rap Monster:
Y/N: “Serve it overarm like I showed you!”
RM: *serves*
*ball somehow ends up behind him*
“Does that count as a point?”

Originally posted by seoulsistersopi

Y/N: “Go go go!”
JM: *triple spin pirouette somersalt thing landing in the splits to try and hit it*
“Did I get it?” *out of breath*
Y/N: “Jimin. The ball landed on the ground like an hour ago.”

Originally posted by mochiipjm

V: *catches the ball*
Y/N: *sighs* “No, you don’t catch it that’s…”
V: *blank stare*
Y/N: “Forget it let’s just play something else.”

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

Y/N: “So you just-”
JK: “It’s okay, Y/N, I got this. I’m the golden maknae remember?”
*trips over shoelace*

Originally posted by ultranicolet



pairing: lams (hamilton/laurens)

modern AU

request: anon: Okay so on twitter there is a john Lauren’s bot and there is one tweet that says “alexander punched the mirror and now his hands r bleeding and i am kissing them better” and me and my friend said that would be a great fic idea and you’re a great writer and I was wondering if you can write it. I would appreciate it so much but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Thank you if you do and thank you for reading this ask😘

word count: 1119 (finally a decent ish length again)

warnings: swearing

a/n: I’M SO SORRY I’VE BEEN SO INACTIVE I HAVEN’T POSTED IN OVER A WEEK. i’ll go back to updating regularly soon. maybe. i made this longer and added domestic stuff, hope you enjoy :)



There’s a loud shattering sound and John winces, recognizing the sound of breaking glass. Alex is in the bathroom, and he’s probably broken that little mirror that John doesn’t even know where it came from.

But nope, there’s a loud holler of pain from the bathroom, followed by a string of curse words from Alex. Worried now, John hops up and knocks on the door. “Alex? You okay?”

“No,” Alex growls, his voice filled with pain. “Because Thomas Jefferson exists.”

“Alex, babe, I know Jefferson’s horrid, but why are you hurt? And why is the mirror smashed?”

Alex opens the door and presses a washcloth to his hand, wincing. “Um.”

John peeks past his boyfriend. The large mirror above the sink has been punched, and shards of glass litter the tiled floor. “What the hell?”

Alex half-grins. “Let me explain.”

“What did Jefferson do to make you break our mirror? Good luck explaining this one,” John says, accentuating the words mirror and this.

“He somehow got my number and sent me half a dozen texts while I was washing my hands and my gosh he just makes me so mad, John, you gotta understand! And he goaded me, and wouldn’t shut up and uggggggggh. So, I, uh…”

“Punched the mirror,” John supplies, and Alex nods, unable to meet his boyfriend’s eyes.

John sighs and grabs some bandages to patch up Alex’s bleeding hands. He doesn’t say a word, and neither does Alex, not even when John puts the ointment on and it has to hurt.

“Thanks,” Alex mumbles when John’s finished. John lifts Alex’s knuckles to his mouth and kisses the bandages. Alex breathes in sharply.

“What?” John asks, a teasing glint in his eyes. “Something wrong?”

“You…just…still wanna kiss me after I ruined the bathroom?”

“Not till you clean up the broken glass,” John shoots back, and he leaves the room.

“JOHN LAURENS!” Alex shouts, but John can tell that there’s no real anger behind it. He grins to himself.

Some time later, Alex emerges from the bathroom with the remainder of the mirror in a baggie. “What do we do with this?”

“Put it over there,” John says, waving in the direction of the corner. “Not sure. I’ll Google it later.”

Alex sets the bag down and then sits next to John on the couch. Silence lasts a full six seconds before he bursts. “I’m sorry, John.”

“Sorry for what?” Alex apologizing for anything is rare, and John wants to draw it out, savor the moment.

“For breaking our mirror.”

John nods. “And?…”

Alex looks confused. “And what?”

“For being…”

“No. I am not apologizing for that,” Alex says. John turns away. “No, please no,” he whines. “That asshole doesn’t deserve it.”

“I’m not kissing you till you say you’re sorry for getting mad.” John doesn’t even look at Alex, and he wonders how long it’ll be till the other man cracks.

Alex lasts an impressive seven seconds this time before cracking. “Fine! Fine! Fine! I’m sorry for getting so mad at Jefferson! I won’t even block his number! Fine! Will you kiss me now?”

“Say it in a nicer tone,” John instructs, holding in a laugh. It’s cute how Alex gets so worked up over silly little things like this.

“I’m. Sorry. For. Getting. Really. Mad. At. Jefferson. And. Breaking. The. Bathroom. Mirror.” Alex’s tone is even and measured, and even though he pauses after every word, it’s good enough for John.



“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Snow White is playing on the TV. John and Alex’s daughter, Mindy, is captivated by the movie. She’s about three and has recently discovered the exciting world of Disney. Alex shoots John a glance as the evil queen talks to her mirror, and Alex suppresses a giggle.

“Remember that day?” John asks, not taking his eyes off the screen. He tries to be quiet, but Mindy still turns around and gives him a shushing motion. He nods.

“Yeah,” Alex breathes into John’s ear. It tickles. “When I broke the mirror, and you made me apologize.”

“And then the next day I made you apologize to Jefferson. To his face.”

“That scarred me.”

“But then you and him stopped being at each other’s throats twenty-four seven, and I got to hear about things that weren’t Jefferson being terrible. That was nice.”

Alex laughs soundlessly. “I did talk about him a lot.”

“You’d think that you were secretly soulmates or something.”

“Ha. No.”

“Will you guys shut up, please?” Mindy asks, turning with a look of indignance on her face. “I can’t hear.”

“Sorry, sweetie,” Alex says, kissing her forehead. “You wanna restart it?”

“Just back to the mirror scene,” the little girl decides, snuggling in between her dads. “That’s the good part.”

John doesn’t want to laugh, but he does, and Mindy fumbles for the remote, hitting several different buttons before finding pause. “What’s so funny, Daddy?”

“It’s a long story,” Alex explains.

Mindy crosses her arms. “We got time.”

“I see you’ve taught her well,” John mumbles to Alex. Alex grins with half of his mouth.

“So back before we got married, before we adopted you, your daddy had…issues with this one guy he worked with,” John starts.

“He made me so mad,” Alex adds.

“It’s not good to be mad at people, Daddy,” Mindy says. “It makes you mean.”

Three year olds are so pure.

“Anyway, he sent your daddy some texts that made him very mad, and so he punched the mirror in the bathroom and broke it.”

Mindy’s mouth falls open. “Daddy!”

Alex holds his hands up. “Guilty.”

“That’s why the mirror scene is so funny to us,” John finishes.

“Didya get a new mirror?”

“I think so. I hope so,” Alex says, worry creeping into his tone. “Wouldn’t want someone to be renting that apartment and find no mirror.”

Mindy giggles. “Okay, can we watch the movie now?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.”

Some time later, Mindy’s fallen asleep, and Alex carries her to bed and tucks her in. “Goodnight, kiddo. Sweet dreams. Don’t punch any mirrors.”

“Is that just gonna be a running inside joke now?” John asks. Alex nods and then kisses him briefly. John tries to melt into the kiss, but Alex is already pulling away.

“Where are you going?” John mumbles, uncertain.

“To finish the movie, duh,” Alex shoots back. “We can cuddle on the couch.”

John happily skips after him and settles next to him. Alex hits play and then kisses John, and it’s nice, it’s so nice to be here and in love and raising a daughter and having inside jokes, even if the jokes are about Alex breaking a mirror.


likes are appreciated, reblogs are WONDERFUL, comments make my day