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American Sweetheart (Sweet Pea)

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“Every snake has a soft underbelly…And she’s yours.”

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What were supposed to wear to a biker bar? Especially one housing the deadliest gang in at least a 50 mile radius? According to your mom,  environmentally safe, cruelty-free leather boots, black skinny jeans, and a dark flannel.

“I’m not gonna get shot am I?” You asked, climbing onto the back of Jughead’s motorcycle. You sent a silent thank you to your mom for making you wear a shirt long enough to tuck into your pants. You knew your bunny underwear would be on show for everyone to see if you hadn’t.

“Nah. As long as you stay with me, you’ll be okay.” Jughead promised before ripping out of the trailer park.

By the time you got to the Whyte Wyrm, you were conflicted. Part of you knew that Jughead wouldn’t let some Serpent kill you, but you were still nervous. You had never been in a bar before, let alone a Serpent bar. Or maybe the nerves were just a side effect of Jughead’s terrible driving.

As you approached the doors to the building, you had the sudden urge to back out. To turn around and go home far away from the Serpents.

“ Jug I just remembered I have a project for Phillips due tomorrow,” You nervously lied. Jughead shook his head, “You and I both know that’s a lie. Come on, I promise they won’t bite.”

You figured he had a point and trusted him, so you let him pull you into the Serpents’ Den. Unfortunately, by the end of the night you weren’t so sure.

The night had started out fine. You helped Toni wipe down the sticky bar and she told you all about what it was like being in the Serpents. You had actually begun to have a pretty good time…Until Sweet Pea came in. You could practically feel the rage radiating off of him. He was a bomb waiting to explode, and you could hear the countdown ticking. When his eyes landed on you, the countdown reach 00:00.


“Why the hell is this Northsider in our bar?” He growled out to Toni, glaring at you like you killed his dog. Though, you wouldn’t be surprised if he killed his own dog. He seemed like the type.

“Dhe came with Juggy, Sweet Pea. Chill out,” Toni replied, sliding a man across the bar another beer. Sweet Pea sneered.

“Why? So she can go run back to her little Bulldogs and tell them everything we have planned? Hell, maybe she’s planning to sell us to the Ghoulies. Is that your master scheme, Princess?” He growled out, leaning down so you were eye-to-eye. “Sell us to the Ghoulies for some money? Maybe even for protection? God knows it a little Northside Princess like you will need it around here.”

“That’s enough, Sweet Pea,” Jughead shot back at the angry boy. “She’s my friend and she wouldn’t do that. She’s going through some things so I figured it’d do her some good to get out of home for a couple hours. Now lay off.”

Sweet Pea scowled, something you noticed he did a lot of, before turning around and walking away to a pool table surrounded by some of the guys you saw him with around school.

“Jug, maybe I should head home,” You sighed, getting off of the stool you sat on. “Don’t let Pea run you off,” Toni sighed. “This whole Black Hood nonsense has everyone uptight. He may be in the Northside for now, but you never know if or when he’ll make his way down here. He’s not as bad as he seems, I promise.”

You gave her a small smile. “Thanks, Toni. I should still head home, my brothers will probably start blowing up my phone soon,” You lied, knowing good and well that your brothers were more than likely holed up in their rooms playing mindless video games for “education purposes”.

Toni frowned before scribbling number down onto a napkin, “Alright. But here, hit me up for some girl time soon, okay?”

You smiled and promised her you would before letting Jughead whisk you off onto his motorcycle for the second time that night.

After what felt like forever, Toni had convinced you to sit with the Serpents at lunch on the days you didn’t sit with your brothers. Travis and Donovan called it kidnapping, she called it shared custody. It was on one of the days Toni had stolen you away to a table outside that things seemed to get interesting.

Like usual when you were in the same area, you and Sweet Pea regarded each other upon sight with mutual disdainful looks. On this day though, he had a large bruise around his left eye. “Wow, nice black eye, Pea. What the hell happened to you?” Toni asked as you sat down beside her, giving a smile to Fangs, one of the Serpents that didn’t despise you like Sweet Pea did.

“Andrews.” Sweet Pea responded, turning his attention to some sort of blueprint the others all had their attention on. “We had a little rumble between us and that fucked up Red Circle kid. Serpents against Bulldogs. Red’s girl pulled a gun out. Now we’re getting revenge on those stuck-up Northsiders. No offense there, Princess,” He added on as a mocking afterthought with a smug smirk to you. He could never seem to miss an opportunity to mock you.

“Sweet Pea, why can’t you just call her by her name?” Toni sighed, shaking her head at the boy. Sweet Pea shrugged. “Princess, Babydoll, they’re basically the same. Proper, perfect, stuck up, privileged.”

“At least my name doesn’t make me sound like a rip off of My Little Pony,” You mumbled to yourself. Apparently you didn’t mumble quiet enough, seeing as the group surrounding you broke into snickers while Sweet Pea shot you a glare.

“Shut the hell up,” Sweet Pea hissed, silencing the group. Everyone was quiet, eyes on the blueprint before them…

“Friendship is magic…”

The My Little Pony line, whispered all too seriously by Fangs sent everyone into a fit of laughter, Toni spitting out a bit of her water on Fangs in the process.

Sweet Pea sent you a cold glare as if to say, “This is your fault.” You just gave him a slight grin in return.

After everyone had calmed down, Jughead finally made an appearance. Sweet Pea glanced up from where him and Fangs were discussing the plan for the apparent “Revenge Plot” when he spotted Jughead. He stood up to his full height, eyeing the boy. “Nice article your girlfriend’s mom wrote.”

“Yeah… I saw that,” Jughead replied. “Dilton Doiley said he was stabbed, and a bunch of you guys jumped him.”

“Idiot stabbed himself,” Fangs retorted. “With his own knife.” Wow, you thought to yourself. I always knew he was an idiot…But this? This is a whole new level of stupid.

“And we didn’t jump him,” Sweet Pea added. “There was a fight. Bulldogs versus Serpents. And you see this?” He pointed to the black eye you had noticed earlier angrily. “Your boy Andrews gave it to me. Just before his girlfriend shot a gun into the air.”

Jughead’s eyes widened in shock. “What happened?”

“And of course,” Sweet Pea continued, ignoring Jug’s question. “Northsiders get off scot-free. And the rest of us are hauled in by the police.”

“It’s payback time,” Fangs stated, jaw clenched tight.

“What are you guys talking about?” Jughead questioned, looking around until his eyes fell on the paper. “What is… What is that?” He demanded, eying the paper. “Is that a pipe bomb?” He looked down to you and Toni quickly, before returning his gaze to Sweet Pea and Fangs.

“Fogarty’s cousin served in the army. He’s gonna build us something.,” Sweet Pea informed him.

“We’ll do it after hours. We’re gonna shut the Riverdale Register down once and for all,” Fangs stated, nodding his head.

“You think blowing up a building is going to make things better?” Jughead exclaimed, looking as if he was ready to pop off.

“Can’t get any worse,” Sweet Pea seethed.

“Yeah, Sweet Pea, it can. Let me talk to Archie, let me figure this out, okay?”

“Man, that’s your answer for everything!” Sweet Pea snapped. “Talk and more talk! And we don’t even know who you stand with. Us? Or them.”

You watched as Sweet Pea leaned down against the table, palms flat on the tabletop. “You can’t be half a Serpent.” He glowered. He was leaned down close enough that you got a whiff of cologne mixed with cigarettes and exhaust. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t send chills down your spine.

He stood back up, tapping Fangs’ arm as they all walked off, leaving just you, Toni, and Jughead again.

“Great,” Jughead murmured as he sat down.. “So Archie started World War III.”

“Northside has been dumping on us for years,” Toni declared. “Your dad tried to keep the peace. Avoid the bloodshed. Now that he’s gone, idiots like Sweet Pea think there’s only one path and one solution. Violence.”

You looked down, imagining how that must have felt. To have other people judge you for no reason other than what side of the town you were born in. To have someone that kept an all out war from starting, only to get him ripped away from you for a crime he didn’t commit, then for whatever crimes they could pin on him.

No wonder they hated Northsiders…

That night, you were playing cards at the bar with Toni and Fangs when Jughead walked in, wearing the Southside Serpent jacket that he told you Tallboy had given him when his dad was arrested. You and Toni shared looks of shock when he announced he wanted to join the Serpents.  

You were even more surprised when a day or two later, you were back at the Whyte Wyrm, this time on a favor from Jughead to be with him while he completed the next part of his initiation. You had to admit, if being a serpent meant you could keep Hot Dog, you would consider it an important option.

Sweet Pea was completely and utterly against you being there, claiming it was a “Serpents Only” event. After some persuading you were let in. Well, after they made it clear that if you told anyone what went on you would be severely punished.

You sat beside Toni the entire time, watching as Tallboy and Jughead shouted at each other. You chose to use that time to observe the Serpents in their main habitat. You had seen a good majority of the younger serpents in school at some point or another and they were always tense. Here, they were more relaxed. They knew that if they got attacked, their family would stick up for them.

Eventually, you gave up on observing the Serpents as a whole and decided to observe one particular Serpent with a neck tattoo that towered above over half of the other occupants. He was preoccupied watching Jughead recite the Serpent laws, so you allowed your eyes to wander over his face.

He was attractive, even you had to admit that. any girl attempting to rebel from her parents would certainly come to him first. But, you couldn’t help but wonder what lies beneath the dark, brooding surface. Was there a truth to the name Sweet Pea? Or was he the same asshole through and through?

Unfortunately for you, while you were debating if Sweet Pea really was the type that would eat popcorn and laugh while watching someone get murdered, Sweet Pea realized someone was watching him. His gaze travelled around the room as he moved away from the tank containing the snake and knife that Jughead was to retrieve.

His eyes met your own zoned out ones as he crossed his arms. Toni nudged you, whispering a “stop staring.” Pulled back into reality, your face flushed red as you realized you had been caught staring at Sweet Pea by both Toni and Sweet Pea himself. You quickly dropped your gaze from Sweet Pea onto Jughead, unable to hide your own embarrassment.   

Sweet Pea took that opportunity to do his own little analysis of you. He found it strange that a Northside Princess like yourself could fit in so well with the Serpents without some sort of ulterior motive. Jughead trusted you, and he trusted Jughead well enough. He was their leader’s son after all. Still, it was strange seeing such an obvious Northsider surrounded by Southside Serpents all the time. Especially one that didn’t cower in their presence like the other Bulldogs did.

You usually keep quiet, but every now and again you’ll snap back at something he says, like comparing you to a Damsel in Distress, surrounded by a bunch of big bad dragons.

You were happy to remind him that he was a snake, not a dragon, and that most large snakes aren’t actually venomous, which is why the largest resort to constricting their prey.

He had to admit, you were pretty adorable when you talked back to him. In the same way a puppy is adorable playing with a big dog and thinking they’re winning when they’re not.

After Jughead’s hand was bandaged, you sat by the bar with him and Toni, listening to him complain about being bitten by a rattlesnake while Sweet Pea simultaneously informed him when his last task would be. Eventually, after five minutes of Toni insisting the snake had had its venom glands removed, Tallboy walked over.

“Good job, Jughead. I’m sure FP would be proud to see you following in our footsteps,” He praised, clasping him on the shoulder before turning to you. “So, Babydoll. You’ve been spending a lot of time with our younger Serpents. You thinking about joining too?”  Your eyes widened, “I don’t think I’m cut out for the gang life,” You joked. “Nonsense. A gang is just a family. You don’t have to be a certain type of person to be part of a family. I’m sure Toni here would enjoy some company from another girl. Think about it, okay?”

Tallboy walked off as Toni turned to you. “I think you just got Tallboy’s blessing to join the Serpents. Should I go ahead and start up the tattoo machine now?” She joked. “Oh totally,” You replied with a laugh. “I want it right on my left wrist in pink and blue.”

“I mean, it wouldn’t really be a bad idea, Babydoll,” Jughead stated, tightening the bandage on his hand. “With that psycho Blackhood out on the streets it’d help for a tiny girl like you to have some protection. No offense.”

Toni nodded slightly. “And, you could help me boss Fangs around,” She laughed.

“No.” A voice declared, loud and serious. you all turned around to see who spoke, eyes landing on a serious-looking Sweet Pea.

“Relax, Pea. It’s just a joke,” Toni replied, rolling her eyes at the angry boy.

“I don’t care. Don’t even joke about that. She might actually start to think it’s a good idea. People like her don’t belong in the Serpents.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest. “People like me?”

“People like you. Privileged, spoiled little Northsiders that think you can just do whatever you want. Newsflash, just because you moved to the Southside doesn’t make you a Southsider. Or a Serpent. So don’t get any ideas, Princess.”

You gritted your teeth, barely refraining from yelling at Sweet Pea and telling him just where he could shove his attitude. Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath, forcing yourself to relax. “I’m going home. I’ll see you later, guys.”

Forgetting your hoodie on the counter, you pushed your way out of the Wyrm before Jughead or Toni could stop you.

Though life was much different on the Southside, there were some things that seemed better than on the Northside. One of those things was the stars. On nights that you couldn’t sleep, much like tonight, you could sit on the roof of your trailer and try to find as many constellations as possible.

The peaceful quiet of the trailer park also made it easier. You could concentrate more on your thoughts than wondering which idiot was getting arrested for underage drinking again (most of the time, it was Reggie Mantle). Occasionally, the roaring of motorcycle engines would temporarily cut through the silence and crickets, startling you enough to lose your train of thought. Thankfully, once the motorcycles had passed it would be easy to find where you had left off.

Unfortunately for you, the next motorcycle didn’t stop until it was right in front of your house. Peeking down from your spot cocooned in a blanket on the roof, you spotted the black Harley Davidson and its leather-clad rider. Furrowing your eyebrows, you climbed down from the roof, walking until you stood in front of the bike.

“What do you want?” You questioned, pulling the blanket around you tighter, hoping it would hide the embarrassing sheep pajamas you wore. Sweet Pea held up a familiar purple hoodie, the one you had forgotten at the bar. “Why didn’t Jug just bring it to me?” You asked, taking the hoodie from his outstretched hand.

“He’s staying out late. I was on my way by anyways,” He replied before pausing. “And Toni made it very clear if I didn’t apologize for what I said to you she would have my balls on a silver platter.”


“So, I’m sorry for what I said and… please forgive me,” the boy in front of you forced out, grimacing as if it hurt him to say those words to a Northsider.

You bit down on your bottom lip, processing his apology. “Okay… I’ll forgive you, on one condition.”

Sweet Pea sighed, running his hands down his face. “And what is that?”

“You have to buy me a milkshake. Then I’ll forgive you.”

He cocked an eyebrow, sitting back on his motorcycle. “A milkshake?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Mhm. A banana milkshake from Pop’s.” You couldn’t let him off too easy. So what better than making him buy you something from a place on the Northside of Riverdale?

“Of course it has to be on the Northside,” He complained, rolling his eyes.

“Yep!” You replied happily. He revved the engine of his bike.

“Get on.”

“What?” You asked, eyes widening slightly.

“I said get on. As in onto the motorcycle.”

“I can’t just go in my pajamas!” You exclaimed.

“Oh come on. They can’t be that bad,” He argued, pulling the blanket away from you enough to see your pink sheep pajamas. Once he saw them he busted out in laughter. Not even laughter. He was borderline cackling at your pajama choices.

“Shut up! I’m going to change.” You grumbled, stomping into your trailer.

About ten minutes later you emerged in lightwashed jeans, a V-neck, and black boots your brothers had bought you the previous year. Thankfully, Sweet Pea had stopped laughing by the time you walked out of the door, instead giving your new outfit a once-over. He apparently couldn’t find anything wrong with it, sliding forward silently and handing you a helmet with a mumbled “I don’t wear it anyways.”

“Hold on tight,” He called before speeding away from Sunnyside as your arms wrapped tightly around his middle. He smirked slightly at the death-grip you had on him, noticing how it tightened the faster he went. So he may have pushed the speed limit a lot on the way to the diner, but terrifying you was his version of payback for making him travel to the Northside diner.

While you drank his milkshake and Sweet Pea ate his burger, you frequently quizzed the Serpent about random things, him giving blunt answers in return. Eventually, all the questions came to the one question you had been curious about for a while now.

“Why did you join the serpents?” You questioned, stealing one of his fries.

Sweet Pea raised an eyebrow at you, contemplating his answer. “Well, I’m sure you’ve realized by now most of us don’t have very happy family lives. Drugs, alcohol, abuse, a lot of us deal with those problems. For me it was less initiation into a gang and more of coming home for the first time. The Serpents are the family most of us didn’t have growing up. It’s a place where no matter who or what you are, you’ll never be discriminated against. You’ll always be welcome.”

“Except for people that came from the Northside, right? Excluding those that have family in the serpents like Juggy.”

“Look, if this is about what I said we agreed I was forgiven if I bought you the milkshake so drop it,” He shot back. You opened your mouth to retort, only stopping when you saw the familiar car of Reggie Mantle pull into the parking lot.

“Uh oh…”



sunsedge  asked:

hello! how are you? what are some of your fav fics to read? i need some good suggestions! thank you!

reading fics is like all i do with my life lol, okay these are all pretty much mileven centric but they usually have lumax and jopper in there too :)

  • the sunshine boy and the snowflake girl by rosy_el
    • this was the first exposure i had to mileven fics and honestly was what inspired me to start writing my own, they’re all so great and wonderful and make my heart happy!!!
  • most ardently by ciaconnaa
    • it’s an au where mike works in a store and is always helping el with books and it just started a little while ago but it is so cute and i love it :)
  • devil’s in the backseat by ceruleanstorm
    • OOO boy this fic is finished but when it was being updated?! it gave me so much anxiety omg, i love it though and it’s one that i come back to a lot
  • love you like a love song by fatechica
    • this one is still going on and it’s post-season 2 (so like within canon) and it was cute and it started getting wild the past few chapters i was like “wtf!!!” but yes, i get very excited when it updates
  • pretend by kittencorrosion 
    • i like all of their fics but this one is my favorite bc it’s about el finally going to the school with the party and mike being awkward and i love it!!
  • everybody talks by hannahberrie
    • i KNOW everyone and their moms know this fic but i just gotta include it bc it’s a punk!el and nerd!mike au and it gives me the will to live (even though there’s literally only four chapter left and mike and eleven STILL haven’t kissed which honestly…sounds fake??)
  • not even halfway happy by themikewheelers
    • it’s an au that takes place during season two where el managed to convince hopper to let her go trick or treating and it hurts my heart in a good way
  • the one where el steals a dog by rosswrites
    • this fic was angsty but then it made up for it by being CUTE!! what more could a person want than mileven + a puppy??
  • in every universe, in every timeline, always them by dustingspace
    • each chapter is a different au of mike and el and it makes my heart go WHOOSH bc yeah, mike and el are 100% soulmates and i love them for it
  • mike, eleven, and the quiet moments by cali-chan 
    • a series of fics and they are all wonderful and i refuse to just rec you one in particular just read them and let your heart be happy
  • wrong house by richiewheeler
    • an au where the party is dumb and they egg the wrong house but it’s okay bc it leads to mike and el meeting and it’s SUPER cute, i love it!! :)

anonymous asked:

hi!!! your comic made me so emotional and i loved the 1st 3 pictur,s i love this ending song so much. but sraly, yoir art is so amazing, every time you make a post it makes me so happy. i really like your art style, i think it's very profesional and just beutiful okay??? gosh i love you too much~ have a nice day~

jesus fuck youre a work of beauty for sending something like that in for me at 12 am (thank you???) your ask made my midnight :’D im really glad you enjoy my art work <3

theloverofpeaches  asked:

I know you haven't wanted to talk about this...but since I'm still processing, your thoughts on Timmy's insta post since he came out and said something?

okay, first of all I didn’t realize he had posted so thank you for alerting me to that. Second, i am literally in tears right now from that. I mean, seriously, I have tears in my eyes. Guys, I love this guy so much. 

You’re right, I haven’t wanted to talk about it, and I’ll tell yall why: The first time I talked about it, I spoke my peace and did a fairly long post in response to the ask I got. Then I got another, and another, and I directed them to the other post…then I got more, and then there were arguments in the comments, and then I got anons coming at me (i deleted quite a few instead of posting). I ended the discourse because I spoke my peace, and until Timmy talked about it, there was literally no reason for me to continue bringing it up, especially when my own responses were causing fights. So i shut it down as fast as I could and deleted everything in my askbox that was leftover from it. I let it go, because it wasn’t productive. 

Now, that being said, Timmy has said something and I will say this– I support this guy, 100%. When I made that original post, I told yall that I trusted him and trusted that he wouldn’t be taking the job as a way of supporting Allen’s actions. This proves that. Listen, Timmy is not a bad guy, not for this at least. He’s young, and even though we all see him as a huge star already, the reality is, a year and a half ago he wasn’t. The opportunity to work in that film was probably too appealing to pass up, and before anyone @s me for that, let it be known that you’re not in his position, you can’t possibly tell me with 100% assurance you wouldn’t have done the same. you don’t know, you just don’t until you’re there.

His choice to donate all the money he makes from this film is incredible. I’m proud of him, honestly. I think this was the best way he could have possibly handled it. The fact that he’s contractually obligated not to talk about it should end all discourse criticizing his previous avoidance on the subject. I really think he’s one of the good ones, and I really think he’s probably been destroying himself over this. I think he’s handled it well. 

Also, in regards to the anons who asked about Timmy sort of leaving social media, this is the kind of thing I was referring to- how easily drama and criticism starts. This is going to cause some problems, it’ll also generate support. Anything he ever does from this point on is going to generate criticism and support, regardless of what it is. He’s 22, he’s probably a bit anxious by nature, and he’s passionate. I can imagine that social media is a trap to enhance fears and anxieties for him, and I think he’s probably wise to steer clear of it when he can. It’s only going to get more intense. 

Okay so this was literally the best day I’ve ever had.

-Found out that I’m getting a binder

- Ate a loaf of French bread (dont ask)

- Ate toast (okay I love carbs)

- Got a fricken bf who isnt an abusive asshole


I am actually crying so much I love all of you guys so much

anonymous asked:

Please, please, please, do a very sexy fanfic between maxwell and MC. One very hot, please. You are one of the best writers I’ve ever read and I TRULY believe you would make the best moment ever. Every chill, breath and stuff, looks so real for me. I’m always way happier when I read you. You are the best 💖

Okay, first of all, thank you! That means the absolute world to me. I don’t think I’m that great at writing, nor am I close to being one of the best. But hearing you say that really does lift my spirits! Ahhh. I’m relieved you like my writing. I haven’t written in ages, to be quite honest. But PB gave me the platform and inspiration to write again with their lovely characters. 

Second of all, I am thinking of making another Maxwell x MC fic. I have already done one, right here. But I’m not entirely sure if I can live up to the task of writing a steamy fanfic. Haha. I’ll try to go as steamy (to the extent I'm comfortable with) later down the road after I finish the fanfic I have planned for Kenji x MC and Lucas x MC

If inspiration strikes, you might see one soon! Cheers! ❤

kivrin  asked:

Freddie Lyon, G. A fistfight

Okay, so… this got kind of long, largely because this prompt gave me the excuse to actually flesh out a headcanon I’ve been brooding over for a long time. (Thank you!) I have the idea that Freddie would not go back to The Hour full time, but that if he and Bel ended up living in the same building as Sey and Cissie, he and Cissie would be the house-parents of the foursome. Which might lead to… misunderstandings on the streets of early-‘60s London. Again, thanks for the prompt, and I hope this isn’t too far from what you were hoping for.

Keep reading

I am so fucking glad Funko is putting actual effort into the Cuphead figures instead of their usual generic style

The Devil one also looms over Cuphead and Mugman, being two inches taller than them, so I feel like the three would look great displayed together.

EDIT: Okay yes, I am aware now that Funko Pops are the generic-looking ones and these are not Pops and Funko actually makes on-model figures sometimes, thank you for telling me 5000 times

Things we need to tell each other (and ourselves) more often

🌹 “You’re doing such a great job.”

🌹 “You are stronger than you think.”

🌹 “I can see you are doing the best you can.”

🌹 “You are allowed to take a break.”

🌹 “Someday you will see the beauty that I see in you.”

🌹 “It’s okay.”

🌹 “You are capable of anything.”

🌹 “I’m sorry.”

🌹 “Your kindness is a treasure and it’s much appreciated.”

🌹 “You are full of light.”

🌹 “I am here for you whenever you need someone.”

🌹 “I am proud of you.”

🌹 “You are such a wise person.”

🌹 “I believe in you.”

🌹 “Take time to bloom.”

🌹 “You deserve respect. Please walk away from people who treat you wrongly.”

🌹 “I care about you.”

🌹 “You have grown so much as a person.”

🌹 “You deserve the best.”

🌹 “You are valid.”

🌹 “You can make a difference.”

🌹 “It’s okay to take time for yourself. Please tell me when you want to be alone.”

🌹 “It’s not weird, please tell me more about it.”

🌹 “You are never alone.”

🌹 “You are worthy.”

🌹 “You are enough.”

🌹 “You matter.”

🌹 “Thank you.”

🌹 “I’d like to know more about you.”

🌹 “You make me feel happy.”

🌹 “I appreciate you.”

🌹 “You have a beautiful soul.”

🌹 “I know things can be hard but I am sure you will make it through. You’ve already come so far.”

🌹 “I’m here for you.”

🌹 “You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.”

🌹 “It’s okay to ask for help. You don’t have to do things on your own all the time.”

🌹 “I trust you.”

🌹 “You should give yourself more credit.”

🌹 “You aren’t defined by conceptual things like grades.”

🌹 “You deserve all the love in the world.”

🌹 “You inspire me.”

🌹 “May your day be as lovely as you.”

I’ll be adding more when I can think of more

Just letting y’all know that I AM okay, at around 10:30pm tonight the police knocked on my door and asked me and my sister to hide in our basement because there were two active gunman in our apartment complex.

The swat team were here and they got the two gunman out of the apartment complex safely and nobody was hurt. I’m just a little shaken up about it but I’ll be fine, I’m sorry if I worried some of you.

And I want to thank the local Police Force and swat team for keeping me, my little sister and my entire neighbourhood safe tonight.

Tonight was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced….


YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - Clothing Set

#01 - Yasha Katsuki-Nikiforov

I think sometimes you can learn a lot about a person from their clothing choices, and I’ve always sorta wanted to make some fashion sets ^ ^ So I’m making one for the OC kids, starting with the eldest as usual, Yasha! (He’s probably pre-teen-ish around here, maybe, idk)

Yasha still more or less thinks of himself as a boy (when he can be bothered to think about it at all) but loves flowers, pastels, and anything soft and gentle (in harsh contrast to his blunt as a bludgeon personality). And most importantly, he kinda just really hates wearing pants and underwear, when he can get away with full nudity… He takes the young!Victor flower fairy aesthetic to the next level. He can be very picky about what he wears, and usually prefers expensive but relatively unknown specialty brands. His parents, especially Victor, are more than happy to indulge his tastes.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

This post features the Victor x Yuuri kid, Yasha.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

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CRAIG: And if it’s not sweet then it’s not good.

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This happened couple years ago. Long story, TL:DR at the end.

I was a student and i was working shit tons to be able to pay for my school. I was driving a cab or a limo at nights so I usually would skip classes except exams or finals. It was one of days that i had to be in school for a final exam. This exam would determine if i need to go another semester or not.

I borrowed my friends car that day. I was kinda hungry. After a quick drive thru, i grabbed some burger king. We hit a red light. I knew it was a long one. I pulled out fries, opened a ranch sauce and i was enjoying the fuck out of them fresh fries. Until i look at the rear view mirror. I was the very first car at the lights, in a super busy street. I saw a buick in the mirror, coming at me really fast. I totally knew that he/she wouldn’t be able to stop. I put it on park, pushed the hand brake (i’m still holding the ranch sauce.)and stepped on the brake so she won’t hit and push me to the crossing street. Sure enough she hit the brakes, her car slided and rear ended me. It was a noisy hit but i knew it wouldn’t damage the car too bad. Being a driver gives you that experience. It was the 4th time i was rear ended that year. Big city traffic. Smh.

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BTS reaction to their S/O flinching during a fight


During your fights there weren’t a lot of screaming. But today was different. Both of you were yealling things that shouldn’t have benn said. Once you screamed something that was wayyyyy out of line, he snapped. Anger took  over his body. He started throwing his hands into the air while screaming out every single word. As he wanted to run his hand through his hair in frustration you took a few quick steps back and brought your hands to your face in a defence mechanism. At first he didn’t really know what’s going on, but once he realised that he scared you, he slowly came up to you and took your face in his hands. He looked you deep into the eyes ‘I would never do that’- he whispered. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a warm hug.


Yoongi has never really yaelled at you. He always speaks harsh words with his jaw teansed. You didn’t even remember what the fight was about, but somehow you and Yoongi ended up in a really hated argument. After a while you decided it was time to stop. You calmed down a little and so you wanted Suga to chill a bit too. As you walked to him, while anger was still sipping through his eyes he made a sudden hand movemet that somehow sent shivers down your spine. You quickly backed off, hid your face in your hands and yealled ‘Please don’t!’. He was shocked. He didn’t know what to do with himself. He was so dissapointed in his action. He never wanted you to be scared of him. He alwats wanted you to feel safe no matter what. So after scaring you he just left the house. He needed some time to get himself together after what happened. After he came back he came to you with eyes red from crying. He apologised and made sure that you didn’t have a reason to fear him anymore.


Ohhh boii, saying that Hobi was pissed was a understatement. You had to admit that angry J-Hope was one of your least favourite things on Earth. His eyes always got a tone darker, his hands formed into fists and the tone of his voice wans’t the sweet, comforting sound, it got low, harsh and unpleasant. The words were falling from his mouth without any control. He was walking back and forth moving his hands around. Once he looked at you and saw the way your eyes were  watering and your body was shaking in fear, his face softened. His hands dropped to his sides. He tried to say someting but he couldn’t. He just came up to you and give you a strong hug. ‘You have nothing to fear about’ He pulled away and locked his eyes with yours. ‘I’m the one who’s supposed to make you feel safe. Please don’t ever think that i would hurt you. You’re my everything.’ Tears started to fall down his cheeks as the last world left his lips. You were standing there for a long moment crying together.


Everyone was scared of him when he’s mad, including you, but you had never really showed it till today. You and Namjoon were standing in the kitched arguing about something that didn’t even matter. He didn’t let you speak, baceuse he was filling the air with his words. You were done with his dominance so you decided to scream out everything you wanted to say. You started yealling at him. All the negative emotions you were hidding inside finally were able to come out. But suddenly he cut you off by smacking his fist on the kitchen table. You automatically got quiet and looked at him in fear. For a secont he didn’t realise what he’d done and kept on talking. But once he took a step in your direction, you backed off with your back hitting the wall. You dropped to the floor and quitely whimpered ‘Please don’t hurt me’. He was left in the biggest shock of his life. You were his everything, his reason to wake up every morning. The last thing he wanted was to hurt you. He knew that many people were scared of him when he was in this state, but he’d never thought that you’d get scared of him. He blamed himself for letting that happen. He dropped to his knees infron of you and placed his hand on yours. He softly took your hands away from your face and picked you up. He carried you to your shared beadroom and cuddled you. When he felt that you’re falling asleep he whispered little ‘I’m so sorry’ into your ear. 


None of you really like arguing. Most of the times you talk about all you problem. Unfortunetaly both of you lost it today. He was screaming at you, you were screaming at him. Th whole house was shaking. After what seemed like hours of arguing Jimin really started getting all up in your face. At first that didn’t have any imopact at you, but when he started moving around, he started looking terryfaing. Yes, your little ChimChim made you shake with fear. He noticed it right away and calmed down almost immediately. He started apologising over and over again. You told him it was fine and that he didn’t have to feel bad, but he still couldn’t get over the fact that he made you feel that way. The rest of the day he spent holding you in his arms and reminding you how much he loves you and that he would never put his hands on you.


He had a really shitty day at studio and right after he came home you said someting that pushed him over the eage. It was really upsetting seeing him in this state beacuse of how much of a brigt person he was all the time. He muttered something under his breath before looking at you with annoyance in his eyes. You noticed it and told him to change his attidute. That started a freaking storm. You and him were complaining about everything the other person does. His actions and words got more frightening with every second. He didn’t notice it at first but with the passing seconds you were trying to get away from him. He was scaring you. He wasn’t your cute, loving boyfriend at that time. He was a person you didn’t even know, and to be honest you didn’t want to know. He looked at you with angry eyes, before noticing the scared exspression on your face. His tone was getting quieter, he stopped moving around, he was speakin not screamin. His whole body softened. He came closer to you and wrap his hands around your waist. ‘You have nothing to be scared about’- he said in is normal, comforting voice. You stopped shaking and melted into his arms.


Bacause both of you have really dominat personalities fights occoured quite often. It wasn’t that you two didn’t get along tho. So once during the dinner you were talking about someting irrelevant and somehow it got to the point where you two were arguing about stupid things you both did in the past. He didn’t like the attidute that you were getting, so he raised his tone a little bit. That didn’t help. Insted he just scared you. He wsn’t screaming tho. But the way his voice had changed it’s tone made you fear. He looked different than usual. He had his eyebrow narrowed, his cheeks got red and his movements were fast and harsh. He didn’t know how you felt abot the whle situation so he kept talking. It didn’t last long beacuse of single tears falling down your face. He softened right away and pulled you into his arms. He held you for a bit and whimpered “it’s okay. No need to be scared’

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Seventeen Reaction to Falling for International Fan

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I decided to make the reader attend a fansign event in Korea, since that would maybe make it a bit more….jarring?? is that the right word? Idfk

-Admin AJ

S.Coups/Seungcheol His eyes passed over you when you were waiting in line. He kept glancing back at your spot to study your face. You seemed nervous and he could tell this was maybe your first time attending an event for them. As you got closer he noticed the outfit you chose, and how it complimented you so well and you seemed to be taking pictures and recording. When you got to him, he was instantly shy and blushing at having your attention on him. “What is your name? You are very cute. I see you from far.”

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Jeonghan He saw you during their greeting and smiled at you. He waved in your direction as to not be obvious, however he kept glancing back at you when he turned to wave at the others attending the event. He tried doing more poses in your direction so whenever you took pictures you got a good view of him. Once you reach him at the table, he takes your hands in his and smiles at you. “Hello! What is your name? Name is cute like your face.”

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Joshua/Jisoo He spotted you and was happy to see you since, it meant you either had to save up just for the event, or you were vacationing/studying abroad. He’d make sure to make a mental note to see what language you spoke, and if it was one he spoke, he’d speak it to comfort you. He’d also help and translate for you to the nearest members so that you wouldn’t get flustered. “Don’t worry about the language barrier, we can feel your energy and it makes us even happier to know that you were brave enough to come anyway.”

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Jun/Junhui He noticed you looked different from the Korean fans. He smiled and mentally applauded your bravery to come to an event where, you may not be familiar with. He knew how it felt to have a language barrier between you and your peers. Not to mention when it involves celebrities that also may not speak your native language. He’d try to convey his attraction to you as best as he can. So in his limited English he tries flirting with you. “You are very, beautiful. I like your smile.” He gestures to his own smile and holds your hands.

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Hoshi/Soonyoung He spotted a face that didn’t look Korean and was intrigued. He looked in your direction and felt this heat spread across his cheeks to his ears. He noticed that you watched and listened attentively and that you seemed a bit frustrated at not understanding something. He whispers to either Vernon or Joshua how to say a few phrases. Once you get to him and are before him. He shyly repeats what he was taught. “Sorry, you cannot understand. I learn English for you. Thank you for support. You are very pretty.”

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Wonwoo The other boys were joking about and when one of the members moved to one side of the stage, he happened to see a face that caught his attention immediately. After the member moved away, he kept looking at you and he kept trying to keep himself from staring so much. He tries to spend the rest of the event recalling what he does know of English. As well as silently whispering English words to himself. When you are in front of him, he does his best to pick out words you say that he knows and piece the sentence together. “Oh yes! I know little bit. Thank you for love and support? Yes? Okay. You are very, pretty.”

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Woozi/Jihoon He actually notices you after one of the other members points you out and he is intrigued. He noticed that when he smiled in your direction you brightened up and he couldn’t help but feel shy afterwards. When you reached him he tries greeting you in his limited English. He understands that you don’t speak Korean, and he nods his head to show you he understands. As he signs your stuff he writes a note in English and asks if you understand it. “I am thankful you listen to Seventeen music. You are nice and pretty. Please support more?”

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DK/Seokmin He heard his name be called in a voice that had a non-Korean accent. So when he turned his head, he spotted a foreign looking face. He smiled at you and he smiled even brighter when you waved at him. When you reach him to get his signature on your stuff, he can’t help but smile and hold your hand. “You not Korean? It’s okay because I love Carat! Thank you!”

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Mingyu He grabbed Vernon and pointed you out. He asked for some pickup lines that he could use. He practiced them mentally and he whispered them to himself to get comfortable with the pronunciations. So when you reached him he froze up and smiled at you. He listened to what you had to say and was able to piece together what you were saying. At the last second he told you the pickup line. “You are a Carat, but your smile is priceless…Sorry,my English not best.”

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The8/Minghao He was not prepared to see an international fan in the crowd. He was appreciative that you still came to the event and he was definitely proud of you. He’d feel bad that you looked lost when the group spoke. He’d ask Joshua and Vernon to translate since, he wanted you to enjoy the event as well. So when you came up to him and he heard you thank him and mention his request for translation he smiled. “It’s ok! I can’t speak English well, but you listen still. Carat, inspire me to be,brave. I learn for you.”

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Seungkwan He looked out on the crowd and saw a foreign face. He immediately called out to you on his microphone and asked everyone to commend you for your bravery. The other members and fans welcomed you and he tried to greet you in English and he blushed at your smile when his accent jumbled his words. Later when you arrived at his spot, he apologized for putting you on the spot. “Sorry I make you shy! I proud of my Carat. You are very beautiful! I better my English so next time, I speak English good!”

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Vernon/Hansol  A member mentioned that a foreign Carat was in the crowd. He looked over and was surprised. He waved at you and welcomed you in English. He asked where you originate from and when you responded he was quite surprised. He kept an eye out as well as tried to await if you called out anything at any of the members so he could translate the comment to the directed member. When you arrive at his spot, he was suddenly much more shy. “It’s cool you came all this way just for this event. I hope you at least take some time to enjoy Korea. Make the most out of your trip!”

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Dino/Chan He could not contain his excitement when he spotted you. He felt so many emotions at the same time and he waved at you and sent hearts your way. He couldn’t help but feel giddy at your reaction. He then remembered his limited English and begin to panic at how he would communicate with you. As you reached him he first asked if you spoke Korean, even if it was a bit and frowned at your disappointed face. “It’s okay! I only speak little bit English. You are very cute! My Carat is so tough! Carat don’t speak Korean but come to sign. Thank you.”

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i have so many requests, and i’m gonna write them all, but this story is very true. I have legit had a migraine for three days and I don’t want to write a request and it be absolutely terrible. I want to give you all the best request I can give you. So enjoy this imagine that is going to be complete shit. 

You knew it was going to be a bad day, considering your headache from yesterday has yet to go away. Yesterday you were able to stay home, in the dark, drinking coffee and water, watching movies. Today, not so much.

You promised Shawn that you would go with him to his press stuff, and then once he was done he was going to take you out. 

You get out of bed, bracing yourself against the wall as the movements made you dizzy. The pounding in your head taking over all you can hear. 

“BABE!” Shawn shouts as he walks into your apartment. You groan and rub your forehead. “Are you up?” He asks walking into your bedroom. “Oh good morning.” 

“Why are you yelling?” You ask grabbing jeans from your dresser.

“Am I yelling? I’m sorry.” He says quieter. 

“Good morning.” You smile at him.

“Still coming today, so excited to introduce you to a few people.” He says beaming at you. You smile slightly and nod, walking to the bathroom. 

You quickly change and down some water and an Excedrin. 

“Ready?” He asks as you walk out. 

“Yep.” You say taking his hand and following him out to his jeep. 

“So we are talking about SM3 today and then,” Shawn goes on about his day and looks over smiling. You aren’t really paying attention, the pounding in your head becoming to over powering, but you smile and nod at him. 

He went off on his interviews and other promo stunts. You lean against the wall next to you, after a woman walked by with a plate full of food and wave of nausea hit you. 

You rest your hand against your forehead and sigh, you really wish you could go lay down right now. 

“Baby! Are you ready for lunch?” Shawn asks, really loudly.

“Shawn stop yelling.” You groan standing straighter.

“Am I yelling again?” He asks himself looking over at Geoff, who just shrugs.

“Yes.” You groan and take a seat on the couch. 

“Here want a sandwich.” He asks offering you one. 

“No, no thanks.” You push his hand away. 

He stares at you and then looks at his team and he must say something because they all leave silently.

“Baby?” He says softly sitting next to you. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” You lie.

“No you aren’t, you a short with me today. Don’t want to eat anything and you keep leaning against the wall closing your eyes, rubbing your forehead.”

“Fine, honestly I have a migraine and you’re making it worse.” You whisper.

“What?” He whispers.

“I’m sorry, that was rude.”

“No don’t be sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you weren’t feeling good. I’m sorry I’m making it worse.” He says looking away.

“Shawn stop, I should have told you before I came with you today.”

“Come on.” He says standing up and offering his hand. You take is and he pulls you up. 

“Whoa wait a second.” You say leaning against him, the dizziness back.

“What?” He asks concerned.

“I just got a little dizzy, give me a second and it will go away.”

“Are you sure?”

“Shawn it’s been like this all day, it will go away”

When you think you’re good you start to walk, him following closely. When you stumble on your feet and reaches out and grabs you so don’t fall. 

“That’s it.” He says picking you up.

He is now holding you bridal style and you tuck your face into his neck wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“Hey Andrew.” He calls out softly. Andrew walks over. “Cancel the rest of my day, I’m going home.”

“If she isn’t feeling good I can have Geoff take her so you can finish.” Andrew says.

Andrew has never really enjoyed the fact that you distract Shawn so easily. 

“No she’s fine, I’m the one not feeling well.” 

“Then why are you carrying her?” 

“Why aren’t you carrying her?” Shawn sasses back. 

“Shawn.” You hiss into his neck. 

“Cancel it okay?” He says walking past Andrew. 

Once out side he lets out a breathy laugh and helps you into his car. 

“Shawn why did you do that?” You ask.

“Priorities.” He shrugs closing your door. You smile to yourself and wait for him to get in. 


“Love.” Shawn slightly shakes your shoulder. You roll over and notice that you are in bed. 

“How did I get here?”

“You fell asleep on the car ride home, I brought you in here. You’ve been asleep for about two hours. I’m sorry to wake you but I need to know if you’re feeling better, it’s eating me alive.”

“No my head still hurts.” You sigh rolling closer to him. He lets his hand start to feel your forehead and then combs his fingers through your hair.

“When was the last time you took something?” 

“This morning when you picked me up.”

“That was like almost 8 fucking hours ago.” He says getting up and rushing to his bathroom. He comes back with a glass of water and pills.

“Thank you.” You whisper as you take the medication. 

“Can I do anything else? I can go to the store and get you your favorite snacks and a few movies.” He says pacing around the room.

“Shawn.” You say making him stop. Which you silently thank god because it was making you dizzy again. “Can you just cuddle?” 

“Fucks sake, I’ve been dying to do that since we got home.” He says climbing into bed.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I didn’t want to wake you or make it worse.” He says laying next to you. You roll over into his side and practically wrap yourself around him. Legs tangling.

“I didn’t mean it.” You whisper against his chest.


“When I said you were making it worse, I didn’t mean it. I don’t know why I said it. I didn’t,” You take a breath. “You always make me feel better, and at the time I just wanted you to hold me and you couldn’t and that’s what was making it worse, that you couldn’t hold me.” 

“Y/n, if you would have just told me I would have stopped and did what ever you needed. You come first, how many times do I have to tell you that.”

“I know I just hate being sick around you.” You whisper.


“Because when you’re sick you are so strong, you still perform and travel and go around and be The Shawn Mendes.” You say sighing.

“Okay, yeah I still perform when I have a stuffed nose, but when I have a migraine I stop every thing and stay in my hotel. You still go to work and school when you have a cold. You still went to Aaliyah’s tournament when you felt like throwing up, you are the superhero here.” 

“Sure. Because you aren’t a superhero at all.”

“When have I ever ‘saved the day’?”

“Today, with Andrew. You told him you were the one feeling sick when he didn’t want you to leave because I was the one sick. When that guy at the party tried to grab me.” You say starting to go down your list. “Every morning when you call or wake up next to me.”

“Ok that was really cute.” He says smiling at you.

“You’re really cute.” 

“How’s the head?”

“Not much better.”

“Come here.” He says pulling you up onto his chest. He starts rubbing your back and you hide yourself into his neck. “Go back to sleep babe, I’m here.” He says kissing the top of your head.

“I love you.”

“I love you more, sleep well.”