no i am not fine :(

Поздравляю, Yurio.

Viktor and Yuri got to celebrate together, I think Yurio deserves to celebrate with someone too.

if i see one more post about how young preteens and teens “can be ace” i’m going to puke. it is completely normal for teenagers not to want or to be interested in sex, and more importantly, many young gay teenagers convince themselves they don’t have any sex drive and don’t “want sex” consciously or subconsciously to deal with the burden of gay attraction and the heaps of homophobia children are exposed to and internalize.

the concept of asexuality in children only harms gay teenagers trying to come to terms with their attraction. it is incredibly damaging and the fact that people can pretend to support gay people and gay children and support this is ridiculous. you can’t have it both ways. you either support gay children or you support internalized homophobia.

me most of the time: the concept of this show is so brilliant! a main character for each season! we get so much insight and we feel so much closer to them! this is honestly great! i love it! 

me right now: ok but this means we can’t see even when he’s not with isak we can’t know how he’s doing we can’t get a shot of his face as he receives isak’s texts and reads it honestly who said this was a good idea 

a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves