no i am not a bad person

its taken me so many years to see this but i really never want someone to take care of me. i don’t think i’ve ever let someone except after a really bad break up hella long ago and ever since i got that low it’s changed me for good and bad. still working on reversing the bad ways but, here i am still! 

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Kara wants everyone to know that Lena's not like her family, and that she supports the Supers. Which is great. And maybe a photo of Lena kissing Supergirl's a good idea; confirm their relationship, cement the fact neither of them are ashamed, and there's no doubt that it would go viral. "But Kara, I knows James is your friend, but I am not making out with you while he takes photos. Just no."

OMG Imagine Lena not being liked by the public at all so Kara just really wants to help her friend and well, dating supergirl would definitely give lena a better image and make her more likable because people love supergirl and if she is dating a luthor then that person can’t be that bad, so she kind of proposes the idea to lena (who already knows that kara is supergirl) and lena agrees.. she’s head over heels in love with kara and kara just wants to help her and well she can’t say no to that face.. 

I NEED SOMEONE TO WRITE THIS FAKE DATING FANFIC please @ supercorp fanfiction writers take this as a prompt <3

Hello human 🐶.

I am really so sorry for being inactive again, again and again.
I have a hard time and my strength is gone but I promise to catch up as soon as possible.
I really do not mean it bad, I am so sorry.
And I have not forgot you, I love you all!!!
Please take care of you 💕!

Hey guys! So, I wanted to make this post for a long time. Sometimes we are our own enemies and it’s so easy to get caught in fighting against yourself, and I want to be a new person and become someone that is content with who they are. A part of me wants to look back on this when I am feeling bad again and read everything I have written here, like a little reminder of my own, you know? With that, I hope you walk away feeling okay and content, like I hope to do, because that is my goal: for all of us to be okay with ourselves and our lives even on days when it feels like it won’t be.

Be proud of your art, because it matters.

Whatever you choose to create, know that is great and you should not look to others to find what is inside of yourself. So often, it is as if you look around and feel you are not good enough, because you may feel you are behind the curve of others you admire. But, in a way, that is perfectly okay to be behind the curve. Every writer, artist, poet, dancer, and singer did not start with an abundance of skill. They worked at what they loved to create to become your inspiration. Take personal notes from them and find who you want to be as a creator, on your own terms. And down the line, when you become who you want to be, you can become someone else’s inspiration. Where that begins is being proud of what you create, and finding the confidence within you to be your own great writer, your own great singer, or your own great poet. First and foremost, be your own inspiration. Be your first inspiration because it matters. Create your art because it matters.

It is okay to be alone.

For the longest time, alone and lonely have been exclusive to each other. And that is not true. Loneliness sucks. It is one of the worst feelings to have nobody to truly reach out to when you have a bad day, or even a great day. Loneliness is the feeling when you walk around and feel as though you are the only one in the world without someone to share your stories with, your words, your passions. But, aside from the pain of being lonely, you have the opportunity to be alone with yourself and love it. Find what makes you great on your own. I am not saying that you should not be understandably upset because you are lonely, but maybe it is a sign that you need to become the best version of yourself first. Find what is making you unhappy alone, and change it. That way, when you meet others, you will be the greatest you possible. Just remember, it is okay to be alone. It is okay to be alone at home on a Friday night, to eat at a restaurant alone, and to go to a movie alone. The best company is yourself, because nobody can or will know you better than you.

Don’t doubt your positivity/optimism.

There were so many moments in 2016 that questioned your faith, your beliefs, your hope, and your optimism. With everything that went wrong, personally or externally, it was hard to feel the space of your comfort being shaken, but that’s okay. You stayed strong through to this year, and that is what is important. Be optimistic for the future. Do not believe hope ends when there are moments of doubt and struggle. See the good in people, in unfortunate events, in life. Sometimes that space of comfort needs to be stirred to rattle that optimism inside you, to light the fire that keeps you optimistic, and to motivate you. So let it be stirred. Keep that fire alive.

It is okay to fail, or not achieve perfection.

Perfection is impossible. Nobody is perfect. You may look at someone from the outside and see perfection, but there is always something someone is fighting, no matter how small or big that thing is. And I understand. Failing sucks. It is horrible to feel inadequate at something or feel less than because you slipped and fell. It’s as though you can’t get up without the shadow of that failure beside you. Don’t believe in that. Your failures and imperfections are there to remind you that you are simply you and there is nobody in the world who does something once and instantly gets it right. That is impossible, just like perfection. Nobody is instantly great at everything they try at. And that is the whole point of failure: the act of trying. If you’re trying, you’re doing something.

Who you are throughout your life is not completely defined by what is out there.

I am talking about strangers, celebrities, media, and even family and friends. You are not your parents, or your friends, or celebrities. You have tons of opportunities to be your own person, with your own thoughts and feelings about what is going on around you. You have a way to make in the world, and it is only made through where you choose to go. Nothing in a magazine, movie, or someone else’s words can or should change how you feel about yourself, or change who you are as a person. When you wake up, you are yourself, so it is important to know who you are and not let things outside of your own influence take you down. It’s unhealthy and a disservice to yourself. Don’t rely so much on what is outside of yourself, because you live in one set of skin your whole life. Don’t spend it worrying about fitting into a box created by something or someone else.

They are out there.

Yes, they. The people that will understand you and love who you are. They will find you, or you will find them. It may take a bit of waiting, but it will be worth it. Maybe this “they” are friends, or significant others, or maybe even family, but the point is to know that you won’t be alone forever. You’re not gonna keep your emotions, your passions, or your thoughts inside of yourself forever. You’ll find the ones that will be glad to listen, who will love to hear from you, and will be glad you are beside them. Like I said, it may take some waiting, but nothing worthwhile is instantly gratified.

You won’t notice it.

You won’t realize things have changed until they have already been changed. While sadness seems remind you of its presence, happiness can blindside us. Once you’ve achieved what you want to achieve and done the things you’ve set out to do, you won’t understand it has gotten better and you have moved on until you’re already moving. As I said before, be patient; instant gratification is never as good as people say it feels. That moment where you look back and realize you’re in a better place than before is coming, and it’s gonna feel fucking great.

There will be shitty times. But, you are gonna be okay.

It’s easy to fall into believing things won’t be okay. Maybe it’s the day you’ve been having, or the people around you are bringing you down. And yes, things will be shitty for awhile. Whether that “awhile” is a few minutes, a few days, or a few months. But, you should not forget things will be okay, and you are gonna be okay. You have everything you need inside of yourself, even if it feels like you don’t in those shitty moments. Don’t let yourself fall into a space where you believe you won’t be okay, because you will. Things will be okay. For all of my hallmark advice and words that could be put on a self-help card, you will find the friends, moments, and everything in between that will remind you it all will be okay.


Looking up Beresford Street in Boston to the Charles River and MIT. The fire house across the street has a Dal. People kept stopping by to pet her and she was so happy about it. I couldn’t get a great photo from so far away and I couldn’t zip line from the third floor of the Hynes Convention Ctr either.

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My boyfriend and I have been together for a month and he still refuses to give me his passwords so I am thinking about breaking up with him but I really like him. What would you do?

To be 100% honest, I think you are overreacting. Unless you have a specific reason to go into his stuff, don’t because you’re only feeding your own paranoia and you’re not going to stop until you find something small and blow it up into a breakup. Plus, you’re only a month in, stop taking it so serious and just have fun with it.

Personally, if I am in a relationship, in not going to go through their phone and I don’t want them going through mine. There is a point when a relationship is no longer a romantic bond and instead a hostile prison, and when you’re searching for bad things, that is exactly what it becomes.

My advice is just to slow down, and unless you have a specific reason to believe he is doing something to violate your relationship, stay out of his phone.


Omg so I’m back from my partyweekend. Andddd AHhh I have been such a bad girl but my lee-  side approves very much. BUT STILL Aaaaa~

You see, I actually told myself I wouldn’t let this happen anymore while partying but alcohol + me is a very kissy slut girl AND OOPS I DID IT AGAIN. 

sfw but still under the cut- Also, I’m still dying.

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Name: hallie

Nicknames: hall, halo, bean :D

Zodiac sign: cancerrrr

Height: s h o r t

Orientation: aroace af my dude :> (and somewhere between repulsed and neutral? i don’t mind the thought of sex/romance until you put a real live person in front of me that i have to think about engaging with and then it’s like ‘oh hell no’ so it might just be that i’m ridiculously picky idk)

Favourite fruit: i adore oranges and tangerines SO MUCH but sadly i am slightly allergic to them :(

Favourite season: SUMMER. DROWN ME IN THAT SUMMER HEAT P L S its cold rn and im dying ;n; (which sounds bad but ask me in the summer and i’ll say the same thing, honest)

Favourite book series: okay if we’re talking entire series(es?) then H.I.V.E by mark walden (exploits of kids at a supervillain school, except not grimdark like some other series(es?) i’ve tried — currently holds the rare record of being the only book series that doesn’t contain a book i refuse to touch again)

Favourite flower: snapdragons! (fond memories of making the ‘dragons’ ‘snap’ as a lil kid :D)

Favourite scent: mmm roses are nice, pool chlorine+sunscreen is better, and always hit me with that ‘old book’ smell :D

Favourite color: anything vibrant!

Favourite animal: big catssss ;O; tigers, cheetahs, and ocelots (which aren’t ‘big’ but CLOSE ENOUGH) especially

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cocoa. it makes me feel sick but it’s the only one here i can stand to drink for pleasure rather than self-medication :’D

Average sleep hours: i normally stick around a nice, healthy 8, except it’s all spread out and taken in 2-4 hour naps :’D

Cat or dog person? *why not both gif*

Favorite fictional characters: i empathize so much with adrien agreste it’s crazy ;v;

Number of blankets you sleep with: ooone

Dream trip: staying at hoooome ;v;

Blog created: feb of ‘13 /o/

Number of followers: *waves nervously at 5k of u guys and hides ;;;* (i’ll be productive again soon i promise ;;;;; )

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Tomorrow I am actually going to set an alarm and get up earlier in order to sort out my eating. I will not keep pushing meals and snacks later and later in the day out of fear and I will not deny my body the food that is needs. Waking up earlier and eating breakfast will not make me ‘lose control’; nothing bad will happen. I am not an ‘exception’ to the ‘rules’ of recovery/life; I need to treat myself like I would any other person. It’s time to stop talking and start acting. Nothing will ever change if my actions do not follow the words. Tomorrow I will keep my distractions close, and I will keep reminding myself of why I need to do this NOW; not ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week’ or ‘next month’. There really is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ time to change; anorexia will never want me to recover, it will never want to let me go; the only time is NOW. I need to do this.

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My ex left me cause she was exhausted with the hide n seek relationship we had. I am her first love and also the only one till now, and the only person who crumbled her walls and insecurities. I did things that she'll never forget. Everytime i approach her she is insanely mean to me, but when i move on she starts missing me and feeling bad. Is there any chance she'll approach me in the future? I did everything for her after the break up, even wrote poetry for her.

The first love isn’t usually the final love. It’s just the first one to break your heart. She will miss you from time to time, but one day she will move on. If you still miss her, then talk to her. Be honest and say what you think. If she still acts mean, then let her go. I bet she had enough chances. 

Reasonable first contact?

Does this sound like an okay first message to send a breeder? I’m not in the market for a puppy right now, but I’d really like to get in touch with this person since they are extremely local and since I’d kinda like to show my next dog, it would be great to have a resource that wasn’t a state away since I am a mega-novice when it comes to anything besides basic house pet obedience and behavior mitigation.

Dear [breeder],

I found your kennel through BTCA’s breeder registry. I was looking through it on a whim to see if I liked any breeders here in New England, as I am researching my next dog, and I was pleased to discover [kennel]. I too am a resident of [town] and I cannot believe it escaped my attention that a breeder of bull terriers was so close by. While I am not looking for a puppy right now, as my current dog is in his senior years, I am exploring my options. Bull terriers are high on my list of possibilities, as I think one would fit my lifestyle well. I enjoy a dog with character and energy but a good off switch inside, and having owned a rough coated dog for almost thirteen years now, I would really like a smooth coat for a change!
I am also interested in learning to show, and possibly participate in a sport or two. Improving my ability to train is a major goal of mine so even if I do not compete, I want to learn as though I am. I would love to discuss the breed with you and see if you think they would be a good fit for me.

Thank you for your time,

[my actual name]

I’m worried it sounds fakey and stiff. I might be oversharing. Any opinions?

Tagging @molosseraptor @crippledhockwalker @doberbutts and @twobigears since you’re who I think of when I think ‘professional dog people’ off the top of my head - I hope you don’t mind me tagging you!

Of course, I’d appreciate any input from others who’ve gone through the getting-into-a-breed process before, too.

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“Kiss Him Not Me” is bad.

Couldn’t even do the 3 episode rule with it. It’s just… fatphobic, homophobic, and painful to watch.

I tried to watch it, I really did. I was like, “Haha this sounds rediculous I’m going to watch it!” Which turned into “This is so bad, I’m going to watch it!” to “This is so hard to watch how am I going to watch the entire first episode.”

The description I got for it, off of Thomas Sander’s “Real or fake anime” video was, “Girl gets hot, four guys and one girl then want to get with her, but she’s only into anime guys”.

The description I would say for it is, “Big girl is a shitty person and only cares about shipping guys together, including people she knows in real life. Starves herself for a week, gets thin and therefore eyes and voice and everything changes, and then shitty boys who were bullying her and stuff earlier suddenly want to get with her. But she’s only interested in shipping them together. Also everyone in this anime is a shitty person.”

Hoo boy.

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i am really single and kinda worried that no one will ever want to be with me. how do I deal with these feelings??

Honestly? I’m in the same boat. I know people love me as a friend, but I’m becoming more and more convinced I’m not built for romantic love.

On my bad days, that thought drowns every other one out. On those days, all I can do is grit my teeth and determine to be a good person no matter what, whether anyone ever falls for me or not, because my worth is not measured by who loves me. 

You are a good, smart, beautiful person. I promise you, someone somewhere loves your smile. If you want love, don’t give up hope that it will find you. I don’t believe there’s only one right person for anyone. You have the potential for love with a multitude of people, but it will only happen if you’re willing to keep trying.

Yes, I’m talking to myself too. We’ll do it together, okay? I believe in you, and I know that sounds trite, but sometimes knowing someone else is pulling for you can make all the difference.

Hang in there. ((((HUGS))))

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It means that the gloomverse fandom will soon turn into the homestuck fandom

i have not actually have had any personal experiences with the homestuck fandom so i do not know whether this is good or bad but i am terrified either way i apologize greatly -mod purble