no hyu stop

All surprises don’t end happily.

GENRE: Angst
MEMBER: Wonho w/ a bit of Hyungwon
SUMMARY: Wonho never doubted you.
- Admin Kay

“Hyung. Won. Hyung. Won. Hyung. Won. Hyu -”

“Aissshh, stop chanting my name, woman.”

You were at the mall with your friend, and your boyfriend’s best friend, Hyungwon. You guys were close and when the three of you were together, you created chaos.

“I was thinking, how about you just, I don’t know, kiss him and then do the stuff?”

“Well, I was thinking, how about you just, I don’t know, shut up?” You retorted, making him laugh and give you a quick side hug.

Little did you know though, a fansite representative had been following the two of you, clicking pictures of the two of you at whatever chance they got.

The fans knew of your guys’ close relationship, and fansites were also clearly aware of it, hence, why Wonho never doubted you when you were hanging with the other boys.

But when you got home, it seemed that somebody who was not in the fandom had taken the pictures of you two, posted them on tumblr, and then captioned them, ‘the cutest couple I’ve ever seen and I actually got to witness them today!’

“What the hell is this?” He’d said, as soon as you’d taken a seat beside him.

“It’s nothing! Hyungie was giving me a hug because I made him laugh!” You defended your actions because you knew you weren’t in the wrong.

Sure! Why does he never hug you in front of me then!?” You could feel the jealous underlay in his tone.

“He was helping me with something!”

Oh really? What help does he give you then?”

“Stop implying that I’m cheating! I only asked him to help me find a surprise for you!”

Minutes passed filled with silence, neither of you wanting to say anything more. Wonho’s hands that were once in yours, were now finding their way through his hair, something he did when he was angry, or any emotion corresponding to that.

“You know what? I think it’s come too far. Maybe we need to take a break, seperate our lives for a bit.”

“But we don’t, not over this! Wonho, you know I love you?!” Desperation leaked from your voice, you knew that Wonho was stubborn, and if he wanted something, he wouldn’t stop until he got it.

“I know you love me, but with promotions and tours, you’re never going to get me, I’ll always be away. You need somebody by your side, babe. It’s just not fair on you.”

His love for performing and music had always rivalled you and you knew it. But you never thought you’d see the day where he’d stop at a minor difficulty, even for something he wanted.

And that’s when it clicked.

He didn’t want you anymore.