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Bts reaction to their girlfriend feeling a little self conscious about their small boobs? Please and thank you!! Also I freaking love you!

I, admin p, am a proud member of the itty titty committee.


You: “Do you think my breasts are small?”

“What makes you say this all of a sudden?”

You tell him about how your friends and family always tease you for your small chest.

“Their opinions shouldn’t matter baby.” “I love every part about you and your body.”


“They are so cute though.” “They fit you.”

You: “Tae~hyu~ng, stop playing with them.”


“Did anyone ever tell you bigger isn’t always better?”

You: “No.”

“Well it isn’t, your tits are the perfect size for me.”


You: “I give up. I’m gonna start stuffing my bra.”

“Now why would you do that?” 

You: “People are always making fun of me for lacking in the chesticle area.”

“Well you shouldn’t worry about what others think.” “They’re not the ones that get to see or touch you there, so what does it matter.”


You: “Do I look like a little boy to you?”

“What? Where’s this coming from?”

You: “Well…I don’t have much of a figure and-”

“Stop right there ___, I wouldn’t be fucking you if I thought in any way shape or form you looked like a little boy.” “That’s just plane weird.”


“What you lack up top you more than make up for in the back.”

You: “Yoongi! That’s so embarrassing!”

*looks down at your ass* “It can’t be helped.”


“They are? I didn’t even notice.”

You: “You didn’t?”

“No, they seem like a nice size to me.” *stares at your chest shamelessly*

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Practice Room // Jungkook

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“Just one last time Jagi, I promise… I have to get it right and we can go.” Jungkook had not only practiced with his haunts but for another hour after everyone had left, which left you to sit and watch. You had always admired his hard work and determination but, sometimes you wish he’d take a short break to do couple things with you. You watched as he went through the routine one last time and bit your lip as he got the same part wrong once again and you watched him get even more frustrated with himself.

“Kookie, come here.” You speak out to the sweating boy, he sighed out as he stood in front of your sitting form. “Relax…you’ll get it soon.” He rolled his eyes gently and you shook your head, placing your hands under his shirt and flat on his abs. “Let me help you out, yeah?”

“I really need to get this part or I’ll disappoint the hyu…” He stopped as you unzipped his pants  and looked up at him innocently.

“What about the hyungs?” You questioned cutely as you palmed him through his boxers.

Nevermind, I have something else to worry about right now.”

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Being fucked while his mom dad brother + sister in law and their child and baby are somewhere in the hose, with Jeonggukie

“Babe, baby, jagi, princess?”

“What?” You snapped turning your head and burying it in the pillow.

“I’m hard, can you help me with it?” You gasped, biting you lip as he grabbed your hand, putting it on his boxer clad erection. You could hear the voices of his parents and his niece and nephew.

“No, Gukkie. Let’s go down for breakfast, just put some pants on.”

“But-” he heard the voice of his mother calling them for breakfast. “Fine.”

You giggled throwing on some pyjama shorts under his shirt. Both of you made your way downstairs, you heard a squeak and saw Jeongguk’s niece rush towards you. “Good morning, unnie!” You smiled, picking her up as she kissed your cheek.

Jeongguk would’ve thought this was the cutest sight, but couldn’t when he felt his raging boner. The cutest sight would’ve been you down on your knees, cock in your mouth, leash and collar wrapped around your neck.

“Good morning, dear.” His mother sat on the couch next to his father who was reading a newspaper.

“Morning, why are the kids still here?”

“Your brother went to get some stuff he needed.” He nodded, walking towards the kitchen. You had placed the younger girl on the counter and she was talking your ear off.

“And then Sora nearly kissed Hyunie and I freaked out, cause like Hyunie’s too young for that stuff-”

“Minah, baby, why don’t you go play with your brother?”

“But, oppa, I want to stay with unn-”

“Yeah I know,” he picked her up, “Hyunie really wants to play with you.” Her eyes lit up.

“Really?!” He nodded and chuckled as she placed a sloppy kiss on his lips, jumping out his arms and running away.

“He didn’t really want to, did he?” Jeongguk shook his head and you hit his shoulder. He smiled, hoisting your body up onto the counter, he groaned quietly, feeling his erection pressing into your hot core.

“Fuck baby, I bet your wet already.” He spoke more to himself than you.

“Jungkook, we can’t do this here!” You kicked him away and he chuckled.

“Just be quiet, jagi.” His parents were only a couple of rooms away and they would not be impressed to find their son fucking into his girlfriend on their kitchen counter, where they cook. “They won’t realise.” He murmured against your lips.

“But, what if Minah or Hyu-”

“Shh, shh, stop being so worried, you weren’t so worried when you gave me handjob in front of your parents.”

“That’s different, Jeongguk!” You rolled your eyes but shivered as he slipped his fingers under your shorts.

“It’s really not, baby.” His fingers pushed past your underwear, rubbing gently at your clit, another finger in your hole. “Can you take another one?”

“Yeah.” You said in an airy tone, breath hitching as he pushed the second one in, making ‘come here’ motion. “Oh!” You bit your lip.

“Be quiet, baby.” Slowly he removed his fingers, you whined clenching around nothing. Jeongguk licked his fingers clean, “You taste so good, baby.”

“I know, it’s just for you, Guk.” He smiled, pressing a kiss to your neck.

“Of course, baby.”

“Oppa! You lied to me, Hyunie didn’t want to play.” Jeongguk pulled away his butt hit a handle of a draw.

“Come here, Minah.” You opened your arms, jumping off the counter. She gladly hopped into them, cuddling into you. And as Jeongguk said, the sight was adorable but he’d much rather be fucking you inti a mattress, listening to your cute sounds.

You had already left the kitchen with the girl in your arms. The front door opened and his brother and sister in law marched in. “Mommy!” His niece ran towards her and Jeongguk took the chance to pull you back in the kitchen. He sat you down on the counter once again, back facing the kitchen door, if anyone walked in it would look as if you were just cuddling or hugging. Jeongguk chuckled as you squirmed, he pushed away your panties and shirts, slipping his hard cock into your tight pussy.

“Guk, st-stop.” He smirked, going faster, your heart beat incredibly fast as he thrust into you. The coil in your stomach tightened and you clenched around him, cumming on his cock. Jeongguk’s thrusts turned sloppier.

“A-are you on the, on the pill?” He asked breathless.

“Yeah, cum inside of me.” The sound of your voice sent him over the edge. His cum started to drop out as pulled his cock away from your right hole. Jeongguk panted, swiping it back into your hole. You leant your head in his chest and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“I swear, you two couldn’t be more obvious.” His brother strolled into the kitchen casually.

“Hyung, you’re so embarrassing!”

“When I was your age, Guk, I used to do the same thin-”

“Hyung! I do not need to hear about that!” Jeongguk scowled and his brother laughed at your blushing cheeks.

“But seriously if you two need any tips on public sex you can always a-”


~ Admin Shika
All surprises don’t end happily.

GENRE: Angst
MEMBER: Wonho w/ a bit of Hyungwon
SUMMARY: Wonho never doubted you.
- Admin Kay

“Hyung. Won. Hyung. Won. Hyung. Won. Hyu -”

“Aissshh, stop chanting my name, woman.”

You were at the mall with your friend, and your boyfriend’s best friend, Hyungwon. You guys were close and when the three of you were together, you created chaos.

“I was thinking, how about you just, I don’t know, kiss him and then do the stuff?”

“Well, I was thinking, how about you just, I don’t know, shut up?” You retorted, making him laugh and give you a quick side hug.

Little did you know though, a fansite representative had been following the two of you, clicking pictures of the two of you at whatever chance they got.

The fans knew of your guys’ close relationship, and fansites were also clearly aware of it, hence, why Wonho never doubted you when you were hanging with the other boys.

But when you got home, it seemed that somebody who was not in the fandom had taken the pictures of you two, posted them on tumblr, and then captioned them, ‘the cutest couple I’ve ever seen and I actually got to witness them today!’

“What the hell is this?” He’d said, as soon as you’d taken a seat beside him.

“It’s nothing! Hyungie was giving me a hug because I made him laugh!” You defended your actions because you knew you weren’t in the wrong.

Sure! Why does he never hug you in front of me then!?” You could feel the jealous underlay in his tone.

“He was helping me with something!”

Oh really? What help does he give you then?”

“Stop implying that I’m cheating! I only asked him to help me find a surprise for you!”

Minutes passed filled with silence, neither of you wanting to say anything more. Wonho’s hands that were once in yours, were now finding their way through his hair, something he did when he was angry, or any emotion corresponding to that.

“You know what? I think it’s come too far. Maybe we need to take a break, seperate our lives for a bit.”

“But we don’t, not over this! Wonho, you know I love you?!” Desperation leaked from your voice, you knew that Wonho was stubborn, and if he wanted something, he wouldn’t stop until he got it.

“I know you love me, but with promotions and tours, you’re never going to get me, I’ll always be away. You need somebody by your side, babe. It’s just not fair on you.”

His love for performing and music had always rivalled you and you knew it. But you never thought you’d see the day where he’d stop at a minor difficulty, even for something he wanted.

And that’s when it clicked.

He didn’t want you anymore.