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Can we get a part 2 of the camping scenario with jungkook and bts it's just so cute! :) love it you're such a great writer


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Part 1 // Part 2

“Are you awake now?” You mumbled to him, fluffing up the hair around the nape of Jungkook’s neck. He stirred slowly, before sitting up with a little too much force. Jungkook’s eyes were still half closed, and he looked around to make sure of his surroundings.

“Am I still dreaming?” His voice was rough, and his throat sounded a little dry. Still, he didn’t seem to mind because of the large grin he wore plastered on his face. Jungkook tangled himself up in your arms, his large sweater smelling somewhat earthier than what you’d expected even sleeping in a tent.

“Why would you still be dreaming?” You wondered, lightly kissing the tip of his nose and rubbing it away as if you’d left a mark.

Jungkook pulled you back down onto the sleeping bag, cuddling his face against your chest. He sighed loudly, as if all of his problems in the world would disappear today.

“I’m being woken up by the prettiest person in the world.” He sighed again, and you weren’t sure if Jungkook was trying his best to be left to sleep longer.

“Jin’s getting breakfast ready, you know. He made ramen, though.”

“Ramen, you say?” He sat up again, practically shoving you to the inner corners of the tent. Jungkook’s hair stuck up on all ends, and you couldn’t help but look at him like a hungry animal.

“Yeah, ramen. I’m not sure if he made meat. It’ll probably all be eaten if you don’t get out there quickly!”

“Did you make meat this early, hyung? Don’t eat it all!” He shouted, his voice cracking in at least 5 places. There was a loud crackle of laughter from outside the tent, and Namjoon shouted back “there’s only 3 pieces left!” or something along those lines.

“No, just wait!” He was gone. Jungkook had forgotten you entirely, but you could understand because he really needed his breakfast to function properly. Never in your life had you seen a more miserable looking bunny when he was denied breakfast once. But, never again had he been disallowed to eat to his hearts content once he’d missed a meal.

You slid on another sweater, aware that the morning was much cooler than usual. Once you stepped outside of the tent, you could smell the mildew in the air. That, and the smell of Jungkook’s desperation growing larger.

“Hyu-ung! Stop lying, I know there’s still beef somewhere.”

“Just eat the ramen.” Yoongi waved his hand towards Jungkook, who looked about ready to explode. How long were they going to play up that there wasn’t enough food for him?

“It’s under the grill, I was keeping it warm.” Jin pointed towards the mini grill with the lid closed. Jungkook looked over at him, looking like he’d just been blessed from the heavens.

You decided to just sit, getting passed a spicy ramen already made for you. Taehyung mentioned how amazing your hair looked in the morning, and you just thanked him in your half tired out of it nature.

“What time is it?” You wondered, rubbing your eyes. It didn’t help anything at all.

“Around 9:30 AM, I think?” Jimin answered, stuffing his face with the rest of his ramen. His plate of meat had already been cleaned, and all he had left was to finish off his little plastic cup of hot chocolate that probably tasted like watered down rubber.

Jungkook sat down next to you, shuffling his pullout chair closer to yours. He looked happier now that his entire plate was covered in meat, and you told him he was allowed to eat your portion of the plate.

“Are you sure you won’t die from starvation? I’ll feed it to you.” He picked up the plate, sticking it practically under your nose. Despite him trying to tempt you into eating it, Jungkook looked pretty pleased you were letting him take your half.

“No, just eat it. There’s still snacks and stuff. We’re not going to be here forever, anyway.” You replied, Pushing the plate back down onto his lap. Shrugging, he began to eat it very happily. Everyone had finished eating by now, and they were beginning to talk about what to do next.

“Let’s go swimming. I want to go swimming!” Taehyung pointed towards the lake nearby, and was immediately answered with distaste and loud disagreeing.

“No way, we just ate!”

“I’m not going into water so early in the morning, do you know how much my face puffs up?”

“Have fun freezing and dying!”

You watched as a fight broke out, and were rather glad you’d picked an isolated camping spot, or else you’d probably be kicked out by now. Taehyung didn’t respond well to the disagreeing, but dropped it after all of them came to a responsible agreement to stop thinking about the lake for now.

“Let’s just find a nice place to go, like somewhere in the forest.” Jimin suggested.

“Did you know there’s a waterfall if you walk up far enough?” Hoseok seemed excited, but Yoongi was having none of it.

“Alright children, have a good time. I think I’ll go take a nap.”

“You woke up like not even 30 minutes ago.” Jin wasn’t even surprised anymore. He was only making a statement at this point. For some reason, everyone didn’t seem to care much Yoongi was just being his usual self.

“It’s alright, we’ve got (Y/N) to take your place in the selca’s.” Namjoon held up both thumbs in your direction, which made Jungkook high five him due to being unable to speak with his mouth full of food.

“Nice.” Namjoon replied for him, flashing everyone a dimply grin.

“That’s fine. Wake me up when the food’s ready.” Yoongi got up and stretched. Man, did he resemble a hunchback…or maybe a turtle…

“You can starve.” Hosoek snapped back, earning a karate chop to the forehead by Yoongi.

“You can sleep outside. Remember who you share a tent with, nerd.”

Hoseok looked over at Jimin quickly for support, who quickly shrugged him off and turned towards Jin. Yoongi snorted, before climbing into the tent and zipping it closed.

“Hyung, I didn’t mean it!” Hoseok clawed at the tent door, and Yoongi muttered back a “yeah okay, that’s cool.”

“Should we bring some snacks with us?” Jin wondered, counting your heads. He wore a back pack with a front strap, making him look oddly like a camp counselor. You were’t surprised, though. He was always the one to keep everyone in proper order, and you appreciated that. He gathered up a few snacks, and made sure everyone had a water bottle before they set out.

You got about half way up to the waterfall, before complaining began. It was mostly Namjoon and Taehyung complaining. Taehyung was complaining about how he just wanted to play at the lake, and Namjoon was actually agreeing with him now.

“Hyung, we only have a few days off. Why are we spending it tracking through wilderness?”

“You all agreed! Why am I being blamed? Jimin suggested it, honestly…” Jin snapped, pointing to Jimin, who was at the front of the pack along with Hoseok. You and Jungkook hung back and held hands, sometimes stopping to take video’s of the bickering, or just screwing around together.

It took about an hour or so to actually get to the waterfall, and you all seemed pretty exhausted. Seriously, without Jin you’d all probably be dead from dehydration or worse, Namjoon’s complaining. There was no way you’d be able to carry the big back pack like Jin had, and he had to carry it for a very long hour.

“Let’s sit here, the view is nice!” Jimin was snapping pictures already, of anything he wanted too. Wearing a grin, Taehyung  began to help Jin unpack a quilt to sit down on by the nice little waterfall. It was loud, but all in all the waterfall was quite small.

“I brought some cookies, but not much else. We’ll probably have to go back soon. Just go play.” Jin was partially mumbling to himself, before dragging out a 3DS from his back pocket. He brought that camping?

Taehyung went right towards the water, only engulfing his legs knee deep in the little stream. Namjoon joined him, kicking water towards everyone else who wasn’t even near enough to get hit.

“Let’s go play.” You pulled Jungkook along, who tried to refuse. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, leaning his head against yours.

“If we play I’ll have to throw you in the water.”

“You’ll be wearing my wet clothes all night!” You snapped, attemping to pull away. Jungkook laughed, holding you at arms length so he could kiss you. The kiss was swift, and like a soft peck more than anything.

It still didn’t stop Jimin from snapping a picture.

“Let’s make a scrap book of pictures of them just kissing.” Jimin choked out, covering his mouth from laughter. Hoseok clapped his hands in agreement, looking very excited.

“It’ll be full in like, three days!”

“That’s no fun.” Jin agreed, playing around with the hat residing on his head. Jungkook held up the least intimidating fist towards the older boys, who just broke into more laughter.

All surprises don’t end happily.

GENRE: Angst
MEMBER: Wonho w/ a bit of Hyungwon
SUMMARY: Wonho never doubted you.
- Admin Kay

“Hyung. Won. Hyung. Won. Hyung. Won. Hyu -”

“Aissshh, stop chanting my name, woman.”

You were at the mall with your friend, and your boyfriend’s best friend, Hyungwon. You guys were close and when the three of you were together, you created chaos.

“I was thinking, how about you just, I don’t know, kiss him and then do the stuff?”

“Well, I was thinking, how about you just, I don’t know, shut up?” You retorted, making him laugh and give you a quick side hug.

Little did you know though, a fansite representative had been following the two of you, clicking pictures of the two of you at whatever chance they got.

The fans knew of your guys’ close relationship, and fansites were also clearly aware of it, hence, why Wonho never doubted you when you were hanging with the other boys.

But when you got home, it seemed that somebody who was not in the fandom had taken the pictures of you two, posted them on tumblr, and then captioned them, ‘the cutest couple I’ve ever seen and I actually got to witness them today!’

“What the hell is this?” He’d said, as soon as you’d taken a seat beside him.

“It’s nothing! Hyungie was giving me a hug because I made him laugh!” You defended your actions because you knew you weren’t in the wrong.

Sure! Why does he never hug you in front of me then!?” You could feel the jealous underlay in his tone.

“He was helping me with something!”

Oh really? What help does he give you then?”

“Stop implying that I’m cheating! I only asked him to help me find a surprise for you!”

Minutes passed filled with silence, neither of you wanting to say anything more. Wonho’s hands that were once in yours, were now finding their way through his hair, something he did when he was angry, or any emotion corresponding to that.

“You know what? I think it’s come too far. Maybe we need to take a break, seperate our lives for a bit.”

“But we don’t, not over this! Wonho, you know I love you?!” Desperation leaked from your voice, you knew that Wonho was stubborn, and if he wanted something, he wouldn’t stop until he got it.

“I know you love me, but with promotions and tours, you’re never going to get me, I’ll always be away. You need somebody by your side, babe. It’s just not fair on you.”

His love for performing and music had always rivalled you and you knew it. But you never thought you’d see the day where he’d stop at a minor difficulty, even for something he wanted.

And that’s when it clicked.

He didn’t want you anymore.