no hymen

Why is it when I make a post talking about Islam, people start yammering on “Catholics did this too”, “Christians are the same”, etc..

I’m not talking about what Catholics/Christians did or didn’t do, I’m talking about Islam. The religion that I grew up in. The religion that told me I am worth half a man. The religion that told me I am forbidden to talk to men. The religion that told me I had to wear a hijab/niqab. The religion that told me I must obey my husband. The religion that told me I am cursed if I refuse to have sex with my husband. The religion that filled me with despair and depression. The religion that destroyed ever ounce of my self identity. The religion that made me feel as though my worth was only my hymen.


My younger sister has always worn pads. Whenever she would attempt to put in a tampon, she would cry because it hurt. My mother and I just assumed she wasn’t ready and let it go.

Fast forward almost a year and my sister is determined as hell to go swimming so she jams a tampon up in there. Everything’s fine and dandy, she doesn’t hurt at all, and she swims for about six hours and is super happy. However, when she tries to take the tampon out, it’s stuck. After struggling for almost ten minutes, she calls my mom in for help. My mom goes in, and sees that there’s literally a band of fleshy nonsense that looks like a cord that’s wrapped around the tampon.

My sister is rushed to the emergency room, where it is discovered that she has what is called a septated hymen, which is an extremely rare (1 in 2000) congenital birth defect. It’s pretty much where your hymen develops, but it has two openings into your cervix/uterus area. Most people don’t know they have it until they put a tampon in or have sex (which is hella dangerous because it can tear and that brings on a whole other slew of problems). My sister ended up having to have surgery to correct the problem while the tampon was inside of her. Surgery is the only way to fix this.

I’m letting all of y'all know this, because for some godforsaken reason this isn’t considered important enough to be taught in school, as are many other things dealing with the female body.

So here’s my PSA: if you stick a tampon in, and it hurts, get your ass to the doctors/gynecology and figure this shit out