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Dapper Prom!Owls and Cats from @silvercistern​‘s fic Character Development  

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In 1817, John Keats, 22 years old and starting to come into his poetic own, fell deeply in love with the poetics of Shakespeare and purchased several volumes of the bard’s writings. For the remaining three years of his life, Keats would spend hours reading, re-reading, and writing all over his copies of Shakespeare.

Pictured in order are:

-Annotations in The Tempest, his most heavily annotated play. Keats’ annotations placed an emphasis on important moments of character development and the emotionally descriptive poetics that come with those. The slightly darker area on the middle of the far right is his thumb marks

-Annotations in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, his second most annotated play. These annotations focused particularly on Shakespeare’s descriptions of nature and sensuality

-A decided opinion on Johnson’s criticism of As You Like It, featuring a quote from the play in Keats’s handwriting  /  A draft of ‘On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again,’ written on the end page after Hamlet, next to the opening page of King Lear

-Draft of ‘Bright Star,’ written on the blank page next to the poem ‘A Lover’s Companion’

i know that people who haven’t gotten tickets or won’t get tickets are going to be disappointed, but please don’t get too down about it. going to a show is amazing, of course, and hearing the songs in person is amazing, of course, but it costs a lot of money and sometimes you have to deal with really annoying people and sometimes people hold signs up in front of your face or you’re behind someone really tall so you can’t see shit anyway. but you know who doesn’t have to deal with those issues? people who are at home. anyone who doesn’t go will still get to see amazing videos and photos from the shows without paying a cent and you’ll get to follow along with what’s happening on tumblr and twitter and there’s a lot of fun in that too tbh. remember when every otra show trended worldwide and every night, we’d all get excited and wait for the first ridiculous fan reports, half of which were total bullshit, and grainy LQ pics of what they boys were wearing and doing onstage? and then in the days following each show, we’d get so many beautiful closeup HQ pics and videos that we could watch from our bedrooms and living rooms and feel like we were practically there. the 1d fandom makes even following along with a concert from home a really great experience, so as disappointed as some people may be to not get tickets, you can experience harry’s tour in a different way that’s still a lot of fun - and you get to do it without any of the annoyances and problems that can happen when you’re actually there in person. so just keep that in mind and try not to get too upset if you haven’t/don’t get tickets. 💚