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I am and always will be the o p t i m i s t, the hoper of far-flung h o p e s and the dreamer of improbable d r e a m s

Introduction to; BTS!

Disclaimer; This is my first time doing an ‘introduction’ to a group post, so I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t already know who BTS is, I hope it helps a lot!

Meet BTS // Bangtan Boys // 방탄소년단! (Bangtan Sonyeondan - Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

(Back row, left to right; Jungkook, RapMonster, J-HOPE, Jin)

(Front Row, left to right; V, Suga, Jimin)

BTS are a 7 member boy group under BigHit Entertainment. They first debuted on June 13 2013 with their debut single No More Dream (we’ll get into their songs and MV’s later so bare with!) BTS fandom name is A.R.M.Y ( Adorable Representative M.C for Youth)

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Hogwarts Houses as Doctor Who Quotes

for @tardispie24601

Gryffindor: “I am, and always will be, the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

Slytherin: “Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.”

Ravenclaw: “There’s something that doesn’t make sense. Let’s go and poke it with a stick.”

Hufflepuff: “I’d forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe.”

Bad Mars

Aggression, Ambition, Action, and Anger (or a total lack thereof); may I present to you the negative aspect of Mars in the signs…

Aries: The Warlord; selfishly looks for ways to serve the ego and libido; excessively competitive; wrathful and consuming temper with violent hostility; hot-blooded, thoughtless, and intense; undomesticated tactics; faces oppositions, strife and struggles.

Taurus: The Hebetude; unresponsive enthusiasm and dull energy; temper is slow but rampaging; driven by sensual pleasures and solid security, difficulty balancing impulses and self-indulgences; lacks ability to forgive and forget.

Gemini: The Sparkplug; curiosity clouds ambitions, resulting in stuttering pursuits driven by varied superficial interests; irrational impulses and childish temper; fidgety, fickle, and unreliable; always looks for the easy way to do things.

Cancer: The No-Hoper; represses anger and clings to the past; laziness and lack of confidence forces reliance on other people’s strength; unhappy, depressive, and defensive; driven by emotional security, does not expect success.

Leo: The Peacock; demands dramatic physical expressions to prove dominance and make an impression; vain and shallow, driven by enormous superiority complex; exaggeratedly passionate; ruined by arrogance and self-worship.

Virgo: The Lemon; cranky and acutely analytical; zeroes-in on failings and weaknesses, deteriorating the ambition; motivated by an obsession with perfection; harsh, callous, and bitter; spiteful temper; hindered by extreme criticism and anxiety.

Libra: The Loiterer; never outwardly aggressive or openly pushy, uses others; avoids direct confrontation and action by weighing every option; restless, easily agitated, and sneaky; ambition is sidetracked by procrastination and cerebral vacillation.

Scorpio: The Punisher; desires to fanatically push self and others to the extreme with challenges and tests; motivated by seething resentment and wrath; proud, guarded, and self-destructive; lazy and vengeful, lack of forgiveness.  

Sagittarius: The Hotshot; omnipotent and bloated ego believes self is untouchable and impervious to damage; immature, disillusioned, and self-important; temper is massive; wild impulses and lack of self-control overpower true views of reality.    

Capricorn: The Emperor; trouble discerning between assumptions and reality; doubtful, limiting, and contemptuous; obsessive in pursuits driven by material achievements and respect; calculating, stalwart, and cruel; rigorous and ruthless control, with no mercy.  

Aquarius: The Wave Maker; crafty and erratic ambitions easily sidetracked by an unknown; agitator who protests and disrupts all forms of boredom; edgy, fixated, and excessively progressive; enraged by glitches in logic and plans.

Pisces: The Busted Flush; insecure underachiever wastes promising potential on worthless pursuits; work shy and unreliable; mooching deadbeat, dependent on external motivation and inspiration; temper is bankrupt and non-threatening; detrimental deception replaces direct confrontation.  

Kind of Girl/BTS


it’s difficult to tell what kind of girl would date Jungkook even tho they would fall in love from the girl who stole their hearts with a different personality they must find attracted to. I see Jungkook with two kind of girls, or is either A smart geeky girl or a sporty girl…


i think Taehyung could date a sunshine/kind/caring type of girl with a lot of aegyo. i see him also with this sad girl where he fights so he can get her heart who was hearbroken so many time.. ok please someone make a fic out of this…


i see jimin dating this cold heart girl or an smart girl.

how is she going to get his heart? easy doing something or saying something cool that would impressed him, he would blush and just look at the floor, shyly asking her out saying how beautiful he think she is, she would bkush too and they would be a blush mess.

Rap Monster

I don’t see him with this smart girl i actually see him with this nice/sweet/caring/motherly type of girl who would take care of his mess. someone where he can share his thoughs and understand them, i am so sorry but to me he is so soft and smol ♥


I see Hoseok married with high school teacher, someone really mature but caring that of course loves kids, she’s going to get home to find his cute wife sitting on the couch checking on those final exams, Hoseok would hand her a cup of coffe and would kiss her cheek and just lay next to her while he reads something spending the night with her until is bed time. (if you know what i mean)


I see Duga with a girl with tons of aegyo/sweet/caring/mature the kind of girl that knows how to behave in every situation, to make him do something like cook with you you have to do cute face and pouts to get him to do what you want… sometime he would take her to a romantic surprised dinner, lowkey wanting to take your hand in public but not doing it cuz you know the swag…


i see Jin with two types of girl, i se him either with this cute thick curvy girl which loves to cook and it’s so nice hang around with, or i see him with this nice small curvy girl, even tho their superficial part is not the best their personalities are the same, sweet/kind/nice/loves to cook/ happy/caring.

They would bake cookies or a cake together, playing with the flour making a mess, dancing to nice happy music.

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BTS reacting to them upsetting their gf in a fight

Requested by; anon

Is it okay to ask for a BTS reaction to upsetting their gf/getting in a fight? Thanks~


He’d feel so bad when he realised he upsetted you; but if he’s still furious he wouldn’t care and he’d stay angry. Though; he’d apologise once everything was somewhat okay and you two weren’t that angry anymore.


Honestly; in the middle of the fight he’ll get even snappier knowing he upsetted you. Either for two reasons; knowing he’s winning or getting angry at himself that results into him just getting angrier than he already is.


Really; he’d apologise immediately. From just the look on your face he’ll say sorry, not caring if you two were in the middle of a fight. He’ll keep on saying sorry until everything is back normal again.


When he’s angry, he shouts lots. Even while knowing you hate it; he’ll know when he said something wrong but that wouldn’t make him stop in an instant. Instead; he’ll keep it to himself and would try to calm down even if it takes long.


He’d hate having fights and he’d definitely hate having fights with you, though; he’ll be extremely petty. But once he knows he hurt you, he’ll stop immediately and would just leave you alone for a while.


He’d rather get upset because he upsetted you; he really feels your feelings well and sometimes it’s good, sometimes it isn’t. When he realised it, he’ll calm down and would apologise with a tight hug; not really saying anything.


Surprisingly; he’ll be so harsh and rude during fights, he wouldn’t care if he upset you. Once the fight was over and he’d thought about it; he’ll just quietly apologise, so many times because he’s worried he hurt you really bad.

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(not so) anonymously hoping;

her eyes wander through my words & i sleep inside the spaces between her fingers. we haven’t spoken in months, but i’m always there, curled in her heart like a little drummer boy, keeping her rhythm steady. she’s a charm on my bracelet & i promised to shine her eyes every morning with tissues we made together under a weeping sky. words aimlessly falling on our tongues, stringing them together with hopelessness & woe. i swore to protect her (even if she never heard this vow) because i see myself inside her mind. a lost soul with so much weight to carry on bony shoulders. if i could, i’d shovel the sadness into my own pile of dirt to bury & grow up my legs. i hope to wipe her eyes one morning, blurry photos become crisp & clear, her life becomes a painting of dreams instead of nightmares. she’s a lifesaver floating in my sea of despair although she doesn’t know it just yet…

dedicated to @anonymous-hoper, a lovely soul that inspires me daily.

Stranger Things- Snowball 1984 Headcanons
  • Everyone is talking about the Snowball, like one month before it.
  • Nancy decides what Mike will wear but Mike dont like any of this, so she just gives him a black suit and a bow tie. ‘’Seriously Nancy? A bow tie!?’’
  • The boys found the bow tie funny but Eleven thought that it was cute. So he wore it. 
  • Nancy decides to go to Snowball with Jonathan… and Steve…
  • Will is the one who takes care on El’s hair. ‘’It HURTS Will’’, ‘’Yes, El of course iit hurts, because you move ALL the time!’’
  • Joyce goes to find a dress for Eleven. El actually dont like any of this but Joyce really wants to find something good for her so they buy a white fluffy dress.
  • Max wore a purple suit because she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinnion. I already love her tho.
  • While Will is doing El’s hair she asks him ‘’So… do you want to dance with Mike?’’ because poor Will doesn’t have anyone to dance with. Will feels really bad and embarassed. But El smiles and comforts him. ‘’You know you can dance with him if you want i don’t have a problem.’’ ‘’Really?’’ ‘’Sure Will.’’
  • Mike gives to Eleven a sunflower he found in his garden. She wear it in her hair. ‘’Still pretty?’’, ‘’Pretty… always pretty.’’
  • Lucas laughed when he saw Eleven with the dress ‘’The weirdo looks like a girl!’’ 
  • Max does a lot of copliments to El because GIRL SUPPORT!!
  • Dustin is actually late because he was buying some supplies (chocolate pudding)
  • The snowball starts and Lucas and Max are for sure the best couple of their class. They are dancing better than everyone else because Lucas wanted to pratice with Max, almost three weeks before the ball.
  • Also El and Mike are the power couple of the night because they are both stunning aff. 
  • Everyone is talking about that pretty girl they have never seen before, beside Mike. 
  • ‘’You know it isn’t that bad to just stay and watch the others dancing. I think that Lucas looks so funny with this suit.’’ Dustin said to Will to cheer him up. But the other boy is in a really bad mood, with his face on his hands looking the rest of the school dancing. 
  • Mike and El get closer to the two boys. ‘’Dustin, come to dance with me!’’ El proposes closes her eye to Will and Dustin goes with her. 
  • ‘‘So i guess we can dance?’‘ Mike asks with a goofy giggle and Will is really happy. 
  • Dustin is a really bad dancer, he steps in El’s toes like twenty times in the rest of the night.
  • Mike and Will are doing way better than El and Dustin. And it isn’t as awkward as they thought. 
  • Dustin and El are doing gestures to Will when Mike is not looking. Yup they are this kind of friends. 
  • Nancy is dancing one moment with Jonathan next with Steve. This girl needs to decide. 
  • Joyce and Hoper are in the ‘’parents area’’ and while Joyce is dancing with him she’s so happy to finally see her sons being so happy. 
  • They all eat cakes made of  rainbows and smiles and go home laughing.
  • Everyone is happy. Everyone is so so so happy. 

This is probably not going to happen but oh boy let me dream.