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*me watching the Inshallah clip for the 50th time*

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Open It

Title: Open It

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You get shit-faced drunk on Negan’s birthday.

Warnings: NSFW, smut!

Note: Here’s my smut for @negansmutweek​ JDM birthday celebration! Not entire happy with it (but then again, when was I ever satisfied with my fics lmao) but I hope y’all enjoy this! xoxo

You opened your eyes and was met by a surreal blur, match that with an extreme headache with a side of sore throat. Scrunching your face, you let out a groan as you turned to your side to find a more comfortable position on the bed. And then it hit you— you weren’t in your room. You sat up almost too quickly, forgetting about the horrible hangover you woke up to.

“Fuck!” you hissed as you held your head in both your hands.

When you relaxed a tiny bit, you took it as a chance to look around the place. You were sitting on a king-sized bed with clean white sheets. There was a couch across from you, a drawer and cabinet leaning against the wall and a couple more pieces of furniture that somehow gave you an idea whose room you were in. Your heart pounded heavily against your ribcage and your headache grew a hundred times worse when you remembered getting really shit-faced drunk on your boss’ birthday. You looked down and let out a small gasp when you noticed that you were bra-less and was only clad in a loose, grey shirt and just your undies.

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I’m getting in the shower, I swear I’m done talking so much. But my life has been on the up and up for a very long time. And I hope to continue an upward trajectory and reach for the stars and get all my dreams and help people. I have to save so much to be proactive and anticipate the waves of nature. I appreciate nature. I try to understand and respect nature. I try to keep in mind that my life has paralleled nature very distinctly. And if anything happens where a wave is not in what I consider to be my favor at the time, I will understand and accept it and live off of what I’ve done to be proactive. I navigate nature as a part of it. A lot of animals store food for the winter! Animals often look to multiple places as food sources. So if I ever experience winter, I hope to be prepared?? I also think I’m this close to becoming a tree. More and more every day

Jace: Alec. Alec!

Alec: What do you want bitch?

Jace: How dare you!

Alec: Yeah, I said it.

Jace: How dare you!

Alec: Yeah, I said it.

Jace: How dare you!

Alec: I don’t even care….and he, he agrees with me.

Simon: Yeah what do you want bitch?

Alec: Will you shut the fuck up?

I'm halfway there!

Halfway to my goal for metro-con! You guys are so amazing! Thank you for believing in me and commissioning me! I want to meet and hug Robbie Daymond, Max Mittleman, and Ray Chase! They will all be there :)) If I get to go, I’ll be sure to share my experiences with you all! (Photos, video, etc.) I’m drawing each of them special pieces of art that I want to give them in person and you guys are helping make it happen. Words can’t express how amazing you all are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!! ❤

Master Soma… that day, when you saved me… you were probably just acting on a whim. But from that day forward, you have always been the sun in my sky. No matter the circumstance. I remained bound to you, as your orders were the light illuminating my path. What’s more… just by exuding your shining confidence down from the sky you have saved more lives than you will ever know. But that part of you… was yet another reason why you portrayed the sun itself. Master Soma… because you, my sun, were there for me, my days could finally begin. You blew a new wind through my stagnant heart. You are able to soothe the silence of the night. That is why I hope and pray… that nothing ever clouds over your radiance. As long as you continue to shine, I am certain… that there is no ice on Earth that can withstand your warmth. Master Soma… I was… Your Khansama was… extremely happy.


Thank you @skullcookie17!
I’m not exactly the best person ever to do this kind of tutorial but hope it’s helpful anyway!

Edit: Forgot to say that this is just MY style. I jnow that Nicks paw pads are differenr from those and Judys fingers are way fluffier, but this is the way I usually do them, with no references around.

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you're a fucking idiot if you think it's probable for your gay ships to be canon. no matter how much is sucks and how much it SHOULDNT be this way, mainstream media is no where near a place where that will happen and if you ever honestly get your hopes up your it you're just plain STUPID and pathetic. oh, except all of that is already obvious about you. you're a worthless moron who will apparently never understand anything around you.

sure ok anon. thanks.