no honey god bless you

Because how else do you react when you meet the person who saved your life unknowingly so many times? He was so dang good to me… he saw me bawling and went “no no no!” And just was smiling and laughing. Hugged me immediately and kept denying that he was a “big deal” and then put his hand on the side of my head and said “it is such a pleasure to meet you.” Then I told him I was getting his autograph tattooed on me when I got home so he laughed and said he had to make it perfect. Then he said “it was such a pleasure to meet you” again and then said “God bless you honey.” I’ll never be able to describe how this felt.. ever.

Her Instinct - Chapter 17


The Cover Photo for this Chapter is the 2nd Place Winner of the Her Instinct Cover Contest by @AmandaHargrave (wattpad & twitter). Congrats again!~


This chapter was inspired by the song “Still Got Time” by ZAYN feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR. Feel free to listen as you read!

Chapter 17: Business or Pleasure

Forensics class droned on for what felt like an eternity, but I didn’t really care. My mind was back in my room with Mr. Leto. Chills spread all over my body as I recalled it all. That small glimpse of what it must be like to be with him everyday. Together. Alone. I think I could do that forever.

“So I heard about you and my Dad.” Allegra leaned

I could feel the blood drain from my face.

“Huh?” I panicked.

“He said he came to check up on you?”

“Oh yeah, ” I sighed in relieve.

Gosh. That was too much.

“Why do parents always have to check on us and what we’re doing? It’s not like my Dad would have found you with some guy over the house. I mean, it’s you for Heaven’s sake –‘Innocent Little Kerri’” she giggled.

If you only knew, Allegra, I’d make your head spin.

“I’m not that innocent, Allegra.” I tried to defend myself.

“You are so” she whispered playfully as the teacher walked by. “Name a guy you’ve kissed.” She demanded.


How do I explain this?

“You see…”

“Save it, Kerri. I know everything about you.”

“That’s why I worked out a little something for you.”

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Things drag queens have said

From various Rupaul’s Drag Race videos. Possibly offensive language. Feel free to change the pronouns/sentences as you see fit!

“Hate is a strong word, and that’s why I used it.”
“I’ve nothing to say to this bitch.”
“I hope you bought my merchandise, you asshole.”
“It’s so hard to keep my lovely skin clear and soft and luscious for the bitches like you.”
“I gotta do what I gotta do. I’m twelve pounds soaking wet you son of a bitch.”
“…but you’re cute though, so I’ll let you say what you gotta say.”
“I think that you’re wrong. I think that I look fine, all the time, and I don’t think you really focus on my costar who looks worse than me.”
“YOU’RE the fucking joke!”
“Thank you. Thank you for your advice. Finally something I can use. Cause I can take this advice, AND WIPE MY ASS WITH IT.”
“Come say it to my face, we’ll see how boring you think I am.”
“You know exactly who I am. I’m the person that won’t sling back at you, because I think you deserve love the way I do. I’m your mother, bitch.”
“I couldn’t get enough of seeing how horrible you are.”
“I love it, I live for it, bring it on, CUNTS.”
“As long as I have an hourglass that’s all that matters, right?”
“He didn’t say hello, ’cause he was an asshole.”
“Well of course I’m a goddamn mess, I’ve got ___ all over my face!”
“You know what I say to you? Don’t hate. Participate.”
“You don’t have to understand, you don’t have to be a fan. At the end of the day you’re still the loser.”
“You could shoot me in the face and the bullet wouldn’t hit the skin. I’m in it to win it.”
“I guess we’re not really friends.”
“He’s the queen of the people.”
“Usually our relationship is me making fun of you, and you crying.”
“Thank you for hating so much. If there wasn’t hate, there wouldn’t be love.”
“I’m conceited because of all this [gestures at self] it’s called flawless.”
“It’s a little game I call, ‘how much can I hate myself?’”
“You could’ve been meaner than this, I wanted to get emotional.”
“You sound a little bitter honey, but God bless you.”
“I’m beautiful on the outside only? You must have really high standards for what insides look like.”
 “I hope I’m saying that right, I wouldn’t want to mispronounce an asshole’s name.”
“She is huge, she’s clumsy, and she’s a bitch.”
“I guess we’re friends now, I can’t seem to get rid of her.”
“She’s so much more than a great set of legs. She’s also a whore.”

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Ugh I love ur bbrae art (and all ur other art) so much it hurts. Thank you for being such a gift from God, bless you.

;;;; honey….you made my night! *hugs so tightly* it helps me to be creative and to continue to draw despite all the art theft and the obnoxious reposts that happen to me. Thank you for encouraging me and what I love to do. I hope to do much much more in the future! xoxo 

Happy Birthday to the sweetest person I’ve met in this site, Happy Birthday Haley, God Bless You honey!
Hope you have fun.
Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Haley! ( adoringbeyonce ) Happy Birthday toooooo Yoooooooou

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Confession: black women and our belief in being ‘fair’ and being ‘morally right’ is why people treat us like shit and is the reason we stay losing at life. “Let’s be better then them”. Stfu. 
Other races of women are taught that they deserve the world and the best resources and the live by those teachings which is why they AND THEIR CHILDREN prevail. All of this ‘religion’ and ‘righteousness’ bullshit being shoved down black woman throat to keep them blind, at the bottom, and content with nothing makes me sick!!!! 
“God gon’ bless you honey, you just keep helping people.” Lies. “Don’t worry God gonna make a way, just keep praying.” Lies. “As long as you have Jesus everything gonna be alright.” Lies. “What would Jesus do?” I’m not Jesus.” Just be thankful you woke up this morning.” No. “Money can’t bring you happiness.” Lies. Money sure as hell can get black women out of the nasty predicaments many of them are in right now though! Right?! “We need to help and fight for our black men!” As if they fight for us? “We love our black men!” We scream and shout this to the world and the whole damn world knows black men couldn’t give two shits about us. Black women will run to the end of the world for black men and black men won’t even walk to the end of the block for us.

19 century - was the century of Britain.
20th century- was the century of The United States of America
21st century - will be the century of China.

Let that sink in. Black people will STILL be at the bottom worldwide economically. Even in our own continent Africa.

The common theme in all three black people will be the underclass and at the absolute bottom for the third time.

And the really sad thing about this whole situation that has been going on for centuries. Black women eat this shit up and it’s sad. Many black women believe sacrificing everything they have for black men and fighting their battle will make things better for them. It’s not.