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This scene is still one of my favourites.

When Nancy saw the flurry of activity outside her home, the home she had grown up in, she realized that this went beyond slime-covered trees in a shadowy wasteland, that there were monsters here, in this world, that wanted to hurt the people she loved. And in an instant, all the hurtful things she had said to Mike, just in the last week, bounded through her mind, playing on a loop. She needed to get there, to get home. To protect the people who lived at the end of that stupid, boring cul-de-sac because it was her stupid, boring cul-de-sac. 

But that helicopter. It sent her heart hammering straight into her stomach. Mike? How was it possible that there was a helicopter looking for her dorky brother who couldn’t even kill a spider and was afraid of the birds that flocked to their mother’s backyard bird feeder. Mike wasn’t dangerous. He wasn’t a criminal. He was just her baby brother. 

As Hopper ushered her into the backseat, she wanted to break—to scream, but her fear for Mike had numbed her. She couldn’t even cry. Barb was missing and her little brother was in danger—he was being hunted. He could be hurt. Nancy’s eyes fell on Jonathan, sitting next to her looking anxious and she imagined, for a split second, her own brother’s funeral. Her lungs tightened. 

And then Hopper was asking her questions. Questions about where Mike would have gone. And Nancy, mind reeling, could think of nothing but her guilt at having pushed Mike so far away. If she found him safe—no, no. When. When she found him safe, she promised herself, she would be a better sister. She’d always be there to listen. 

I know everyone has probably moved on but I have not moved on. WHERE THE HELL DID LIAM COME FROM YESTERDAY? That honestly felt like a superhero movie, where the villain is about to fuck everything up and is “milking it” for a moment, and then the superhero comes out of no where and drop kicks his ass. Liam is a superhero. 10 bonus points when the superhero used to be the villains “protege”.

me: is dreading the possibility of Scratch bringing up the whole Lauren mess to fuck with Emily

also me: would pay actual money to see them bring up the Lauren mess again so i can see how Prentiss deals with it 

What is distance?
  • Distance is a number.
  • It’s what makes me wish I lived somewhere else,
  • just to be close to you all.
  • If I could,
  • I would be with you in a heart beat.
  • I'd hug you tightly
  • And spend hours talking with you.
  • Watch movies
  • And laugh under blankets
  • Like we already do.
  • But in person.
  • Because while distance is just a number
  • The ache I have when I want to be there -
  • When I want to hug you
  • And shower you with my love
  • And remind you how much you mean to me -
  • Isn't dulled easily.
  • Because you're so far away.
  • And distance is a number.
  • A big number.
  • It doesn't stop me from loving you.
  • From sending you every bit of my affection
  • And good thoughts
  • And happiness.
  • It doesn't stop me
  • From wanting to talk to you for hours
  • And tell jokes
  • And be silly
  • And sit in silence.
  • It just stops me,
  • Momentarily,
  • From giving you physical affection.
  • But, really,
  • That won't stop me for long.
  • It's just delaying me for a little.
  • Don't worry.
  • One day,
  • I can't say when and I can't say soon,
  • But one day,
  • I'll see you.
  • Remember,
  • Distance is just a number.
  • And numbers, we can work with.
  • And though I'm not great at math,
  • And crunching the numbers will take some time,
  • It'll be worth it.

There are no het couples at the end of Hannibal like can u believe this show ended not only with no straight couples, but with married lesbians who have a child, and the main male pair being canonically in love with each other like.

i’m laughing hysterically at how hungry for attention cheryl is and how she’s using a charity to bring attention to her bump


Max doesn’t have any idea what’s going on between your father and me. Then what is it? I didn’t want to burden you all…

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