How Straight Are The Signs

Aries: flaming
Taurus: what is heterosexuality
Gemini: sassy asf but the world may never know
Cancer: straight as a circle
Leo: u a fruit cake in a rainbow
Virgo: i love everyone for who they are
Libra: literally -500% straight
Scorpio: all the homo
Sagittarius: *says no homo* *means v much homo*
Capricorn: gay x 1000
Aquarius: double rainbow
Pisces: likes boys, girls, and everyone in between


when someone says no homo - more vines

anonymous asked:

Honestly is destiel doesn't become canon before the show ends I will be so fucking mad because they've been leading us on about it and if they were just teasing us I'll kill someone

what do you mean

leading us on?

they are obviously

just friends.

totally platonic

hetero bros

that do bro stuff.

like stare longingly at each other

and watch each other take off clothes

coz that’s what bros do

which is what dean and cas are

just platonic hetero bros

fun no homo story: in seventh grade there was this trend that started in my school called “tea-bagging” where whenever a guy kneeled down to tie his shoe or whatever, another guy would leapfrog over him from the front, making sure to rub their crotch over the persons face, then scream “you just got tea-bagged! my balls where in your face! im straight tho” and thats an actual thing that happened for like a year