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Nico Robin from One Piece, Happy Birthday

I missed her birthday by a few days but better late than never I guess.


Teacher: You have homework over the weekend.


Mom: I forgot the food you asked me to bring for you.


Sister: Hey can i borrow you-


Brother: Give me the video games you are not playing.


Relative: Do you wanna hold my cutie pie baby??


Dad: You have to go out and enjoy the Nature.


Ushiwaka: You should have come to Shiratorizawa.

Oikawa: Hell no!


Accurate Captions for this picture: 

-When your boss calls you into his office

-When you get called to the principals office

-s a v e h i m

-oh so they both answer to italy (take note fanfiction writers)

-this damn fandom

-when your crush comes to talk to you

-when you were supposed to be doing homework but really you were playing on your computer 

-excorism now


-getting offered drugs

-don’t do drugs kids

-you will DIE

-when you think of multiple captions to one picture

Amoré - Part Three

Characters - Peter x Reader, Aunt May, OFC (Kait)

Word Count - 1094

Warnings - None

A/N - Okay, this is just a filler. I’m realizing that this series is going to be a slow burn. I have some big parts planned for the future but it’s going to take a bit to get there. Until then, I’m just setting the scene and letting the feelings between the two grow. PS: @bionic-buckyb is your bestie in this series!

Amoré Masterlist

“Y/N!” You heard your best friend’s voice ring through the hall as you opened your locker, “hey, how was the big date last week?”

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anonymous asked:

What series will you be doing fanart for next once fairy tail ends?


To be honest, isn’t like i’ll stop drawing FT fanarts (I still have a lot of ideas i haven’t draw yet) but my priority will be Sousei no Onmyouji (Specially Shimayu fandom, and BNHA probably too)

You guys should give a try to SnO! The author is a blessing and the story is very well written! I’m sure you will like it a lot!

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Homework (Apart 5)

I fell in love with writing happy and fluffy Noorhelm, so that’s why I kinda stopped writing this story. It’s so much for emotional complex and  straight up heart breaking to write. Buuuut I got over my self and wrote another chapter.

I really hope you like it! (Also I tried to quicken the pace, so we can get to the better parts sooner.) <3 for sticking with me!

Fandom: Skam

Pairing: Noorhelm

Story: Apart

originally published at ao3

Eskild had pulled every trick - unpacking Noora’s stuffed rucksack multiple times included - to persuade her from moving. She wasn’t leaving the Kollektiv, not really; not like London. But she could assure Eskild she’d be back next weekend all she wanted, he kept pouting and begging.

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Imagine trying to study together with Luna. Actually, the two of you would really plan to do your homework, but apparently the nargles decided to hide
Luna’s books.
“I really told them to stop, but they won’t listen”
“It’s okay, maybe they took them to the owlery?”
“No.. that’s where they take my socks”

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Hiya Hajimama! I stopped my homework because I have a lame question for you! How would everybody react if one day they woke up and were the opposite gender? And I just wanna say that this fandom has made me so many friends and made me an overall happy person so thank you! ❤️

I’ve been on Tumblr too long. I get icky when reading ‘opposite’ gender lol anywayyyy

Mikasa: be hella sad, but hey she’ll probably be a better soldier now, that’s good
Reiner: touch boobs
Bertholdt: you cannot imagine the amount of moe
Annie: only notices after someone else points it out
Eren: “Whhaaaaaaat?”
Jean: find it a weirdly interesting experience
Marco: finds it cool to know what it’s like to be a girl
Sasha: ”dicks are weird”
Connie: Kinda fucked up and scared for life
Historia: “What the fuck is this shit?!”
Ymir: lolololol
Armin: tries logical approach to figuring out why the frick this happened
Levi: binds breasts and goes on with his business
Erwin: whoopsie daisy
Hanji: What “Opposite gender”? lol
Nanaba: slightly annoyed by dick
Mike: not sure how to feel about this

  • Me: Do you watch it?
  • Girl in class: No lol.
  • Me: Guys watch this show oh my godddd.
  • Friends: Haha calm down you say that like everyday.
  • Me: Dad come watch it with me.
  • Dad: Go do your homework and please stop watching Netflix
  • Me: Oh c'mon you watch everything...?
  • My Uncle who's a TV producer: Well not everything.
A little scream from hell.

Hi! Soul Rokkuman here. I will use this media as a cheap excuse of journal (or something). 

I drew this during a work session. People close to me are aware that I’m literally trying to “leave” the Megaman fandom, in order to write my own story, script, character design… all that.

Parallel to this, I’m studding again (second career, first is animator) at night and working in daytime, and trying to fix my time between study, my project, my work, homework, house chores.

Honestly this is the first time (I think) that I talk about this openly xD

Anyway. As a veteran fan, I remember those days (90’s beginning) when I could’t think about to stop thinking about Megaman. Really, it was to awesome to me.

But, since I’m adult, and life getting all hard and harder everyday, I started to “stop” thinking about my childhood hero/love/soulmate/savior/all that. My mind is too busy thinking about trying to be a normal adult out there and doing house chores, homework, work, and writing the script of Time Runners.

I’m afraid that I haven’t thinking about my blue bomber in … 2 months?

And I’m not talking about reblogs (actually I automatically reblog everything cool of Megaman -fan art, photos, shit-), I’m talking about writing something for the fandom, a fan art, even an Anniversary project.


Some days ago, I was so saturated with my own story, trying to fix some holes in the script, re writing events, stuffs that was senseless… Totally tired x.x.

Then I started to draw.

I tend to scribble in my notebook to remember things, or even to think my story. I was in doing this when I unconsciously started to draw X and Zero. And it was so relaxing. It was like a little reset to me. It’s funny, because I’m trying to get hell out of here to find peace and finish my life project and suddenly I’m here again, for any reason.

I’m feeling better now. I think I just had to wrote it. ^^


Heyyy! Look who made it to 6k! I was suppose to do this when I hit 5k but I was lazy af and put it off. I needed someone to tell me to do it or I probably would of held this off again so thanks to espinosa-is-bae , I did it!

I’m kinda picky about who I follow so if I follow you, you are like amazing!!

I’ve made a lot of friends from tumblr and I’m pretty sure I have more friends on here than in school! Haha.

All the people I talked to in group chats, (which is about 75% of the blogs tagged here) you all are gucci af! ✌️

I am positive I missed someone that deserves to be on this follow forever, sorry!

***^A lot of people changed their URL so I couldn’t find them and tag them :(***

screwyoudallas camdawgdallas & taylorcaniffsluts: You guys were the first 3 magcon (or whatever our fandom is) blogs I ever followed before I made this account. So because of you three I made this account and I haven’t stopped posting. So thanks!

jackgilinskywhores: I love you but Gilinsky is fucking mine okay, bye. #minijackgilinsky #sidehoe 😏

scarycaniff: So glad were friends and I met you!

idiothayes: You are perfect at poetry! Thanks for helping me a little with my science homework! I gotta A!

thebootysquad: This is the best squad ever lol 😘

Thank you to the people who like and reblog a lot!!!






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I love that Nagisa's mental capabilities are pretty high. That means that some parts of fandom stop portraying him as dumb.

I really loved this too! I thought the distinction between his intellect and logic was important, because the two aren’t the same thing. Although he isn’t driven my logic, formulas, equations, and set rules, he is above average on intelligence. He is smart, but applies his smarts differently. 

And being smart doesn’t mean he has to enjoy studying like Rei. I still definitely accept the thought that it’s difficult for him to sit still during class or homework. But not because he’s not smart, but because he has so much “stamina,” as the chart pointed out. 

And as the OP stated, I adore that he was listed as 100% angel. One of my top grievances is when the fandom depicts him as sadistic or cruel, unfeeling, or a bully. He is pushy and overwhelming because he cares so much. His empathy, need for attention, and desire to bond the group together and create great memories with them is what drives him, though it is also what can make him come across as cruel or bullying. He always has others’ best interest in mind, and has a very innocent, pure heart, although his well-meant intentions can sometimes fluster, startle, or annoy others. But that doesn’t mean it comes from a place of cruelty. Intention is everything, and his heart is full of nothing but love.

Which is now literally canon on a chart that states this.