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Could you describe your marriage to us, Cath?

There are no Jack Kerouacs or Holden Caulfields for girls. Literary girls don’t take road-trips to find themselves; they take trips to find men.

“Great” books, as defined by the Western canon, didn’t contain female protagonists I could admire. In fact, they barely contained female protagonists at all.

—  Kelsey McKinney
Holden is Involved?

Holden. I keep thinking about his latest appearance in the # 3x06 . Emily, in that episode, discovers Holden’s tattoo. The tattoo was made at the entrance of NOEL KAHN’s party. Well, Emily also remembered in # 3x06, that the night when “Alison’s body”(it was Bethany) was stolen in # 3x01, someone took her to Ali’s open grave at the cimitery. She remembered being in the car with Jenna and NOEL and also being in a bar with HOLDEN, and there in the bar somebody left a message saying, “Sorry if I left you / abandoned.” Now, I don’t think Holden was made to come back without a sense. A character who was linked to the Noel Kahn’s party, and who returns on stage AFTER Noel’s death. In conclusion:

- In 3x01, HOLDEN brings Emily to a cafe, and apparently leaves her there. In #3x03, Jenna reveals to the liars that she found Emily on the edge of the drunk road, while in # 3x08, Noel tells the truth. They found her in a cafe alone. Jenna said, “I lied because I was protecting someone.” And again, someone left Emily the message “Sorry if I left you / abandoned.”, DON’T FORGET THAT. On a note book at the cafe where Holden took her and where she left her alone. Clearly he left the note. Shouldhe leave her alone, because it was the precise orders of Jenna, Charlotte, and all the team?

- During season 3, Holden went to the Noel Kahn’s party, and when Emily noticed the tattoo, understanding the connection with Noel’s parties, in #3x06, Holden became strange and shady, and said, “Sorry, I have to go.” . NOEL KAHN’S PARTY, one of Charlotte’s minions at the time, and A.D. before he died.

- Lastly, Holden comes back in Aria’s life shortly after Noel’s death. Because? Perhaps, with Noel’s death, A.D. need another minions and then called Holden?

I would really try to reflect on these clues that I mentioned because they’re too strange. Holden left Emily in that cafeteria because he had to. Jenna and Noel had to pick her there. He left the excuse for abandoning her. Jenna lying about where they found Emily because she was trying to protect someone that night, or the one who brought Emily to the cafeteria, HOLDEN. And don’t forget, all the plan to bring Emily to the cemetery was a Charlotte plan foro photograph her and liars in front of Ali’s open grave. Think about it.

Pretty Little Liars is back...

Seriously? That was the tenth last episode EVER of Pretty Little Liars? Nothing important happened. Nothing was answered. These final episodes should be about answering unanswered questions and fixing up plot holes. But instead we got this boring ass episode.

What was with making us believe Toby was dead after the last episode? He was alive and well literally 5 minutes into the episode. And Spencer as well. She was shot and almost died on the last episode and all she has is a sling on her arm.

I’m sorry but I cannot support Haleb anymore. Not after Spaleb happened. What was the fucking point of Spencer and Caleb being together if Hanna and Caleb are just going to end up together? Haleb are so disrespectful. They’re just acting as if nothing happened and that disgusts me.

What was the point of Holden coming back? We haven’t seen him for 5 seasons(I think the last time we saw him was in S2? It’s been so long I barely remember him). And why was he seemingly okay with Ezra and Aria getting married?? He was her high school teacher. I’m not even going to go into how wrong their relationship is.

I could not care less about the whole Nicole storyline. I tune out every time they mention her. It’s such a waste of screen time when they could be actually showing something relevant to the main plot.

So Spencer’s dad got pretty much everyone in Rosewood pregnant. He’s the ultimate fuckboy.

Mary Drake is Spencer’s mother. Which we already found out last episode. They just confirmed it this episode. We didn’t really learn anything new. Apart from I guess what Mrs Hastings told Spencer. But that wasn’t very earth shattering. I pretty much guessed that was the case.

What the fuck is that game?? I just can’t take this show seriously anymore. Are there cameras or something on the models/board?? Like, how the fuck does it even work? I guess technically the show is now set a few years in the future so a game like this might be possible then. But seriously??

I am so sick of the Emily, Ali and Paige love triangle. Just, no.

I’ve been watching this show for so long and may as well keep watching until the end. But I’ve been disappointed time and time again. I keep giving it more chances but am always lets down.

9 more episodes. I can’t wait to finally be free from this train wreck of a show.

School’s been stressing me out, so I really just felt like drawing some gay, college football drama lol

like how cute would it be if smols were jv and tols were varsity?!?!?!??! i mean, i guess both teams would be at a varsity level of skill or whatever… but team!smol is just LITERALLY the junior version of varsity hahaha like wtf that’s so cute i love it

Not my photo, but it’s been pointed out that that little bit of hair Scrubs is showing looks like Aria’s.
Now that Holden is back, it’s looking like we might hopefully get some answers as to what happened that night Emily was drugged and in the diner. If we’re sure there’s a twin coming, maybe we shouldn’t forget the line “you kept calling me Arlene”.

The Coffeenante

every ship deserves a coffee shop au so here we are [the rock voice] you’re welcome +ao3

Naomi is a creature of habits, you see. It keeps her grounded, after too many years as a reckless teenager with even more reckless thoughts. Many would find her daily routine boring, but she likes it that way, likes to know exactly where she is heading and what’s in the cards for her that day.

She wakes up at 7 every morning, gets breakfast ready and gets Filip out of bed, before school starts at 8. By 8.30 she’s at the shop, ready to start the day until 5. She doesn’t actually start before 9, though, so she always takes that half hour to go next door to the Coffeenante and order her coffee – one cream, five sugars. On a good day (read: on a day where her favourite barista gets the morning shift) she will stay at the coffee shop and chat. Any other day, she will just go back to the shop and read the news on her phone before her own shift starts.

Habits, you see. They are a wonderful thing.

Still, nothing prepares her for the giggle that escapes her lips the moment she steps into the Coffeenante that morning. The coffee shop is almost empty but for a couple of customers, and Holden is next to the espresso machine, dying. Head hiding in his folded arms, he groans pitifully at the way the bell chimes above her, not even looking up. Naomi can’t help but smirk – last night involved Drummer’s house and way too many bottles of vodka. Which Naomi loves on a daily basis, and was made even more entertaining by the fact that Bobbie was there, and ready to prove she could drink Holden under the table.

He’s never been really good at refusing a challenge.

Or at holding his alcohol.

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I’ve been waiting in anticipation all this time for 7B to start, and I came away from the episode feeling short changed like usual.

I really thought Marlene was gonna kick it up a notch and stop with all the filler.

Like seriously you guys just murdered Noel, Jenna tried to kill you, Mary is Spencers mom, Spencer was shot……andddddd I’m watching an episode about school committees and Hannas fashion line. 😑


Here are a few things I took away from the episode (sadly there wasn’t much) :

- I KNEW that Jenna wasn’t the one who shot Spencer. I was really happy to hear that the bullet in Spencer’s arm was not the same caliber as the bullets in Jenna’s gun. AD shot Spencer. WHY?
—Side note: I can’t put into words how upset I will be if Spencer’s twin is AD. There seems to be so many clues that she will be. The newest being that Mrs Hastings wasn’t there when Mary gave birth, she waited in the car. Also, this episode seemed to center around Spencer. Spencer’s storyline was the only important one.

-Aria is so sketchy. I found it very interesting that all the Liars except Aria were in the barn with the Board Game. Aria walked in and we got to see her reaction. I feel like this was purposeful.

-Ezra going to ‘New York’ to see Nicole gives him an alibi to be out of town. I will forever hold hope that he is AD.

-WHY is Holden back? Why are we wasting time and storyline on meaningless characters right now? I DONT GET IT.

-Caleb references Alice in Wonderland when he says to Hanna in bed “I lost you when you fell down the rabbit hole.” (When she was kidnapped through the floor at the Lost Woods Resort). It’s interesting though, because after Alice falls down the rabbit hole, she is lost in the woods for awhile. Which always makes me think of the lyrics to Teddy Bear Picnic which Mona sang in Radley. “ If you go down in the woods today/You’re sure of a big surprise/If you go down in the woods today/You’d better go in disguise/ Beneath the trees where nobody sees/They’ll hide and seek as long as they please”

-I know everyone is jumping to the conclusion that Wren is AD because the A was dressed in scrubs/doctor gloves and serving tea to Jenna. But I feel like that’s a little too easy.

I’m really nervous about the rest of the season after this episode. This show has been such a big part of our lives for years, and I really hope they end it well.