no hold on a minute playas

@vinkumakkara​ told me to write about Julius and the Boss’ relationship changing between SR1 and 2 and man ! do i love talking about Julius Little. 

in Saints Row 1 the Saints are in dire straights – they’ve been around for long enough to gain some members, for those members to have earned ranks as lieutenants, as second-in-commands, but they’ve made very little progress. they barely have a hold on the Row. 

Julius says “we need all the help we can get” so i think at this point hes trying to build up enough of a gang so that he feels stable enough to to launch an attack. no point fighting if youre going to immediately get wiped out by the retaliation. by the time he finds Playa, he’s about feeling like they can stop defending their territory and expanding. Playa is kind of a last minute find.

that’s Playa all over at the start. Julius stumbles in on them – if you wanted to sum up Saints Row 1 in a phrase it would be wrong time, wrong place – and from there, he brings Playa into the fold. 

something i’ve mentioned with Julius several times is that i believe he deliberately constructed the Saints out of people he thought he could control. thats why most of the Saints are barely out of their early twenties; he’s an older man with power and influence, theyre people who will follow him willingly. Playa came with a bonus in that regard – Julius saved their life. they owe him one. wanting to pay someone back can be a powerful motivator. 

Playa starts off in the gang as a new recruit that Julius has a good feeling about, and they very, very quickly become the Saints’ most valuable asset. Julius knows this, everyone knows this. the Saints spent god knows how long getting nothing done and then suddenly here comes the hero.

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