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Christmas Break at Finn’s// Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part 1

Christmas break had finally arrived and not a second too soon. You were packing up your things and going to stay with your best friend of fourteen years, Finn Wolfhard. Since he had started filming IT, you hadn’t been to spend the long weekends with him like you usually did. Which is why you decided to go all out. Best pyjamas, new shoes, your favourite hoodie and your Stranger Things socks. After your bags were packed, including the presents for Finn and his family, you picked up your phone and noticed a text.

I have an idea to propose to you but you have to be honest and tell me if you don’t like it.

What on earth was he talking about?

Go on…

I may have invited Wyatt, Jack and Jaeden to stay with us when you come. 

You tried your hardest not to scream. WYATT OLEFF?! Ever since Finn had met the rest of the cast members for IT you had had a bit of a thing for Wyatt. Funnily enough, you had always hoped that Finn would introduce you someday. And that day had finally arrived. More like weeks. You were going to be staying in the same house as Wyatt Oleff for three weeks?! As far as you were concerned, Finn had already given you your Christmas gift and that was the time you could spend with Wyatt.

Yeah sure. That’s okay. I honestly can’t wait to meet them.


Heck yeah.

This is awesome. My best friend meeting my other friends. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I’ll come with mum to get you from the airport! xxx xxx

See you tomorrow Finn x

You put your phone on charge and smiled to yourself. Well, more like grinned manically. You couldn’t have been more excited if you had tried. Not just to meet Wyatt but also Jack and Jaeden. And of course, to spend time with Finn. 

Your flight from Ontario to Vancouver only took a little over four hours. The snow began to fall just as you landed. Of course, your mother was with you as was your little sister. Your mum and Finn’s had known each other since they were kids growing up in Vancouver. You had moved to Ontario when you were six. After collecting your luggage you made your way to the pickup point. That’s when you saw Finn. You dropped your bags and ran to him. He ran towards you too and picked you up, hugging you and laughing at the same time. He had grown since you last saw each other. Your mum greeted Finn’s and they picked up the bags that you had dropped in running to your best friend. Your little sister was giving Finn’s mum a hug.

“Frogface!” You squealed
“Oh shut it, Y/N.” He laughed and booped you on the nose, something he had done all your lives.
“Woah.” You chuckled, “Your voice is so deep. And since when were you such a fucking beanpole.”
“First of all, rude. Second of all, you’re not so little yourself anymore. Anyway, how excited are you to meet the others?” He had a massive grin on his face which was contagious
“On a scale of one to ten, eleven.”
“Oh nice one, Y/N. I see what you did there.”
“Sure. Jaeden is so excited to meet you, mainly because I didn’t shut up about you on set.”
“Awh. I can’t wait to meet him either. And Jack and Wyatt of course.”
“Jack’s an annoying little fuck but you’ll love Wyatt.”
You nodded, trying super hard not to start blushing. You already knew that you’d like Wyatt.
“Come on then kids.” Your mum said, “Let’s get back before the snow gets worse.”

You and Finn walked out of the airport holding each other’s free hands. You were trying to carry bags at the same time, but that didn’t stop you. Finn told you that the boys’ flights would be another couple of hours and his mum would come and get them later.
When you arrived at Finn’s it was like coming home after a really long day. No matter where you went in the world, Finn’s place was still your home. Even more than your real one. You put your bags in Finn’s room where you always slept and your mother and sister put there’s in the guest room. After unpacking you headed downstairs for hot chocolate and a catch-up. Finn had so many stories to tell you about IT and you couldn’t wait to hear them.

“Honestly,” you said, “Every time one of you swore I cracked up. Especially Jack. It was just so funny. I don’t even know why.”
“Jack swears like that normally. We were doing a live stream a couple of months ago and he called Wyatt a ‘fucking jew’.”
You couldn’t help it. You started laughing.
“It was funny,” Finn said, “But I tried not to laugh because Wyatt looked so appalled.”
“I’m not surprised!”
“You can tell them this in person soon. Mum just left to go get them from the airport.”
“I can’t believe they’re not going to be with their families on Christmas though.”
“Yeah, I know. I told them this but they were all okay with it. It’ll be fun.”

You were starting to get nervous now. 

What if they don’t like me?
What if they hate every moment they spend with us?
What if Wyatt hates me?

You decided to run upstairs and brush through your hair. You know, to make sure you looked perfect for them. You had no idea why you even cared.

(Your outfit)
You were upstairs when you heard the door open. Voices could suddenly be heard. Those of Finn and his mother, and three boys. Your heart started beating rapidly and you had millions of butterflies fluttering around in your belly. It was time to meet them. After one last check in the mirror you made your way downstairs and to the door where everyone was greeting each other.
Deep breaths. You told yourself.

There they stood. Jaeden Lieberher in a grey sweater, denim jeans, and Stan Smiths. Jack Dylan Grazer in a leather jacket which suited him, jeans and Jordans. And then there was Wyatt Oleff. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a white shirt, brogue shoes and a burgundy jacket. The same colour as your skirt. It took everything you had not to collapse. They all turned to look at you at the same time. You had no idea what to do. It was Jack that made the first move to introduce himself.

“Jack Dylan Grazer.” He said with a smirk while walking up to you. “You’re Y/N, Finn’s best friend aside from me of course.” He shook your hand. You laughed a little.
“Don’t worry,” You said, “I won’t come between you and Finn. I ship it to much.”
“Good. Because I would have been mad otherwise.”
Finn was talking to Jaeden who was next to greet you. He stepped away from Finn and looked at you.
“Y/N. Nice to meet you. Maybe Finn will shut up talking about you all the time now we’ve met.” Finn elbowed him.
“Nice to meet you too. And he won’t ever shut up about me. I’m too much of a delight.”
Jaeden turned to Finn and said, “I like her Finn. Better than Jack.”
“Hey!” Jack said with a frown causing everyone to laugh.
“And I’m Wyatt.” He said with a heartwarming smile, “The awkward one who had managed to match his outfit to yours on the first day of me meeting you. Nice one Wyatt.”
You laughed and shook his hand, not breaking eye contact the entire time.
“I think we’ll have a lot in common. My life motto is: I came, I saw, I made it awkward.”
It was Wyatt’s turn to laugh.
“You and me both.”

The boys took their things upstairs to Finn’s room. Thankfully Finn had a huge bedroom. You were all going to sleep in there. Somehow…

They then came back downstairs to where you and Finn were sitting in the living room. Your mother, Finn’s and your sister had gone shopping.
“Is it just me,” Finn said, “Or is anyone else starving?”
“Me too.” Jaeden and Jack said in unison
You and Wyatt just nodded.
“How about we go and get food and bring it back?”
“Okay, but what are we going to have.” You questioned
“NANDOS!” Jack screamed
“Calm the fuck down Jack.” Finn said, “I guess we’re having Nandos. Is everyone okay with that?”

Everyone was.

You all got your coats and shoes on and left the house. Finn locked the doors behind him and you made your way to dinner all chatting. The boys wanted to get to know you.

You had all ordered sharing platters and were waiting on your drinks. You were sat opposite Finn who was sat next to Jack. And you were sat in between Jaeden and Wyatt. 

“He’s always doing that,” Jaeden said with an eye roll
“Oh shut up. You swear too.” Jack replied
“Yeah but not as much as you.”
You were all currently having a debate about Jack’s language
“Finn and I were talking about this earlier. Whenever one of you swore I couldn’t help but laugh. Especially Jack.”
“Yeah and then I told her about the live stream,” Finn added, “About when Jack called Wyatt a ‘fucking jew’ and Wyatt’s face after he said it.”
“Okay, that was pretty funny.” You said with a giggle.
“Was not! Wyatt protested, “It was fucking rude that’s what it was.”

Everyone laughed but the conversation was cut short when everyone’s food arrived.
When you arrived back at Finn’s your mothers were in the kitchen at the breakfast bar drinking coffee and chatting. You all went upstairs to get out of your snow-covered coats. Since it was about 7 pm you all decided to get into nightwear. You took yours and went to change in Finn’s bathroom. 

“You know Y/N,” Jack said just as you were about to open the door, “I don’t mind if you want to get changed out here.”
“For fuck’s sake Jack!” Finn whined, “That’s my best friend.”
“Yeah, I think I’ll pass. Thanks anyway though…” You replied

You smiled and closed the door pulling on your PJs. You wore a pair of black cotton shorts, an oversized shirt with the Fall Out Boy logo on it and some knee high grey socks. You also put your hair into a messy bun and left the bathroom. All the boys were changed too and were all sat on the floor looking at something that you couldn’t see. 

“What are you guys looking at.”
“Pictures of you and Finn through the years,” Jaeden said with a smile

Oh no. You thought Wyatt is not looking at childhood pictures of me right now. That is not happening.

You sat down next to Wyatt and looked down. It was one of you and Finn in the snow when you were about four.

“These are adorable,” Wyatt said to you, causing you to blush
“They’re really not. I look a gremlin in some of these.”
“You do not!” Wyatt gasped
Finn turned the page and you almost had a heart attack. Before anyone could see too much you slammed the album closed.
“Woah.” Jaeden exclaimed, “Was that-”
“A picture of us in the bath? Yep. That’s enough for one day.“ 

The boys all protested but you took the photo album and made a run for it. You heard the others get up and begin to come after you.

"GET IT!” Jack shouted

You ran downstairs and into the living room. You had nowhere to turn and Wyatt had come bursting into the room. Before you could run he put his arms around your shoulders and pulled you down to the sofa.


Jaeden came into the room and piled on top of you two before you could escape. Jack and Finn were not that far behind. Jack took the photo album. Jaeden and Wyatt got up off you with triumphant expressions on their faces. Wyatt was also blushing. You only had a split second to take this in before Jack ran out of the room with the pictures. 


You got up and sprinted after Jack. The others followed.
You were frustrated. The boys had locked themselves in Finn’s bathroom with the photos and were refusing to let you in. After five minutes, you gave up and went downstairs to make a cup of tea. Not long after, Wyatt came downstairs.

“Hey,” He said with a sad smile, “The photos aren’t that bad. I’m really sorry though.”
“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Would you like some tea.”
“Sure. Thanks.”
“It’s okay. Are the others still up there.”
“Yep. Jack’s enjoying this way too much. I think he might have taken pictures on his phone.”
“He’s so dead. We should prank him.”
“Yeah!” Wyatt looked mischievous.
“Let me know if you have any ideas.”
“Oh, I will.”

Jack came bounding down the stairs along with Jaeden and Finn.
“Nice pictures, Y/N!” Jack was grinning like a maniac
“Watch your back Grazer,” you said, “Wyatt and I are forming a plan.”
Jack narrowed his eyes. “You and Wyatt, huh? Not sure how I feel about this. My baby Oleff is growing up.”
“Oh shut up Jack,” A reddening Wyatt muttered
“Awwwww!” Jaeden cooed, “He’s blushing!”
“Okay!” Finn interjected, “Let’s go watch a movie.”

Everyone went into the living room and sat down. You sat next to Wyatt, rather close to him. After a few minutes of persuading, you managed to get Finn to put A Nightmare Before Christmas on, your favourite Christmas film of all time.

You were snuggled up next to Wyatt, sharing a blanket and drinking the hot chocolate you had made for everyone halfway through the movie. You didn’t realize it but Finn and Jaeden were sharing a knowing look. Jack clocked on, looked at the two of you and smirked. Finn shook his head at him as if to say, ‘Don’t say a fucking word.’
He didn’t listen.

“I think Y/N would rather share a bed with Wyatt.”
You threw a pillow at him. And then another. Jack flinched and covered his head with his arms.
“Where are all these fucking pillows coming from?!”

You were about to throw yet another pillow at him when your favourite song came on from the movie. You and Finn always sang along. As if on cue, Finn pulled you up from your seat and you began to sing as if nobody else was in the room.

When you were finished, the three boys sat there stunned.
“What?” Finn said looking confused, “Did I forget to tell you she could sing?”
“YES?!” Jaeden bellowed

Wyatt and Jack gave you a round of applause as you sat down.
“Sing us something else.” Wyatt was looking at you expectantly
Finn ran upstairs and got his guitar. You always used to sing together.
“What do you want me to sing?” You were starting to feel nervous now.
“Anything,” Jaeden said
Finn looked at you. “Save Me a Spark? You’re so good at that and I can play it.”
“Alright then.”

After taking a deep breath, you began to sing.

You watched the boys as you sang. Jack was on the edge of his seat, mouth open. Jaeden was mouthing along, smiling. And Wyatt. Wyatt was sat right next to you.  You couldn’t read his face. He sat very still, watching you as if trying to figure you out in some way.

When you and Finn finished the song he went straight into playing another. When you figured out what he was playing you smirked and began to sing.
Scene Two-Roger Rabbit, Sleeping With Sirens
Finn knew how much you loved this song. The lyrics meant a lot to you.

(You should listen to these songs as you read: Save me a Spark and Scene Two-Roger Rabbit by Sleeping with Sirens. It’s what she’s singing in the story. Or you could just imagine it’s another song…)

This was how your three-hour conversation about music began. You all compared your favourite bands and artists and every now and again they’d ask you to sing another song. To say they were impressed would be the biggest understatement of the year. Wyatt couldn’t get enough of your voice. Every time you sang he would be ingrossed. It was another thing to add to his list of things he liked about you. Not that you knew about this of course.  
Midnight came around and you and Wyatt were the only ones still up. You were telling each other everything about yourselves. About family, friends, school, home, interests, plans for the future and everything in between. You went out into the kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar with hot drinks and a bar of Finn’s chocolate that you made a mental note to replace. Honestly, you could have talked until the sun came up but your conversation was cut short by the others coming out. 

“We should go get to bed guys.”

The boys looked at the two of you sat together questionably. 

You all went upstairs to Finn’s room and clambered into your beds. As per usual, you were sharing with Finn. It wasn’t weird. You’d been sharing since you were little. Not sharing would have been weirder. You fell asleep with Wyatt Oleff on your mind, wondering what the next few weeks would hold. I mean, if you’d managed to get this close in one day, where would you be at the end of all this?

I’m really enjoying writing this! The next part will be up soon.

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Skinny Dipping

I can’t tell you how excited I am to post this! I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile now and have honestly been wanting to incorporate it into my Your Savior fic, but have been struggling to do so! Thank you @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash for creating this challenge and providing me with the perfect outlet to write this story! I hope y'all enjoy!!!!!

My prompt was “Skinny Dipping”

gif courtesy of @markruffalo

Your run started out like any other, a small group of Saviors scouting new territory for potential gain, but today Negan himself insisted on coming along. You rolled your eyes when he climbed into the truck with you, knowing he for sure would keep the ride interesting at least. 

There was no denying it, Negan, the leader of The Saviors was fine as hell. Everything about him dripped in sex appeal, from his ridiculously glorious good looks, to his rugged, overbearing demeanor. What’s worse is he knew it. The man would flirt with anyone that would stand still long enough to hear it, even having five wives wasn’t enough to keep him satisfied, he was always thirsty for more. 

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12x18 - An episode all about foreshadowing and Dean’s emotional state

So, I have my own POV on season end that I know I talk about a lot, that differs from the, well, proper meta writers, I believe…. so my POV is perhaps slightly different, but for me this episode cements this even further…. and I’ll explain why. 

This whole episode to me is all about misdirection and distraction and has massive foreshadowing for the season finale. It twists and turns through so much misdirection to ultimately lead to Dean being in real danger and Sam killing the monster, twice over, both the human monster and the supernatural being, to hammer the point home. Meanwhile there are a whole lot of references to Cas as well that massively fit with my season conclusion speculation (even though I seem to be relatively in a party of 1 or, well 3 from what I can tell with my chatty buds, but its not universal…).

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Oh and Dean, wow, well, I’ve seen loads of waitress meta which is all awesome but for me its the comparison of her with the 12x11 waitress that really cements what is going on here in terms of the distraction they bring and Dean’s angst.

Meanwhile this whole episode IS a distraction as Ketch sent them the case to distract them and get them out of the bunker.

There is so much misdirection in this episode.

Under the cut: both waitresses as the exposition for Dean’s sliding scale of emotional angst and how this episode overall foreshadows season end for me.

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Marichat May Day 8 - Fashion

For the one year anniversary of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s first appearance, the school is having a Ladybug and Chat themed day where students get to dress in outfits inspired by the heroes. Of course, Marinette decides to implement one of her many Chat Noir inspired designs. How will he react seeing Marinette in a handmade outfit that he inspired.

Rated G || 4,511 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

Hand Embroidered

It was the one year anniversary of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s first appearance. Alya, with the help of Chloe surprisingly enough, was able to convince Principle Damocles to let students have a themed day around the heroes. It was set on a Friday, a few days after the official anniversary. Classes would continue as usual but students would be able to dress in Ladybug and Chat inspired outfits and there would be an extravagant lunch paid for by the Mayor himself.

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Stop all the Clocks (4/6)

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Because the way home is only half the journey. Emma and Killian post-Underworld.

Killian makes arcs.

Emma realizes this one day and she gets a tingling under her skin telling her to pay attention.

It’s not like she hasn’t noticed the way he moves before. Emma would rather die than inflate the man’s ego any more, but for someone who spent most of his years on sea, Killian moves like a cat on land. He is all lazy, indulgent rolls of the hips and honest swagger when the sun is up and they are holding hands on the stroll to Granny’s. The moment he senses trouble, however, (and she swears he’s got spider-senses or crazy-sea-people-senses because the man sniffs out any sort of storm miles off) the entire line of his body tenses and he unfurls into a predatory stalk. There’s just no other way to describe it. He dances when he duels, and when he’s dancing it’s just as smooth, as pulsing and rhythmic. He’s such a delight that Emma has no shame in admitting that she likes watching his movements, catching them in the corner of her eye.

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No, It’s Bucky: Part 9b

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Word count: 3,156

Warnings: Language (curse words etc) . Just horrible writing. BUCKY IS CLINGY

Reader and Bucky reunite after the reader returns home to work after 6 years of no contact.


A/N: Here it is. I am so sorry it’s late. Lots of personal stuff has been happening and with work.. I just wasn’t in a ‘writing’ mood. Anyway. Here it is. I hope you like it and it was worth the wait. Only a few more parts to go. possibly 3 more

All errors are mine.

 | Part 9a |         | PART 10  |

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2 Hours. That’s how much notice Steve gives you before the party to get to his apartment and help him set up. Saying no is useless with Steve. He is like a lost puppy when he doesn’t get his way, so to save yourself the trouble of arguing with him because HE feels you are late; you quickly get changed into your costume and head straight over there. Should you have gotten dressed there? Probably. Did you think about that as an option as you were knocking on their front door? 100%

You knock on the door. No answer.

You bang on the door again, your hands going to your hips as you wait. It takes some time before the door finally opens. What the fuck could those 2 possibly be doing? Your hands drop from your hips as the door opens, Bucky eyes going wide as he opens the door, just staring at you.

“Holy shit.” You almost don’t hear him say it, Bucky’s comment coming out very quiet and mumbled.

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Credit to @ownbyfemme : Preparing for my first ever ugly sweater party 😂🎄🎉 had to see what all the hype is about 🤔
I Defo played it safe in this sweater cause I saw some people who reallyyyyy came through 👀 lol
Im in love with these thigh high socks though!! I actually bought them in like every colour 😂💜🌻 adding tights underneath so I can make it through this NYC cold 🌬
Hope you guys are having an amazing holiday season! 😘🎉😬🎁🎀 P.S. The ugly sweater party was too lit 😂🙌🏽 loved it! #LookBook #OOTD #DancingVideo #NaturalHair #UglySweaterVibes #HolidayMood

Shorts from @windsorstore, thigh highs + sweater from @Target, song is “The Real” by @JacobLatimore #melaninonfleek #blackgirlmagic #bgki #blackfbloggers

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illestjikook  asked:


☛ “Is there something on my face?” Jimin asks, laughing nervously and Jungkook thinks yeah, maybe the prettiest smile he has ever seen.

✘  1k words, JiKook High School AU


It’s too early to outside, is Jungkook’s verdict on the whole scenario.

That’s not what his coach thinks though.

“Track practice isn’t for crybabies,” Jin growls, glaring at Jungkook who shifts uncomfortably in his gym socks. “I don’t care if it’s 3 degrees outside, I better see you here taking laps when I get here at 6 am tomorrow. And don’t you dare stop until I get there and personally tell you to.”

Behind Jungkook, Jimin’s sympathetic sigh doesn’t go missed.

“You too, Jimin. I know you’re the new kid but you can keep Jungkook company. His timing’s been slacking all month and it’s almost track season.”

Jimin nods once, slinging his gym bag over his shoulder. Jungkook slams his locker shut and leans against it till he hears Jin’s footsteps fade away against the squeaky locker room floors.

“You know he’s just being and on you because he knows you’re the best we have,” Jimin says, squeezing Jungkook’s shoulder. There is something warm shooting through Jungkook’s veins like liquid fire when Jimin does that and Jungkook quickly shrugs the hand off.

“Yeah well, a little encouragement doesn’t fall to far from the performance tree,” Jungkook says, slipping on his jacket to brave the cold outside. Jimin grins and Jungkook has to look to his feet again because Jimin’s smile makes Jungkook feel the way he does when he hands over his ever depreciating grades to his dad every semester because he spent the weekend throwing up next to the track overworking himself instead of doing math homework.


Jimin makes Jungkook nervous.

“You could come over to my place. You need a break and I know I just moved here and I don’t have a lot of stuff unpacked yet but I do have an Xbox installed,” Jimin offers, stuffing his hands in his pockets and looking up at Jungkook almost shyly and Jungkook wants to say yes, of course he will, he wants to spend every Saturday in his pajamas with Jimin, laughing about Mario Kart and eating Doritos out of Jimin’s lap and liking him more than he should.

“See you on track,” Jungkook mumbles, stalking to the door and rushing out. Jimin might be the openly affectionate type, but Jungkook’s not one for displaying his burning cheeks he can’t yet blame on the freezing cold.


“I guess,” Jimin says between pants, his heavy breath coming out in clouds of fog from his too-pretty lips (Jungkook didn’t notice that, he did not- )

“I guess the coach isn’t gonna show after all,” Jimin finishes and Jungkook has to say he agrees. They’ve been running laps all morning and despite the freezing cold, Jungkook is burning up from all the laps he’s already done.

“Asshole,” Jungkook mutters under his breath, knees and palms planted on the dusty, deserted track.

“Yeah, it kinda was a dick move,” Jimin says and Jungkook snorts, laying back on the track. It’s a clear day and the January sky is a weak blue, an almost watery kind that was too afraid to be anything cheerful yet at this time of the year. The sun is out but Jungkook can barely feel it on his skin and he’s grateful at last for the cold because if he sweat any more, he’d drown in it.

“You know words like that?” Jungkook says, looking over at Jimin who has settled next to Jungkook on the track, the sides of their bodies lined up so that Jungkook is burning for an entirely different reason now.

“What, like dick? I’m seventeen, Jungkook,” Jimin says rolling his eyes and looking up at the sky.

“You just seem way too - ” Jungkook falters for a second, unsure how to finish his sentence.

Too nice?

Too innocent?

“Too what?” Jimin asks beside him, “I don’t seem like a prude, do I?”

“How do you like Busan?” Jungkook asks instead, changing the subject. Jimin shifts, turning towards Jungkook and propping his head against the palm of his hand.

“It’s nice, I guess. I haven’t been here long enough to tell,” Jimin ventures carefully and Jungkook almost has to squint to concentrate because of how close Jimin is to him right now, how Jimin’s heat is radiating off him and Jungkook would really love to not be such a dork right now.

“And?” Jungkook prompts, raising an eyebrow.

“And it’s a lot quieter than Seoul. A lot calmer. The place, the people. I think the sea does that to people. It reminds them their place in the universe,” Jimin says almost quietly.

Jungkook sits up then and there is a tug at his seventeen year old heart. He doesn’t know what the feeling means right then, under the cold January skies with weak knees and sweaty palms in the middle of a sleepy town, but it was young love, the kind that reminded you what innocence tasted like.

“What? Is there something on my face?” Jimin asks, laughing nervously and Jungkook thinks yeah, maybe the prettiest smile he has ever seen.

Almost compulsively, he leans in and kisses Jimin’s cheek. Jimin goes bright red at once, eyes widening in shock.

“Did you just - ”

“Did I say you could take a break?” Jin’s voice barks from the other end of the track and the two of them scramble to their feet, and it is only till their jog have established a calm rhythm of one foot in front of the other that they are giggling, giggling so hard that they’re almost out of breath and when Jin finally lets them go, Jimin takes Jungkook by the hand and takes him to his home and promises him Mario Kart and laughter in their pajamas and Doritos from his lap.

Jungkook lets him, because Jimin’s hand feels nice in his and he won’t tell Jimin yet but he could definitely get used to Sunday mornings like this.



requested: can luke dress up as a girl on april fool’s and all the boys fall in love with “her”? 



“Hey, guys?” Luke speaks up, feeling slightly nervous as he looks down at his hands. “Um, I have to go and settle some family matters tomorrow so I can’t come in to contribute to songwriting tomorrow.”

“It’s alright, Luke. If it’s family matters, we understand,” Ashton smiles at him reassuringly.

“I asked my cousin to step in for me, actually. She’s gonna come in tomorrow,” Luke tells them, a small smile upon his face. “She’s an awesome person, so she might be able to write a couple of songs with you guys.”

Michael raises his eyebrows and leans forward, interested. “Is she hot?”

Luke shrugs. “She’s okay, I guess. (Y/N) will be coming in with her, so yeah.”

They all nod, and start bombarding Luke with questions about this ‘cousin’.


“Hold still, Luke!” You laugh, trying to put eyeliner on him. “Don’t you want to look pretty?”

“I already am pretty!” he pouts. “Eyeliner is ticklish!”

“Luke, your ‘cousin’ is going to be late if you don’t hold still, so please just let me apply the eyeliner on properly.”

He sighs, and stays still. You smile at him, and apply the eyeliner on him, tutting at him when he fidgets.

Luke was clearly no longer the man we know-bronzer, mascara, false lashes, nail polish was all over him, and you had to admit, he was pretty hot. He bats his eyes and bites his lip.

“Do I look cute?” he asks, pulling the long sleeves of his oversized sweater over his hands and widening his eyes.

“You are such a diva, Luke,” you tell him, grabbing a blonde wig and placing it carefully on his head. You take a pair of straighteners, and straighten the curls on the wigs, so that it would become softer curls. He marvels at your work in the mirror, his hands occasionally wandering to his hair and cheeks.

“Thanks, babe,” he says, smiling at you. He’s about to lean in for a kiss when you stop him.

“Babe, you have lip gloss on.” You tell him, and he giggles in response.

“Don’t ruin my makeup, hun,” he replies sassily, sounding more like a girl each time he opens his mouth to speak.


“Hey guys,” you say when you see the three boys sprawled out on the carpet, Calum with a guitar in one hand. They look up at you and smile, and do a double-take when they see Luke. They sit up immediately, and Michael runs his hands through his hair.

You giggle. “This is Adrian, Luke’s cousin.”

They stare at Luke-Adrian-with their jaws dropped. Luke smiles, arranging his t-shirt. “Hi, I’m Adrian. I’ve heard so much about you boys!”

You bite your lip in attempt to stop yourself from bursting out in laughter. Michael is the first one to stand up and shake Luke’s hand. “Your skin is really smooth.” Michael realises what he just said and blushes a deep red. “Crap I wasn’t meant to say that. I’m Michael.”

Luke smiles sweetly at him and giggles. “Don’t worry about it, Michael.”

Calum is the next to go, and he takes Luke’s hand and kisses it. Luke flashes a surprised look at you as you place your hand over your mouth, stifling a laugh.

“I’m Calum.” Calum says, looking up at Luke and shooting him a wink.

Luke giggles. “I know. Nice to meet you, Calum.”

“I’m surprised Luke never told us that he had such a beautiful cousin. Honestly, he should bring you to our rehearsals more often.” Ashton says, staring into Luke’s eyes.

“Well, I’m really busy, so…” Luke trails off, twirling his blonde locks. “Just be grateful that I could step in today.”

“Great that you’re here, because (Y/N) is such a boring person to be around with,” Michael jokes, looking at you, causing Luke to frown.

“She’s not boring! She’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever met in my entire life!” Luke says, crossing his arms.

Michael raises his eyebrows. “Whoa, calm down. I was joking.”

Luke pouts, causing you to giggle. “Adrian, calm down. The boys are just joking-like always. You’ll get used to it.”

Suddenly, Ashton lets out a huge yelp, causing everyone to look at him. “That’s L-L-Luke?!”

You and Luke burst into laughter, clutching your sides as Michael and Calum gathered around Ashton to see what he was looking at. Luke takes off his wig and the socks he used to stuff his chest area, still laughing hysterically as he gives you a high-five.

“T-this is Luke getting made up to look like a girl…” Calum trails off, stunned.

Michael blushes a beet red and he yells, “You guys suck! I can’t believe you dressed up as a girl!”

“You have to admit, his voice was spot on, though,” you tell them, wrapping your arms around Luke’s torso.

Ashton cringes. “I can’t believe we all flirted with Luke. That’s really gross.”

Luke laughs. “Don’t worry, guys. I’m already taken, so you guys can’t flirt with me no more.”

“No wonder you yelled at us when we joked about (Y/N) being a boring person!”

“Technically, Michael, only you said (Y/N) was a boring person.”

“S-shut up!”

“Happy April Fool’s guys!” You and Luke say together, causing the boys to groan in unison.

a request maybe?

Meeting the Pack pt 10: More than Just Shopping

Part 1

Part 9

“Get up.” You heard Lydia in the room.

 "Lydia it’s early.“ You moaned and pulled Stiles comforter over your head.

 "We’re going shopping.”

 "With all the shit going on and you want to go shopping?“

 "Well it’s not like you have anything to wear so yes.” You sat up to face her you were sleeping another one of Stiles t-shirts.

 "Great but what am I gonna wear there?“ Lydia put a bag on the bed.

 "I got you some stuff last week and I was gonna surprise you at a sleepover but now is as good a time as any.” You opened the bag to see a complete outfit with matching bra and underwear. 

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  • Hey Hun can you do an imagine were (h/n) is your brothers best friend and you guys are doing it and your brother walks in and starts arguing with (h/n) and then they start fighting? Thank xx
  • you get heated on the couch

For 3 months now, I’ve had a secret affair with my brothers best friend. I’ve been keeping it a secret because my brother is very protective over me and would do everything that a boy will never hurt me. 

I was laying on the couch watching some netflix in only my short boxers and a crop top with thigh high grey socks, when i heard a knock on the door. I forced myself to get up and made my way over to the door. I opened it and let out an annoyed "what?“

"wow, happy to see me?” he looked at me, smirking.

“(h/n), sorry i though you’re someone else”

He took in the sight in front of him. He scanned my body from eyes to my toes and then back up to my eyes again a smirk evident on his face. I knew he loved thigh highs and especially when i show of my belly button piercing so i thought a bit teasing wouldn’t hurt him. 

“come in” i said gesturing him to come inside. He did but never lost eye contact with me. I made my way over to the kitchen, swaying my hips to show off my butt in the tight boxers. 

“do you want something to-” i turned around and saw (h/n) right in front of me, only inches away from each other, i gasped. 

“how did you know i was coming over?”

“I didnt” I replied, raising one eyebrow.

“ ohh.. so I’’m just so fucking lucky that my girl looks hot all the time?”

“I …”, started moving closer to him, “guess..” now my lips almost touching his,“so..” i looked him right in the eyes. He crashed his lips on mine and moved his hands to the back of my head pulling me closer, before they moved to my waist, grabbing them harsh. I started to deepen the kiss and my tounge swiped his lower lip begging for entrance. As soon as this turned into a heated make out session He grabbed my butt and squeezed making me moan into the kiss.. a smirk appearing on his face. His hands moved down to my thighs and pulled me up so he was carrying me. He went to go upstairs but i stopped him. “couch” i simply said panting. he laid himself down so i was straddling him. Before we connected our lips again I slightly tugged on his t shirt, “this has to go” i said seductively while smirking. He waisted no time getting rid of his clothing while i did the same.  We were completely naked by now and i started moving my hips forward. He moaned in response and i continued what I’m doing while kissing his neck and his sweet spot making him whimper. “stop” he said while holding onto my hips. 

“I’m sorry, did i do something-?” I asked concerned but before I could finish my sentence he laid a finger on my mouth and shushed me. Grabbing his erection and lining himself up at my entrance. You both let out a loud sigh when he filled you out completely. “One second more of your teasing and i would have come in two seconds” he said. I reconnected my lips to his and started grinding. His hands were on my hips to guide my movements before he grabbed my waist and pushed me up and down. I was a moaning mess and he couldn’t keep quite either. His thrust started to become sloppy and his hand moved down to my clit. Applying pressure on it which made my legs tighten and letting out whimpers. “shiiiit, babe i’m so close”  he started thrusting into me harder. “Oh shit (y/n) I’m comiii-” his orgasmn was cut off by the front door slamming shut.

“ WTF ?!!” My Brother screamed before rushing over to the living room. We tried to cover up our bodies with anything we could find. Luckily i got the blanked while (h/n) only got a tiny pillow. 

“(y/N) COME HERE” he screamed and i made my way over to the other side of the couch. “are you fucking serious?” He looked at you disappointed and full of anger. “AND YOU!” he shouted while pointing to his best friend. “YOU’RE FUCKING MY SISTER?" 

"I’m sorry man, I really am, but i like her and this kinda happened sorry we kept this a secret” he tried to calm him down but failed. He tried jumping over the couch but i quickly stepped in front of him. “Wait, please don’t hurt him, I know you want to keep me away from such things but you can’t do so forever. And you know (h/n), you know he’d treat me right and would never hurt me. And if he does so, you can still beat him up." 

"wait what?!” he looked at you in disbelief, I shot him a look to let me handle this and looked back at (Y/B/N). His expression softened and he gently cupped my cheeks. “Okey, I’m not gonna do anything… for now. And i’m gonna go now so i don’t have to see him naked any longer” I smiled up at him. “ thanks mate” (h/n) called back to him without gaining a reply

As soon as he left the apartment i turned around to (h/n) and walked towards him. Tracing my finger on his chest before i looked at him. 

“soo, do you want to finish what we started?" 

Trust - Luke Hemmings Dominant Smut

**This is only an extract from the mini-fic Trust, which you can read in full here. xx**

“You alright?” he mused, taking notice of your unease.

Disregarding the question, you began your spill, permitting every thought to drip quickly from your mouth, “Um, Luke, I’m sorry that I’m not that good in bed and I know that you want to do more, and I just need to tell you that it’s actually okay if you want to be rough or do whatever you want to do, because I’m ready and I can take it and,” your voice began fizzling out when you observed his face taking an amused expression with raised eyebrows and a slight smile, “I really want you to be happy, yeah.”

He snorted softly before titling his neck and speaking steadily, his arm extending around your neck and shoulder, pushing you into his chest, “Honey, the sex that I’ve had with you has been the most pleasing thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

A blush inflamed the skin under your eyes, but you couldn’t help but feel frustrated, knowing his words were a lie. “Luke, I’m not stupid. It’s clear that you want more from me,” you huffed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, [y/n], I’m completely content with everything you’ve offered.“

“Oh c’mon, it’s all been pretty docile.”

He took a moment to contemplate what you were proposing, but sighed, “If you let my imagination and kinks run lose in bed, you’re just going to end up hurt.”

Rolling your eyes, you spluttered, “I don’t care, I want you to have fun and not feel restrained by my boring-“

“No, baby-“

“Luke,” you whined, “Why don’t you just fuck me how you would’ve fucked every other girl.”

His hand tensed on your upper arm and his flat forehead becoming bumpy with a frown, “Because I love you.”

You began another retort, but it was chocked up in your throat as your brain understood what had been said. Despite a moment of static, you managed to heave a complaint through the barrier that had had developed in your mouth, but the words came out faint, “I love you too, and that’s why I want to give you more.” After a single second, you rammed out another point which you weren’t completely sure your mind agreed with, but you knew would strengthen your argument. “And for me too. I want more too.”

Without a reply following, you concentrated your focus on the TV show. It was an entire two minutes later when Luke dropped his head to fall on top of yours, talking peacefully in conjunction with his arousing words, “tomorrow night, gorgeous, I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’re going to regret ever wanting me. Okay, Princess?”

At your lectures the following day, you’d violently tapped your pencil on the front of your skirt, the patting sound in time with your heart rate. Your eyes were burning holes into the equations on the whiteboard, your mind was falling into dips thinking about the events to come that night, and your lower body was gradually heating with the wondering of what Luke had in store. On the bus ride home, your fretting exacerbated and you crossed your legs tightly to control your tapping foot and jumpy legs. As soon as you got to Luke’s house, you used your own key that he’d given you to let yourself in. Peaking your head nervously around the apartment, you couldn’t see him anywhere, until you heard a deep, raucous voice boom behind you.

“How was your day?”

Turning on your heel, you tried to make your gulp as unnoticeable as possible, not wanting Luke to know how panicked you were.

“Good,” you squeaked, before clearing your throat and reiterating, “good.”

With his back leaning on the wall, and his hands in his pockets, his blaring eyes wandered down your body, pupils dilating at your choice of outfit. A plain white t-shirt, which meant the black bra was slightly visible underneath, and short red/black tartan skirt, presenting a considerable amount of your long legs.  As his eyes made their journey back up to your face, his tongue clicked up and down on the roof of his mouth, producing a tutting sound.

“I hope you haven’t been wearing that all day, [y/n],” he stated hoarsely, rather than asked. Neither of you moved until he reformed the sentence into a question, “Have you been wearing that all day?”

Your lips opened ever so surreptitiously to let out a contained breath as you nodded your head. Using momentum, he pushed his back from the wall and took a few slow steps to end up an inch from being pressed against you.

His voice came out of throat smooth and hushed like he was speaking to a child, “Are you going to answer me?”

You nodded your head and innocently moved your eyes to the floor. His ‘kink’ was obviously having the dominance, and you were more than okay with that. All you would need to do is follow along with the act. And surely that wouldn’t be difficult considering you naturally were the submissive and quite frankly did need someone else to take the reins because you’d be too nervous and un-knowledged to do so yourself.

Luke could see the flashing thoughts pounding around inside your brain, and quickly mustered up a serious tone, “[y/n], if you don’t want to do this we can just have a quiet night in.”

You kept your glare on the tiles but stammered out a stern response, “I want this.”

A smirk damaged his serious façade, and he was fast in continuing the fun, “Well, baby, go into my bedroom and I’ll see you in a minute.”

Scuffing your feet along the corridor, you made your way into the bedroom, sitting down on the mattress and repeating in your head that it was going to be okay. After a moment, you decided to take your shoes off so Luke wouldn’t have to do so, or force you to do so, later. Just as you were about to remove your long knee-high white socks, though, his words bellowed from him standing in the door frame, “don’t take the socks off, love, they’re cute.” When you slowly rose your head to take a look at him, with his arms crossed and a formidable expression on his face he continued, “you can take your top off for me, though.”

Gripping the hem and rolling it over your head, you never broke eye contact with him. “Panties and bra off too, darling. You’ve got no reason to still have them on in my house.”

When you peeled off the underwear beneath your skirt, your cheeks blushed when you saw and felt how damp they were. Just Luke’s taunting voice had sent your lower body into overdrive. His eyes momentarily bulged when you undid the clasp at the back of your bra and let the straps slip over your shoulder and down over your hands onto the floor. At the sight of you sitting naively on his own bed, in only a tiny checker skirt and long socks, his cock wakened and began to become the master of the situation.

“Now, on the middle of the bed, hands and knees, baby,” his rough words were turning into steam that was heating up the room.

You complied hastily with his commands, crawling into the centre of the quilt and facing your head to the headboard. Once you were in position, you turned your head on its side to grab a gape at him as he zipped down his jeans and boxers in one go, and tore off his top to add more clothing to the pile you’d created. It seemed you weren’t the only one ridiculously horny, as his length was already stiff and standing tall to almost reach his belly button. The bed dipped as he got on his own knees behind you, but still having his torso up straight.

A single warm finger snuck under your skirt and raised the material so that your ass was completely exposed to Luke’s eyes and the thick air in the room. A deep hum escaped his throat as he used the finger to draw a squiggled line down your right cheek, trickling diagonally inward towards your heat but not quite reaching it.

In a sudden contrast from the soft touch, he employed his opposite hand to aggressively grab your left hip and heave your body backward so your behind slammed roughly into his hardness. The immediate gasp that came from you as he did so turned gradually into a small moan when he began pensively grinding his length up and down so it was rubbing forcefully down the crescent between your cheeks, making contact with both of your entrances but not penetrating either.

“So, my Princess,” he belligerently began, “you must think it’s okay to wear adorable little outfits like this to uni.”

Against your own will, your spine started to dip down to the mattress with his words, causing you to stretch out as if you were a cat, your ass pushing further and further into Luke’s front.

“Is that what you think, honey,” his grave tenor remained, “because you’re wrong. Nobody should get the privilege to look at and have the benefit of what’s my property.”

Out the corner of your eye you saw a rapid movement too fast for your vision to recognise before a deafening slap echoed against all of the walls in the room. It was an entire three seconds after that when a stinging sensation shocked through your body and instigated a whimper to slip from your tongue. Luke had spanked you. Hard. And as much as you normally would’ve called this crazy, you were the one who still continued to raise your ass up at his face, your knees beginning to spread minutely to allow for any sort of cool air to hopefully make contact with your centre which was overheating and desperate for better friction. He was planning on stopping briefly and softening his tone to ask if you were still okay, but from the vulnerable reaction you gave, and the tiny drip of wetness now trailing from your hot centre down your leg and onto the bed, he knew you were enjoying it.

“Naughty girl, you are [y/n]. What am I going to do with you?”

Seeking the opportunity, he crouched down and took you by surprise by sticking out his tongue and licking from your knee all way up the inside of your leg, collecting up the arousal that had leaked. Your stomach had eaten itself at the feeling and your heart had attacked your organs by pounding so hard against your insides, like it was a pinball jumping around a pinball machine. As you attempted to moan his name, all that came out was a crackled groan. 

**Full story here…**

kinda sad

guys I’m really insecure and I wanted to get it out of me, I’m not happy with my weight I starve myself, I have really hairy legs that make me very self conscious, and worst of all I am very uncomfortable with sweating, any little sweat sends me into panic and I feel like everyone can smell me, even though I shower and deodorant twice a day. I’m also not very fashionable or popular so I wear sweatpants and jackets (mainly to cover up scars I don’t want people to see) but still and everyone else wears summer clothes with their high nike socks. well idk I had to rant even though no one caress ://

anonymous asked:

im so sorry if im being rude but why is it such a big deal that patrick has underarm hair because doesnt everyone have underarm hair

No, not everyone has body hair. But it’s not the existence of it that makes it notable; it’s the fact that we never see it.  As I said once before, Andy is like 75% naked in 90% of the photos of him, and we are unfazed by it because that’s his “normal.” Patrick used to wear three layers of clothes on stage even though he sweats more than everyone else in the band combined.  So when his sleeves are rolled up high enough to see a little bit of underarm hair or his shirt rides up to show an inch of skin at his waist or he wears shorts, it’s a big deal.  If it’s not to you, that’s cool, I won’t judge ya. But until Patrick starts walking around shirtless, I’m going to make special note of it just like I do when he’s not wearing socks or a hat.