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Would there be a chance at translating the other profiles? (Hound dog sensei, night eye, and so)

Heya anon. GOOD TIMING! I just finished it.

Hound Dog

Feared by UA students. He’s assigned as that role. Very noble. Him and Blood King are best friends.

Quirk: Dog. Not related at all to the Police Chief.

Sir Nighteye

A contrast to All Might’s American image, he is a stereotypical Japanese man.

Bubble Girl

Previously we held a fanart contest where we required original heroes to be submitted and the best works would appear in the story. She’s one of them. Because of their trouble, rather than putting them in lesser roles, I put them in positions where they have more significance.

“ I won’t say a word ”

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freechoicedreamer replied to your post: One of the biggest problems I see Once facing next…                

   Exactly, most of us came because of the characters. The pixie puf puf magic boom has always been just an access, a means to an end. The plot should matter to create the environment for the characters to evolve, relate, interact, grow. They seemed to follow this pattern, I’m not sure where they lost it. If after the Frozen arc, or during it, maybe.    

I’m not sure when it was either. I know Frozen was very restricting because of how they could use the characters. I think one of the issues was they decided to force Regina onto the heroes side, Which honestly required the dumbing down of the heroes and the plots. Rather than than writing her a true redemption arc, she was constantly taking the easy way out and disassociating herself from her actions. So the heroes, either had to ignore her actions or remain in the dark, while supporting her short cuts and rudeness. Instead of natural interactions and conflicts, they were ignored to keep Regina relevant to the plot.

If i was Mercy, i would hang out in a bar and never leave.
My main support is Zenyatta, and i understand the switch to Mercy, other times… i just inner scream.

Others might ask, “Why are you support if you could be doing something else?”
Welp, it could be for various reasons, one, i don’t mind being the Mercy if needed or other type of support, two, people already picked my mains or the required heroes, or three, we have 2 snipers and still no one tried to bother to pick a healer…

Let’s talk about Foreign Card Types

I’ve played a lot of Collectible Card Games over the years. Some I’ve only poked at, some I’ve played seriously, and some have consumed my life and warped my very being around them. Many of them have taken lessons from Magic, some more obviously than others, and many of them are off in their own direction. While each card game has its own unique traits, and I’m certainly not going to get into deep pros and cons, one thing that guides gameplay in different directions even among similar rulesets is card types. In Magic, we have eight vintage legal card types (one of which does nothing and two sets of which are mechanically very similar), and six card types for supplemental products.

Today, I’m going to take some time to look at some card types from other games I’ve played that are either unused or underused in Magic: the Gathering and talk about how they might be successfully implemented. We’ll get right into it after the break.

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Hy there Quent. First of all thanks for all your great work. Now the as, if the dragons are lightbringer, could Dany, Jon and Tyrion be all Azor Azai and theyr mothers the respective Nissa Nissas? As i was writing this i thought that maybe not because Nissa Nissa is more about willingly sacrifice the one you Love for the greater good right? Anyway, thoughts on the matter?

Yeah, I agree with your second thought :) the point of the Nissa Nissa story is that being the hero requires sacrifice, and “sacrifice is never easy, or it is no true sacrifice.” Jon, Dany, and Tyrion didn’t decide that Lyanna, Rhaella, and Joanna should die. Certainly, the former trio were bereft of the latter trio, but it’s not a conscious sacrifice they made. Presenting it as such would validate Tywin’s framing of Tyrion having killed Joanna; it’s bad enough that GRRM had the heroes’ mothers die in childbirth, so I certainly hope he doesn’t go down this road.

So I really need Deku’s dad in my life because of anime dad issues so ya know what, I made a design of Hisashi Midoriya!!

I based him off the first prototype of Deku (known as Yamikumo), Deku in the first one-shot of BNHA called “My Hero”, and Black from Horikoshi’s other manga Barrage ovob I did my best to give him the curly hair Deku has and slim body build. He has a small birthmark on his cheek too! ;7; Deku definitely inherited more from his mom tho that’s for sure!

I really want Deku’s dad to be a pro-hero, but be in some line of hero work that requires him to be gone for a very long time (Plz don’t let him be like Black from Barrage pLEASE) And I mean I feel like Deku might have gotten SOME inspiration for his hero costume from his dad?? Especially with the green! I have a lot of headcanon’s for a man who we have yet to see in the manga haha ;v; I’m glad tho that we have an official name!!!

I did my best tho and I really want to draw more Deku dad ;7;/!!!


As Nira tries to console herself with everything that has happened over the past few days, she finds herself confronted once again by the demon.  She feels as if she is facing this demon alone, but is she?

Things were only getting worse. It felt like every time she helped fix a problem, another problem would make itself known. There was nothing to hold onto and she was spiraling. Falling further and further into a darkness that would never end.

How was she to put the world in order?  Nira knew nothing outside of the Dalish.  Everything she had accomplished happened by sheer luck and the support of those around her. And she was supposed to be what?  The Herald of Andraste?  She knew nothing of Andraste or the people that served her.   How was she supposed to save them when she knew nothing outside of her people?  She wouldn’t even know where to start.

Holding her knees close to her chest, Nira hugged herself as she tried to calm down.  It was happening again.  The light that surrounded her was slowly being consumed by the darkness.  It was coming.  Nira buried her face into her arms.  She felt herself tense up as she prepared herself for the demon she knew was approaching.  It had first appeared after Cassandra began trusting her with more and more responsibility a week prior.  When the fear demon realized how much of an impact it had on her, it continued to haunt her.  

A sharp shiver ran down her spine as she braced herself.

“You’re still here?  I would have thought they had gotten rid of you by now.”

Nira'sal closed her eyes tight, desperately trying to concentrate on anything that wasn’t the demon’s words.  

The voice was soft and distant, but its words were sharp and struck her like no other.  It wasn’t working.  Her fear consumed her, despite how hard she tried to keep it at bay.  Summoning the small bit of courage she had left, Nira tightened her grip on her arms.  "Leave me alone.“

"Such strong words for such a weak little elf.  We both know you aren’t cut out for this.  You try to be kind to them, but will they return the favor when they find out who you truly are?  An elf that stumbled into something she doesn’t understand.  You can never save them.  Their hopes have been placed in the wrong hands.”

“I can try.  I will always try.”  Nira’s voice cracked as she spoke, her words trying to convince not only the demon but herself as well.

The demon chuckled, the sound deep and ominous, chilling her to her very core.  

“You can do nothing.  You will fail.  Why should you even bother?”

Each word was another dagger in her heart.  She wanted nothing more than to learn as much as she could about this world, but at the same time…she never asked for any of this.  She wasn’t good enough to become Keeper, what made anyone think that she could save them when she couldn’t even save her own clan?

“I…”  She raised her head slightly, her eyes focused on the ground.  Tears streamed down her cheeks.  He was right.  They had the wrong person.  Nira couldn’t recall what happened the day she stepped out of the rift, yet Cassandra and the others placed all their hopes in her.  What would happen if she couldn’t close the rift? What would they say?

“Vara amahn, elgar’daris.”  Another voice rang out somewhere far in front of her, a commanding voice that seemed to eat the darkness away bit by bit.  Slowly, the area that surrounded her became somewhat familiar. The Fade.  It wasn’t real…and yet…  Nira raised her hand to her forehead, her body shaking violently as she tried to regain herself.  

She couldn’t save this world.  She knew that from the beginning.  Why couldn’t anyone else see that she was the worst possible choice to save them?

“Nira’sal.”  Again the voice called out.  Nira looked up to the figure that she could barely make out amongst the darkness.  As he got closer, the answer should have been obvious.  It was Solas.  “Are you alright?”  He spoke softly, kneeling down beside her.  

“I am.  H-how did you find me?”  Nira looked up at him, tears threatening to erupt once more.  She reached out, gripping his cloak tightly, her body slowly moving closer to him with each passing moment.  

Solas watched her with a sad glance.  “I was speaking with a friend when I heard your cries.  I had no idea that a demon had its hold on you.  I apologize.  I should have realized it sooner.”  

She wasn’t alright.  The demon knew what strings to pluck.  Knew exactly which buttons to push.  Nira felt defeated, alone.  She just wanted some sort of comfort.  Hot tears stained her cheeks as she pulled herself into Solas.  “I just want to get out of here.  Take me home.”

A soft sigh escaped from his lips, his arms wrapping around her steadily. “Ma nuven’in, da’len.”

Nira’s eyes opened slowly and immediately began tracing the room.  She knew that the demon couldn’t be here, but she had to be sure.  She pushed herself up, wiping the tears from her eyes.  She was alone, but at least she was back in Haven and away from that demon.

She exhaled softly.  She was so weak.  If Solas hadn’t have come when he did, there’s no telling what would have happened.  

She heard a small tap on the door as it opened.  “Nira’sal?”  Solas looked over at her with a soft smile and slowly made his way over to her.  “Are you well?”  He asked, sitting beside her on the bed.

“Well enough…I guess…”  Nira forced a smile on her face.  They were quiet for a few moments.  She didn’t mean for anyone to see her like that.  Scared and alone, laid bare for him to see.  

“How long has that demon been tormenting you?”  

“Not very long….I’m so sorry, Solas.  I never meant…”  

A smile crossed his features.  “You have no reason to apologize.  Everyone faces their own demons.  It is nature of things.  Unfortunately, for mages, demons seem far more real and pose a much deeper threat.”  He paused for a moment.  “I had noticed that at times you seemed to carry a much heavier burden than the others.  I would have helped you had I known.  In the future, I would like for you to come to me.”

“I wasn’t really planning on telling anyone.  All of this…”  Nira looked around the room, her right hand gripping her arm.  “…It’s just all too much.  I didn’t want to let them down.”  Everything the demon said was true.  She was just a sheltered, naive little elf.  She had no idea where to even begin to seal the Breach.

Hesitantly, Solas reached over and placed his hand next to hers.  “I know, but they trust you.  They believe in you.  It will take time, but you will become the hero they require.”  He pushed himself to his feet, nodding slightly.  “Heroes are not born overnight, da’len, it will take time.  Now, try to get some rest.  We head out for Redcliffe tomorrow and you will need your strength.”  

Nira reached out for him, grabbing a bit of his jacket before he moved too far away.  Solas looked back at her, surprised by her sudden action.  “Wait…Will you stay with me?  At least until I fall asleep?  If the demon comes back, I…”

He watched her silently, but nodded, worry creased into his features as he sat back on the bed.  “Of course.”

Nira scooted back under the blanket, exhaling softly as she tried to make herself comfortable.  At least, as comfortable as she could…she still couldn’t get used to this shemlen style of living.  She was going to have to push herself through her discomfort.  Maybe with Solas here she could actually get enough sleep for the first time since she arrived in Haven.

She watched him for a moment, waiting for him to move in next to her.  When he did not, she pouted.

Nira grabbed Solas’ sleeve once more, tugging him towards her.  She scrunched her face up as she looked over at him, in hopes that he would understand what she wanted.  After a moment, Solas nodded begrudgingly, slipping himself in easily next to her in the bed.  Immediately Nira snuggled into his chest.  Finally, she felt safe.  She wasn’t alone and now?  She had someone she could go to when it came to the demon.  Solas knew everything about spirits.  Maybe he really could help her.

Solas wrapped his arms around her, pulling her even closer.  “Tel gela, I will be here.”  Nira smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep, protected by Solas’ embrace throughout the night.


  • Vara amahn, elgar’daris - leave this place, demon
  • Ma nuven’in, da’len - As you wish, young one
  • Tel gela - Do not worry

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Getting The Band Back Together

It is safe to say that I am entirely intrigued by Andrew Lincoln’s recent interview with Entertainment Weekly regarding season 7B of The Walking Dead published on January 3, 2017. (Article found (x)here(x)). In addition to Andrew Lincoln saying that there is a moment in the season finale that made him drop his script and do a little dance, he said something much more interesting to me.

“All I’m saying is that the band is back together”.

In and of itself, perhaps this means very little. Taken quite literally, we have seen the group reunited in the MSF. Rick and the group, ready to fight, join Maggie and Sasha at Hilltop. Daryl escapes from the Sanctuary, makes his way to Hilltop, and has a heartbreakingly beautiful reunion with Rick. We have seen the group reunite except for C@rol, but we know that is coming as well. Literally, the band is back together. Of much greater interest is how this statement from Andy mirrors Norman Reedus’ social media activity prior to the airing of the season 7 MSF.

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Ok, so this may be weird since I made a big, emotional post this afternoon about how Tim Drake is so selfless and caring and too good for this world… but hear me out, Tim Drake Antisocial Personality Disorder AU.

Given his parents and background, the idea that Tim has Antisocial personality disorder, known colloquially as a sociopath (manipulative, impressive liar, charming when wants to be, generally doesn’t feel many emotions or care much for others) isn’t that extreme. I think he’d become interested in Batman and Robin because the thrill of unlocking Gotham’s biggest secret appeals to the arrogant part of him. He learns Batman’s identity and preens to himself and then sits on the information until the time is right. He’s seen the new Robin, he knows Jason Todd is going to mess up big time and Tim will have Bruce right where he wants him. Jay dies and Timmy puts on a cute lil sweater vest and his sweetest, fakest smile and proclaims that ‘Batman needs a Robin’ but oh no Mr. Wayne I’m not trying to replace your son (except he is) and he does and soon Gotham has her third Robin.

And Tim’s a good Robin, honestly. I mean you can have a personality disorder and still be a good guy, don’t stereotype. He just doesn’t feel much for pretty much any of the people he’s saving, can’t grow attached to any of his friends and allies, doesn’t feel angry at any villains causing harm. He’s just there being the hero because he likes the attention and adoration that heroes get and the supervillain lifestyle doesn’t fit his aesthetic. Time passes and little cracks in Tim’s perfect façade appear and people start to see what he really is. It’s fine though, you have to be a little weird to be a superhero anyway. So what if Tim has the emotions of a rock? Is it a requirement that heroes have to care or like people?? So Tim is able to be more of himself and yeah, he scares the crap out of people, but he’s a good hero. And while he may not have strong emotions for people, he does respect people he thinks are worthy and he does treat his “"friends”“ and ”“family”“ well because well, once they came into his life, they became his property and he keeps his things safe.

Tim’s never killed anyone, doesn’t mean he won’t, but he mostly respects Bruce’s wishes and, more importantly, knows his career is over if he breaks that rule. But that’s not to say Tim hasn’t purposely hurt people before. The truck carrying Captain Boomerang to prison got into an accident, Harkness was left paralyzed from the neck down. After Superboy died, Luthor suffered a frontal lobe hematoma that left him with the IQ of a third grader. When Bruce was struck down by Darkseid, he went in search of his mentor, and came back with a blood on his hands and a smile that said that Bruce was alive. Ra’s al Ghul has made no comments on what occurred in the desert, mostly because no one knows what happened to him. It’s nothing anyone can prove, and believe you, Bruce has tried to prove it even though he hopes against hope he’s just being paranoid. There’s never any evidence Tim Drake has done anything wrong and people are willing to, not turn a blind eye, but not quite see the whole picture.

Because Tim is still a hero, a brother, a son, a friend, even if he’s not quite got all his pieces together. He can be sweet, in his own cunning, Tim sort way. He puts only about 50% effort into maintaining his cover in private, just human enough so people will tolerate his presence. It’s okay, they know and they accept him as he is. In the small, shriveled part that Tim calls a heart, he appreciates that they don’t try to fix him and still care about him. He’s not perfect, but no one is and he does fight the good fight because it’s cool and, I don’t know, it’s the right thing to do he guesses. There are worse ways he could be spending his time.

So Tim will sit with his sharp, observant, but completely devoid eyes sipping a cup of coffee at breakfast. His face is expressionless. Jason says he looks like a dead fish and Tim mimes a smile and is already calculating revenge. Dick hugs his middle brother even though he know Tim derives no enjoyment from it, he does it mostly to make himself feel better, that he’s not totally abandoning his creepy lil brother the empty pit in his head. Tim puts up with it because Dick is so much worse when he fusses. Cass never really warms up to Tim, he’s something different, his body never says anything, his face doesn’t give any indication of what he’s thinking. He is wrong. Tim glances over his coffee cup at his sister, she is right. Damian and Tim have conversations about how foolish people are and how you can twist them to do what you want. These conversations are short as literally everyone will pull Damian away. It’s not that we don’t love you Tim, but you’re hurting Damian’s emotional health. You don’t want someone else like you, you’d hate the competition.

Tim just shrugs, there is no one else like him.

  • Me watching latest My Hero Academia: Man I love this series so much! The positive messages, inspiration, and lessons are uplifting and help me want to be a better person and keep trying. The animation, music, and action are all great. Have I mentioned the dub? I think My Hero Academia should be required reading or viewing by everyone and would help inspire people and help everyone.
  • Me after seeing Todoroki's abs after his match: ...O hai thar....*drool*

I wonder if Beckendorf had lived, what kind of role model he might have been to Leo. Because I know we saw so little of Charles but what we did see was him putting the greater good above himself without hesitation and I can’t help but think having a brother like that might have impacted Leo in some way.

Overwatch in a nutshell

quick play: all matches are decided in the first 30 seconds or the 30 seconds before a timer runs out. the winning team just rakes in kills while the losing team faffs about

1v1: only edgy try-hards play this and people trying to get that damn box

3v3: probably the most balanced game mode, requires actual skill and misplays will be harshly punished

no limits: Fuck you, you don’t get to play this

mystery heroes: just like quick play but flip a coin to see if the enemy gets a hero that requires a hard counter that your team doesn’t have or some idiot squanders

custom games: you either really love these or you really hate them, there is no in-between

total mayhem: just get on the fucking point and spam everything you have, there is no aiming or strategy involved. winner is whatever team accidentally kills the enemy Mercy first

competitive: for every random on your team, roll a die to see if they’re toxic. SR doesn’t matter, except that it does. also fuck you if you go in with a full group