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Imagine planning a date for you and Tom. You know how much he loves cars, so you’ve arranged for the two of you to learn how to drive race cars together. You’re hoping by the end of the day you’ll be able to race against each other - competition has always been a provocative aspect of your relationship, typically ending with the loser owing sexual favors. The day doesn’t go quite as you planned, but it was still a great experience; you spend most of the time laughing at how terrible you both are at this.

casual freelancer affection Before Things Went To Hell™

  • york passing out high fives constantly
  • florida trying to shake hands with the director and being completely #rejected
  • wyoming and the old “tap the opposite shoulder” trick
  • south giving wash noogies
  • the twins bumping helmets
  • york and north’s dumb bro hugs/shoulder bumps
  • that time maine tried to get people to give him piggy back rides
  • d a n c i n g
  • carolina hip checking everyone with a waist when she was in a good mood
  • south’s really aggressive imitation of this that sent people to the floor
  • pretty much everyone understanding the way to get wash to calm down quickly is to touch him
  • carolina swatting at york when he was flirty
  • york grabbing lina’s hand and being even flirtier
  • wash with his head in connie’s lap during movie nights, her playing with his hair
  • maine carrying wash to his room when he falls asleep afterwards

caitiebearski  asked:

Okay listen to this, I have this headcannon that hiccups dagger in the first movie is his mother's and his dad gives it to him when he's old enough and after the first movie toothless finds it for him and he keeps it until he meets his mom and after the second movie gives it back to her.

omg that’d be really sweet, but I think there’s a nice symbolism with leaving that knife lost. So we first see Hiccup with that knife when he pulled it out to try and kill Toothless, and Vikings (at that time) are supposed to fight and kill dragons. So that knife is associated with the “Viking way of Life” Hiccup threw that knife away when he met Toothless. He’s giving up the Viking Way to befriend a Dragon. That knife staying lost would kinda be like saying that mentality is in the past.

I do like the idea that it was Valka’s though. Like she left it (the knife and Viking-life) behind, but it’s not until when Hiccup throws it away that Viking/Dragon relationship changes

We all know Robbie might have face-blindness (since he clearly more than likely fails to recognize the children even though he sees them every day)

But Sportacus with face-blindness. Which is why even though he can clearly see Robbie’s face, he can often fail to recognize Robbie when he’s just wearing a fucking suit and helmet.

If he can’t see Robbie’s pompadour hairstyle, sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s Robbie or not.