no heartbreaks

“I look at myself and then I look at other people and wonder why can’t I look like them, act like them? Instead of being locked inside the abandoned prison that I call my mind.”

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (excerptsfromstories)

Love is not always beautiful. Sometimes it is dark and messy and it makes your body go numb. It can make you question every thing you’ve ever known and change you in ways you never imagined. But that does not mean it is bad. It just means that you have to look a little harder to find where the good is hiding.
don’t tell her its okay. she knows it is okay to cry when she wants. tell her to call you every time she needs someone to hear her out. tell her to talk to you about everything that is bothering her before she goes to sleep every night. tell her how one day there will come a time when everything makes her smile. tell her that even though right now she feels lonely, you’re going to give her the warmest hug when you meet her and everything will seem okay even if its momentarily. tell her the funniest joke and maybe she will smile but please don’t tell her its okay because she knows it’s okay to have a hurting heart.
—  //nikitagupta
Whenever her friends, both distant and close, would share their good news with her, she would feel genuinely happy for them. And so, she’d celebrate their success as if it were own too, and shower them with praise, capitalising on their excitement. She was not one to feel bitter, or jealous of other’s accomplishments; rather, she preferred to focus on her own pasture, on having a heart of gold. But lately, it feels as though the universe is constantly blessing everyone else with good fortune, and leaving her out. It feels as though she’s been giving and giving, without any expectation of a reward, but now she feels so utterly drained. Although she does her best, she can’t help but feel like she’s been left in the dark for so long, and that’s when the sadness washes over her. For so long, she’s been happy for others, but she can't  remember the last time she was genuinely happy for herself.
—  reminsces