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Nirvware ‘Cyberdesk’ Headwear & Wrist Computer - Lisa Krohn (1993)

“Lisa Krohn has really embraced the — probably revolting — idea of the computer as an extension of the body.“ This concept incorporates video camera and sound amplification technology, telecommunications and micro-processing within a single system operated by a mouse worn on the chest, and viewed via retinal scanning. The idea is to "extend” the wearer’s powers of sight, hearing and voice, allowing him or her to make telephone or video calls and providing access to various databases. Composed of a network of electronic parts connected by a fiber-optic grid and set in elastomeric polyurethane mucus, the system would run on nickel metal hydride cells charged by body heat and ambient light via photovoltaic cells. Jurors concurred that technology for such a product may well be feasible in the near future.” 

From I.D. Magazine (1993)

About Isak and Sanas talk which have upset some people: Isak isn’t perfect. If he knew the answers to everything that would be unrealistic. He can’t say ALL the right things at all the right times.

Isak being gay and Sana being religious can’t be compared in any way. Sana wearing a hijab is a choice, Isak can’t choose his sexuality. And in Norway, there IS way more discrimination against Muslims than there ishomophobia. People DO judge Sana off of her headwear. But Isak wasn’t completely wrong either, because Sana can be unnecessary crude when asked about her religion. Not excusing Vildes behaviour at all, but when she asked Sana legitimate questions about russetiden and being Muslim, Sana could have made Vilde understand, it’s not stupid to question if taking part in a tradition that is built on sex, drinking and drugs is something a religious person “"can”“ participate in, and Sana obviously found that Isak had a point in what he said.
On the other hand I completely get that to survive as a hijabi in a white non Muslim country YOU HAVE TO HAVE thick skin.

My point is that Isak isn’t racist, or ”“cancelled”“ just because he isn’t Sanas Guru in this. Just because he had a different perception and point of view and a different ‘solution’ people are turning their backs at him? DID YOU LEARN NOTHING ABOUT JUDGING PEOPLE? That’s everything this season has been about for Gods sake.