no he's not short

Papyrus saved up for months to buy a bunch of presents for his brother’s birthday.

He worked hard to make the greatest cake Sans had ever tasted.

As much as Sans appreciated these things, it was only when Papyrus fell asleep next to him and finally got some rest that Sans felt happy.

His birthday wish had come true.

I have seen bunch of people say Ludwig and Gyro are too similar (I mean this was why Ludwig wasn’t used by Egmont for a while) but they’re not? And their relationship to Scrooge is a big difference, in that Ludwig doesn’t take any of his shit and is on a far more equal footing with Scrooge even when he’s being more of an absent minded professor type.

myhomosexuallyfakeromance  asked:

I love your angus so much! I don't think ive ever seen him drawn with a ponytail before but i think it really suits his character!

Dude I’m so glad you like him!! I haven’t seen many Anguses around in general, but I’m glad you think it suits him!

I started this a week before season 3 premiered. After the recent episode, i have a feeling this thing will be outdated by the end of the season, so here’s the WIP. I don’t know if i’ll finish it because i was very disorganized with the animation process, and i realize it really isn’t that interesting.

Regardless, it’s my first animation of this length and i’m happy i learned a lot from it. i hope to make better (and more organized) ones in the future.


My spirit animal, Shinichiro Watanabe (creator of Cowboy Bebop/Samurai Champloo/Space Dandy) cleansing me with his great, careful lighting & art direction of his lead, African American protagonist from his brilliant and dark anime short : “Blade Runner - Black Out 2022.” A bit shocked no one is talking about this. Then again, Watanabe has always showcased a social imagination with the diverse casting/cultures in his Japanese productions✨💯👌🏾


ninoir week day 5: cosplay

i was considering doing something for @siderealsandman‘s au fic [read it if u haven’t!!], but then frickin’ abbey broke me with her day 5 prompt last night [read it read it read it!!!]  and i am a huge a sucker for angst, so i needed to draw for it… mostly the last pic, but the others, i imagine that’s how things went lmao.