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Hi I'm a sophomore in high school and I like this Freshman in college. We've talked since he beginning of my Freshman year and his Senior year. We both flirt and have this connection. He does not want me for sex because he's not like that (also his friends and people who know him have told me this) We text 24/7 and he comes to almost everything I have and me vice versa. The only thing is that my parents believe that he is "too old" for me. Should we remain just friends or should we go for it?

I really encourage you to stick with friendship. You guys may have a great friendship but you are in really different parts of your life.

Honestly, even if he’s not trying to be “like that”, if he was interested in dating a high school sophomore, that’s kind of a red flag that he doesn’t want an equal relationship.

Maybe it’s not intentional on his part - unequal relationships are normalized - but that won’t stop it from getting weird and uncomfortable in ways you won’t be prepared to deal with, or probably won’t even fully understand until later on when you realized how much it messed you up. I’m speaking from my own experience on this & the experiences of many many people I know.

Like, would you be into an 8th grader? Even if they were fun to be around and you really appreciated them as a person? It would be weird, right? You have more freedom and experience than a kid that age, you’re WAY more grown up than you were when you were in 8th grade. You’d probably feel creepy if you tried to date a 13 year old - that feeling is a warning to stop you from taking advantage.

But it’s hard to see age gaps when you’re the younger one, because you’re more mature than you’ve ever been and it feels like you’re ready to do almost anything. But as the older person looking back - that difference is very noticeable.

Like even if you’re really mature and responsible and even if you’re ready to date in general, dating someone that much older starts off with a weird dynamic, it has to, because he’s seen and experienced things you haven’t, he knows things you don’t, he has freedom you don’t, and he has more practice interacting with people than you do.

And you know he knows things you don’t, so it becomes like this weird situation where he has the power to influence you more than you can influence him, and even if he doesn’t try to use it - it starts out unbalanced.

Honestly, your teen years through about 22 is this period of massive super fast growth. You’re becoming savvier and wiser and better at social stuff at a really fast pace during this period, so age gaps are extra big here. I really think an age gap of more than about a year and a half during this time period makes a giant difference - like just think about how much you’ve changed in that time.

You’re gonna keep that kind of really fast change up for a few more years, and during this time, older kids have big advantages over younger ones that make anything other than a sort of sibling-like friendship with people 3 years older or younger start to turn kind of weird. 

So that’s my advice. It’s ultimately your choice, and if you do decide to date this adult man and you wind up hurt by it – it still won’t be your fault, any more than it would be an 8th grader’s fault if you convinced one to date you and it messed them up. But I hope you choose not to go ahead with dating him, because you deserve to explore relationships with someone your own age without a weird power imbalance.

On a Day Like Today

Robert has a bad mental health day and gets through it with a little help from his husband.

Robert wakes, shifting in bed before opening his eyes. He doesn’t know what woke him up, but he feels bone-tired, his head is throbbing and his mind cloudy. He shifts onto his back and gently opens his eyes.

The colours in his and Aaron’s shared bedroom seem dampened, somehow less than they were when he went to bed. The sunlight streaming into their bedroom enhances his headache and makes his eyes hurt as he stares at the ceiling. The alarm clock on his bedside table says 7:24, six minutes before he is supposed to get up, but his entire body feels heavy.

General Audiences, 1.5k words, Comfort and Fluff, depression cw

The same people who praise Louis and harry for being bitter, petty, fighting people etc are the ones who fail to see Zayn as a human unless he’s perfect 24/7 lmao its bullshit

This guy. This amazing man. He reminded me yesterday that we’ve been a couple for 24 years. That’s more than half my lifetime. He’s my partner, my son’s dad, my lover, walking by my side through life. Not only am I incredibly lucky, I’m incredibly grateful.
I love you, @wisconsinwarlock

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Zen, be honest with me: Who's your least favourite of the ow cast?

Junkrat. He refuses to hear anything I or any omnic says and is blinded by his racism. He is infuriating.

Zenyatta has to be completely honest for 24 hours. Take advantage of it.

Did Sam have Continuous Custody of Liz?

Previously I’ve speculated that Liz was brought to the Reddington house directly after the fire, but as we learned in 4x17, that was not the case. Still that doesn’t mean it didn’t ever happen. Red could have found Liz after Katarina’s suicide, taken her back from Sam, and brought her home. After whatever happens on 12/24/90 he could have returned her to Sam. I think this version of events best fits the mythology facts we’ve been given including:

1) Naomi’s ability to identify Liz after 20+ year, despite Liz going by her married name.

2) The Sam Story. If you take 4x17 as how Sam actually ended up with Liz permanently, then almost nothing about Sam’s story is true. In the story an “One night an old friend showed up at his door.” Kaplan was not a friend and it wasn’t nighttime. “The friend told Sam he was leaving town. He was in danger.” Kaplan is not a he. “That her father had died that night in a fire.” Partly false in both potential versions of the story. Liz was in the hotel with Kaplan for several days. Katarina believed Raymond actually died and Red believed he metaphorically died so both stories are even there. When he says Sam took Liz “without hesitation”, that would also be false if Red was talking about when Kaplan dropped Liz off. If Red came back to Sam after the Tacoma Park incident, I think Sam would have been more likely to immediately accept Liz, having already grown attached to her during the first few months he temporarily cared for her. 

3) Red’s insistence that he can’t get answers without Liz (1x22). The only thing we have ever had reason to believe Red doesn’t know is “The truth about what happened to (Red’s) family,” (1x11). I believe Liz was a witness to the Tacoma Park house tragedy hinted at in 1x07 and 1x14. Otherwise why couldn’t Red get those answers without her? To support this, Red has shown an interest in getting her memories restored (Longevity Initiative). 

4) The memory wipe. I’ve mentioned before that Liz seemed pretty well adjusted after the fire incident, so much so that forcibly wiping Liz mind would seem pretty cruel. If Liz became traumatized by a second incident, however I could see choosing to take away the painful memories.   

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Casper Sloane: 20-25.

20. Do they have a love interest? Who?

He has two! The first is Koth Vortena from the KOTFE/KOTET expansions. The other is @gwyncath‘s Meifen.

21. Would they continue their legacy by having children? Adopt? Get an apprentice?

Casper doesn’t hate kids, but he is definitely not the type to settle down into marriage and family. He likes his freedom way too much.

22. What is their sexual orientation?

He’s polysexual.

23. Do they like their role in their current situation? ei: if they are a Sith do they like being in the Sith order?

Casper loves being a smuggler. It’s freedom to him and he wouldn’t change it for anything.

24. If they could be part of another group, what would it be? You can choice from Old Republic, Expanded Universe, or Cinematic Universe.

Oh, man. Imagining him running around with Han Solo is too funny.

25. Do they have any deep dark secrets?

Casper is as upfront as they come. He hates secrets and thinks that if you can’t be honest with the people around you, then you need to think about the kind of person you want to be.

Day One: Homesickness

Thought I’d start off @vldangstweek with something that turns from angsty to fluffy, just because, based on the rest of this weeks prompts, it’s gonna get waaayyyy angstier (knowing me, anyway). Everything will be tagged with vldangstweek and any of my usual angst tags (angst, langst, klangst, etc)

Let my children go home, they’re stressed and tired (under a cut for length).

“Come on Lance, one more time! You need to defeat this gladiator before I can allow anyone to go to dinner!” Allura shouted down from the observation deck.

The quiet groans of his teammates filled his head and Lance winced, stepping back to stand his ground against the bot attacking him. His vision wavered over his helmet and his fingers trembled against his bayard, unable to form it because of the close range combat style. He grunted, rolling as the bot dove for him, sweeping it’s legs out from under it and sending it to the ground. Briefly, he heard Hunk’s cheer of encouragement in his comms, and then the bot was back up again, charging at him.

Lance sighed, side stepping the bot and pressing his shaking hands to his head, trying to stop the swimming feeling in his brain, the burn at the back of his throat and eyes, the tightness in his chest. He took a hit, hard, and fell backwards onto his ass, teeth clacking together.

“Dude, seriously, we’re starving!” Pidge called out. “You need to beat this!”

Lance took a shaky breath, shooting a glare at the deck. “You want me to beat it? Fine. I’ll beat it.”

Before the bot could get any closer, Lance whipped out his bayard, transforming it in the process and ignoring Allura’s shouts of this being a hand to hand fight. Within seconds, the bot was in a smoking heap on the floor and Lance was shaking, sweat curling down his forehead. Allura stormed out of the observation deck and onto the main floor, eyebrows furrowed. “That was not the assignment, Lance. You’ll have to do it again.”


“Excuse me?”

Lance ripped off his helmet and chucked it to the ground. When he looked up, Allura took a step back at the ferocity in his face, the tears in his eyes. “I said, no. I’m not doing this bull shit anymore. They’re not either,” he snapped, pointing towards the deck. “You don’t get to treat us this way, we’re the only reason you’re not dead or still in those stupid pods. You called us family, Allura.”

His voice broke and his lip quivered as he stumbled back, shaking his head. “You don’t get to treat family like this. Not when we’re doing all of this for you.”

He swallowed and spun on his heel, storming from the room. Allura hesitated, glancing back at the deck only to find the rest of the paladins and Coran standing behind her. She studied the group, noted the lines on their faces and the bags under their eyes, and frowned. “Do you all agree with him?”

They remained silent for a moment, glancing at each other. Hunk spoke up first, his voice gentle. “Yeah. I do, at least.”

“Me too,” Pidge piped up, staring at the floor and fiddling with her bayard.

Keith nodded silently, rubbing a hand up and down one arm and looking off to the side. Hunk huffed. “Allura, we…I would say we’re homesick, but I don’t know if that covers all of us.”

“We’re Earth sick,” Keith offered. “And Lance…”

Shiro spoke for the first time. “Lance has the most family to miss out of the five of us.”

“And honestly?” Hunk muttered. “You yelling all the time, you pushing him, and us, all the time? No breaks, no relaxation time at all? I’m amazed he didn’t snap before this.”

Allura swallowed. “I’m…”

“It’s okay,” Hunk promised. “We understand, you want to stop the Galra, stop Zarkon.”

“But you have to remember that we’re all volunteering to do this,” Pidge said, fidgeting from foot to foot. “There’s nothing keeping anyone here other than empathy. Don’t give Lance a reason to stop caring, or he will leave.”

Allura bit her lip and glanced over her shoulder. “I should go-”

“No,” Keith said firmly, stepping forwards and resting a hand on Allura’s arm. “We got this. You two go get dinner.”

She and Coran studied the paladins for a moment before nodding in agreement and leaving the training deck.

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Look I might be biased but it’s been 4 years and this is still one of the best performances of anything I’ve ever seen