no he won't make you any tea

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Coco?: BATB Edition
  • Belle: Tea, usually something very sweet and fruit flavored
  • Adam: The biggest fucking coffee snob. Like literally had a paragraph long description for his order and probably brews his morning cup with an expensive French press.
  • Maurice: Likes a good cup of tea after he's finished working on one of his projects - sugary things make his hands shake to much to get precise details/
  • Lumiere: Coffee with two shots of expresso. He's usually energetic but he just needs that extra boost sometimes
  • Cogsworth: Coffee as well - it's how he copes with Lumiere. But he also has a soft spot for hot coco that he won't admit.
  • Plumette: Probably likes really fancy hot coco that tastes like chocolate covered cherries.
  • Mrs Potts: I think you all know.
  • Chip: Drinks tea because his mom makes it 24/7 but like any kiddo he loves hot chocolate
  • Garderobe: Green tea with honey is good for the vocal chords, so she usually has a cup or two before her performances.
  • Cadenza: Coffee has inspired some of his best compositions when he's working late into the night.
  • Gaston: Black coffee with no sugar or cream. He is hardcore in his breakfast and black coffee goes well with 5 dozen eggs.
  • Lefou: Actually a tea guy. Likes unusual flavors like lavender and creme brulee but is still a sucker for Earl Grey.
  • Stanley: Literally the boy makes hot coco like Ned Flanders in The Simpsons Movie with a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a toasted marshmallow. Sometimes he'll add sprinkles.

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Hi :) do you think levi had any sort of relationship with a man or woman when he was in the underground or like one night stands and such?with the way he looks it won't be a surprise if he did I'm sure girls were all over him. I llove the theories you make BTW

That awkward bean who couldn’t properly introduce himself? 


I’m sure that has been said before but I do believe that levi is a virgin

I also believe that he is gay or asexual so I don’t think he had any kind of affair with any woman before, I mean he chose tea over a free opportunity to have sex

You would think he’s so smooth and dangerous by the way his hand was reaching out her way 

Only to discover that he’s an idiot whose only obsession is tea 

Joking aside, I don’t think Levi was involved with anyone before, Petra had a huge crush on him and he never noticed, she worked under him for years and he never noticed her obvious affection, she even thought about marriage which means she was serious about him but he was as oblivious as Eren, or maybe he did notice but didn’t want to hurt her 

What makes me believe that he had never paid attention to women was Isayama’s tweet about Oluo marrying Petra hadn’t they died, which means she would’ve given up on Levi at some point cuz he was not interested 

That and I’m sure that if he ever thought about having sex he would ensure that his partner meets his high standards of cleanliness and personal hygiene after many thorough investigations 

Thank you ^_^ and it’s not a theory really it’s just my humble opinion

Why You Should be Friends with the Hetalia Characters
  • Italy: Upbeat, always wants to be around you, will make you pasta.
  • Germany: Strong, caring, has dogs.
  • Japan: Quiet, won't mind if you don't talk all the time, always down to watch anime.
  • America: Fun to be around, energetic, will go to McDonald's with you at 3am
  • England: Intelligent conversation, always has a cup of tea for you, does really try to be a gentleman.
  • France: Suave, always cooks great food, and has good wine.
  • China: Ready to cook or get food any time if you're hungry, fun to go to the zoo with because he freaks out about cute animals.
  • Russia: Scares off people you don't like, very cuddly, probably super happy to have a friend.
  • Canada: Sweet, always super polite, might show up at your house in the morning and just make pancakes for you.
  • Prussia: Will defend you to the death, great drinking buddy, lonely and really needs a friend please be his friend.
  • Austria: Rich and will buy you things, charming gentleman, will play music for you and take you to the opera.
  • Spain: Happy-go-lucky, super loyal, low maintenance friend.
  • Romano: Affectionate insults, bakes really good pizza, is actually harmless even though he yells a lot.
  • Hungary: Mom friend, will protect you with her life, pretty much up for anything.

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Okay. Wolfstar prompt. I'm not good at em so. Yeah. Okay. An AU where Remus works at a coffee shop, Sirius comes in at 9:30 every morning and leaves at 10. (I would add more but it won't make any sense) do whatever you want with this heh

I’m so sorry it took me so long to get to this! I wanted to give you a proper response and I was away from my computer for nearly a week because me and the wife were gallivanting around Disney with some friends. 


  • Remus thought he would hate working at a coffee house. 
  • Mostly because “Ew, Lils, how can you drink that black, bitter bile? Tea is where it’s at.” 
  • But the need for a job that would work around his busy schedule each semester won out over the hatred for arabica beans.
  • Eventually he had grown to like it. Not the coffee, but the job. 
  • Because despite popular belief, Remus John Lupin loved to talk and was an A fucking plus gossiper. 
  • Three months had gone by since he started his job at the campus coffee house, and he had to take the morning shift, much to his dismay.
  • There was no reason for him to be awake at such an ungodly hour. If the sun was asleep, then damn it all he should be too. 
  • But he absolutely needed to take an extra English class to make his credits for the semester and the only one with an seat available were at night, right when his shift would have normally started. Go figure. 
  • He soon learned that the morning shift wasn’t so bad, especially when a particularly handsome man around his age started to come around. 
  • Maybe he was being too modest. This boy was gorgeous. Long, black hair was always pulled back, and a leather jacket was fitted nicely to his chiseled frame. 
  • And those eyes. Remus was a goner every time he looked into those stormy gray eyes. Paired with that smooth, radiant smile, and he was good for nothing but stammering over his own words and too busy wiping his drool off his chin to pay any mind to it. 
  • However, drooling on the customers’ coffee was highly frowned upon, or so Lily informed him on a daily basis, so he just gawked at the gorgeous man every morning at precisely 9:30 AM when he arrived until he promptly left thirty minutes later. 
  • He ordered the same thing every morning: a caramel latte with skim milk and extra caramel. Occasionally, he would add a simple glazed donut, but always the same coffee. 
  • Until one day he didn’t. The gorgeous man stopped in front of Remus, who smiled nervously back as the man leaned against the counter. 
  • “I’m in the mood for something different. What would you recommend?” 
  • Remus felt the lump in his throat tighten and he forgot how to words. He opened his mouth several times, gaping like a fish out of water as his eyes darted to Lily for help.
  • Not that she was any help while she was doubled over the espresso machine laughing into her apron. Remus would remember this when she needed him. 
  • “Ch-chocolate. I like everything chocolate.” 
  • He inwardly groaned at his declaration. A winning performance, that was. 
  • But the handsome man, Sirius, if he recalled correctly, sniggered. 
  • “I like a man who gets to the point. Well then…” he paused to look at his name tag, “Remus, I happen to know that you get off at ten every morning and I’d like to buy you something chocolate.” 
  • Remus nearly dropped the cup he was writing on, and had to pry his jaw off the floor. 
  • “Me?” 
  • “Unless you have class? In which case you’ll just have to leave me your schedule so I can catch you at just the right time.” 
  • Sirius was smirking at him, and Remus, despite the butterflies that were flitting rapidly in his stomach, managed to smile in return. 
  • “Only if you take me to wherever you run off to every morning.” 
  • Lily looked between them, rather impressed that Remus said something intelligent in front of the gorgeous boy. 
  • Sirius laughed out right and grinned.
  • “It’s a date.”